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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines:Bobby V gets fired again

Sep 27, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Bobby Valentine being fired from TBS before a playoff pitch was thrown.

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-- as he awaits word. On whether his landmark tax Payer funded sex change operation -- forward. Convicted transgender wife killer Michelle -- act is that regular postal post election. It's feeling his age and anxiety. He wrote a letter this month the US Court of Appeals judge. Want to corporal. Complains it's been more than half the year. Since they. Her -- -- the elephants Weiner yeah cities and they like them -- hurry up a lot Wallace could pull this horrible thing off his body soon understandable you write a massive erection. He writes my anxiety about approaching the six month mark misplaced when this court almost always rules of three to four months he asked after all he continues -- any younger. I'm now 64 year old adding in Spanish saying authorities say a step past Condo witches of what's happening. Since I'm looking man thinking. Very pretty soft delicate features -- real famine -- -- for me because that would -- -- simple sort of transition -- of sand. -- -- -- -- Doctors expect he gained. He strangled his wife in nineteen same exact page Springsteen. -- perhaps irrelevant now. Com yeah it's obviously just. Pro that and keep trying to. Get -- to pass judgment on the port and it didn't really laying -- -- a long time -- Led by a lot of guys showed judgmental. So you think vision that we all make mistakes aren't subject -- Mario -- -- choice -- -- -- that -- which. In a bad killed his wife and stuffed -- in the wrong battleground out like Rivera's guys the guts to actually live news -- and they're just wears -- house myself and the lights -- So -- even agree about the odd it's the most funniest thing we going to pay. For this guy to have his penis. Amputated. And -- -- woman. And it's going to be high and it's going to be -- -- -- twelve million dollars received a four year old prisoner to have a Regina. But it seems reasonable people you know like -- -- made men -- pool boy you think -- used when you're a -- figures are right it is Miami's. -- pay taxes sure yes Texas on her for roads and bridges and schools work of art in Massachusetts. Ago to. Law and off the -- of a murder. And getting make it sure is boobs grow hair falls and all those of -- so I'm not getting any younger what happens with the heat. Recovery goes back to prison assemblies. Oh happy he's an old woman and a little old ugly woman correct who once upon a time at a bad choice and -- this -- that we're gonna funded. US district court judge who ruled in favor of the -- -- a procedure while they tried to Oprah you missed this mark wolf these. Very into this -- I don't yell yeah. What does a hum. Sex change operation cost these days are all that much into it -- Pretty expensive. Hundreds of thousands of dolls 'cause he's -- -- hi I'm sure to over hundred -- I think I might. Hip replacement like 79000. Dollars a replacement hip replaced it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well plus our -- red -- the therapy before -- -- therapy drags out the drugs after and for you or me they would try to limit the cost to some extent ma -- For for a guy. There's no limit whatever it takes him in the fifth fly them again. Much you know Geneva consultants it was different for a while and consultants when -- no -- goes to cocktail -- explain this to people say that they say it's wonderful you're so compassionate musical cocktail particles in the giant -- -- he's appropriately. Bobby Valentine. He has to be part of this Olbermann Pedro. TBS was looking for -- -- yes it was ready to do. Not so much spiked out why. Why because he had the guts. Of the dots the balls to tell us in the Yankees where you on 9/11 -- a lot. And now he's also said. Our rulers over rated. He -- though he wouldn't even Bobby Valentine and that so because of his comments about the Yankees not being involved as much as the Mets were. TBS sources are out of our real -- Tuesday that he's out. Because of that which I think is you know he's busy. Trying to get the commissioners to vote or the Yankees manager job -- -- It's always about the next or getting sand for the volleyball team you know here's Valentine's comments or guns or throw. -- -- -- That during that time. From 9/11 to 2921. The Yankees were a LL. You couldn't buy any Yankee in the streets -- New York -- you can find the Yankees static and there'll talking to -- these guys are working 20% and many of them didn't live here and so let the better ball than many of them you know did not. Partake in all that there -- some of that -- in order out McGuire we hired wire we'd wait wait we've been here funerals -- the -- -- Isn't the Yankees are getting all the credit for bringing baseball and it is credit crisis is about. Doing the right. Now -- right they -- doesn't care credit. It would one credit what is exposed him for what he has that is that is so misguided -- that it is so. Necessarily. If you thought yes correct. People want the guy who hired this -- to -- commissioner of Major League Baseball. To. Larry McKee who are tired I got couple stores -- -- name on any though he's not enough relations. Proved right what about that point I'm sure you -- rocket fuel orders the wrong way I want Valentine on the onion LP and tedious as you -- that's true -- at some point -- -- all movement on the and writing about how great is Peter's apartment fine papers terrific when I mean you know. Somebody from another city the Red Sox playing Detroit. A fair for Detroit -- repaid Red Sox employee discussing the series on TBS. Second Magic Johnson beyond that talk about the -- right people critical that you people are going to be critical Pedro. A TBS we capital I trust now they don't -- -- -- -- serve anybody he he speaks his mind -- so. Hard. We talked just about Cory Booker my guy the mayor of -- yes Lindsay movie. The stripper from the begin. -- -- -- important what you hear the issues. Seed Lindsay Lee thought she was Asian. You know if you in jail for charity. -- okay the only begin strip club in America as we stated we've been -- them coal. -- only begin strip club to the site. -- all the food is -- Strip club -- -- chicken wings. Just sit there eat food well some woman gyrating -- 663 plus it's statistics. Well like it was high and like Rick's cabaret. They have good yeah yeah we don't sit -- if you meet the full mile strip club never. -- great you don't eat so I mean I haven't either and Sam never I don't think of ever eaten in a big -- awesome girls. Dance around and just that good at what people -- casket to the states could still do sure but that's not a sure you're a citizen does what he read this Cory -- thing. She spoke to the DMZ people yesterday and she seems a little. Off I thought. You had any communication with -- -- like you -- laughing about this becoming -- story or any any contact with him or his campaign. Since the story came out. I am INN. -- reporters calling me I. As it's -- is a British colony I do not honoring your campaign get a ring gleaming you know. So does let me know if you wanted to shut up or something I had. I didn't hear back then and then both of us posted jovial things about it I think mean images are taken seriously it's on a serious things and they should really be. Hidden -- are we shouldn't have to hide. You know what really happened because there's nothing that happened. She seems a little like she's marriages Yale Harvard I got her picture over you can -- this -- numbered this. She is seriously Canada. Idea includes some predictions attached to this is the Democrats are collectors of gun. On earth -- like pistol. Political theater big tattoo her face avatar look at this to go much make -- can do for somebody I mean she looks hot. Just out of them winners -- -- that cities like -- yeah I was issues but that's -- she -- Little bit too big -- that's important she's healthy stripper -- a million -- had a healthy. Look at -- again. Shape received a -- being well now that means can be at bat well so what about Prince Fielder. When need be if he's a vegetarian same sort of budgetary can eat you know. And cheese and butter exclusively right French Fries because can't I would eat anything. That's what you eat if -- -- -- artist's roster and policy in the lot not Russell's book from the code of beans brown being brought to yummy chocolate chip cookies. Now notice that a -- -- chocolate and others and you're. Are estimated to have Peter. No and -- cheese on the ticket -- it's. Ports one -- how the project. And how well by taking the middle -- In the state would pay for Power One that this exchange. Yeah that would be a particular the other way to beat the bull right but it is how your state would -- if they -- they felt that the I was really being -- -- they would -- -- that Massachusetts. Is getting older. That's true all of his initial and he has. There's would be to place on Monday it let those legacy. Beacon heats begin pizza place on the street. But it sure. And finally happy fiftieth anniversary today one of the great innovations. Television history the virtual first down line. It's fifteen years old fifty years ago today so honestly I'm stars and you'll actually be to fifteen -- now. Which is really that is its enhanced our view we lived about -- -- lived that out if you're watching game line look for the line at a game any game I thought I was there last week I'm confused and tell. While while they finally put it. Really put on the field. -- -- -- -- -- at the line on the field. And who believe that money would call -- Mars would not help the running back. Government offender to go to equal opera to the defender trying to stop him as soon as he possibly can't running back would know. One -- -- ago. I liked yeah. I can be beat him no not precocious thinking that I -- the greatest ultra marathon runner in America. Is -- game. It's in it's hard to believe also egotistical. Mean he's skinny gone too. Unhealthy looking. At a marathon Jerker -- Europe Jurich. Yeah and he does and he doesn't eat like anything but. Minimum bean sprouts it's discussed what -- to get protein from someplace right. Pro team like the way -- is also excellent well that's part -- east even if you want right and that's why people drawn to wire run -- way if you didn't run. A beef fat baby would you -- so here you wouldn't you know much never -- de La pasta and pizza and stuff on the -- Hagerty. I'm Ellen that's disgusting and I've got beat pretty pretty -- -- hired by the way I have been doing a what -- -- -- -- -- -- at the minute squash in the meeting with the big boss evidence of that before that a -- I want that yet. Yes I'd be surprised them -- warm. No bull. Gone yeah scoop -- I wish I dare I would I'm feeling. With -- show yeah but I mean you put the kibosh on that -- now -- -- power extends that far I don't know. I have no idea here. You're all right now we're gonna get everything from you -- the worm I from -- feet of the world view of the the gossip monger and I'll say this it's the latter day or way Curtis -- Most -- from Portland. I would say that is they say in my in my PD blue our law and order it's gone -- it -- for our president you know it's up to declaring that the haggard thing dead dad uncle just dead dead. Not happen. He's the opposite of repair is terrible person I'm -- doesn't -- want it to happen. So I thought he had little power I have is that I have more of the union's call this early power play here who see who wins this battle while if if haggard is here you know. Salt is the winner and the loser and younger people excited I'm excited to be like. What was his name they'll be expedient incredible Hulk every episode on my little thing -- walk away on the street that you. Will quit -- -- -- when I read you read that I hope I don't think I would term that is accurate. I'm a fighter. Would be to pick up to Richard if you look we might Colby to get them fight it gets here you have seven of the job to Whitney's secret when -- get a family you know what that's like a fire and that's what. The department that come here right now if they fire you will just. You just how well you Bill Clinton to answer some of your mortgage in recent claim. That irony it is -- It looked like. 6177797937. Text line as always 379. 37 Robert Gucci joins us at 8 o'clock we'll talk all things baseball early actually at 9 o'clock. -- football and uncles and used him we've gone through like two times -- I'm -- you like you love letters who's next. Mad race -- I want our compatriots. See. On Sunday night in Atlanta seeing in the best quarterbacks have practiced in the first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Josh Freeman talk about Matty --

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