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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Talks about Red Sox playoff chances

Sep 27, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Red Sox as the regular season comes to a close and discusses the great tribute to Mariano Rivera.

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I joining us on the eighteenth the outline our bodies prudential talk more right sock in Baltimore real -- a bunch of others. Ken Allard joins us Kevin what little power you. Model -- are you get your money is kept market Pataki. It's good to talk to you my man and we we we've been having this discussion recently I don't wanna put. Words and into -- its mouth right now case August will let it play out and you just you can respond to -- -- said earlier finger -- the best closer of all time. -- he's a gentleman by all accounts never met the man myself but. Stories that guys who have met and played with off and covered him until the tweets last night from the beat writers crying. Seem like an amazing amazing guy. Deserves. Whatever accolade you wanna throw him as a team as a player as a fan base. Whatever you wanna -- But I'll admit I'm glad this. Or bear raids sort of winding down and coming to an end watching through the clips today. I realized I. Got to a point where you're done with it. That's so I am with the sendoff for bear nothing to what the player you still like the original commercial you saw. About hump day right you know it's not watered down we just. Gave that sit over saturate a moment. And on the air right now prepare. After what I saw last night and watching millions of clips today and realizing this can happen with edit scab with Jeter next year. FC -- she's tired of his wanna -- the moment anymore. So he's proud of the Mario rare moment so in meters. One much outside back porch. Delivering blooming onions for Outback Steakhouse. And he's got an opportunity. To basically. Experience. It's integrated quote that he'd ever seen. Panic channel. And it's basically. I mean people are haters everywhere. But catered by me because this -- it would even at times. Step quick UConn Lester -- -- but. The mall store is it enjoy it enjoy it open arms appreciate it. This man has given forty years to hurt you and they are very spoiled not realize what a have that was meant on May well next year when the whole -- And not a strike on machine like Mark -- a forty years. I'll go back one sec is -- hiring currently a match in the blooming -- the -- we're gonna get an application Kevin. Obligates you it to my acute but the locals -- delivering lions but. -- -- -- Again that's in the conversation today at 88 yard Weis said tonight. It's a there was a lot for Rivera any deserve what he got last night and you've talked about a lot -- talked him out of the lot when you're the best closer ball time. You get a get a certain sendoff by at the culmination of a big guy I mean -- mayor says more about me but it says about Rivera but from Minnesota to Boston here to Houston this weekend. Yes I and we I have had my fill of a Rivera sendoff -- the player itself but the son or daughter to send off for him. I understand where you're going you know does count Hubert out -- let chipper great. It -- -- at some point you're like okay upgrade chip you opt. Why Alberto at different sort out a lot of -- because not competed against -- however I know the economy and years. That what he stands for I think he's one guy that makes you better as a person. Being around here. I think he touched a lot of guys like that it presents. And I think that's the big difference about Mariano Rivera SI can be integrated well we've seen. They'll still might be ready next YouTube because yankees indices near Boston and I guess there's a slight chance that. Derek Jeter can we get the same thing next year and regrets expert give Morse. Out an awful the self help in the pro thickness and -- animal to give them. So what will phase -- I'll tell what it's like you put display a picture because. We've been talking an awful lot about. The other tigers. How sudden but the impact -- Cabrera in what he's doing this month Mickey how we changed that team. Are -- -- now if each is sort of just walked around and limping around the same guy that. Yeah -- BP Q we know that but I would like to see that you -- -- much Detroit Tigers and they'll get Mike Huckabee rock on this guy it hit on one lately psalm 8800. By. You want to really panic owner -- more. I think you know you turn out proper maybe I'll play -- left field. You yelled at -- not real tight they have played extremely. Take down the stretch he also beat -- into that situation you wanna cut tighten up all present and itself as a big part of that so. Ali and that when you get a rat's -- and yet we saw them they were they slept the first the first round of network. On the time. The world there at that time it was up and make a commitment that will result there's a -- -- a question mark right now I think. A consulting target that you could be playing well. There's a major question mark the end of the bullpen for Terry Francona is Indians crisp Rezko roughed up again last night the ERA is now 433. He says he's not gonna bill from him he's got Masterson pitch out of the bullpen. I know all that Kevin but I am an irrational fear this quite -- a team like got a that's the team not want to -- come to Fenway a week from today for that best of five with him as top of the rotation without offense with cuteness and Santana there in the middle. I view them as a pretty good wild card team and it could be a frisky team like the 06 cardinals if they get on a roll here how do you view the Indians this year. I'm with him it's a team -- to bastard that I can't I told you guys bet on the front or right Albion are -- -- scary. Our current president alarming you know he's got your competence or -- you -- but they didn't get a couple they -- And yet today out on the playoffs you know -- -- to give the ball. The mattress and called but that's the -- that that stepped up to -- right now and their client that that anybody. So they artist Gary -- when you're a -- they all. It's August -- ball it just roll and when you struggle in the raiders have played. Adam Blake Hadley had a big W -- I would pull our home run and to keep with the game. You know they haven't played well and they all have a situation outer space and -- very hot team. Who you know might be that element at best in the big leagues. And yet that -- -- we want allowed World Series that's what's scary -- I'm with you that the -- their editors that they're X-Factor of this team is playing good. What about the 53 and eighteen record against sub 500 teams and I know -- -- hot this month but they are. But to afford this -- one of thirteen and one Houston Minnesota Chicago -- there hot but. Are -- good and I still look at tip peseta bared their fart about better team. I'm with you blew me as a -- -- Eight power out by any means now negate each parent and they are hot club -- And then what they've done this year you know it starts you know they've won a lot of baseball games. And they crossed the charity in baseball -- and even steal -- slam not quite got there you. There's a slam got team they all have holes this question mark somewhere other Red Sox are real. To be the best -- Albert tiger you still have that Pete and street for. With Miguel and builder it yet or wherever that market -- -- and big game what fractured your map rotation but. Cute games that are probably better blocking a bit rest and -- The went public anger they now the other on that so it's going to be a -- play. We're talking Camelot got to ask you -- -- -- is their radio on the background that the GPS he got around to your rookie year TV what what is going on in the background there. It's it's a great question we are -- -- -- and I'm gonna show live from you and I got on now become an -- -- -- mock -- 00 what's gonna watch -- and let's go to watch said he wants more. Not -- now and I got my body have a cellphone in my right YouTube there's so yeah I got my hands up all -- all the sweeter. Eight to go out of business dire days there -- sell off. I just what more to use the go suck yet to OJ goes with the greatest enemies are seen in my life with a good deal. It's just dust -- did it feel like like any -- I didn't. They've been a great Yankee tell it was all bubble. I don't know that he you know I really know any different about Obama and Hillary retire want adding that the prosecutor -- our -- comeback it's like a boxer so I'm gonna have to the first court and -- And it that a lot of -- -- also looking at two classy guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Earlier this week -- a lot of fun yesterday talking about this Carlos -- thing Kevin I've never seen work catcher Brian McCann. Goes third of away up the third baseline and blocks and after touching on Gomez never touched on the still gave on the home run. Whose fault was that whole scenario and and we -- abort your buddy gave cap on Gabe said. We need to get the point we have hockey style fighting you got the pitcher in the battered dropped gloves and fight model model one all want it. And squared away these instances they don't yell at guys anymore and of these stupid baseball brawls kid got sick apps that MacIntel shall we should just throw down open right there and their picks and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Took great scoop -- up at bat and you realize that post game interview saw him in -- two months ago. And obviously if you look at all the help Iran why of course. You know all -- more you have got a new and kids are a lot and it's not the right way to act by any means a way that you've got they've backed by -- He try to get Almonte pitched up a little my second bridge and go deep that's the ultimate payback but I don't. If Obama can't seem that way he never touched on -- chrome but we've never seen like that. I certainly agree with Caplan let's let's let's take another step here -- get you get -- gets hit. But if I won't say about her -- he's too classy can anybody be given his tie the plot Aussie Bob Wickman hits you with a pitch like the third time in your career. You it's instead of yelling at him UN Wickman goal model model on the mound he take care -- like men are you OK with that. I'm OK with especially Bob Wickman can that valiantly there -- not united in my front load so all of this whole story has. Is that you have time you guys -- you really want to get somebody in the -- not political about. Jimmy Connors they all brought -- little bit silly because it's Michael Leahy and ask -- what it's a big pile if you want somebody give Matt Matt. Believe me you get somebody I don't want Pampers haven and -- assault. Jose Lima but you liked the way Jose Lima. Basically struck about those dance and -- that we're walking out of our clubhouse and -- Saban who was our on our Q a tomorrow back in 2000. We met Jose Lima in the parking lot -- this action should you ever -- -- up on the -- again and I particularly. It was candlelight and there are no cameras it was just I mean Bruce Pearl -- and I'm like oh my goodness just the way we -- -- -- -- -- get guys that match. Our team and. We know he's happier here or your -- player and I your TV started your radio it to bust we gonna add a couple of years commissioner. A Major League Baseball -- more. -- good possibility oh my resume and that 2000 if you're -- forty or at least eight. You're looking at talking to the next Commissioner of Baseball writer putt and I -- -- you that might sit. Who beat my little doubt and give you real Schroeder got -- that put the paper -- she'd take to track so that certain Clark aren't that argument. If I can deliver those of blue and onions on the same I have two jobs there that wants them but always keeping kind of big picture you'll be reactionary at all not at that position so worked out good at what what time as you ready tonight is I don't I don't wanna miss a ticket and off. But Mariano Rivera and Andy -- but -- no -- -- but what time we get that it you know. Let's go live at 5 eastern time attention -- talk yeah it. Texas on the field I hope he got -- watch my black or archer I've got a cowboy boots on an -- I don't object to adult -- yet. Still rose were Opel offers Indians the Mozilla. -- or halo always second. Well what did you turned is it 56 U turn on Tuesday that the -- -- every. Forty years old or. Thirty years of black -- Questioned like that it. -- Happy birthday Kevin -- -- somebody Kevlar on any you. Celebrated his 42 birthday on -- I don't know if you saw that in view outside. Mark DeRosa kind of was like the interpreter it was it was almost. Mr. Edit text a mistress Oscars and -- phenomenons sic of New York just like Rivera sick of -- o'clock watch tonight the national talk Mo when I got me. We Kevin joins us he's brought you bike about a tractor corporation by meek insurance by commonwealth mortgage. And by -- Smith Tim is down on the cape -- patient talk about Mariano Rivera and I -- -- -- -- that reason. I don't put me out and about him being integrated I agree with that -- agree that Jeter in the same. You know saying because you know they're they're too. Two wonderful players but are also good people and I put Jeter and class because we're only 10 or. He was respectful or you know eat we slapped down we came back on where we where you know we don't we didn't and an -- looked like -- yeah. Cool and you people expect people like that people are expecting gain their -- baseball players who -- -- -- you know being. A baseball player like that hamburger every one respect or regard because other everyday and busted but they're not watch Jeter. -- 45 miles. Into the stands when he should've been the one getting that ball originally and that's where our structure here because. You know -- played game you want you -- spectacle about the same time you want. People who are younger need to look to you and it's really hard now to look up to people when they're you know shouldn't people upon you know their home run there. There we are looking at each other differently because someone matter that come and it's not baseball baseball has always been about people get together and doing. Train at the hole and I think that's why they're -- right now is the team that really remind naval cordon around about seven. Because of who they are because they wanna do it as a whole not individually not as you know this guy Elway I think -- you better than everyone else because. Based -- -- that baseball had a huge -- onstage from you know all the steroids -- I think that they put more friendly they didn't people who want Willie did you sing and bench you know stuff like that that would smoke. It would make people. Stop wanting to not -- code you know what the seven hour long. All the odds -- -- just Timmy I agree a lot of what you Seve used nailed it there at the end it. These players could not make any interactions and all they can be shells themselves and I'll pay a lot more people come back to baseball. If they cut down these game times I'm convinced more than ever that the length of a baseball game now it's -- seven. And many which don't get over until 101015103011. O'clock eastern time is -- -- some point. Start to re and it's shown already but start to really show in these fan base I think that is that's the biggest thing face the next commissioners how why shorten it. These games is somewhere around two and a half hours to 45 in the next 1015 years. I get up at 5 o'clock in the morning and our doctor about imam -- in congress -- 012. O'clock am you know on the morning you have to get up that -- it. It's not necessary I agree to hold the ball for 25 minute -- pro ball you -- BM are really they are should just drop the ball and other video. Not the best when he you know mark early games Tim thanks for your call on a start with the players part of it and agri Jeter is right there I just I in this business lucky separate buy K a ace managed. Because that Rivera tip to the company do you ask Red Sox fans they'd probably rank Rivera like some major ahead of Jeter overall both guys are good guys the good for the game. What's best for the game going forward. If you actually got to clean up that the like these I had to deal which had a three challengers. A speeded up the Reagan depressed even more -- that's a great point ever thought about that it is not the length of the Gainer adding challenges to now. And a new commission whoever they choose to be I saw some of the name it's underwhelming. Young man -- who's that what the second in command. George Bush saw his name thrown out there is potential -- a slide in Republican always younger. Looking a seventy writes he's not enjoy that bush doesn't care about black people. You might care about baseball though -- gang. So I don't know who it's going to be but Tim Tim's point the end just sort of rattled my cage -- that they got to figure I -- these games. And he's playoff game folks get ready and I'll playoff baseball -- -- every morning at 10 o'clock and -- get a better baseball coverage in the show will be up and lose him. TV and radio coverage after the games and and we're gonna be locked and loaded. But just be prepared that you're going to be go to bed and 1145. Midnight 1230 that's playoff baseball on the -- seat late last night's. Because the games go longer more commercials. I'm more intense and that's what happens and I get regular season games going pretty damn -- as well. 6177797937. Match your phone number the AT&T -- on is 379237. Continue. With your call your thoughts their -- celebration last night and we haven't talked about the Red Sox yet they embark on their final. Series the weekend there in Baltimore what's left year. The Red Sox -- take care of an iron out between now and Sunday afternoon and we'll talk about that with your calls next.

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