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Michael Fabiano, NFL.com Fantasy expert: On Week 4

Sep 27, 2013|

Fabiano gives expert analysis for the upcoming week in fantasy football. He discusses Stevan Ridley's difficult start and whether Tom Brady is a good play this week.

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All the tears. Tears flowing last study Yankee Stadium Butler and 937 WEEI. The day after. There were 42 says goodbye to the fans couple days after they were eliminated. From the post season. Yankee fan boy Michael Fabiano joins us here to talk Yankee Red Sox -- really talk fancy Michael how are you. You know -- man that was your response last night for me and as depressed as I am as the Yankees are not gonna make the post season. That that was something else when Jeter and eighty came out into the -- -- out of the game and -- crying and in the shoulder. Just your response under real autobiography of reforming -- then related how it was it was one -- -- a moment that's for sure. A sad moments last night did you feel -- if -- of any running back for Saint Louis. I have to was well Richard I know inactive yeah -- up. He was sort of a surprise and active he had led the team in and touches the previous week. And Richardson did nothing course partially because the niners were had net gain in the rams offensive line just did not look good. Right now if that's a committee once both guys are healthy Richardson probably still do -- that foot injury. You look at -- no more than a flex option for Richardson but remember the pilots are coming up so sometimes you have no choice but to place -- guys you don't really want to. -- they get into assisted situation where three weeks in you're trying to evaluate now go back to -- of Cincinnati running back. Position three weeks -- you feel differently long term budget BenJarvus green Ellis orgy over about Bernard and their value the rest of the way medical. -- you know what I've always liked Bernard better than the law firm so I still feel the same way. He was ranked ahead of law firm in the pre season for me and he's he just has more upside I always -- up drive and an adult -- live. And this -- do I think the sky's the limit maybe -- for this year in terms of being an elite -- running back put in the future look out. Well I'm seeing a lot of text on one certain player I'll answer casket before it's these phone calls late beyond bell for Pittsburgh again is across the pond every once Texan and about them. Forty -- this week what's his value against the vikings. He's a flex starter the vikings defense has not been good against the run this year at all. And Belichick guy who I believe is going to step right in and Steve most of the backfield I just for the Steelers. Felix Jones Isaac Redman in the -- into -- these guys just don't excite me. And the Steelers need to get back to running the football because right now there and they're in a bad place they have one game and they need this game across the pond. I start -- a flex I don't think he's an RB two. The first game in the NFL and I also don't like the comments that Ben Roethlisberger made about him I don't know if you guys heard that. But. It maybe that'll serve as motivation for the -- Right now. Started as a flex. We get -- your calls here at 6177797937. Like clock work we sickly lines load them up with questions you guys have their John. Is snag along with the thought for Michael abbey on a go ahead John. Or good. My question this week or incinerating old start what are you guys we -- -- Jack and DJ Spiller. I'm go Spiller and it's begrudgingly the he has been the biggest disappointment of the first round running back so far and they're -- been a couple. I just think. If I have to pick between one of these two on and -- with a higher upside. I'm going to Spiller I gotta be honest with you neither one of these matchups is any good at all the ravens held area in Foster and Ben -- to next to nothing from a fan's perspective last week. I have to start -- I don't like it I am starting Spiller over Jackson and that lead. Crush your fingers and hope for the best is not a good matchup. Let let me ask your question -- back here in New -- Stephen really lot of people took this guy pretty early yeah there's got fifty yards and any games he's probably on his way into a fumble. Is he says he's still a no brainer cutie still roll with them out there all of the situation just to cloud. Here's the problem that unless you're like an eighteen week the backfield depth is Null and void it's so shallow he can barely find anything on the waiver wire. And Ridley is probably the biggest second round -- the Boston fantasy football is a -- the first round bust. Listen to this this matchup here is at least a little bit favorable against Atlanta. I still use him as a reflection it's only. By default there's there's there's not a lot of depth out there that pitchers have to go to MI gonna start Ben Tate for example over Steven Ridley you know. Not gonna start on number -- running back on it on another team. Over a Gallic -- the I mean. -- Giovanni Bernard but that's about it. But the thing that worried me was last week he was he saw west theories you're carries the leaderboard now what had a lot of listeners in the fourth quarter. But if telecheck is going back to his old tricks and using a running back by committee where we're not sure who's gonna get the majority Kerry's weekend and week out. Well that this thing is a mess and I will tell patriots fans in fantasy owners out there one thing to keep tabs on what -- is going on wishing Marines. Because of this guy comes back. And is a 100%. I wouldn't be surprised -- PS of leading the patriots in backfield touches upon his return to the end of the season because. So far released an unimpressive leader -- and bring emboldened in these guys are gonna carry the load for either. Jose with -- talking quarterbacks and they have Michael's abbey on a go ahead Joseph. Put on bush and I got a question and it might be out there it but pop now look I am very new Englander Andrew Luck prayers Jackson. I like Andrew Luck against the jags. The jaguars defense guys just Null and void -- their little bit better at home. This is this is a very good matchup for every single member of the Indianapolis Colts start Trent Richardson star Reggie Wayne start the colts defense. And unless you have an elite quarterback who like Brees or Rogers for example. It will Rogers is gonna buy this excuse me but it -- or -- You're starting Andrew Luck I really like this. That's a lot texture as a flex questioned asked to be dealing with Reggie Bush is injury because normally. He says pick one Reggie Bush GO Bernard Emanuel Sanders yeah offer flax and because George bell played -- -- less well last week I guess it's a question at that spot this week. Yeah -- Reggie he's practiced all week so. He's the guy there for me. They know Sanders doesn't have nearly the value is Reggie Bush does. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you look at his numbers they're in the motor city I'm going with Reggie Bush. Brandon is in Wakefield with a quarterback question as well -- brand and I don't get. Quick question it dot -- or -- or Russell Wilson. I'm. Brady here. Russell Wilson's match up. On the road in Houston not extremely favorable. I think Brady has it -- this week and this is gonna be a game that's that's Italy and you think there's going to be some point to put up on the board Atlanta's pass defense can be had to get a couple of good young cornerbacks there. Brady technique could have somewhere in the neighborhood of eighteen to 22 fantasy points in this contest. This is going to be -- -- the first step of Brady starting to move back up into the elite quarterbacks because eventually. And and as someone who has Robert how's he I really hope that eventually. Brock is going to be back I don't know if it's gonna be this week if it's not this week. He'll be back shortly image you'll be back shortly. Brady as I said last week is a guy that you can go out there right now and by low I think he's gonna start putting up numbers very soon. You -- were two guys that the people just below current -- wide receivers got Roddy White writers hobbling through that game last week his gut. He's got new England and Vincent Jackson came out of that game and now is in new quarterbacks that help or hurt him. What are your thoughts and most against. Well he can't play right away right now you just can't until we start to see some signs of him being healthy and his snaps increased last week but. His production didn't I have have bright white and one of my teams and I can't -- I just can't I don't start almost anybody over -- In terms of a third wide receiver because. I'm not getting any production from him whatsoever. Vincent Jackson now. We we as as fancy analysts and media we really need to stop underestimating court acts and this is a passing league we came in and we prove who geno Smith and you know we who put EJ Manuel well they haven't been big government bad statistically. I'm talking about the field are talking about from -- perspective. And geno Smith all of the sudden has. Created a resurrection of Santonio Holmes is this you guys and Stevie Johnson's been pretty good with -- AJ minerals quarterback. And Mike -- got a cannon and the guys don't like twig but he's got an -- of big dude. And I don't think this is gonna hurt it's just what's gonna hurt it's -- Jackson is second to hurt right now and and that is gonna be something that issue is gonna have to watch gulf war. As we come into the weekend but we can't underestimate quarterbacks anymore and actually. Humphrey is probably the perfect example of -- right we underestimated when humor when your Bledsoe got -- man who's just Tom Brady that's common. Apparently pretty good so. I wouldn't underestimate -- and we underestimate -- last week and look what he did three touchdowns he threw three picks. But he still looked pretty good. -- Jason Mansfield talking running backs today hijacked. I feel like they've taken a call com you can effect to -- these three Bernard. -- -- -- -- Man I'll -- you Bernard and I'm assuming you're talking about GO -- Bernard not. Not the ravens running back. Pulse a good start this week policy now the guys there in in New York. Had a -- forward -- rushing yards last week personal reason banged up he's got the hamstring he's not mean you can play for a few weeks. The titans -- defense isn't great it's it's not terrible it's not great it's a good matchup and again. On the on the type of guy who nine times out of ten is gonna tell you to stick with your first or second round guys even if they're struggling at this point. And I just don't see -- is being a better option than CJ Spiller right now maybe a week -- -- a change my mind but right now I would statements. Let's go wide receiver Brian who's in -- -- Brian. I don't. I just wanted to note to start this week Erin Becker or are. Here -- That's a very close call on and go and Eric Decker against the Eagles but again a very very close call both of these guys have. Have has performed pretty well and Decker after the first week where he did nothing and everyone Bannister was completely freaking out about him he's the best receiver in Denver based on their support to the last couple weeks. I go Decker. They -- it's going to be a big week for started out last night San Francisco help and out a lot of people Michael that you can bet. Get your Rivera emotions in check and get fat ethanol and try to you're on TV a lot of -- we get to the edit thing down in Houston UBS I don't know I know I know that. Guys and I'm saying this now the Yankees are not going to be good next year now we're not going to be good breaking her breaking news. Yankees not good next in the market next year as much as it breaks my heart and I -- I know you love it. But we heard it just lets you know looked a bit around here to -- -- world Rob Gronkowski is bags are packed there's more stuff in his bag this week. And it was -- -- set up so that -- so let's use that to your left at least try to laughing but their actual beat reporters who I love art tweeting out that his is back -- travel -- Is more packed -- it's been. See here's the problem with current Huskies plans Friday night so if you wait -- I have growth in one of my -- if you wait. Unless you pick up such Feld who you don't want starting -- your -- -- or Charles clay was -- on Monday night. You're you're kind of scrutiny doesn't play so let me should even harder for fans jurors this week. So I guess it's good news that more stuff has been packed in his back but aside. We'll see you thanks Michael great stuff as always we'll talk decent against Obama -- on every single Friday. 1 o'clock joins us right here -- you saw as many fantasy football questions as we get to go through text to tweet your calls and appreciate. -- put every single week and you brought up the release situation. When it comes to the patriots if you go back and look at the carries from a week ago. Would Bolden getting the first opportunity on the back field. Ridley getting some carries the middle and the Garret blunt in and carries late. -- for a week in what feels like now for three weeks. There's sort of search your running back units are already had the fumbles in buffalo he was on his way to a hundred yard game the -- five point one yards to carry that first week. Since then. His carries and -- yards have been down he's averaging just 3.4 yards per carry. Since the beginning of the year these first three games brand emboldened at the first opportunity and look it's early and small sample size but it feels like. Running back by committee he with the admin page yet is -- generated this this week will be Tuesday I think because you know that the leader blunt thing at the end at -- the game really -- -- Was it just this guy was on your team we're gonna run down your throats here in the fourth quarter that's worried at all -- -- -- yards. -- or was that this is the new game plan I trust this guy late. Protecting the football more than I do Steve aren't they -- by the way is effective. So does the performance that he gave in a fourth quarter push -- him back. Even further as far as didn't care. Right always or just the tip thing you know an old strike but it you know they'll look good. When you run away from at this point you may read this -- maybe even more of I think it till Vereen comes back you know I don't know what to expect week by week I think if you're from a fantasy standpoint. I would -- -- guys you know he says of Michael Thorman out running from -- because not a lot of running back I would have confidence in any of them and look this is. A Belichick has done this before. You know it was a moment in 2011 Chris price its price writes about this today WEEI dot com. You know last year 523 carries 2100 yards. -- was able to have different options like -- and wood and McCain are running the ball it was to a large parts of the work of Ridley as the feature back is 12100 yards a year ago. We're good enough to land of the top ten league wide and by the patriots some real offensive balance. This year it's different writes Chris. When it comes to the patriots in their history with the running back by committing there's a brief moment 2011. BenJarvus green Ellis among the three running backs.

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