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Dennis, Callahan, Mut, Merloni, Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/27/13

Sep 27, 2013|

They all want in on the fun! Ask, and we shall answer! Now with other hosts!

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Every weekday at 545. -- -- holy please answer the question injure a segment so popular polish shows are playing why is Bailey but Lee is always a color that was never on your shirt tied let's see let's do a test for coach to win. You don't. Pavlik have in Brooklyn and nothing and you -- I can't get to the bottom -- I -- so that's been -- of your pixel sense of the questions and the guru morning guys are answering -- days are getting colder my skin is drying out any tips on a good -- whatever he. -- all -- -- Jack Black here -- Swiss formula saint eyes actually. A last they give me -- you -- -- Republicans were just like. Didn't answer -- question asked by silicon -- answered by the morning show and the only days ago my son gets -- after -- I don't do the full body -- -- -- as a free stuff you know if you try to help other shows might try US their own provocative questions to Noah's -- I have to -- does that and they reproduce a sexually oh -- Well let me there but there's only one original answer that question here to show -- -- -- grossed just. -- sure we've settled in holy. It's time for answer the question -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. Or is it to the question and it is sweeping the nation or at least the station -- supplies -- run them on fire. Both times discern -- actually it's built that unity of the I'm right now what else that I arrived I -- really needed no need for the way we need. Forget about it get -- splitter on -- this team. Forget about. This we need -- Soderbergh. It's the question brought by heiress restoration specialists -- your property your facilities manager or insurance broke a lawyer has to mature you have a disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or go to AAR as service. Dot com no Mikey today -- that once again crystal -- -- -- like Crisco and I got as a man who made -- end favorites of one right now like Amanda that famous how did you do that call this game today's at Harvard so that's. -- generous. On Michael hall to yeah do. He you're -- you know it did what he deadly insanity was coming I told -- -- three years and -- believing that -- through downtown. Three years he actually did this gear ready every television aren't there right -- England players we ever call somewhere Hannity and -- I was and -- -- -- Somewhere there's a torrent of building we have a call of the lines and it was regularly Boyd that's in style call voice -- couple times I'll do that or is are we do more Plymouth police to do politically a little bit little bit here and there bunker. Well that you like it better you like most not like hosting that we're done -- a voice cracks last guys have you ever cry at any sporting event. I -- not since 1986. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 86 under -- start and okay. My. Clothes they have done -- -- -- -- and audition films on the board again. It's sort of gardening music and that's all I did I was eight like the enterprise. And we got today and before you let the game in 86 deaths in New York -- I thought might use. Anyway that was now. The moment cried. Over a sporting a letter at a sport that of actually hurt after the events -- they know. Got a regular -- -- tear in my in when when Cathy Freeman the Australian. One when the gold medal. Yeah in 2000 members got to prevent the runner now for the whole country looks like it's much pressure to win this is so emotional. About it was emotional sports running and running what's how what insistence Sydney to doubt she wanted at home yet remember that element much. Or something to -- -- -- Are caught up in the emotion of being on. Yeah and -- Let me tell you that -- people an Australian. The people I came across in Australia have no concept of political quirk who think just -- you know you can catch it. And pluck them out of -- blow. Out my -- next question. Where is the worst place your wife once the naked. For me it's the -- that -- -- one moment. Through the Galapagos Islands have. Go to the Galapagos that you know anything about going to Google had no idea you know -- -- -- line I think Panama on it take a blow to the -- opened the little plane. And that blow UK -- forever and when you get there. There's no feature that like it's incredibly expensive as people wanna go there for the turtles and -- And then when you get there there's nothing there's no relaxation and diversity and animal is breathtaking. -- We're gonna do it probably garlic it's just that I've I've been excitement but there's no relaxation there now. I'll get the stated justified that trip that's the other thing that we. Completely legal analyst really can't go there for a long week. Talking about relaxing issued only considering Getty -- did attempt to -- it's going to be -- and I am yes that's obviously what it was slipping in the tent and that -- -- getting error the going to be honest that you want to relax as relaxing activities in the race. Ocean front them do that at the end hotel or socialist and an attempt for one night and answered yes Wednesday for one night you know right here -- -- -- Iowa Illinois and I'd known you long enough to know you can't it angry god. If you're probably hate it. Like it's not like some -- I have to set up. Nice luxury luxury market -- you're just it was accurate house -- my wife called him Jack Black hair and absolutely going to be you're gonna get out. Also it would -- -- scorpions -- terrified of those -- How do you -- spaghetti out of a bowl plea. The next question why next question. Like that -- To bed -- and you're. Except earlier mr. man Leo -- would you join the mafia had the chance. That's it. Stupid. Glorification. Of the fifty years ago maybe. Every time he's sixty years every Robert Kennedy every guy who's ever called the station accidentally -- loaded what Joseph will be shot. Next question next question how did you hurt your girlfriends in the league to wax or properly without offending car. Tuesday sweetie. Would you like a mustache -- No I wouldn't either and walk away -- a few -- is reachable if the question question this course is that -- -- In its previous incarnation it's this was the question really. Really. The findings of the question and that really is nobody -- -- answer to tell your wife she's grown a mustache but some of -- included. Not sending her to -- issue. Until the person it would she gets there is got a -- a -- I mean that's that's the that's a cop out but that's -- do it but practically everything you're not a -- right. Democracy got to be real mustache what does that is that words like Scully she's got blonde -- -- cutesy -- -- -- you'll be honest that's them. Next question what is the worst labor -- The worst labor rights -- question off. Not like disgust right there was pulled rubble but the idea who put coffee and I broadcast room. Yes I don't care disgust at all down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of us out takeoff yesterday also coffee Oreo ice -- that public just Oreo or mentally it was just it was a little tutorial if you go to Smart to let a little man I -- copy the -- many places they've incorporated. Regular -- accused. Mr. They're corporate regular foods is how opinion is really affects garlic ice cream that instinct and rose island it does -- -- -- -- Right now we were on via -- and it chocolates world that hole. A law and next question. -- all -- shave those whiskers in the crevice of your chance I've got to watch. When I shape I guess -- Christmas. You ever have any accidents gonna let them know that I can post to -- -- You know those. -- -- that missed it or not and never caught associating it's absolutely. A little white. Maybe read on if -- she drove to cancel the associate. With you you can -- on the -- -- stops at your map is stocked differently than -- -- -- at the last -- I had no hand cream whatsoever and I usually stick whatever that impact you believe immediately you're ever agree. You've never had -- humans as -- -- -- that wash hands and -- I think this is a huge expense they've been using -- motion. Not it is -- as you get older. -- -- -- lotion and I've just never I never occurred to me I'm thinking about it now pocket because into question I'm still thinking about it. Taylor when I realized I will use motion I've never mind I do not used. Well Britain and -- is currently stuff that's stuff ruin your little bit if you don't use lotions and what always -- loved. I don't use -- my hand under hands. Next question. What is your favorite flavored milk. How many flavors are there they're. Shocked and people like strawberry strawberry about it. Like now it's like to execute real. Doesn't it about anything you like his acute release bird. John bubble -- -- strawberry milk. Ketchup on hot already got -- like apps it's really an artist to have -- you know on hot -- I think I understand import export our final question for the week at once like the -- to laugh and you want. Do you ask others in the group with anybody else wants it or you just aggressive just speak about things that. You asked as you're reaching for you make it clear that you want. And he put the pressure on them to literally snatched that -- hey Glyniadakis assortment of -- I just checked the guys in the room if anybody else it. That you negotiate you know as you start getting old eagle it's like you your wife and another couple others like appetizers. Of them have been in there. The first -- and everybody's like each other. And as you get older people -- less likely to take it it's now all of a sudden that last piece that goes it's up there for like five minutes it's dirt digging coal. Then take them about it just take this over like I just assume that you know on the bonus question for argument evident. But what next question that question to regenerate through. To bring them so. Would you rather have a pretty proud yes I have a pocket would you rather have a pretty girl who can't hook yet good looking girl that can't cook or -- one that knows. And then he hit a pretty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go home for the day and I know you're obviously going home at a time. First day to -- show you -- I spent -- at an average Joseph like 61 Sunday night between house if you listen or watch -- match Adam and and I'm Helen will be on us in between also after the game. We'll be back Monday don't don't miss. Michael all -- first Bill Belichick. Episode two. Monday at 305 Dan Fox remotely patriots Monday for a Christmas Lonnie. -- -- -- --

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