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Salk and Holley's Four at Four NY Yankee Edition - 09/26/13

Sep 26, 2013|

We ask four questions about the Yankees on elimination day. Worst John Sterling nicknames, most hated Yankees, and MORE

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Now word excel and holly story. Orange color -- for a full four. Fun cleaning. Mean. Well we solved it -- and sports radio and W. So on this show we've been making phone Jones sterling and one of his calls were ridiculous nicknames for players hitting home runs and just downright awful. Sort of the some of the more memorable nicknames for yankees players credit. Giambi you know the grandy man can. And at times this Gradison. My job. It will happen to agree. Others. You -- I believe awful image relapse Panama. Did they ever and let's not let this. You -- speaking for yourself then Michael give bought into at least this element of upstart that -- yeah. Yankees -- say all surely you don't have to listen to him for an entire game no I don't see so. What I hear I hear the highlight the condensed version of John Sterling. Is good enough for me you played a couple of my favorite which you like his message I was. Any time any. Grow old the old school. -- -- -- The grandy back and that's and I was Carter's. You're so good sonogram image. -- -- I don't -- yeah. -- homers. Lancelot rides to do that was planned Albert you don't like them on our favorite one is slightly from John Sterling. Is the one he almost got got that would. Worry the other the mistake the far. Oh. I'm sorry he didn't know I was complete -- total monster. Run into building these are things that are at the that is the under the lights really. Only getting kicked over and I'm sorry moms are you comfortable when I. Right a lot of people you're saying you've got you've got for LTD understand he's vulnerable he called himself out on other. And wells goes up three run home run. The Bronx is Vernon Wells brings the. -- -- honor various data read. Up about it stressed that the Bronx -- Is that not body that make you mark a little grip. A month a little Mariano Rivera stayed in the past few blatantly one inning in center field before it retires. Before the season Girardi told the media that it would only happen if the Yankees were to make the playoffs and -- -- Should Girardi played better in center field before the end of his career well if that's what he wants there is absolutely no downside to it is not making a mockery of the gamer or anything like that I think it would be fun IC zero downside there's nothing for them to win or lose their already out of. Playoffs -- -- -- 800% make it happen the Bronx is -- and that's awesome. Yes he should play Mariano Rivera and sort of just for an inning when she's an inning you're out of the playoff in the whole damn game -- he has had a guy who. School. Pretty much along with spirit Jeter -- and a couple other players built the stadium. Helped -- that Yankee legacy even further mine of course an -- -- careers over. -- tweet from Daniel barber received Girardi says he's absolutely considered playing Mo in in the outfield would bring -- into game. In the outfield and eight then pitcher in the nine sprinkles. -- that's great -- I'm surprised baseball hasn't decided to just change the rules and allow him to be removed from the game in the first. And they come back in the game in the ninth it is after all Mariano Rivera -- order and rules have to have to work for him all season not over yet there's time for that there is time Bud Selig on his way -- what does -- -- -- might as well do that I bet you happen to all data come out of the game of the first that's -- it's his last game to let him go back and they know that. -- This is paying high speed dog team target yankees job. This is I like the one or Sterling Heights while announcing that it's either going too far that's not a good calls up we'll Susan. All time yankees now were your most and least favorites. Out of it's easy is it oh yeah of course is the the least favorite lots of them yeah that's why it's articulate middle and they. You can -- Garcia. That's the ability in the through. What did you he's an honorable mentions with the music it was a journeyman it was a really Yankee I'm talking about. Paul O'Neill and I'm talking about Jeff Nelson and Tom. Jorge Posada. Is on that list now favorite Jeter. Rivera. Bernie Williams had you know gone back a favorite even -- was a raging ego maniac just like -- that sense of showmanship of course rejects. But the Reggie -- Reggie candy bar the Reggie bar. It was great. Yes part of my got the only one who even comes close to being a favor of the Rickey Henderson and that's going along all Rickey the Rickey would be the only one I don't like him as the Yankee Atlantic and I like him as an AAR and I like him is that whatever else -- -- The greatest of all time thank you. The -- coverage according batters he starts out but -- thing you know Lou Brock was great. All right but but today. Great. In terms of my least mayor Michael you -- some of some of the real. Real contenders this not a I think is my runner up I absolutely cannot stand. Or -- besides he is little rat faced by the way he appeals them first to third after every single pitch drove me absolutely not while -- least favorite players in any sport. But the ultimate winner of my least favorite Yankee. Paul -- go again another -- -- -- and -- he's definitely contenders it's not Shane Spencer or repeat with a war Kareem Garcia who you mentioned. It's the guy who gave himself the nickname. Jim McCain Leyritz is my all time least favorite of all. All yankees I mean I almost -- he actually hurts the stupid that twirl the fact that came up with that stupid Aetna. -- -- I -- -- number one guy often nicknamed Jim -- even worse Aaron Boone a boon to -- parent to know Aaron -- later in the -- animated. But. Some attackers -- Mickey rivers. But that huge -- -- -- -- hated to ministers from we'll -- their rate -- he deeply injured. Or crappy race for twelve years of whatever. When the Yankees are repeat these chips which he was shot. -- the word on the Trot Nixon and and Gabe Kaplan and blue liberal as him. But it might be terribly. -- all of them yet they're the -- further stupid. Well -- his first homer of the season. You -- Call and then of course via via CS of war they had a pretty the right. Except for the correct call you -- that was great I love that you and prayers to those accountable architectures with -- And they want a Democrat but there are many players aren't worth it not to throw it -- don't -- -- to -- he's just not that detestable in terms of being yankees more of a terrible human being -- Beanie isn't terribly Yankee. I don't hate Sheffield he actually might be my favorite you -- -- -- now I really leadership of the so fun to watch the crazy -- the Reyes. I should get her Sheffield any attack somebody different in every park if it according. -- this guy who I always say that I like Gary Sheffield with Casey might be lurking somewhere because that's not a guy ever want to stand up more on. -- -- -- -- The AT&T question of the today -- only is reporting that Robinson can -- seeking a ten year deal worth 305. Million dollars. What I wanna know is what do you think you'll actually get. 330. We've got to get more about it appeared they they can't they can't afford to have to lose Robby can go for the reasons we've been talking about here. All of their stars. Are aging except for aging or injured except for condones -- hope player. You know yankees that the Yankees lose can only who could replace them he's all those. At this stage of the Yankees where we're at the Yankees are he's almost irreplaceable so he has got to get. Very close to 300 million dollars or thirty finally get right to to -- Friday -- does I think he gets closer to 240 to fifty the most is a really good player in the prime of his career but. The 300 million dollars and somebody else needs to beat against that. I'm not gonna go somewhere else for 230 when the Yankees are offering to forty to fifty so I think he stays in New York they don't need to give them much posturing and he takes less than 250 this -- Area that it was -- four. The Bronx is burning in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I remember one year -- had to be. 89 and this is happening in this of them now you know also if you receive them -- -- -- cups is year like he's at work I love it. Tribute generally care tribute to their old school he's a really strange human damage at all that stuff is pretty funny but he's not fun to listen to over the course of the game I will say that the home run calls I like. It's more fun for me just coming up with all the Yankees that -- -- -- I can go on that list is Ali -- their attacks -- -- it was a -- -- -- Roger -- Out. I didn't even think of Roger Clemens Nick Swisher. There was another. MC. It's an outlaw came up a couple of times Youkilis I don't hate jobless job what -- like job tomorrow -- -- yourself and the troubles there Herman Munster. A couple of months of his -- -- Tito. All star game yankees team and me every effort to get the Yankees out there so the current appreciate them they still bootable miniature stated. You know up to convince anybody that the Yankees fans -- disasters Johnny Damon Johnny Damon is -- so it's been a couple -- wife Marie. It relieved that area. Now that -- was -- him get confused. Out there and -- guys you never know what's gonna happen next. Story grabbed over there. That story. He just showed me. I should restore process the story. I got about our Jacqui we've got to -- record sure. Here's a report that -- Valentine Bobby Valentine. Loses his TBS job over September 11 comments. And this is according to view on news day. He lost Bobby Valentine lost out on the gig as a studio analyst with TBS in part because of comments he made about September 11. He was a candidate for an analyst job during the playoffs coming up. But this. -- comments about the conduct of the Yankees. During the 9/11 attacks in New York City reportedly helped cost him the job. This is what Valentine's that if you guys missed -- he couldn't find a Yankee on the streets of New York City. You couldn't find a Yankee down at ground zero talking to guys we're working 24/7. He's one of the only people I can think of who would take a tragedy in them quoting stewards just be talking to what they wanted only people like you pick -- the -- tragedy. -- 9/11. And turn it around and make it an accusatory thing where. She is heroic he had his organization. His players are heroic. And the Yankees are a few minutes to make it about I don't -- in insult the Yankees who everybody really drawn to during that time but you know it's hard by this you know I don't this is the reason -- get to -- our -- it sounds like this is something coming from Bobby V where he wanted the job. And he didn't get in and his kids take and it was -- give me the job because of my comments to campaign yen. Where I think they just decide to go on a different direction. They if they did give him the job that he lost that don't sense that this the report doesn't -- -- it reads that he just never got got a job and he's saying it's because of this. Where they are saying it's because of this personal it would be surprising if it was because of this but. But just thinking Obama -- and it was two years ago Michael two years not very long time ago the Bobby Valentine was the top. Commentator for ESPN's Sunday night baseball and that handle was excellent right when they finally moved on from that John Miller in the Joseph Morgan tandem that have been there forever really past their prime -- points. They decided to move on and and the group was and Schulman whose got the best pipes in the business is really good job but he's pretty. Doubt it was pretty by the book he's he's pretty straight laced. And then they paired him with Bobby Valentine whose -- and but it but it worked and broadcast -- really well not have a good way right not to really -- what he was crazy would seem weird things but it was funny he was entertaining because you didn't know everything that lurked beneath. With -- him as a manager in the all the sort of psychotic behavior that would come out over the next year. And that you put oral -- riser in the -- who was fantastic mean breaks -- the game really well -- -- laugh that Bobby was a perfect in the bodies Yang are kind of work really well together. I don't wanna say it's like the like the Jeff Van Gundy crew but I had some of those same elements right where he just. They were almost better than the game at times because the three of them just really worked well together. Well. Essentially has made himself on high horrible again. I don't know I think it -- I don't I was such an epic disaster here treat people so portly was so crazy -- such off the wall nutty things. -- -- of the game as badly as can be managed that he lost so much credibility. I don't know that he can I mean look Matt Miller as a -- so anybody can be -- I don't I think it's gonna take some time I don't worry he'll back I don't believe. On higher -- resist the statement from from TNT or for TBS a Bobby Jones was one of a number of candidates being considered for the role. But we elected to go with a team of Keith Keith Olbermann Pedro needs no introduction. And Tom Tom -- cheek and we're very excited about that combination in studio for a so that's what happened. He was up for the job BP had not hired him. And someone believes I'm thinking it's Bobby. They believed that he didn't get the job. Because of the commentary. Trying. From 9/11 to two at 921. The Yankees or hail. You couldn't find -- in the streets of New York City. There were AOL radio for a ticket after the appearance help or -- we were saying earlier that the next commissioner needs to be able to understand the Internet and appeal to the younger generation Bobby Valentine got AOL on the brain. Maybe he is the guy to lead baseball from here for I think maybe he is the -- to -- -- on now it really would be strange aren't coming up you'll get back to some football patriots a few days away from their biggest challenge of the young season the defense looked against the premiere offense in Atlanta will -- axle and WB. -- --

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