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Exit Sandman: Mariano Rivera's emotional Yankees goodbye

Sep 27, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the emotional Yankee Stadium exit from Mariano Rivera and what a wonderful moment it was for the game of baseball and professional sports.

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People would get his -- Late great Bob Sheppard. -- -- -- Butler not a -- seven WEEI. Watching the job performance last night that again today. With -- all the audio pumped in from. Waldman and sterling we'll play that for your second. And he did. Say this properly that feel like you're gonna take my words and -- them against me I don't watch it there and he did say this in the proper context and not. Do what I do you often hear Joey that's messed up my work. Finger -- the best closer of all time like he's a gentleman by all accounts never met the man myself but. Stories that guys -- met and played with and covered him. But some of the tweets last night from the beat writers crying. Seem like an amazing amazing guy. Deserves. Whatever accolades you wanna throw him as a team as a player as a fan base. Whatever you wanna do. But I'll admit I'm glad this. Or bear -- sort of winding down and coming to an end. Watching through the clips today. I realize. And many -- said this morning that he wishes it eats its he's going to well form once -- get arrested. By and nothing to do with that and just. You get to -- we're done with something you loved pump day Wednesday you'll love it. The Campbell was your favorite thing in the world about three weeks you could not get enough it was walking -- -- route home thirty. What what what -- and you just. Got to a point we don't want that. That's why am with the send -- -- -- open to what the player you still like the original commercial you saw -- -- -- -- you know it's not watered down -- just. You get a that's it over saturate a moment and on the air right now prepare. After what I saw last night and watching millions of clips and in realizing this can happen with -- gap with Jeter next year. And I reached might not gonna happen with -- -- all the -- with your book. Had a judge that you know is that ninth inning which is nice to America the steam up -- bottom of the -- allowed -- to go -- you know what's gonna -- poor guy come back again next year. He -- have a dozen retired and they showed about it a secular -- a moment he has got to start unused in witches. Works up perfectly for him to teams you play for. The mobile phone down there used to -- its final game -- If it is say like you've done like it has been it's been so annoying to you like it's just it's been affecting you in so many ways he just finally it's over with. Of course it's over it sets his final game in Yankee Stadium. -- -- one of the great moments at Yankee Stadium. Really one of the great moments of all time last night. That -- put this guy comes out in his final appearance. In the aluminum -- the inning and Pettit and Jeter go up there the call for the rating. Any just loses on -- -- I mean you. Walked off their mom watches this -- the greatest closer of all time you know I feel about -- what most dominant pitchers of all time from start to finish of his career ridiculous. And that's how we locked up those outstanding. Nice inning other -- like that it's it's like yeah I'll call it a shot it's old for. Really been affecting the support from our in order that much that. Now that it's over you for elective weight off your shoulders well maybe it's maybe I'm just down Yankee fans too many did they make the playoffs and other -- again if it's being forced on me but yeah it's got -- a little too much it's a little bit over the top the culmination of all mr. Minnesota to Boston. To New York to play in the outfield and Houston. Yes. Actually Jolie this wanted to got a call it down I don't care night and I guess final game running around shaking hands and everybody cut but the game. This a joke yes -- just let it go -- let it go. Hole. I'd I don't it's it's it's a rational when I just I what watching the highlights today. I just -- again you'd you'd see -- try to twist my words -- like the player. I'm not saying that I'm not saying them saying it to are -- celebration yeah it's just affected you. That's exactly -- I'm tired with the overall celebration what you get the final one this is last in Yankee Stadium Tobago and -- have now we're gonna get to orient Clement the minister that fraud Clemens. While area and you'll bear this weekend in Houston you're gonna a lot of you gotta love that -- Roger clemens' comeback off fraud. -- Did you look at this week he's gonna go play the outfield for an inning as he ever hurt himself -- always feel to fly balls and telling her -- -- app but it's. The Clemens stuff like at the lemmings think that about their people out there right now that all mean I think yankees' Mariano Rivera their entire life. Nineteen years. News of the single reason it's a -- that the mean the more -- the single reason but the most important player. In their franchise -- are is what they've accomplished. And give him more credit that anyway and starting pitcher Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams whatever this year frank from Gloucester called idiocy that I wanted to be correct. -- he sounded very torn up but he has Gary number one. Rivera number two that's his Yankee hierarchy. -- Juan Rivera to them. Who's got them there. We hear how it's not at last night July a year -- I don't need the year while people wanna hear it again. -- Waldman and sterling. For the final moments of Rivera the Yankees here. Guns Andy Pettitte. Wouldn't be the greatest pitching coach and he and Jeter Indian Jeter but. What did he could not. I think outfit had. Takes them home from Mariano. He's happy ending. It won't lose. Love the ball in the wrong. Mariano really is. He's really overcome. They lost yesterday. Now here's Bo. Walking. -- -- -- I have. -- managers first. Catcher in 96. Tony Pena honeymoon. Given the ball really comes Larry Rothschild. -- family. We want to know. Alex Rodriguez is pushing him -- -- Have a big player. I -- I am I am not a so the. No that's my analyst yeah. And I get a little money go to New York enough is enough -- on -- percent right. Just watched. In the clashes the best ever play the game walk off the field. Everything that he's -- gaining deserves everything he got this year you folks can't have everything -- that he got this year you folks cannot simple ways you can't. Text during game Mariano Rivera commercial. About the sign memorably answer how many votes you by -- You big Rivera lover and then get on the NC hate America I just think it it got to a point or I personally. Yell it out on a full on I'm OK with it with a player you guys can coupled ways that I like Rivera to watch game too much credit these last couple weeks and then -- At the end of its or you hate Rivera she thought was too much Null. I respect the hell out of him I just personally got to the point where good great we'll see in Cooperstown. Policy at the open ever -- Yankee Stadium. That's that's fine for me. Last night was amazing it was -- Your first emotion was enough my first emotion it's. I told you this morning watching the clips again and just kind of listening to the watching I just kind of -- planets and I'm glad we're gonna get through this that's like three days left of this. That's always felt that's being disparity to Rivera and so are you guys are you mines edged up a -- with a rare. Not sure if you guys noticed this but one things I noticed one. When Jeter and any of that debt gain did you see -- outlook on. The armor these days the catcher. For the Yankees twenty reluctant. You know you just the law in -- to have -- I was suitable when you tell you did you watch that exactly. You're just an it was a pretty it was prequel to succeed OLE taken -- viewers from seeing this whole Mormon -- Oh. Well -- -- -- it said it is not dealt with a man who knows it's gonna happen next year Jeter and he's gonna get the exact same response from everybody as a matter fact if you look ahead. The final series of the season next year 2014. The Yankees play here in Boston home so. We don't Jeter's got an option -- pick up play one more year. There's a chance deck of his final year his final game could be here Fenway Park -- you better be ready for his socks and give Morse. -- to got a -- farm animal talent to David and -- about this they saw today. But it is sought the -- thing and say look at our schedule that chance that. That Derek Jeter could has lasted can be a -- we got to do some big milk you with you again you know. And hi -- we've been a -- Powell page it's got to be a it's got to be an animal they got to give him an animal like. My wife knows everything. And the white doesn't know the far outside -- I take in the cougar he has no use for you gonna get -- -- you get a look at his life he has no need for and it's those types of players none of them deserving notes are. You say in the Yankees finish at New York next September -- yankees pitcher Boston yep now. We -- full once -- -- all these people want dot gift baskets for everybody next September 5 at Fenway Park. Honesty is up in Maine as you mix in some your phone calls on Rivera I Steve. What happened in but a lot I think bud. While mud I'm not a shock. What do you shocked about iron -- along Howell and I did this are go to. -- -- One bad record ballplayers play one of the greatest risk close argument for the best pitcher you and -- know you that you're in the same thing. I can't be good circular dated a bit and I'll put that should celebrate Super -- on how he handled this whole year -- you're being -- In the side the horse giving away. Arm. You know I think every ballpark that I handled it very very very well. You like a horse for Todd Helton the other night. The doors but I did go blow volunteer or whatever but. I just. Last night you know I don't get anymore but. That was unbelievable and I am a die hard Red Sox in Britain and goosebumps I had talked about classy. Thing to deal. I mean bringing up those three guys -- been -- together through Pickett and all the new mightily at the main tiger. Unbelievable I can't say there are enough and output that you I think everything one. Ideally like we speculate she used doesn't it. And I can't wait to shoot the whole league does that your next year if that if he decides. Jack in Rhode Island joins the show today hijacked. I got -- I got so aggravated let the market if you thought you mark it and I -- -- at all. I hear the guys who is on dollar bid valued at debate and we really that you can defeat sports figure that the readers of all time. The raiders. Are well I -- wearing black. Medium. And you've got to mark you -- How could not be given the actual argument -- what you -- out and. Well thought -- well now. Which is thought hey you should feel that way -- -- last night Jack last night was great it's the culmination just telling you my opinion or. That's right yeah he meant how it looked like -- book about my body it would. What would you rate -- -- -- I towards -- and I don't want. She thought -- water or a moment like lap right. Well said Jack well put. I agree with the that we ought to be media days off Fernando to to have this appreciate that as I said something so differently than that yes I sedated like last nights like I was watching CSI that's right Jack. Put words in my keep going the next step Mike Hsu Waltham rejoins monitor how much. What I absolutely what you what you call though what you look like I'm not -- now should you call them out getting back -- Now what does tiger -- then this is why the Yankees and you can't always think where you know and how much success we have. -- so -- New York. You know let them out there a moment why why talk about it why not -- you know not with the dramatics of looking at the moment you know I mean yeah. Great but doesn't. Again that's why I try to share with the program sometimes unpopular opinions I understand but please stop putting words in my mouth I love last night. It's this morning the culmination of an over and over again I reached my point on Ambien does with it's it's one of the new jacket that it was one of the great moments in sports this year. What you saw last night. Watch sports for moments like that you remember the great moments in sports in wake up the next day in here and toward. I'm ready and I'm at a discount fell and gold the clips that. And listen Waldman and sterling John Sterling -- -- -- a dry eye in the house. Was a great night -- there -- some will not crying and you know. You can't get a break for a beautiful people and I want to take my words and twist them. That's what you'll want people who do that east -- he's joked I share with the program and I haven't you guys don't agree with you to monitored and -- like the event last night. On what it was my work I think it's completely unfair. Did you guys model line here but one dual vocal Sony daily -- like as the -- ethnic. It takes call -- 617779798378. TT -- -- 37. 937 all that still -- calls there. About the phone calls earlier in the mood for that it's great. Camelot will join -- top of the hour on out of the great ability to -- bill in New Hampshire businesses are gonna be a great little I don't know if. Good good good good good I'm actually illegal once they're there what a horrible. Fraud over the top sports count New York is personable -- number one number two. Two weeks ago -- -- get Tony if all 407. Doesn't happen if the team has been number one in the week. Two weeks ago would have been a disaster and everyone knows who knows that the whole period if they're Brett got swept. In the ALC national sport just like they'll our show -- three. No -- -- that it might happen but blood in the streets outside and you know let it happen you don't know what happened. But the reason except. You know to cap and quote normal mom -- out. Change some people's feelings yeah. That I did it doesn't happen does it happen throughout. Now there's Noah and if if there's not the Rivera the unbelievable rare moment wears -- it would've happened. And he still would have happened not maybe people would have responded differently it was more anger if there it's -- -- still it's still sit in a championship. Be different or sponsor Rivera but it's still would've happened before that event earlier in the year Rivera got cheered commendable remember the second last time New York came in before the great ceremony Fenway. When they cheered on that that doesn't happen none of that love affair with a -- happens. Unless the Red Sox win all four -- right about that and America. Help is -- caused by that great moment the next day opening day at Fenway 2005 when he tipped his cap the fans folks that's when it changed was the we're gonna change you do them. Think Jeter is -- same -- who feels that way about -- -- I'm not sure I think is Rivera has a moment Jeter doesn't have I think if you asked a -- and a moment. Wanna go Jeter's mom was diving into the crowd McNabb play -- moment was when Alex Rodriguez -- the New York Yankees now that was his moment. As you had you -- Elvis and nice edited get off of that. Derek Jeter's -- greater living else hold on train you and I said to respect the players is good player you feel like Red Sox fans. Heavily Jeter and -- are on that same pedestal they think it's it's a lock Rivera is headed Jeter because of that moment -- that we -- -- I I agree but Jeter. It's I was saying Derek Jeter Mariano -- anybody else -- game that would ever. -- -- got a response across the game of baseball. -- trying to -- coming up to in. In the current so you don't agree there's not a worry about it. Much more comic -- I just don't. Once Derek Jeter goes on and retires you gonna have a similar approach and after that there's nobody -- Ortiz target critical here in Boston. You know many New York you know let's have I think is a rubbery but not like. Jeter and Rivera but Ichiro well. -- in Hartford he joins the conversation I like. They -- pay you're totally entitled to your opinion. But our opinion is that it's ridiculous and here fly. That was great human stuff last night. And. What we want as sports is more at bats and left. Steroids which I get sick and left. Ken state which I get sick. And less of football players get suspended for that substance that substance. But unfortunately we get more coverage of that. Then we get of this frankly I'd like to hear about adopting -- -- -- but really the ridiculous part of that and know that the great opinion that's fine. But the partisans this is real -- stuff and with my young athlete children in how this morning. They were saying to me on the way to school while dad wouldn't baseball. He really -- the top sports it was more like that how how can -- argue with that a lot. I agree Mike ever ever all day long when it's on TV and a stopwatch. To replace him -- Coppola and promotional video game I can see that balloon up during the break there Johnson the K Jon your month -- They've got a much -- percent but it. Well regardless nice look -- I mean that if if you never blew it and let the public policy at the blew the save an old law. And never you know tipped his cap all the sudden tipping the cap for the Boston then your class. I'm so sick -- there. Night -- you showed that in our our you to show you get it going -- -- a personality wise to laugh at yourself you can laugh at everything at least. You big humanize yourself it's nice yeah I. I guess he doesn't really agree with me I thank John for trying to in my back there but because we disagree on that moment that that moment of Fenway when he tipped his cap to the fans unbelievable. You know just the -- -- the culmination in the cupboard that edged -- shake my head watching in some of the highlights again today -- in Bridgewater told right. -- I got to -- carpet. -- -- -- drove up the road their cheese. And what are they are what would you what would. Yes I played sports through high school yes well. Nom I'll make -- -- copyright and our and our place in light or place sport mileage Tony -- never been on a field organized team. There's no water knocked out but that was unbelievable great ball but he talked at all -- strips that are there it is sweet plot -- -- Are you would wouldn't elapsed okay and it's almost like they're real sports friends people had to play out tomorrow should should not yet. That would strip. That was so great last night it and I heard a upon the wanted to hit a ball like this respectively in what you regularly. Beaten border stopped for the Little League. Little -- substance stopped you know it's not clear now. Things like that don't -- real tears shed by a great great play -- a great player on the field. But represent a baseball off the field and it stresses that port with a dialect. -- great a great human being and it's a lot of why you get the response that he did give her also and again we're getting a lot of like this. Tony answered I had sought crypto. A lot of people well said but I just police pulled let me say that last night was an awesome I'm telling -- the culmination of it ain't got to meet today. At the event last night -- in Springfield -- I got about -- -- I agree broad view are much definitely I I and I am so sick and tired of it already you know I mean it's replay replay after replay it. Thank in this tight for being a consummate professional at that what we're saying. We're thanking them. Outcome I mean why -- we thank him for doing his job. We are out -- have to be the greatest ever. The lovable and effort that's the victim of -- we thank them I just don't get it as a great career you honoring one of the greatest ever seen. I don't the past I'm not taken away from the Obama laughed I thought I thought that was beautiful almost tears were real it was a very very nice moment and you can never take that away. But the thing if I have a country crush the hard ball outside actually and a flight from that that one. It's competitive respect. I mean you compete against people but sometimes you gotta sit back and disrespect the people eagle. OK okay respect I'd -- that we respect them absolutely 100% but thank him. Why I don't know why we're taking -- I don't get it. As the game of baseball I mean the Boston Red Sox or baseball and what he did his career. And generally represented and the player he was in the person he is. You'll be water people like that you think sample what they've done a Knick career. Sort agriculture profession is making million Americans made on the money I don't know why this got a little -- I haven't. There might make -- appoint her now. No money is nothing to do with -- Billy. Will be hopefully I'll let let's think this whole -- how much money did you make his career he's -- too much money to thank you for being great. This -- does make that much -- let's let's throw operate. Yeah he's great and and now. And -- a -- -- he had great but why like why don't we recommend -- and why competitive respect. Billy glad that you're at a competitor respect yeah and you respect game and you Marian Rivera. The other two different things. Respect Barbara white banks. It government sent me. OK but those -- -- your -- trying earlier agreed again. Let's try want to bring up the money goes right to remind look up people do -- too much money to respect and honor and thank him to make that much money -- we don't. Don't hate campaign has made paid a lot of money could be the best ever ever played a game in his position. Yes in a go down as the best of we'll talk to another one of the best right Campbell mark. We'll talk the more comfortable ask him what he thought about your -- Ceremony last night and about this playoff race the American League wild -- put him with three games to go in the American League who has yet coming out of those two spots in the AL wild -- we talked to Kevin galore. Next.

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