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Charley Casserly on the Patriots 3-0 start

Sep 27, 2013|

NFL Network's Charley Casserly joined the show to preview week 4 in the NFL. Charley said the Patriots 3-0 start is largely based on their easy schedule to start the season.

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As the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan you don't get the -- Charley casserly you immediately think of 23 years with the a Washington Redskins a few years with Houston Texans. Maybe CBS certainly now the NFL network but he is without question. Pride of cathedral high school in Springfield Springfield college and shot regional high school and will Graham. Massachusetts. Turley joins us on the AT&T all like good morning mr. castle how are yeah. I'd say what you get him for perhaps -- -- all right Miguel I worked I worked at the last five minutes to make sure I gotta -- how are you Charlie. -- -- -- Very well at the last time you saw a free. Field goal -- 71 yard field goal commitments how many of those to be seen in Europe and your career to -- You know I don't know what I'll never seen one. Our idea was certain that somebody lest I watched the game we're talking about and and I could remember the last I'm actually I'm well aware of the rule I've -- the rule. Actually engaged they contribute to that this situation. But and I know what's happened before in the NFL I just. I think I've seen it but it's been a long time I can't members that the. Did you know if the the other team gets it at that spot. If they miss and they don't feel that if they don't touch at the other team gets it right there. Know that -- I didn't I didn't and I am but Jeff Fisher herbal gender Fisher knew you could. Fisher knew he was mad that he's got feel that it. Which surprised how would you -- -- that. The rules committee well study the rule book. It's it's a rare role but but it is one coach used to practice. I just never paid attention to the soul I -- the first -- -- in the second. Charlie if I said you can have Denver and Seattle to make the Super Bowl or the other remaining thirty teams which would you choose. I think Denver and Seattle yeah. At this point it seems like it doesn't yet it it does that you know and again it's early and indicators are great game this week Seattle on the road used. I mean -- that that that's the best in the week and maybe the best that maybe the best match up so far this -- That we change. Speaking about Justin comparisons what do you find more what to -- impressive. Manning's. Three and all accomplished with absolute quarterbacking perfection and a great number of weapons. Or Brady's three and all with a bunch of guys nobody's ever heard. -- -- -- Because dramatically better rate on this talking about accuracy. Control the football. You know there it is scheduled to me. That the patriots to be an album a different schedule that -- right. Eloquent space and they played three quarterbacks. That they're really couldn't beat and that's what got him through these games and and and that's been a big advantage for. Knowing that -- do you look at the patriots still as a viable contender going forward. No question. And they're better -- -- you'd Tom Brady -- open Brady -- exceptional actually. But I think what's gonna happen the offense will continue to grow they can run the football. The only receivers have talent they will continue to get better electric got better -- -- vehicle fleet by accounts he gets back from some point. So a lot so they will become an improved offense throughout the year the defense to be increasing at a place this week this. They really haven't been challenged yet and to me it looks like this secondary like it better. But they have been challenged yet. Some anxious to see how they play. Against the better off as a football. Other than his performance in the post season which has been uneven or what what is the flaw in -- Ryan's game how do you beat him. Well I don't say that they've been beat by better teams in the and the policies. So in fairness to him. The giant screen Betty. San Francisco they roll better football. He raises the level that team you think about the offensive line and their talent on defense. He puts him in the position. That -- a little bit like John -- it would Denver to -- -- better defense running so. But I but I would say that you know if you wanna say what -- -- -- -- -- -- accuracy the the little law. And he doesn't have great football but but. You take a -- admit they got to go to Europe record. I'm looking at all the -- three teams Charley casserly and I'm wondering which one you think might be able to keep its head above water and and and revive itself going forward would Washington be that team. Possibly. I'm disappointed about -- -- Their defense a fraud no one talks about that. The secondary I opened the very good there. But the front was one of their shrank last year is not -- they're not playing as well this year I'm concerned about that RG three will continue to get better. They need to find an identity on offense they haven't found it yet part it's because of a ball all night. They activity I I'd scrap the read option and get back is still running a power game and stay with values the boot the play action off that. I -- support for a player like Caldwell was. On ESPN talking about the difference between. Walking into the facility when your -- two vs -- three and he said there is a world of difference what happens when you go from. 0120 and three he indicated -- some guys who weren't mentally tough. Well you could do that but if you if you got that problem it's going to be actual reason you lose. But my experience with this is. -- -- that it shocked you early in the season. But that the coach throughout. -- state sponsor. When those players come back Wednesday they're ready to play of the game. And -- young team you don't know that you don't know -- out just know we got a game this week let's -- like. Here excited every week and you try to concentrate and get better as an individual. So. And certainly that it can become overwhelming at it and number of losses can cause it to lose morale. But both for the most part players usually are are are more positive and get over faster -- the coaches and administrators. Charlie after Cleveland traded Trent Richardson it was reported they were gonna shop there wide receivers as well and and his team appear. That. It's could use a wide receiver or two. And and and we expect maybe they'll I think the maybe had one or two. At some point two Josh Gordon would you take a chance on him I know he's one strike away from long suspension. But is he worth the risk. Tell -- yes I wouldn't do it but that's a philosophical plane. There are some players that that I wouldn't take it that that play heavily. I would pick a guy with two strikes against. Especially a young guy. Has two strikes against them and -- and -- -- about a believe that's where he has right now. Checkered history going well clearly it's taken chances on players. And -- that's successful that. So up I don't -- clear -- -- -- as -- easily view and -- or want. I dictators -- I think it like they're young guys I think the -- got to continue to grow. You know Cleveland so that academic record and you know I guess that remains of these seem to somebody makes an offer but I kind of be surprised to somebody it. We surprise Charlie that the pictures -- Welker go and I guess I would ask you waiting Belichick's philosophy was letting him go and -- Yemen dole and well. Good question now trying to -- answer to a our -- clearly. More durable -- that was related question and Abdullah. Has mortality. Faster and can play outside better walker the walker line up every day. And and they and that's usually produces he got any good Toledo's -- slot receiver more down. Are they could be money could be used. You know those -- possibilities. But I don't have a definitive answer -- that made the decision. I don't think I didn't agree with a when they did it. Because of the durability for him. And it's playing out that way I'm looking at the list of quarterback ratings. What the 33 Peyton Manning obviously at the top by a law a large margin 134. Josh Freeman number. 33 at 59. If you're drafting what quarterback in the National Football League here's the key Rutgers team for the next ten years you picked early. I -- out. That that that -- fit enough. To date. Well hesitate as we hesitate in my mind wasn't as that they outside of that now that this guy's got when you watch him play. The field vision is extraordinary. He's got a big time army can move he's accurate with the football he's a leader. He's he's Smart guys in great worker great character elicited 211 wins last week diminished this guy Internet superstar there our next generation. It will pocket passers like Manning and Brady be a thing of the past or wearable always be room -- A good pocket passer in this league. They're a match Manning could play in any Europe Brady can play in any year. Aaron Rodgers Andrew Luck. Long that that's what you look at force the Vatican -- thrown -- the guide be your rotted. Seems to take away your run. And that could be a problem in the debt at a -- in the corner throwing the football so no they'll always be a place for for -- -- the premier pocket quarterback. What's the Genesis -- earlier Wikipedia page that read and heard the stuff -- to Genesis of here. Controversy or sort of Al it's mutual and -- telecheck sticks and the shots are you in the past where where is that -- from. Well I didn't and it that we don't have any issues now later that. I have I was little who broke spike. Before anybody did a year before anybody -- and that that's that's the only purpose for shots. -- -- there and I came back the next year and maybe it was in the next few with that one of the year's effort that it. And broke the story about Brady's playing with a broken ribs and he took more shots at either so. But that's straight he uses mobile trucks they. Haven't been a general matter avalanche an NFL. If you're not a viewed as somebody taking shots that you that you got a problem but this well. And you'll have a weird when we we've talked since that we don't have any issues. It is wearing both hats head coach and general manager diminish his ability to do either one of those jobs and maybe I -- just him but in general speaking. Well I think you have to be rare individual to do it Bill Walsh. Built spell check I think they're rare individuals. Other people. It did -- extraction to stand. Make stretched too bad but but I obviously don't you guys have been able to do. But would build a better old better general manager if that's all he did. You know that's hard to say that's hard to -- that sometimes. You know being a better general manager. Maybe it maybe that coach this and could not put that -- and -- it goes. Elegy. Etiquette good players and you gotta be able coach and development -- so. So both things at the -- -- way you can survive so would agree. If your lesser and one carrier -- -- greater in the other areas of coaches can take. -- in and play it way above its head. What can win a championship -- that about century championship. He's casually NFL network thanks for the time terrible talked to down the road. Greater order out Charlie casually Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- like AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable Ford GL TE network.

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