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Patriots Defense ranks 2nd in the NFL... are they this good or is it just bad competition so far?

Sep 26, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots Defense, and how statistically they are ranked 2nd in the league on defense, but haven't faced some of the better offenses in the league so far. We discuss whether or not they're this good, and what we expect to see going forward.

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There's a chance we wanna have a definitive it's not just passing and not just one there. It's like 4560. You know an affront to do with their guys up front so. It's going to -- He's given me about a foot and we'll put a talent and hope we can get it done from summit with whom he is going to be tough for. Try to pull out a W -- it was game -- there. President of Wilfork he's ready to go for Sunday night against Atlanta hey if you wanna go see DEC take on Florida State will have to get that game. Coming up in the 5 o'clock hour stick around for that PC Florida State. We have tickets to do that game we do on look at them right now. 330 right on Saturday. Yes. Yes it is our third guest I have to look now at 330 and Florida State has rank their top entry -- yes. Yes and don't tell me whether I'm guessing and on our what are they -- I don't know OK they're ranked as they are ranked I agreed with the other -- are -- Patrick again now. About BC are you. I'm excited about the new direction that they're taking. Steve adagio we had a chance to visit with him for a little bit exciting guy I like him and I think that there may be some long term success -- BC by it. It's difficult to like think of BC taking on Florida State tournaments like ABC's gonna take of course it has like. The -- is not well let's get to know how that got ripped through congress now there are not looking at it Saturday Saturday. Public -- overstate you know forty or fifty -- that's the cannot -- -- -- I like him a lot to both got a chance to meet him a couple of what month or two ago. And really impressive guy if he's able to communicate with kids -- -- communicate with everybody -- event we -- He eventually will have some success in the art to recruit but once he gets that done with and and I know we're not allowed to BC but I it's gonna this -- course. Matter recruiting. It'll last place in the ACC. If Steve doesn't go shows up and says. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They didn't do anything I don't know what they sped -- recordings over there. Anybody who spent money. They should be tried it should be tried and they -- give the money back in his last recruiting and you're selling the city of Boston Boston College. That particular you put -- behind -- can wait force in recruiting. Comparison anyway. Anyway just just to give back to the pitchers the Vince Wilfork says they're ready to go up we've been looking at his defense is trying to figure out what they are. The skeptics say they're the same defense they've been for the last few years they're just playing three bad offenses to start the year two rookie quarterbacks and a guy got benched. And it all means baucus and I gotta say I disagree with that. I looked at caller earlier who said I'm not willing to call them -- leak yet I'm doubled to -- I am a 100% body in -- but I'm drafting the papers right now and looking at whether or not I want assign them. I feel good enough about them that I -- draft the papers. Read all the fine print look carefully see them over the next couple weeks in the really tough inspection against Atlanta and then Cincinnati and then probably the biggest one against New Orleans before I fully commit to them. But I liked the path they're wrong. I like what they've done since Aqib -- came last year. It boosted that defense you saw that as soon as he went back out with the injury last year they were the same comes back to start the year this year again. And they're really good again it gives them the gist of what -- -- -- enough to put dinner on the best wide receiver and -- all of a sudden they're able to tackle a three wide receiver sat like Atlanta's gonna throw at them they get pressure on the quarterback now imagine that's with Chandler Jones coming up one side Ninkovich on the other and now you -- Tommy Kelly to the mix on third downs especially rushing from up the middle to try to collapse the pocket you've got linebackers that world drafted high and are starting to make commit. Are starting to produce themselves. I'm pretty body and Michael leaks maybe is a stretch but I don't -- at the other night and like I I even almost believe because I think their. -- -- -- -- -- almost believe I almost believe it I almost totally somethings that on TV right all politically and went on television and said something that you almost -- not because I think -- please delete -- your larger issues on TV maybe don't worry about it is just like a a trial and throughout -- through the response well it's not I would never do that yes I might be glad I might be working through my -- on television. I like this is our I think with that with the Patriots defense I think they're very good defense. But. We've we start talking about the -- business. It's it's almost impossible to have a conversation when -- generally. Because what people start bringing up the they start imagining things that no longer exist in the NFL. In my pin number one this is what I do not believe it. I do not believe. In the entirely. I don't believe there is a single shut down corner so I think that's mythology. Shut down corners are guys that take away half of the field. Can you -- a guy you won't it what side of the field. Now. Actually want their to the DOC on the pipes now now they don't so that doesn't exit on the awesome I was not I certainly anymore. Revis is not that guy Richard Sherman who I think is the best corner in the game they still has dual concept test them so I don't even shut down corners. So if you expect -- to a defense to have that I don't think any defense that has that number two. A lot of people of -- in great -- the -- time. I'm gonna stick in the 21 century a bullet at 2000 ravens don't think that's gonna happen again if you look at the division that they played. And the era of football which they played it was only. Thirteen years ago but football has changed a great deal in thirteen years you're not gonna see your defense like that ever -- you know if he just to shut down. Different -- football quarterbacks are completing 65% of their passes so that doesn't make sense so that doesn't exist anymore I think what we're talking about is that team that doesn't give up a lot of points. Very basic and it will give up a lot of points. And is not an embarrassment. On third down did you get off the field when you need to if you have. 65 yards to defend to win that game. If we have a short field to depend -- when the game where. You can give up -- field goal which can give up a touchdown if your defense capable of doing that can it deliver a with a win for you -- it's all the way it went forty. I think this defense is capable of doing that and and nobody is. Nobody is wrong come out today and as people have -- content and you say. -- to rookie quarterbacks and a guy who just got benched in wrong that's what happened did you just have to reject. It is is that impressive he put that in your resonance. Well the patriot you don't shut down the -- -- you don't get to the bill you don't take it off -- -- -- I think that's the difference to you guys can jump in or 617. 77979837. -- -- some intense opinions on both sides of this specifically with those that don't think this Patriots defense is good or not buying in because of who they played. I don't like criticized them for that both of the teams that they play and I think that is the reason why people don't buy it as they say. Not only have a -- have they played anybody this year. But in the past they haven't been great the problem with that argument is that I think -- ignore some of the changes and some of the improvements that have been made in this defense over the last year or so. Right the young -- that young the young linebackers have gotten better. They just got better you're young outside of Russia rushed out rushing defense and end Jim Jones has gotten better from his rookie year last year to this year. Your quarterbacks once Aqib Talib enters the mix and everybody gets to slide down one spot have gotten better you're safety -- gotten better by moving from corner to safety and becoming a playmaker you're getting off the field on third down no matter who you plan or I. I just want I think you got to look at the hope that's part of that of the narrative I used to examine him. Understand and I can understand hesitation based on the opponent that's why the next step is to project. What do you think they're gonna do what do you think they're gonna do against. Good opponents. Are are are you comfortable with Chandler Jones rushing the passer is that enough people and attacks on -- said. Vince Wilfork hasn't played well this this season do you think Vince well Wilfork does not play well. Or or do you think that he is suddenly lost it -- you are you. We have a problem with the secondary you've got a project to be keeps saying. Well they haven't played anybody you're you're right right. What we're doing everything. You're still trying to figure out what's you have. You can't just sit there and say well I played bad opponent and that's the end of the story while it extended a little bit elaborate. What what will happen when they play the falcons on Sunday night what will happen. When they have to take on. Andy Dalton and AJ green in the Cincinnati Bengals when they have -- when they have to play Drew Brees. And Jimmy Graham and New Orleans. They have anybody who can deal with the tight -- like Jimmy Graham. So the Buccaneers are pretty bad team right I mean we can't -- their offense is not particularly good and yet. They played three games the first game they managed to score seventeen points in the second game they managed to score fourteen points in the third game at least three. Pretty now again I'm not telling the pitcher to the best defense in the world. But a Buccaneers offense that is not very good I'm not trying to won't pretend like their world beaters they scored three points against the patriots. I don't care what your quarterback is or what team you are any -- you always scored three points the other team the other defense has done a hell of a job against you. Are so so it's trying to read between the lines -- look Mort just OK the other three quarterbacks the other three offenses. Haven't been good but look what the patriots did to them they took a bad the about a offense. And embarrassed it. On Sunday to meet that ad actually says something six point 777979837. -- in Springfield. Saucony just on the up. I wanted to speak about the -- in -- three I wouldn't say that the author of the pocket -- was atrocious at. I think that they were -- -- Because they're actually they're pretty good job. Yeah I mean if you look at that offense you look at that team. What they have they do have they have a couple of guys. Who have to get your attention you talk about the running back -- and who was who was exceptional. And again Vincent Jackson got hurt again but you look at their unit Vincent Jackson and Martin. Yeah okay it's not like they don't have any weapons whatsoever that -- bad offense but I'll say this they are bad teams that have -- I can't. I can't spin that any other way Tampa the -- football -- the jets scored eighteen points against the bucks they scored 27 points against the bills they scored thirteen points against the pitcher a lot of techsters Brian I don't know how you feel about this a lot of them. Atlanta is. It as bad as Atlanta is they're gonna they're gonna crush the patriots this week another textures there's -- patriots you know condolences. They're gonna get lit up. When they play the good teams dust. So. Tough crowd here. What clearly is an ending it's a crowd that as we just said has been burned by the last few years of watching this defense struggle. I just think some things are different some younger players have aged in and started to come into their prime and started to get it. You've brought in a few people that were not here before specifically to leave -- -- Tommy Kelly. You've. You're pretty healthy actually in your defense right now so there's another good thing that you haven't always had and your offense is no longer taking three seconds and get off the field even if they've scored a touchdown. They're keeping the ball the longer they're driving with a their running the ball they're giving their defense to break they're allowing them custom field position games where your punting inside the 1011 yard line. They're doing some things that should help the defense but. It takes awhile to react and that's fine it's gonna take people awhile before they fully buying into what they're seeing. I completely understand that when you haven't seen it for a few years but you've got one of the great defensive minds of his generation coaching defense but he's completely well built over the last few year. -- just said that -- that it leads to a question I have direct. Post defense systems. When you think of the patriots you give credit to the defense of coordinator not. Now I'm not there adopt you never have never so Romeo -- -- and -- was a good defense according I don't know whether it was or not he's pulling -- he was under Bill Belichick. I think if when I think it is defense I think of -- well it's too bad and I tell you. Now remember are set up to date date date September 26. To 26. 2013. And come out safe bets. Today. The patriots. Have a young the Bill Belichick coaching their defense and it's a Matt Patricia. That that is a young Belichick. That's a big statement heretic but he's accurate he's big guy he's up he's that good. As a about the tenth of mine Matt Patricia their defensive coordinator now obviously you see bill on the sidelines and defense has gathered around him. And he is like giving instructions and got up until the year and the whole thing. Yes Bill Belichick on your side -- fool not to listen what he has to say. But a lot of times during the week during the meetings. Defensive meetings who then there -- Patricia what those guys. He has. -- hand picked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you guys are what are my big -- here is you know it's it's bad. -- that it could change that happened and then it should keep an arm the yet but not that they're not quite better. But they're like that and they are not spend -- you know it's been a while now -- in the disputed -- -- -- -- my art it can't yet make the the -- that they are a great GR I don't I -- it sooner relieved that it. -- but we're trying to -- out nature here what do you think commit -- what you think they're going to be a defensively -- could this -- we're guessing that's only do. -- what about at the end of the season are we going to be talking about a defense that is in the top ten. They're gonna be 25 like they were last year when they be a team that. Gives up a lot of yards but steals in the top ten in points allowed like they were last year what effect. You know I think they're going to be dead end. But not the thing is I don't know I know you're Java and all that that completely dark do. But at what I get our biggest -- -- -- this week is really well I don't that -- -- you know we're on an out of -- Atlanta. Practice week you know are all popular expression the article are. -- -- gonna know after this week either I mean they can have a bad game against Atlanta and then shut down Cincinnati in New Orleans they can have a great game against Atlanta and then struggle against the saints and people get right back up in arms. You never know anything until the end of the year fully but. I've just try to look at what we've seen so far and for the people that did. Not just that they don't believe it yet that they don't even want -- like forget it. Forget I don't I don't I I think they -- bad because they've played bad teams the -- What are we supposed to do shot about 61777979837. They practically have its salt and Alia WEEI. Keep. Vs listeners -- a chance and get another game and I'm going to go or no. You know us are focused hills throughout this season these challenges are bullies and they -- the secondary. This is going to be a big challenge for us you know a very good quarterback and can't do my best so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From ash clay underscored go and we definitely important to both of us from awkward thank you just. At Michael as holly and -- WEEI says Atlanta 23 patriots nineteen all right. Each offense will score their average the box shot themselves in the foot in the first half -- that. That's exactly I wanna address that to us. The first whether or not they'd score their average trying to guess you're saying that they both have essentially an average defense and that this will be entirely up to the offenses to do with they're gonna get maybe that's true maybe. But the idea of the -- shooting themselves in the foot in the first half. People have been saying that about -- opponents for ever at some point that's part of the game. We're here they shoot themselves in the foot. Or did Aqib Talib jumped a -- make an interception and set -- the final touchdown that they shoot themselves in the foot or was the quarterback -- to look bad by a Patriots defense they confuse them and took advantage I don't Josh Freeman is not great and I know that we -- this over and over again about back quarterbacks but the patriots have have not been able to feast on them over the last few years the way they did so for the way they have so far this year. So I don't know yep maybe the -- themselves in the foot or maybe the patriots did some things to force them to shoot themselves in the foot that's supposed to be would Belichick defense is -- Yeah they've done after many years -- a report to scroll down a little bit government to a reading I wanna give this -- the I wanna read it in the spirit. Which it was a written. Or 39 here's our guys Syria's. -- blow moods. While. Could be more wrong. They played well despite -- coaching. And have taken advantage. Of awful offenses. They cannot I like -- at patriots had checked against a call -- what you will products. I don't know I don't know overboard and -- Michael I'm trusting you on now -- thinking a whole lot more than meet a young BB router but it. They're playing well the defense is playing well why why why why do you look at it you say it's impossible for that to continue six point 777979837. Jason's in the car -- -- A candidate or Jason was a -- -- much much tailor it. Let's and a 100% audit on their defense but I'd say like there are they're pretty darn good. Buick thing that concerns me -- the defense right now. I think it is different haven't got to play a little bit better. He gets -- -- back a little bit more by I think they have enough. That are in. Knowledge and not you. That it's there that don't work itself well. It's -- that concerns me if something goes down. I -- should it be tragic top. -- -- -- that Jason -- that you're Smart man play that's it that's a very good point because if you look at them. I wanted to I had to point out a weakness of a glaring weakness from a defense. That said in in years past it was. Well that have anybody in the secondary and anytime a quarterback dropped back to throw you hold your breath -- -- it's going to be bad and throw deep this is gonna be bad either pass an appearance. Or -- completion. But you talk about -- Post behind chipper Jones and Jim Jones spent a lot of time on the field lot of snaps behind naked pitch for that matter or bench. So I think I think depth is a major issue just for your stars on any team. You don't want to start off the field obviously. And I don't I don't think Ninkovich is recognized as a star in New England can you imagine he's not on the field. Replacing him. Yeah -- that -- how well it's economic it's a very good point I think that the depth is certainly concerning asked about the idea of getting to the quarterback can do they get there enough. The patriots have seven sacks on the rethink that ranks in the and a -- Seven sacks seven sacks on the were does that rank in the arts or twelfth that is eighteenth in the NFL Kansas City as being sacks aren't. Now lot of those games that mean in fifteen sacks out of really Abrams is an academy it's just they're playing the giants this week. Fifteen sacks already in the year Dallas has thirteen Cleveland jets and Tampa all have twelve sacks already on the year Tim -- in -- -- attempt. A great deal that great. And because it is going on about. And but yet this question -- in the in the law goes the patriots only -- up -- Bill all the -- gave up on the Oakland pot holes. But. What say about the clothes and Viet vet. What they -- the. Looked to -- says the same thing that I keeps it over -- Korea which is when you get up to a big lead and you know teams are just throwing on you when they racked up a lot of yards and sometimes even you let up a little bit at the end because you don't have as much to play for secondarily. They score so quickly sometimes that the defense goes right back out on the field. So those things don't concern me is much I think high scoring high prolific offenses tend to give up a lot of points that's one of things I like about this patriots -- -- and you think about the this is why a lot of coaches don't pay attention to the yards and the the rankings. If you if you're a blown team out what you're supposed to do. Run the football. I mean you're down 21 point scorned the fourth quarter you really run the football. Okay may be Norv Turner would. But having eaten it but most and gosh if we so we saw Greg she opted to address we must go to the equipment now -- most coaches wouldn't do that. -- going to be passing and I tried to. Try to get back into the game as quickly as possible of course the yardage numbers will be skewed. I that's why I think it's just important for focus on the important basic. That does your defense get off the field on third down. -- your defense give up a lot of twenty plus -- plays -- to wake up a lot of -- where do you think they -- in terms of getting off the field on third down so far I would say -- in the top five there in the top ten they're not -- in the top five Detroit leads actually in that category. 26 and a half percent the patriots are tied with three teams Cincinnati are two teams Cincinnati and Tennessee. -- three teams at 33 point 3% Jacksonville actually gets up this they're tired -- have some problems on all the other -- -- -- -- -- -- currently I don't get the third down usually they just give it better if you haven't got the third and we pretty much does give up 61777979837. But those are the things you should like about the patriots defense and not necessarily the top in any category. But they're not hurting in any category they've got a bunch of interceptions they forced a couple of fumbles they are top ten in terms getting off the field on third down they're not allowing points they're not allowing a tremendous amount of yards all of those things together -- -- number one and any of them but they are solid defense so far. Across the board -- and lol I -- -- -- post on my age are going pretty well. -- amendment about one so mentioned Pope unchecked is the that's a sense of modern this generation sure aren't I would actually have to disagree with a pretty strongly who who who would possibly be had a Coppola Dick -- throw line he'd be on the person. -- in my primary from Cincinnati is actually pretty -- extracted. Even Rex Ryan and delete -- time and it felt. Yeah they Rex Ryan -- look I'm not telling you that there aren't other good defensive minds in this generation and Dick LeBeau is probably the one that that would come close to rivaling -- check. But you think that dead dead Rex Ryan is going to be ballot check out for the most respected defense of -- of his generation. Belichick wins two Super -- defense of coordinator takes team to another and then wings three and goes to two more as a head coach primarily with defense for the first three of them. I'm sorry man I mean it's not it's not to knock those other guys that respected but more so than Belichick might you got to prove that. We -- here -- target though you know recently like -- won the super goals you are Smart defense of oriented. But he definitely made the switch more toward god sent just legal aliens are extranet. Late Mike you're talking what the last couple years I'm talking about Belichick's entire tenure as a coach everything he did in New York everything you do with the patriots the first time in the coming back again. I'm sorry -- artist you're curious might prefer to go. Eight. What you're what you're judging it on are you judging and on stats and judging and on Super Bowls conference championships. Arms you know civil -- -- actually kill our county in all all of the one that you Gordon and his defensive coordinator Rex Ryan -- -- the appropriate your resume I just feel it at all. Mike you're right in Rex Ryan has a good -- me as a -- our own. We got from Pittsburgh it will blow it yeah don't actually get up about so well and the. It gets it there it's a some of those things but I think it's ignoring a lot of Belichick's history it's kind of -- that that's kind of a crazy call thing that I mean anything current I mean that it kind of nuts are so let's do better. Let's challenge everybody to do better coming up the next hour we got BC Florida State tickets to giveaway a lot -- your thoughts and our thoughts on this Patriots defense. As they headed to Atlanta to take on a premier passing attack are they suited for our they are prepared for that they now have a defense that can handle Little League -- like Atlantis -- -- -- that's coming up you're WE. Are coming up this hour we have DC Florida State tickets to giveaway football tickets. CBC tick off Florida State at the -- that's coming up as a stand at some point this hour. Soccer -- here -- WEEI talk a lot of patriots football and get ready for Sunday's game in Atlanta in the Georgia -- saw the article is that they may be on. The silent communication necessary to deal with a loud noise in the dome. Now I mean. A silent count all the silent counts right guys not just the -- with the communication are wide receivers that. He can't be yelling and screaming for three hours and tell them what to do -- Brady will be. We'll be doing a lot of the hand motions and gesturing in speculating wildly to make sure that everybody. Right place on some epic epic the NFL. NFL coaches. Are all set with that I think they figure that out you see I was reading the story a while ago about Chip Kelly. I'm your guy Chip Kelly -- Chip Kelly and his practices. Its practices. There's routinely it's like a concert. All the time. Because they're just preparing for. Whether it's a loud stadium like Seattle outdoor war. New Orleans. Atlanta of these places that are just I mean is really difficult to hear and interpret. If you plan for it you know what can -- -- running you know what to do usually releases -- not really a big. Some -- -- after the fact -- the patriots have had some trouble communicating even at home over the last couple weeks and making sure that everyone's on the same page does that become more difficult when they go into their first really hostile environment. Buffalo really hasn't been that kind of a place Atlanta will be a lot louder against a good team against an offense it's gonna keep coming at you it certainly is something that -- -- watching we've been talking a lot about the defense more so than the offense today but it -- both on the table here for the rest of the show the -- the 5 o'clock hour. Because you're looking at an offense that Steele I think has some people concerned it doesn't look the way they're accustomed to seeing it looked. Wes Welker is is still. Held up as this vision of perfection and if he was here the patriots offensively putting up thirty game instead of twenty game and that's a cause for great consternation that you see him on Sunday night once again Monday night rather. And he's our summit Monday -- he and he scored more touchdowns for Peyton Manning and it just like this this this frustration that seems to occur in mass with patriots fans who just can't handle the fact that the guys not here so that's stuff is still on the table book. More today the defense that is. It is good yeah I mean it is it is that a good defense of the defense that you can rely on is that a defense that can win use and games against good opponents because. When I say is that -- defense second win some games. And point to the first three. Obvious counter rightfully so I understand where you come from those views that it. Obvious -- is well they play a couple of rookie quarterback in Josh Freeman he just got benched. But I think the question of do you think this defense. Week's seven week eight hell week for you think this is a defense that you can look at and say. I feel pretty good about those guys out there. And they they have the ability to stop the other team when it's absolutely necessary to win again now texture here in the eighteen to text -- says. There's not one player on the pats defense that you would trade up to -- not sure what you mean by that taxer he could either call or. Or text begin to clarify trade up. Which in my fantasy football which among the draft. Are you talking about. Coveted by other teams what do you mean. Trade up to get we wouldn't trade have to get -- will. I think just the idea that somebody that you really covet and so you try to trade up to get right up where. I mean I guess from the patriots first start when it's Super Bowls people said the same things about them. There was nobody on there were no name defense nobody thought much of Tedy Bruschi or. Or Mike Vrabel Roman -- any of the guys I -- more Malloy was probably the one big name because they'd been to withdraw all diamond Ty Law a force -- maybe those two guys but. You know Aqib Talib has been in name I don't know that he's he's considered to be one of the single best corners in the league. But he -- a top tier quarterback and a name in that regard Vince Wilfork is certainly recognized year in year out as one of the best nose tackles and defense tackles in the game so. In terms of having those names. I think how about isn't as many as the patriots had when they first started their run which was built on defense six or 77797937. George is in war I George. Hey I do like the defense announcers say you know in the moment. It looks good for what they've had to go up against and I just look at it as a process of evolution if you will and I think. The longer this goes signed. The bad -- yet the more -- master of the bigger of the playbook will open up for a a little more options inside of that defense so. I think there on the track but that's just the process and maybe they've been. -- toward us with the people they've played. I don't know but one thing that's been consistent through the years and this is one of my metrics and I'm not originally CNET how. In cyberspace I look at two things. What is net turnovers and right now I think there in the top 20% they're raised he net turnovers which put some six or seven. And impact plays which I used that -- but I can't find -- so maybe you've got somebody that can help. They define it as plays of twenty yards or more and just my ties to help me that's where they've tightened up so far that's right hoped they. Continue to maintain that they think those two things -- in April 1 always has been and one looks like it's on the better track right now. I've given up those explosive plays Tony plus yards. And they were horrendous that last year and that there were times did you see that ball on the airing yet sick feeling you just knew. Nothing good was gonna come out. I had that six feeling Michael. Well I sought to leave go down in the playoffs and I turned to my brother and said. Made it playing made -- play and and popped off the field right by Matt Patricia Patricia. You know applauded them for making a play but then I think Patricia knew. Okay it and that's that's not good for us and it went downhill from there and appoint George made. Was about the exotic nature nature so to speak of the defense. They have been relentless uncle Matt Chatham here I'm not Matt Chatham taiba the three technique it wide nines and and break down all the stuff but I can see. That it's been pretty basic. Defensively. What they've done they haven't done any fleeing. Out of the ordinary they haven't tried anything to. A confused the quarterbacks because they haven't had too. So what happens when they get that point and does this Patricia. And is Belichick have enough confidence in what these guys have done. In the first three of the first three games whereas in game four game five they can unleash shouldn't say right. You guys have just pretty much played the standard defense but now -- should add this -- Do you one better do you even need to dried out now do you need to bring out those wrinkles this early in the season even if your plane a couple of good teams like Atlanta and New Orleans the next few weeks Cincinnati. -- -- -- wait -- say look the AFC east and we'll see what happens with the dolphins and and and jet to both have been better than expected so far. But the patriots are probably going to make the playoffs are you waiting until much later in the year. Before you start to make that defense more complicated than it is right now six point 777979837. Evan is in Framingham -- Hey Evan you got to turn on your radio come back -- in a minute chosen New Hampshire hi Joseph. Or. IQ points on. In -- kind of like the ball at the majors playing right now. Anything about the -- -- thousands you know scored forty points a game awesome offense kind of like number right now and -- got bounced like the first round. An instrument -- to note seven kinda turned in the colts. What kind of the same thing with them you know play a record out and in great. -- You know all the pressure of number eighty some -- the team get back out what is kind and -- doubt and we're waiting supports. And my second thing it spoke what you probable a smoker. The problem was while I just a player already music player Joseph is good. No one saying that the patriots scoring forty points a game that Welker. Would beat a guy on the field I'm like I'm -- -- -- negative amount of money. People are definitely saying that if Welker was here they would be scoring a -- -- Pretty hard. To them what's the big -- so what's the big -- the -- people so -- it's so -- -- I was so I was -- ready to agree with everything you said because you and I -- -- -- the same page with the patriots turning into the colts -- what's happened it's funny how the patriots turned -- -- -- while the Red Sox -- into the Yankees for a few years and now it seems like both have gone back the other -- gotten back to their -- the Red Sox -- on -- and build from within a little bit not to spending money willing delete the patriots are no longer pass in the ball all over the place and don't back their defense and ball control type stuff. But I I don't understand it's not that I -- Wes Welker I just I think he's overrated that's all. Look at poppy like player and turn them into the passing. Juggernaut that they were you to dependable guy Brady guy in the fact that in the door nick and -- our money into -- In this week you can mystery game which is what blocker -- and six years. RA he's a slot receiver though Joseph he's a slot receiver just isn't that important to me he's playing a slot position in -- -- check in this offense that they've created here Tom Brady and that's a position that I think is ultimately replace the Welker was good that it. But that doesn't mean he's the only one who's going to be good. And number one try to -- second choice. Maybe I don't know if they let him go they really wanted to -- he would be here yet -- I think I think I Joe's right on that I think the first stories to return was Welker didn't work out at the homeless. Money it's. That's in the Super Bowl. Great. Stunning to see him miss that and especially in that situation. Sound effect at the end of that is that the is that all -- office and at the very end of football. -- -- -- really -- -- that that football made -- they might be right they might have preferred Welker to unreal what you might have been their first -- rarely but obviously they didn't value on them much -- -- obviously they thought he was replaced -- if they prefer him to the other guy. He was replace a -- because they let him. Because he plays receivers we talked about yesterday not just receiver slot or support patriot receivers under under Bill Belichick the way he views that position throughout his head coaching career. I he's drafted one guy isn't is that lecture illustrious coaching career. As drafted one guy in the first route get open and catch the ball right get open and catch the -- in his belief there were other guys who could do that I don't think Welker couldn't but the their other guys that could -- thinking and block a little bit too but Walker's got a better blocker either. I don't try to turn to -- and to you know Jerry Rice to Indianapolis tremendous blocker one of the best pop. How would you know you haven't seen -- block I have an active director as he throws blocks like you wouldn't believe -- -- do anything best best -- haven't seen I haven't seen him high five and asked -- blocking wide receiver in the game you don't at all until aren't jumping Evans and -- and what's -- I didn't go -- you know he was going on haven't. Not much much other Mexican pulpit but talk about future -- a ritual quickly and although I'm you know definitely. You know. Think pretty highly of the situation that courtroom right now. What I just wanted to ask you that. You know people like -- in any a couple of approach future you know I think -- still learning you know in terms of you know you inflated you know you'll get -- playing -- buried by. I'm fully charged organ that kind of you'll -- shopped around right now in a culture so that typically you don't -- you know hopefully Albert to -- on people. That you know a cut off -- you off field problems but would that order is very. Pretty expert George Gordon in the line at the -- year you'd think the -- and -- -- electric models. Not speaking with a -- let me. Evan let's have a question back to you because the question turns on this right Michael. What do you think of the young wide receivers and whether they're gonna -- if you think that Dobson and Tompkins and -- are going to develop. That you probably don't need to give up more resources for Josh Horton if you've seen enough -- -- already ready to write them off do you think Gordon's a huge upgrade. That it probably has some issues as deeply and Evan do you think that George and then and Jordan a singer Jordan Cameron -- -- Was actually very good for Cleveland but. You think that Josh Gordon. Is a huge upgrade over what the patriots have right now. I mean I I wouldn't -- -- huge upgrade but I would that -- that you'd you'd probably want competition I think that you know what's also very bright future. You know it's his first game back up. And you know you know there have been pretty good game that -- minutes. You know what's coming you know lump you know Tom Brady during talks a metric that you know -- Bryant lawyers say the quarterback Tom and you know -- probably a better yet -- Check you know it you know an -- -- at the -- Gordon and this is not gonna happen so. My aunt is going to be nova pitchers want to. I would go with the five and below program. Late fourth or probably if -- fifth round in below. I'll give you picked I'll give you that for Gordon but. A guy who has already had. Two strikes yet he's one strike away throw one strike -- being eliminated from the league for drug issues and here's everything worst guarantee that Josh court understands the software guy one of the other conversations we've had about it is some of the guys commit to a rookies get it from the guys who were rookies don't get it some of the veterans who come in like Randy Moss and Wes Welker do get it. Some of the long time veterans like Joey Galloway you're Donald Hayes or others who have come in and never got it so there's no guarantee that he would get it. You're just adding another player of the mix and it means you're giving up -- sending a message that you're giving up. On some of the guys you just drafted and spent some significant capital watcher I think -- -- -- -- taxes on the eighteenth text he beat you need to be a little nicer. Now -- The callers now they're not they're -- under the collar image and what Texas says you know you know you know you know shut off collar and I was nervous couldn't tell. He was a little nervous. Talking on the radio and easy to be perfect when you're sitting behind the text machine stirring up the spelling guy grammar every -- -- you're telling -- story. It. Point. Well I'll get now. Who screw them. The dog comes back -- this Bentley yeah it's all done and then the genius Derek is in Rhode Island. Yes you know pressure he's going to be the best call -- just relax there are no problem. Our -- article that we've talked about -- and I mean. Oh are you a little bit optimism or alternate or market sync it up around him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have -- mentioned that we haven't yet we we just don't know that look like but it's something to be optimistic about backing it. Compact but typically. Talk about the key to -- because I don't know why it accurate portrait. I have been watching typically been shut down every -- put up again in addition to that. Leading the league right now and in action and welcome to hire that guy and I -- I don't -- think. What is the what I think personally you -- To actors give army earlier for comment on the obviously -- -- about column -- why why -- -- the -- to educate the people why would you make the mistake of not calling him I'll leave. The comment -- -- they'll tell people but he that easily understand. Until there. Okay out of -- Derrick got nervous because people are now crushing him in the -- how they have Blair expected every of course -- quietly and we good. There you go good ovarian. Play a real name. -- -- forget I think key it was. That was another one of those in season moves that was low risk high reward and it worked out for the patriot I would. He's not under or -- him at all so far -- in the league and in interceptions he's been all over the number one receiver each week you can get a chance to see him against Julio Jones this week which would be great test forum. And more than anything it's not just what he's done individually to what he's done for the defense. Look at the defense before he got a new England and what he's been hurt vs when he's been out on the field there's significantly better plus is the most -- The guys also write him he's the super for you have to love. Piles of Providence like. They got another -- on top. But take it easy I know we've been you know look in the lights these first few weeks. And iBook medical situation you guys. To doubt some major injury. And expect now Bob Denard you know illegal war always acted you know terror and the patriot dependent thing that these and you know -- -- debate YL post. Things that those things happen go to go to Vegas and that the dolphins. Yeah will bet they reply no I mean -- get a -- making a move to acquire guy in a book or the deadline that you rely and the young guys like Logan Ryan and I like that do a lot. The bill and the bush. Early start in acquiring a guy at the deadline last year. Well we we -- it would probably. It's a fourth round pick. That the deadline in in everything worked out perfectly Tampa wanted to move on the patriots had an obvious need at the position. Shooting like that coming up this year player. At any position really. Rule you can get for a fourth round pick. They'll have an immediate impact and the judge Gordon was the big name that is sort of surface but I didn't have a different Richardson was going to be traded to tell -- got very upset over the first trumpet right forget the first. I don't know I mean I think -- -- -- be a little bit before some of those names start to see -- it will be you know short you know the guys available I'm sure -- electric Gordon says it won't trade them. I'll give us -- second give us a third. Number I think the patriots wanted to supplement. 61777979237. Are you buying what the Patriots defense is selling so far yeah. Resist excellent. -- -- If they're -- and I probably don't want the lyrics. Question and answer the question I want the blast that's my favorite -- here if -- the -- answer the question. Which probably would you rather watch volleying. Were you. It was meant to think about that think about that -- BC tickets -- -- -- an explicit policy of college W yeah. -- for the lead for you buckle their drivers think to literally. Probably. Dollars for the and one of the song says he says -- pulled away from -- he's pretty flexible. He's an open minded guy -- can -- name. The -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- just for you and it was just for you if they -- you just couldn't regardless if you -- and if I don't you get so frustrated with him. -- -- -- -- The one time -- and the introductory. Went armor on what the roots. Onto the route they were great. Question I mean couldn't have been more gracious just talked and talked to. Gave a wave drums to hold -- is really nice. Black -- from -- great. Autoliv NN day. A big forehand side when Hitler expect to immunize. This really you know really well written -- let me just give that a comfortable feel at least he did you view your -- it was like most of it was. I'm arguments in the present but -- OK to do the same thing it is no winners. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Scheduled for 330 get two tickets right now BC Eagles dot com. I only say 1755. To go BC at BC Eagles dot com or six or 755 to go BCB the caller though. Right out -- them for free 6179310937. But remember that's our caller line listen carefully. 09370. And we've listened carefully to -- and yeah. You thought -- other people aren't they need to be reminded a few times to listen carefully Chris it did listen carefully he's in New Hampshire hikers. -- I was bill press. Out of allies still cracked up every time -- -- his -- I think the improvements that that we're seeing in the Patriots defense Israel. And I think. That if -- can Trace it back to one source I think it goes back to the addition on the Kelly yeah next so willful conduct. That frees up the -- just a tiny bit which frees up the linebackers in the seat he's just a tiny bit it it gives that the just a little bit more space to do his job and it gives the offense just a little less institute. I love that you're talking Tommy Kelly but but but if I put this question to the and say who is adding more dramatic impact on the patriots defense. Of their recent acquisitions do you think it's Tommy Kelly or keep -- Believe. Yes absolutely absolutely. But I I think that improvement that you see in this year Israel idol I kept -- holes right the schedule argument and who they played. It they they seemed solid to me they look good and I think Tommy Kelly next to Vince Wilfork is just going to be disaster for anybody. Which killed an iPad or next -- them. You say going to be a disaster but do you think Tommy Kelly has played well so far Mercedes played OK. Well I've never did not. In the amount of decision to judgment and I try to watch the linemen that you know let's face that I wind up watch in the ball. Yeah I think that makes sense I think I think the reason we think he's played well and not just okay is because the defense has played well and it and it's such. You know one guy's job especially in the interior defense of line it just seems like one -- those jobs affects so many other people out there but -- would -- I would think. That. Eight. You know view let's take -- for an example a lot of a lot of Texas it will Vince gets double teams all the time he does he gets the double teamed quite off. But I think -- would tell you that he hasn't played. Up to his standards yet and that may be Tommy Kelly would tell you that he hasn't played with standard yet so even though the defense is doing well overall. Some issues to pick between a man Tommy Kelly through three games. Has sixteen tackles which is not an enormous number -- defense alignment it's certainly nothing to sneeze at more than five game -- is a second half. Okay that's pretty that's pretty damn good numbers through three games but. I think with with the patriots those are the numbers but the patriots is that really the guys up front it's not the numbers interior guys. It's -- how many opportunities do you give the linebackers to make plays you're really given you're you're doing your job to give glory to somebody and it's so hard for me to determine when he's doing now which is what I start off by saying I don't know when he's drawing three blockers to a more occupying the rights based. I know that they're not giving up a lot of yards they're stopping the run well so I assume that he's doing a pretty good job and I look at the numbers and I know it's gotten to the quarterback sack and a half so far in the year he keeps -- going to elevate sacks for the year which is perfectly respectable for defense of linemen. And he's got sixteen tackles averaging more than five per game I don't know what else -- wanna ask him to do just in the car hi Jeff. -- -- -- -- -- and -- you credit the other they'd talk that can be very very fascinating college. And you wanna give me credit for spy -- I don't I don't know whether I deserve it but thank you. Yeah that aren't journalists that as that stem a philosophical question. In the last nine years. Dramatically changed a lot of the epic line. Or it immediately more into what -- dollars. And -- play catch up I didn't even know like get them but I appreciate. But hey I'm thinking -- and I appreciate it and I actually thank you and I am a little bit odd that my partner. He took it out of College Hockey. At 882 and on Monday for the -- knows who knows where it goes next episode. But anyways I guess I like to admit it Erica got it. But -- saying you know this. What is. Typically not all. I really don't think they -- tickets. I think it's Ecstasy does. You know may be an open since he's -- call them not only going to be. At these debt or O'Donnell all that well. Yeah at least not it would go out and they came out -- they had no it was eager to. You know they come out right and they cannot or wide and it will now order a and that would doubt that it was against a good bit about -- something not at fourteen and there -- -- China now and the army and they changed in the second quarter they would like to play action to -- it -- back. And that's when -- changed. And you know that negated that he you know keep an optical whites whites -- play action for a while it lasts and then you know eventually throw in the world wide. And it theocracy -- -- -- constantly. And that it that it worked you know he's eating its overall there are pretty go to play action which it looked Brady hit rate of play action quarterback. I don't agree with everything Jeff was saying so far really deal. I thought that -- Daniels came out threw the ball so much at the beginning at I just wanted to establish the run once they did and opened up the play action game. I -- that's in the Patriots offense started to really look on Sunday I have to agree with everything you said. Yeah except I'm there's a good call I'm not sure if I have in -- may be Jeff is has gotten got it figured out I can't. I can't really put of a finger on what. Josh McDaniels is as a coordinator and has to stand here. Can you say that he is. As as justice that is a play action guy -- or easy. Now passed first coordinator and I don't know. My my impression of Josh McDaniels is that he is a spread them out and throw the ball quarterback first and use that pass to set up the run percent of the draws to set up those other things. But that his goal is to spread you out. And then pick on you or third quarterback etc. it be opened got all the. Is that -- thinking well I think you did air force season but then in this is why it's so it's tough to the -- -- them down as being one thing. They did that times in 2008 was operating. If you have Matt Cassel in there. They did that at times last year first 45 games where I think they wanted to establish a a power game or just the flash that we can do this to you. So you better better you better pay attention to a and I know what they are right now. I think we're trying to figure out how to -- -- Checketts told us they're trying to work in progress I think they're better team though when they're able to establish the run -- the build off of it as opposed to trying to spread you out with some wide receivers that are a 100% ready for that. Johnson Lynne hi John. So I'll totally out on top -- We can all agree that Belichick probably in the top three coaches in the history of the game public that an overstatement. Not run well don't get your top five top ten maybe maybe captain Scott talked a lot of great coach -- the current. When you look at the Canadian side of bill. My question is it simply could split Belichick on the middle -- all go back the Bible but it. He beat -- dead. You could tell you you you would kill him you would do you would be the person who murdered Bill Belichick and a half -- What did coach Bill Belichick. Want that GM bill -- fired because when you look at how he has. Assemble teams and hit over emphasis on value and extra draft picks in the draft. An NBE. -- -- problematic but he has had their credit fixed so many things because he is so. Convinced that Smart and everybody else but he didn't make this work whitbeck guy works all trade down and get this guy and that guy and the other guy. And what it has done in at least in my opinion is it'd taken that great coach Bill Belichick. To get this team to where it's gonna end but it achieve Belichick went out got a player but he should've -- instead of the few guys. I don't know man and John I'm thinking about this -- here's the here's there's two problems of this one that. The Bill Belichick GM that won the Super Bowls with the guys the first time. Most of those guys not every one of them but most of them. We're good value picks and he was praised for all of those things right. Nobody knew who -- -- I don't ankle open or go back did to Mike Vrabel and in the world there are a lot of guys in the air. That were value picks as well ground that's the first apartment the second part of it is -- and as there are also -- some guys that are that are playing big roles on this team today that -- value picks he did trade up for two key members of his defense. Vince Wilfork was a first round pick it dealt him and that was great. There are some guys in the team that were higher draft picks it's just unfortunately for him he's had a good team every year so it doesn't have a top ten pick ever. I'm looking at the guys saw that touched the ball more I mean I realize the guys in the middle. I touches the ball the most is arguably the best in the league and maybe one of the best ever. You -- the light nimble. And so what are you wanted to go crazy with running backs which I think people feel is the most overrated position. When he had an opportunity to together this Brian put together a Thomas got to Denver tried and I'll repeat value -- and pick them according out of Rutgers. That doesn't make sense that. I'll tell tell me how many Super -- how many how many playoff games is Dez Bryant one. Well I don't know I started a doctor yet that I don't know if that's a fair argument about I guess it comes out of this John you. Do you think that the operation would be. What would it be better if you add another general manager I can pick a guy I don't know yeah have mine but it would be better if you have another general manager and here. And in Bill Belichick as a head coach and there's a separation build coaches that team. And the other general manager. Picked the play are determined to pick the players and determine the final 53. I I think they are guys out here clearly they're guys out there who are. More skilled and Bill Belichick in picking Ozzie Newsome price comes to mind number one taking place yeah. What -- as far as a combo as as the combination. Of coach GM I hear a lot of people say you should separate those two because one it's hurting the other. I think one helps the other the general manager knows okay this is what a lot of general manager of the general manager Bill Belichick knows. This is what I wanna coat. It's the kind of player won this guy may not be highly rated this guy may not be on milk diapers big board. But this is what I want and I know exactly what I need. -- I wanna take a chance and I'm gonna trade down here to pick up some extra picks and I'm -- I'm gonna get this guy that nobody else thinks. It's gonna be a good player for me right in I'll be right -- around here about everybody is -- you care about your I'll be right and what that number does daddy -- to -- a masters and the misses are out -- -- it's well documented he's he's far from perfect we've seen. Some big swings and big misses but overall think the system works for a Connors -- A independent filmmaker. I -- what's going on. I I actually have a saying that was used all the time and pat on I feel that the patriots -- -- really cling to their opponents level so it'll be interesting. To watch out in game -- they challenged a little bit more. Offensively for the defense is going to have to step but I'd I'd -- its team that. Has yet to come together if they have yet he would challenge. The interesting point on and on it's it's a good way of looking at and at pebble find out -- we'll see what happens when they play. A team that we think has one of the better offenses in the league Greg is in -- -- I don't like in -- Eight last week -- would that stop unchecked. Which you're here I guess the question is and how you're seeing are not there -- percent. All what -- point. -- exploiting -- team's weaknesses. Or starting a new video if you're not trying to exploit. When -- not respect. To me units is the most irresponsible -- there. -- a drag out take responsibility for the bad question. But that's that was Greg it was a bad question but it's not the questions that I asked you -- -- question -- rhetoric is ripping Belichick now. Certain the point is that you you try to exploit. Your opponent when it I don't want to respect by studying their video. And by the watching what them on the -- shorter and partial -- what we were going to mold when -- most opportune. I don't think bill was talking about that and and I wasn't talking about that either ever said it was. It was not a great question a -- a Monday out try to try to do better on Monday. But the question. I don't -- Belichick not you know what it was but I think it was a bad grades on your side and but what he shouldn't be a column. You're asking them off from yourself. But that was. That was over the top and right -- -- dollars and another topic what that topic was just explain. Very quickly very briefly. The topic was. You have these at that you really -- about how they were just about -- I knew it was happening McCown looked over. And I saw it occur Annika -- Legs one eye closed and what was open. -- suffer like I get the sense that even if you -- playing the terrible team like oh -- lions. You would find something positive to say about them. He thought I was talking about coaching the team. I was talking about his press conferences and how -- lavished praise on -- -- to the big. You know mix scramble more here Eric in my Ericsson Boston higher. -- I don't. Up what's going on Eric and coordinate I'll Wear it on how to be an -- Won't -- that there -- -- track package he does not want about it BP and between methodical population illegal piracy. And the corner back a bit edit the book the great wide receiver and a great quarterback in intimate -- under them. Because they wanna put money with either. -- -- -- I happen to agree with you in theory belief in values question except how -- -- how do you justify Chad Ochocinco. Albert things worth Randy most specific cordial and go and I don't howdy howdy. I -- your theory. Corey Dylan and ready not. Harmed in the front I hit -- -- -- act without. But noted that that's what the ball. Mark -- bill that they are. -- -- -- -- -- That -- any. -- you. -- it. Usually don't hit. -- -- -- It is going to be by the end and apparently in -- objective is it like it. The Dodgers didn't -- it -- -- hide it at that aren't. Now we'll -- They appreciated Aaron. Appreciate the phone call they're ego aren't out we can answer the question coming up here in a minute eyes Mikey -- on the -- I haven't seen Mikey it was a year to date not. -- -- Let's are no Mikey today but we will be answering your questions either way. Texas 37937. Any question any subject you can use Twitter is well thought WEEI. But text -- whatever you got we'll try to answer coming up -- Ali WE.

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