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Peter King, SI: NFL believes Von Miller scandal not an isolated incident

Sep 27, 2013|

Peter King joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the latest news across the NFL including the Von Miller scandal and the potential of London getting a permanent football team.

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Sour or Butler not a 37 WEEI get set for a big week for started last night grams of 49ers the highlight gambled your patriots Sunday Night Football. Falcons. Hosting the patriots will get to that game we get to our. Good friend Peter -- the Monday Morning Quarterback a conversation with Peter sponsored by complaints insurance. And by town fair tire. I want us -- league issues today Peter -- get to the big one that'll be an MBC on Sunday night and you wrote in your Monday Morning Quarterback. In the ten things I think if I get down to number four here wanna get it right. I think Von Miller's lucky he only got a six game -- very lucky the word that I've used all week is angry -- I. I can't comprehend one. How we only got an extra two games for trying to bribe and factually bribing that the sample collector and and number two the lack a sort of national. Outrage on this I feel like there's a small portion of us wondering why. He only got two games what's the response -- from guys in the league on only a two game ban for Von Miller. Well the response equally as. This is going to be able on heart I would be union. Remember let's go back to the lawsuit in 2011. Von Miller was a recent -- speak. And act at the crime Von Miller. Was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit wanted to named plaintiffs and he was the only rookie. School is named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit he made a lot of friends. In high places that the -- help create at the time and he made a lot of friends among players in the league and I think that. Once this all happened. -- I think that there's a lot of people in the NFL right now who do not believe it's an isolated occurrence. Do not believe that. Players. Attempt. Who. -- they bribe but to wade. The collectors. You eat you know to -- allow them. It is you know to. Whatever the right word is to -- -- fudged the tests. And that is the one that we've heard out so far you know the NFL. Have heard rumor. That other players have attempted to do the same thing. Perhaps in Miami perhaps another play in other places so it will be interesting to see what if anything the investigation that you are well. I'm not saying it's a formal investigation but the NFL looking into the specimen collection process right now. But just know that. I think that that the NFL PA. You know it's very much -- fight for Von Miller. And probably would've stretched this out for a long time. You know the -- for a long time as long as they could and who knows when Von Miller ultimately would has. It's suspended. Yeah I've Peter Phillips the NFL's almost where baseball was an early two thousands of -- turning a blind people at. People in charge they don't care and NFL PA fighting this HGH testing and but the but the reality is is that people don't I mean people just look at the NFL -- well. You know it's it's the NFL what you expected to have a problem PD problem. I'd be speculating. It'd just be educated speculation. And EB not need to think that there isn't a problem PCs or eight CH. I mean it's all hearsay it's all guesswork but you tell me. If you can take something that the NFL doesn't have war and it can make you play better prolong your career. Tell me why you wouldn't it would indeed headed it there right you wouldn't do what one at a baseball players it. Either try to come back from an injury sooner or whatever players in -- and in the NFL. Over the years and if they're not in intent to order regularly. Then of course they're gonna try to treat him and I agree with -- -- I am in my third year right now since its agreement was signed. Just shaking my head -- reminds me so much care. The political climate in Washington right now where the Republicans and Democrats cannot agree on agree and order sky has glue. I think it does a massive massive it's service to this sport and the state that people have in this sport. Pretty -- sides not to agree it's something that's going to. That's going to test players. For banned substances I think it's it's it's outreach. Did Jim Harbaugh -- -- -- just before you guys do the right thing by plane all the Smith last week. I wouldn't -- In my my belief and that one is very simple that. -- -- -- When I think you have you do the right thing. Per person and not do directing for player. In the right thing in my opinion was it alternates -- Down there haven't come all the meetings you're not abandoning them and you're actually paying a pre game. To basically sit and they have a mayor. For a weekend we view government street clothes on the sideline and -- Monday it would every can -- do that. I think that would have been much more effective for him in his career. How her in his in his life basically -- -- it is more important. You winding up. In somebody you are going to double the legal limit for alcohol. It's 7 o'clock in the morning an hour before you have to be at -- practice facility. It's more important to basically say -- playing football this week. Here is they're going to be a league sanction waiting for him when he comes back and he goes through this process -- Roger Goodell come down for what is what a second. Do you why incident with all announcement. I think we have to wait CE mark what what happened here we have to wait and see a couple of things. As a source close to that told me. If the San Francisco 49ers send them away for four weeks. And at the 49ers take. It paid during that period of time and his income during that period of time which is going to be about a million dollar. If they take all that and make it to charity or they basically tell the NFL you tell us what to do with this money. And for that act as it is sanctioned. I think the NFL look kindly upon Matt probably say maybe they'll give McCain maybe they won't give anything especially. If he'd get a good job at his rehab and everything on the up and up but. You know if they pay him during his rehab. And he can basically get paid to take a month to go to rehabilitation. Which eat crap we should've done in the offseason. I think the NFL they'll suspend. I think it it really all depends on what the exact terms. Of this is a -- Arabs -- is our art for all that. You know last week we talked with a Trent Richardson trade -- you said in your opinion I think the browns were done and over the weekend you hear that. They are you have a a good offer for Josh Gordon -- -- our interest and what a guy like Josh Gordon in the league now two years maybe one mistake away from being suspended for years. What would the asking price speak. I think if they got hot in my opinion I figured they got an unconditional three. But why would even on traditional street for that I thank -- -- the two. Any other terms of it if if I were making the trade. I'd have to get three. With some strings on it so that direct if they take -- -- this year -- -- suspended. At any point before the 2014. Draft. That -- draft pick goes away Eric becomes seven or something like that because. It's it's too risky to treat her guy knowing that he's one strike away from from being kicked definitely. Peter four against falcons patriots Sunday night. Or hold you to this that if we had a gas. What is the year and is there a year in our future where the Jacksonville Jaguars. Are just plan a couple games a year over and England. But our full time play in their -- scheduled there this on the first weekend of two. Different trips the NFL make to Europe this season. Well Roger Goodell -- duty to keep it this week implement it felt dot com she worked for the New York Times sort of kind of overcome that. That. They're thinking about having -- game next year that third game I believe will be expected Jacksonville Jaguars. And I'd look. Shot -- could say whatever you want about how we solid -- really not moving anything like that but the fact is. I think he is eight threat at some point. -- could be years -- but I think he is you know have to be considering an option. Jacksonville -- in the Jacksonville. Really try hard and all that -- -- Jacksonville. Has not become. The NFL cities that the -- thought it would be. To -- two decades ago in Jacksonville and Carolina were admitted into the NFL everybody thought that Jacksonville was going to become. Atlanta viewed here and it's never really risen to that -- it's it's it's it's a medium sized American city that is. Then it's consumed with college football. And likes pro football. But I don't know what they like it or not to have the financial base and long term the supported team I think the more interesting question about London right now is the in London speed kind. It can it be that kind of you know. Of Florida. To a Los Angeles free entry. You know -- if the NFL -- serious about not expanding. And if the NFL basically doesn't want Oakland -- moved to Los Angeles speaker basic Oakland is -- disaster. You get the raiders. They think curator circuit after so. Could they use. The leverage. Removing it seemed to London possibly. To get the best possible team and that's possible deal. To Los Angeles and just the brief explanation. If if there might only be one team out there that's gonna move. Whether it and you pick one you know Saint Louis may be it India -- ever and maybe -- to -- down side. You know -- only one of those got a little bit and help the NFL if there's two -- sport. -- you would think they'd be excuse you decide to do -- that would talk a lot Matt Ryan your law what to what is your opinion of Matt Ryan. Really liked him like a melodic pinky is. You know I think he's on -- eight. They're being -- long term premiere quarterback in NFL but I think we all know that. We all know that for guidance and play great in the post season he'll never be considered -- curry you know one of the all time great. And Matt -- and hasn't played great in the -- -- -- it have a good game. Eight -- have a good policy of last year obviously. Played well it's. Against the Seahawks. You know -- do -- Russell -- even though he targeted Russell Wilson played a better game that day. And hey you know we -- played OK. Against the 49ers. And probably would like to have a couple of decisions. On the last drive back. Speaker that he made a couple decisions differently they debated good -- in this new -- but. Talking it depends where you know we're an ad ends up long term I think eat that I eat a top ten quarterback. And you know -- the only they're in the playoffs in the next three or four years. How are your Red Sox gonna do in the playoffs here. She's I don't know I mean it looks like they get pretty good pitching -- -- -- Colorado. And you know I think you know it's. I figured out front and kind of wide open post season who do you like will. I think that Minnesota to fourteen I and it just comes down playing better but it at a shopping at rotation just gives anybody. I liked Atlanta to -- that this that that that it factor that they'll pull some games on your electrical an American League. Yeah I like he you know the one thing I kinda like about them is that. You know it seems like they've got guys who really love playing. And -- it just reminds me of 2004. You know with -- ever played baseball. And gets to be out here I mean Jonny -- number stink. But he's a fun player to watch a kinda like cabinet on the scene. I like I like you -- aren't you know I like like all those guys it's it's been fun being go watch. The team that. I really worry about it Oakland. -- yes there could mean kind of the ultimate wildcard they're they look like excite a team that could really get hot play well I don't know why. Don't really worry about Cleveland much. And I just think Detroit without about a hundred per cent Cabrera. It's probably beatable but. You're right I think it'll be a real even. Post season where I don't think any of these series are going to be glad. First playoff games in a while Peter -- your schedule that you get up here next weekend also know Peter you're through the weekend. About and the big -- Sunday night on NBC with Peter king of all as always Peter King brought to you by our friends. At a Lansky insurance and by town fair tire 617779. 7937. The phone McKee Texas right now it's the eighteenth tee -- line at 37937. Boy it was an emotional. All so emotional last night. In New York did you cry last night watch in this public and I was close shedding a tear yes I'm sure you in middleman and I -- people on that Yankee broadcast Booth. Little bit close break ground migrate. Great great. Moment -- open them. In life unfortunately all good things -- do -- yet and I'm glad that this Mariano victory parade is coming to when and soon we'll talk Rivera and his sendoff next.

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