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Wes Welker stars in national deodorant ad campaign... we've uncovered the lost commercial!

Sep 26, 2013|

Now that Wes has finally gotten out from under Belichick's foot, he's made himself into a media savy star, even starring in his own line of commercials for Old Spice. We found the 4th ad that ended up on the cutting room floor, and we're airing it here!

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Talk a Red Sox coming up here about fifteen minutes BC Bud Selig is gonna resign but not like tomorrow or anything. January 2015. Is gonna go all the way through next year of page and David Stern all indoors he learned time. And Bud Selig. Places Bud Selig will address that coming up at 3 o'clock or some regular conversation as well when I'd be interest -- -- high commissioner basement you know all the things I would do a baseball. Lower the mound. Elect catcher's -- and -- to pitchers more than once an -- -- all kinds of things don't -- I mean if your interest in the job don't come out great until -- get the interview at the formal interview for you -- start -- them in distinguishing all of your newfangled ideas out -- that's one -- my newfangled ideas have you thought that we think might replace. Bud Selig in 2015. You beat Texas 37. 93 sevens the number here to Texas AT&T text line at the nation's fastest now most reliable four GL TE network. Wes Welker has left the patriots that is not news we know that he speaks to -- old -- commerce poll a month or so ago the first one came out. In the last couple days Michael the rest of the commercial series. Has all come out and you don't hear Welker is voice it and you just see him he's the one starring in commercials that some access. -- -- -- west there. We have lizards jumping on both of his legs that's one wells we have and we the second one of those. You're the star. You deserve. The smell fresh and live -- Your last walking out of the tunnel looking around the entire. Tiger Stadium is empty. And then now we want more. That's in the Super Bowl. Great. Stunning to see him miss that and especially in that situation. I'm surprised that they're running out on the it and it's it's surprise have best jobs are wrong but cheap -- -- -- job I think I dropped the Super -- can help sort out what did you mean he I didn't notice that all of that -- why would you blame me for this I don't know anything about it because you think the replacement definitely that -- better I would have to hear that when -- -- it just -- -- -- -- I had nothing to -- -- sure I was. In the Super -- Great. Stunning to see in this and especially in that situation. Having do that I'm surprised that that surprised that they would go there seems like it's like they're putting their own endorser really not the best light but hey. I don't markets I don't work guilt by by how they make their decision -- -- -- -- that was haven't watched it. But him dropping it there is you know what she's not a bright ball and at Michaels say that it was behind it was like barely man -- -- ago -- -- -- like that it might have a little behind him but that's accountable balls back shoulder catch the catch he makes over and over and over again that point bridges the super -- welcoming. I'm sure. Maybe Brady should go over giving him a full one Kimbrel pumpkins treatment has just undress them in front of the entire suitable audience still are third in the wrong way without a second down now. I -- -- down throws a third down through but it could have been second and it was second can't tell you what you catch up all the chaos over. -- almost just don't know how to Zell knows all about it. Aren't so jokes aside Welker leads is now doing these great commercials were lizards are eating his legs. Those two things related. Lizards eating his legs and commercials and doing commercials that are leaving there are those two things like. Moon. Two part well well well I would say I would say no because other other patriots have have done commercials over the years lots of them. Tom Brady does -- commercials and if he's not doing actual commercials like at at the Peyton Manning rate. He is indoors. Yes is an endorser for several. Companies -- So is that generally frowned upon and in New England I don't think so Tom Brady's been commercials. Corey Dylan what are your favorite -- or commercial air touch or grounded and I mean lots of guys united way commercials don't count. They live from the October. With the pats have just announced a new contract for defensive end when Maginnis has the standard incentive clauses that troubles most importantly -- the patriots to pay really entirely in court. Yeah the military regime that doesn't count -- and why woody why would you leave. And you go from eagle from New England that member of a larger media market here. The you do in Denver but I think what it is is -- -- -- a lot of -- that thinks he lab that is is not a Belichick decision they simply Welker decision that he left. Because he felt stifled here right -- it it comes back to some of the commercials and things he's done since being on the front page of SI with the arms spread out it refers back to the comments about hearing Belichick's -- in -- -- -- talking -- the media wondering whether or not his comments about Rex Ryan and knows -- jokes. Words were actually what got him in trouble. It's just reflecting back on his time here in this belief that. He is say he is more of a wild soul that needs to be out there being wacky being crazy and Belichick was stifling some. -- while I think Belichick probably start for them in terms of his. As interactions with the media. I cannot what's -- going out and there's a personality in there that he wants to get out there and I think -- per -- personal brand that he wants to get to people but if he wants to repeat wants to do with commercials. He can do that whether he's in Denver -- -- he can have its personality come on other ways to -- RAZR update check your personality -- you were mentioning earlier my current comedian you were mentioning the earlier in a completely different context that sometimes the best way to become popular to get fired yet but sometimes the best way for people to recognize how much they like you is -- -- -- -- -- absence makes the heart -- -- also people on wall -- I really liked -- I can't believe he's not here she's not here anymore. It's interesting. With -- company needed to. You know it's not the people in New England needed him to leave in order to appreciate them but. He need to leave new England and create a bit of drama and soap opera in order to go from being Tom Brady's. Security blanket -- always open and he always had some of the passing always has -- hundred -- -- -- -- more than this due to being a a real name brand soap -- part of the conversation at the ESPN and all the national organizations are talking about a minute then combine the fact that he leaving turned -- of buying that he -- Belichick had to get away. I'm buying that. Leaving New England for any injuries hurt him into a story -- he went from being a good player a great player to being an actual story line. And I and I don't know whether he did that consciously or not it definitely happened member we -- the collar city that it will why were they talking about Brady right after Welker scored the touchdown. Because that's the story line that's the soap opera -- the drama I don't think he was a story line here you can get a story -- he was a really good player and everybody talked about oh I don't mean to say he was invisible or anything like that. But he's become almost an obsession now that he's gone it's such an interesting idea to go from Tom Brady and Peyton Manning it's never happened before I think he's more of a regional obsession than he is a national obsession so Lott and Arnold that's working -- -- unless he wanted to have. -- he wanted to stick it to all the people all the advertisers in New England said. Who. Should've given him deals that he coveted front I think it's gonna pulled -- -- national excellence in Allentown 7979837. What you guys jumping on that plus talk to some baseball coming up next alcoholic WE. Superstar. Super big. Kind of snappy suit the taste. Yeah practice in my table not doing. So -- --

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