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Chris Price joins John Ryder to talk Patriots

Sep 26, 2013|

John Ryder talks with Chris about the Patriots, Broncos, and the overall state of the NFL going into week 4 of the season.

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John writer for Mikey Mike you'll be back and Monday and joining us right now on the AT&T hotline eighteenth -- the nation's fastest now the most reliable four GL TE network. The great Christopher price of WPI dot com check about it Twitter it's he price NFL have a -- while Chris. Did you detect the -- report. I'm good -- looking for an attack -- more as the football season gets going here and it has been gone but his and on our Tuesday nights which we have been over. For the past a bunch years now. Around our crew our outlook report and does 1030. On Tuesday -- well. Ever try to cabinet I guess and -- it and I am to try to figure out this patriots team. Are they say. You look at damage and they are right now but a top ten defense at points in -- allowed. Hey you know between the schedule there in the schedule that you -- they've played some went beyond that it's and that includes about offensive but no if we were. Apparently given up 300 passing yards to you know met them you know and at this store the liquid in a -- and we are ridiculous a lot of our total yards to. So our quarterbacks who who you're out in a lot of bad quarterback local really good. We be sitting here saying oh my goodness what can happen when they play or you'll realize and so look I'm under no illusions you know. They're not the characters that you felt ravens but -- -- direction and they're doing some good things from both sides of the ball. You know what I think it's really Joseph talked reached a suspected happen given up a single point fourth quarters retreat game I think that speaks their ability to great big. -- situation obviously what really our problem and Buccaneers game but it rejecting the -- and they played well when it mattered so. No they're they're they're not an -- defense but you have to like the direction that -- Dad and conversely ever on this this is actually been the number one topic as you would know they're covered the team is is the offenses the offense this batter -- to work its way out eventually. Mildred -- think it is that it ever been receiving you know I mean it could be inter always lies somewhere in the quite frankly -- I think that often. Is still very much of a work in -- previous set of animal on multiple occasions that. It is not going to be like the 2007. And 2011. Merchant doesn't it you're you're not going Q Jeff Atwater -- -- -- -- point to name him. You know it is it's it's a growing process. You know this is they're there are a lot of people out there could make comparisons and felt sick they think that the relatively terse statement. And that this group needs her to grow together and they're going to be bumps along the way and there might be deemed -- figured they're gonna lose that you usually win -- I think history -- the that -- -- -- Belichick and the rescue. Find a way to kind of figure it out to pull all the governor we'll see that report out today or tomorrow or early tomorrow what are the game. I think it's been interesting about this team is the running back by committee did you go back and look at the wavy you running -- years. -- running back bike commute scurbel. They'll link you to the emergency break glass situations occurred in 2008 where they are a bunch of guys look for you know turn the ball forty strategic it certainly console the course this season. Of it it looks like at least right now they're using it signature overcome a process where you know they're gonna relied more on -- like blunt brutally. It until they get all the postpartum passing you the kind of come together over 'cause he's back on the present -- go back in street pitching marine artwork -- them through not only. Part of the running and passing I think they're gonna. He's in -- they record for the past completely Britain organist into a lot more running in your car. Nobody here and I know you're down there it to a stadium all the time. The reports on Danny Amendola Rob Gronkowski kind of hush I should it's the same as it was yesterday -- think either one of those guys plants on the. Record during -- totally neglected to replace him no luck. That says I don't know. What percentage rocket that right now. I think they'll even -- let's -- 75%. It's still enough to command attention out there that think that had a chance to open things up for them. I'll boot him -- in the running game. Look I I just didn't I didn't know we talked about this report that the deliberate -- on this station. I think we need to -- our expectations are rocket initially when he comes back he's not going to be Rob Gronkowski. Exploration point -- the first couple games you're gonna coworker went back into that. But just like -- there is gonna commit pretentious. Here I think again that's gonna have a domino effect on the rest of the. -- out of the young receivers and through three games here. -- your thoughts and and duties see out of that -- shoot if Danny you know can step it up eventually. I like it's do it and I think we've seen progression from him because he's an -- at that first he wonders -- -- the over -- over. Optional what we're out there I think we came progression from -- Record progression over the first 30. In -- -- decisiveness there are more confident it would record watched. All it is now over the first -- being -- you -- really. Growers or receiver or a little bit you know the other group that -- that some people like but. I think there's real proof regarding adults and it still may -- a step or two but I awoke from a the thing that jumped up a -- from about and there was about you know. It was talked about it -- -- if you're going to be rolled at least you'll decisively if you're seeing quite a bit out of Compton when you're running -- twenty on the field. Of injecting a local confident they're all. You didn't see from him in the first game of the people that you would bit intimidated I think. Wasn't quite ready for you know there -- -- -- -- action -- do -- think that showed that. I think -- we -- him particularly acute touchdown. On a Sunday which was sort. Really you to -- a recent being urged about where you're at birth control -- -- His job Ryder Tiger -- Chris price of WEEI dot com. Public get to the quarterback Chris you know Chandler Jones is a couple of sacks but. Just get that pressure on their quarterback did it. Probably obviously key when you -- Matt Ryan and in the trifecta of let's face it a lousy quarterbacks that we've seen so far. Yeah I think that being an interim guard your production -- what it into jumps off for me about symbol of the course years he moved him from it. Incidents brought to you and to our position. I think implicated it's like ten or fifteen -- -- in every turn me move. Who came in there they've had a positive response -- it -- Over the course incurred you're you're in the what's gonna -- matchup for the opposite line it's difficult because he's so long he goes and use that leverage. You can't do that because. Eventually good teams -- gonna recognize that have been checked over and check it looked a Little Rock right do you later got a I think you know and the long road that would be a secret -- -- -- that. I'll throw a spot basis -- five and fifteen deputy political works very well for them to happen that your parents were present there. At least until you know you can be good arm and -- that spectacle that you -- -- to go to an airport. If you provided reluctant and he mixing a little more difficult now. Finger or a game is and I talked to scout watched a lot of film look at. You know you can article about it on W yet. It is that the aforementioned but one of the big things is you wanna get pressure -- and look to step into his throat -- what he can step mr. consistently. You can beat you wanna make him move from side to side when you make him move from side to side left -- pockets that look bad throat from the other thing that the government should be aware when you get him on the move quick when you meet him hold the ball you'll vote -- -- -- -- and will. That that's really good about ultimately interceptions come not from the mistakes and so you wanna make sure to close out his first relief and usually more than actually jolts. If you quote symbol. If you get a good inconsistent how rush up the middle you can beat writer -- clear points -- -- as we. Yeah you know it's not talked about too much either heading into this game I don't think lobby I guess up until the past two days but. All the all the conversation a gronkowski damage dole and I understand. You're gonna get those that talk all the time but Sebastian Vollmer he misses this game. And Marcus cannon had its historic and the falcons don't really have a great defense but they have Osi Umenyiora could that be a matchup problem. Yeah because it -- -- I think one of the things that they like by here and it he does have some versatility to play the cards by the but it tackle spot and -- really don't out. Much depth beyond them. Well on the offensive line in so BB putting him up there're you know difficult situation now. You got some options. You know you can go to that she couldn't if you can go to a situation where article in out there. You know horse but felt hurt you you know -- got an -- -- apparently some -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're gonna have to find ways to protect Brady against what -- a pretty good cut -- -- are pretty good -- one of the things that we might see -- More shotgun typical or shotgun in the past so brutal olestra in all of this sit there is also the possibility that you don't. -- -- to -- -- make -- the ball and I'll I'll hit it. But yeah I think that that for the matchup that that it really could pose a serious problem. You know you make overall this Atlanta team. The defense is okay they've got the weapons and offensive gets some guys banged up right now and they haven't been counting on Roddy White -- -- who Julio Jones what a terrific talent might be. Is arguably one of the best of the gamble work when you think about the just this falcons team. -- like a medical problem I think that the Internet ought to open that up front I -- the falcons to win this game -- because there are old you know it's a candidate able I think it's just it might be a bit too much of an obstacle for the patriots requirement that situation I -- but I just think going on the -- against it like it might be too much -- Q I I'd like them but -- Really loved it. Fought circuit talked about we used to be Ryan. I think it is the patriots feel pretty good about a matchup that would involve. To -- go up against Jones not like the way they operate with a leap yet into Jack's last week of the other thing we've -- so often means that we talked about the patriots are. Really stingy when it -- ordered. That. Despair that -- -- the way to look at. Falcons and their scoring tendencies. They're one of the best teams in the -- -- -- first quarter point differential they're forced to what brought scored in thirty were not in the first quarter. Or the worst -- before or really having trouble closing the last three losses going -- your title game were the result of loan fourth quarter reached. This year they've scored ten points in the fourth quarter. That's the kind of thing that it did jump ought to get jokes all the preached to me and suggest that the Petrie can hang in -- certificate because equitably in the first quarter. And not let this thing get away from them. Pretty -- -- ability to meet interest. The is is the toughest part of the schedule for the pitchers right now with this at Atlanta at Cincinnati and then -- New Orleans after that. The second toughest I think that bleak stretch. From November and December I don't know specific dates but yeah Denver when they played Denver and Houston at the Denver Houston Baltimore here think that over -- course like five weeks later in the year I think that the -- the stretch but the this is -- a typical stretch and also to go in there have been ordered everyone that. You're gonna get peace through games and then you're going to the jets the ball traveled to the jets get the ball and -- think the -- -- going to be out that. Think they're they're good enough to really compete well -- -- features but that's the -- or the first out of the year. In here and an Icrc hatred for him. Feel pretty good if you are sick -- -- -- -- -- six and two after that stretch you know because again they're going to be in Portugal and you know it was -- out -- you're looking -- -- in its falcon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At Atlanta at Cincinnati and all the good oral that's -- to -- trigger -- Her Petrie they may become editor with a little and maybe a predator with two quick. If -- -- fired and regal in the second you're you feel pretty good back to change it because you're -- your prospects for stricter credit agreement all the backup that we do here. If you're gonna get fully back. If it all looked -- is playing out against the backdrop a little rapidly improving defense so you'll. He picked September October are important but -- for this team it's about building about a process they think. They want to -- to a point where they're playing their best football -- pick up their their their their best option on on both sides the ball. Healthy and playing their pro football after Thanksgiving I think this is what is speaker. -- And lastly Chris just looking at the league did you know it. What what the major conversation has been about one of those teams December Cisco tied -- the wanted to start. Also a Pittsburgh is on through the giants Redskins -- 13 out of the forty. I'm sure you take -- a forty -- bounced back at some point what about two you know those those other teams where there's been so much talk about the giants Redskins and Steelers. John that -- think it would. But of hatred book it could have played equally important routine they're not a lot of good teams in the league this year. You don't you knew you look at the bottom line while completing an elite quarterbacks well you know you're meaning got a -- -- first street. Indeed the character or operate so if the you're your thing erupting which you know in Egypt and -- And Josh Freeman in the rest of -- quarterbacks but he just. You have to take everything into it it's one of those things on any given Sunday anyone can -- but well it. Becomes document open. Yeah it is it is cooking here it's certainly. Finger I think we all kind of slipped on the fact that -- -- only do we old -- is the fact that the EU was written over it again. Yeah I live -- -- -- AFC sex in the NFC and however on sale of Denver's gonna take at all but we know -- you know better. They want Chris three weeks that doesn't what does that Italian and. It's such a small sample I -- it are we think you've got to be big picture thing in north talked about you know. The apparent there at the 2013 pitcher to -- all patriots at least statistically but. Current equally big picture looks good but we do what's going on Alec Stewart -- order turn I think after you know after the -- -- -- a week for. You know what -- a real sense of some trend some -- they're starting to develop across the league you know -- go to law. -- I was to a bigger picture you know how we -- dispute and reporter that's when you can really kind of step back and -- upbeat picture look into the yeah he's got to do all you guys are doing well this is what it. It and one less when -- Dan -- since I brought a mob but is it. I noticed Korea now and their juggernaut offense mile an -- Champ Bailey and Von Miller all the different players that through mystic. Yes it -- is true I will say that to about Dan Burton you know much that you -- -- -- record grain of salt and I think it's great that the the chargers are playing better and I think that the the cheaper and better they're still playing in the unity of -- which is there at least if you look at the last copiers individual struggle I think that the the Broncos. I'm not thinking -- reported that and so are we have to keep in mind with the Broncos fat -- You know -- traditionally -- the last couple years anyway on the western Michigan. This year but yeah I really glad I mean obviously. The -- -- say about that on the offensive -- is that every year I arms to interest the all of that is gonna come together for a -- I still think that -- He -- -- -- here is setting up the liter -- and being healthy is setting up to what degree of. Yeah it is something though there is no Champ Bailey did they lose tumor bill Von Miller. That event is still get the job done right. Up until this real quick but I can't believe that -- -- you know I know that there -- bigger memory chip barely you know championship field for a couple of years but he's still an important member of that defense you don't -- As -- you know a well respected veteran you know he's -- -- -- You can drop that naturally so but but yeah I think your orders for -- -- -- -- you know that -- do -- -- Miller are still get the W principally it's certainly -- You're always get it done Chris really appreciated. Very much reported are important yes you well and we will Chris price check -- out on WEEI dot com on Twitter it's he price -- -- though.

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