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Tom Verducci: "The Tigers are a bad matchup for the Sox"

Sep 27, 2013|

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated joined the show to discuss the candidates to replace Bud Selig as the next GM of MLB. He added that he thinks the Tigers present the toughest matchup for the Red Sox.

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Our three Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T you -- AT&T the nation's fastest. -- -- most reliable Ford GL TE network you know on your freedom you'll -- -- SI SI dot com but not for long because we've nominated him for. The next commissioner Joao property to -- morning Tom Lauria. And worked detective asks will you accept. -- -- -- You know not even close to being called by. Please you are so I think could be the perfect choice to do emails yeah you email. Did you can't put out of the game by us. I don't have the first requirement which is you must be within baseball can get attention up. A grip on out side. Get back and -- who are the front runners for the next commissioner and does it matter the product on the field in the next 101520 years. Yeah I think it really doesn't matter everything about how much the game has changed in the last 21 years under Bud Selig. Men are very different from what I want back in 1992. The again look inside baseball rob Manfred. To -- then who basically run the marketing and television -- that much more important sports these days on the television side of bank. They're they would definitely be on the short list. The Obama not MLB advanced media elements -- -- watch 1015 years. -- -- -- Dark horse if you will have been based already got like -- -- -- the Indian team browse Q with the tiger has -- -- been running changed a long time and bumped up to president should be attendants had -- owners' meetings. I don't know is -- a -- an insider to run game but I think it would have to be some of the -- consideration. Bottom line is guys right now all the owners had been dreading -- -- and they kept. Throwing more money a year that Bud -- to keep morale because they don't -- face the reality I think somebody else but I think that's led by Immelt said. Look I really am not your formal announcement to make sure that you -- a commitment that the time is not going to resign. The guys you mentioned with the exception of some pyro are TV guys marketing guys revenue. Centric guys is there anybody that thinks outside the box to numbered -- that says. As an example. We need to speed this up I'm tired of three hour and 35 minute baseball games. Oh yeah I don't know how people feel that way. You know where they can rally the players and other work together and actually get something done I don't know. The -- guy like him browser worked closely with the TV people and fox and earned all those guys. It's -- -- product you're very aware of pace of games and not to say that but -- than by Felix became an out pick up. As quickly that he wanted him do. So I don't know what are -- talking about once but -- the possibility of rule changes shot clocks boat speed I like that but they become more in play once but is not very usual more resistant and I think what is next commissioners going to pay. What would you do I know you're not gonna accept the job if they offered to the town but if you did what's the first thing you do. There are a lot of things I would do try to be at the pace of play I would put a limit on scheduled visit to the mound as boosting it really gotten out of hand. I would definitely empowered the umpire to enforce the shot clock -- -- -- and actually putting it clocked at the ballpark but we do not rule in place. He delivered pitchers live right there Matt I'm Adobe seems sort of force them. Good make -- aren't quite sure that I got you back here. -- start calling an automatic strikes -- ball to anyone to batter out too long that pitchers not to bong at a time. It's a huge problem because I know it's your games sometimes it adds that a long game but it became legal mind. But I think television product that does need to quicker. And you know what that's -- leg above for Tucci or a baseball guy ever to not one of these phony baloney purist and you have. Coach your kids for years right I did too and nothing drives me crazy Tom -- degree than watching the kid and do what Ortiz to step on the -- spent on his clubs look around. And you look at ago why you step and out of the batter's box that's not part of the game to stay in there like we did. And and -- or them a guy on the mound stay on the mound and -- the emulate their heroes and it drags out every game from. You know T ball up to the big -- You're right -- -- emulate what they -- and TV -- you have to readjust their batting glove before they even take away they'll look at all law and not even talking about not to readjust everything. There had to be changed the mightily so that when guys get in the major leagues there and -- of staying in the batter's box. They're not going to lie and I can't change but it's going to take time a multiple generational player. Well the next guy embrace expanded replay and people -- replay at the slow the game down but it if you have replay. Does that not mitigate the number of managers about you know going out fighting with the umpire which takes forever. Yes and no I mean everybody says it's great to have expanded replay opinions are talking about the -- And they're not so obvious that great -- -- until we get it next year there are some questions about what the final product is going to look like. Prince into the batter appear to get hit by a pitch the -- Brandon end it -- at one game 163 to tiger at the twins beat the lowered tie game. Right now the band does not arguable bought her parents out in the infield not arguable. Up -- caught a Hawaiian or not occurred pitchman dies in the infield not -- so. I don't come down the details and I think they're not reviewing everything because of what each -- -- -- became -- The biggest question from a guy that the actual movement how quickly got the assistant in the bay I would look to see it like college football where somebody current ballpark and in New York -- Gain -- immediately. Radio who built one of the umpire she umpire crew chief. If they -- when he was straight Buick outlet followed and that should take less under the program manager coming out party. In terms of let's turn our attention the postseason now into ask one more commissioner question any chance of a long shot I'd like in George Bush Cheney Bob Costas a joke to -- Larry Lucchino some name. C'mon come out of the -- and and and be considered seriously for commissioner. I guess there's always a chance I think or is that guy because he's done everything and -- has an inside game a few years. I don't think the opposite view that he's that interested in it and it is definitely an issue that they want someone who's going to be there are long time now at least -- long but Barton. And look you know the name that's gonna come out there's no question about that but. Yeah and use the right word probably blocked shots you're talking about applaud again you guys could talk about somebody coming out from. Our business from television someone who has not been a Major League Baseball perhaps the ultimate launch on -- -- right to the post season we go in terms of winning games -- a five or seven -- series what matters more in the post season that it does in the regular season. The wind. I say that the war written and that terrible war because there's so much parity in the game there's no question about I mean you can -- good teams want to -- July and you know it means not economic tanker went immediately almost Heatley has -- But what I the last few years there's strikeouts to really matter team that did not strike out. Play better and win more in the postseason in other words as we get more more strikeout -- good about the seventh consecutive year based -- a lot more strikeouts per game. Which is unbelievable to think about don't. Can occur when the giants last year the cardinals eleven the giant plume and the end you know nine. All of them right no worse than night in the league in strikeouts. And it seems that -- top five straight out. A lot kind of eleven series and on sixteen and 48 the post season. And into the Red Sox look for a -- -- strike and then. I think the teams that are able to avoid a strike and to put the ball in play. Not to say their current -- don't grind out that they do put. Well doctor to get to another pitched -- eighteen that are having success. As the strikeout rates have gone out. As and the terms are looking at pitches nobody does it better than the Red Sox -- nobody gets to the bullpen better than these Red Sox correct. You're absolutely right and the strike out there are consequences that -- -- -- -- -- made it to nazism a full count and they're willing. Could you picture strikes. Now the one vulnerability I think our approach hasn't won major -- power pitchers that attacked the strike zone they'll be so well the night in the league and -- -- -- pitching hitting to a level against our -- and so when you give pitchers. That first strike that's fine because you make you throw pitches a lot of guys don't have the command Britain particularly good pitchers straight line. Yeah I hear more their risk of not getting the job not and that's why I think it seemed like the tigers. Is probably the worst matchup on paper in the Red Sox -- you think you have power pitchers. But pound the strike -- To be specific with those two -- would you say that only Detroit is better served with their starters but Lester Buchholz Lackey and -- if needed. I think bill. Let Oakland had a remarkable job that they don't have the -- -- -- the American League contenders on hand -- And they don't strike a lot of people out a lot of that has -- like. Cologne just premium strike throwers who live on the edges of the plate. Talk I -- patent. Generally those power -- played better in the post season and otherwise. But I agree with data into Red Sox now look Buchholz looks like he answered questions about how sharp but they. Yeah I I would give tiger -- slight edge. Because girl Christine has straightened out his mechanics. Apart from the right it would look. -- it no one knows more about the game than you do Tom did you know that if there's a three way tie for the wildcard one team gets to pick its opponent. Yeah I didn't know that yes that goes back a few years but I. And Obama on the matter addressed us and Panama. Hospital where. I believe there's never been a three way tie. In the history of Major League Baseball I hope we never see what I'm generally I'd -- for chaos theory yeah theory goes the distance along the worst case scenarios play out of people react but I -- I want either. You know you we read yesterday Tom treasury almost seems silly -- like it it can be a I'll I'll -- for Cleveland would receive the -- -- in the way of a three way tie Clinton receives top designation and -- Abbott's choice. The most likely option would be that would choose to play Monday at home in Cleveland. The winner of the Monday game would be considered the top wild cards beat Tampa Bay would then get the second designation. And could pick. Have two chances to win one game ball from the road or play one game at home the second wild card spot at apple some random. Yeah it doesn't make sense what I would do -- would bring them all but one venue and planet around Robin. Think -- into the one day. Like American -- style -- advances. Hey do you think the Yankees are obviously in a bad way bad situation. -- through yesterday you've gone through the contract to play. I will they signed canal will they go after Ellsbury will they make an offer for Saltalamacchia. Well I think they'd design -- now although I don't think it is obvious is that once but I thought he'd be signed by now and I'm always believed the plus you get free agency because you get through. Get -- -- backdoor and finding another spot. And he will have a very good market in marketing at 300 million don't know Nicholas 209 if not more. You know that you watched -- for -- let's face it right now the top look at the Yankees and they concede paint turning around very quickly. The way that you get away and missed the playoffs this animal. Perhaps a billion dollars and three create them and -- under the other pieces in place now you have the pieces in place. Create a market that's a great -- not become -- systems so. Yeah I don't think parents around that quickly and -- they did last time. And that they don't sign you know I think it makes a player or those guys you mentioned that guys like to war or else very. You know prime can't -- it may be perfect fit for the Yankees you know media accurately and that stadium. It'll be at -- they can buy their way pack in the content and this time around it is I think it's going to be a lot harder especially at. They and they seem to be intent on its restricted itself proposed cap the 189 billion dollar so they can read resent their like -- tax -- Rob is there anything to be learned from how the Red Sox construct this team in terms of -- pay a lot of money but for very short contracts went our general managers in baseball organizations in general. We're going to look at CC sabathia is contract A-Rod contract. All holes contract that -- more. That -- can happen because they had too much money as much money floating around and they come to a point where now when they sign saying sabathia or poll poll. -- basically write off the last couple years to those long deal with the cost of acquiring or keeping the player. -- analog strictly as an average annual value of upholding the values throughout the length of contract and who we really have to. So I went and looked right off -- guy just happen and you know he's not getting production. I want to read -- bill and Hillary had a little bit of criticism that hey you're signing a hundred guys that birdied. With a high average annual value Petit took opera ten years that brightly. The other thing I think really program that really paid off for you guys know this year Boston -- Check guys resonate you also have to check box next to character and I -- have -- players the ones that play well in Boston. I don't blind and that small space the club about the small physical. Straighten. Their camera that they with the political or April and they brought in almost panic guys. And I think you look around and has tripled their limit renteria Crawford. You know they don't really like I -- -- that they that they accountability -- victory at such a great job the length of contract. And personality players I'm personally I'm surprised he came together as quickly but yeah I thought they keep I didn't see them -- and that it. And we let you go with this analyze the love and almost over the top adoration of Mo Rivera is just say a a a confluence of greatness on the field and goodness as an individual is overseeing this. Yeah I mean he really is as good of a guy is what you heard and I don't know anybody in any sport who has left the sport with so much -- -- reverence as lower area and he got -- could say integrators to do whatever he got his position -- Did the job of relief pitching. I never remember -- Mo Mo Rivera so he's got that but more about who this guy here I mean. I hit the best thing you heard about him and an. This is what impact as a young kid at 91 in 19911992. Just barely speaking or English please post the signal. He just had -- positive energy about him that everybody wanted to be around. And I think that really captures -- -- I mean he's just been upbeat positive person. With the energy about him that makes -- a great team -- people love being around this guy and you know David Ortiz doesn't himself is that -- every -- about -- be an Irish guy -- -- room and saw and how law does not happen almost never. One more thing I'll read to you the playoff teams and their opening day payrolls and tell me what this means dodgers' number two payroll Red Sox number four tigers five cardinals eleven. Reds thirteen braves nineteen pirates' 26 and east when he seven. We go from 227. What's it mean. Yeah I think -- seven of the top ten. Were eliminated over the final weekend of the season. I mean again we've got a lot more parity isn't seeing guys that simulate all the I think it'll wind up close sure that every all the parents and had between ninety and 98 lands. That gap is narrowed between the best team as good news that I attempt came out used to be. Excitement payroll like that that that there is how much revenue this year a game today. That the playing field has the level and it has but Selig announced the -- out the -- in the may consider labor peace that our president like the time in the decree is going to be on the gaming came back to every team really -- -- -- shot. It's -- and the parity is real doubt that we lost two World Series of competitive balance but nobody mentioned those words anymore. And that's why in the post season -- the same thing guys I mean again. Is your favorite team to guard matchup -- the policy board -- somewhat -- than you would send and that's a big upset. I don't think so I opened an upset is out there the entire postseason. Is SI and SI dot com bombardier -- if he is elected he will not serve that's obligatory as opposed to a -- but in the commissioner's office thanks for the -- With -- Callahan on the AT&T AT&T the nation's fast and almost liable for GL TE network.

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