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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/26/13

Sep 26, 2013|

Ask and we'll answer... today featuring John Ryder.

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Still contend -- on Sports Radio 93 point seven WD. I -- them. It's time for questions -- question what's. The big question. So -- should be -- answering. Every. Question it's. I don't Mikey today but John -- is here in -- he's you know this phrase the question what's going on man you guys John -- you. Equally about the EU empathize doesn't know I don't -- -- -- emphasized the audiences. Mixture in -- do you like that. It is nine middle initial what does this as David. Now. -- Just you know but he guessed it you magnolia hi I gave you -- -- guesses I mean you can guess the last name and they can be a -- -- Delano. What is it. It's -- Lawrence torrents yes says -- after -- relative of mine -- ones owned Campbell's soup really money John towards you it relative once -- Campbell's -- that what you've only got out of that was a name seriously overdue trust on the comes with a that he zealot. Well life story mistakes made in the oh god. How come it's one of those Newport -- -- it's not really it was back I mean -- that's serious -- -- report mentioned you don't want. -- the direction should be heir to a fortune cancers which new form and written about Campbell's soup for book is -- house. -- -- you know reluctantly I know it's in the book the lakers Portman is not one of the things you and your member. Let them answer the question brought you by heiress restoration specialists here property or facilities manager or you run one of the mansion at Newport maybe your insurance broke -- asked. To a -- of disaster restoration game plan in place that's 8774611111. Or go to AAR has served dot com. Is there any better criminal character and police to -- Yes yes more or agreed -- -- -- currently Walter -- great. How about jewels -- Really yeah I assume he's got he's got knocked Jews tools and -- Phillies after I -- in Inglewood. To look at -- forever and an actress and afterwards -- -- -- about. How about any member of the Corleone to what Michael will veto -- Michael yes veto. -- I was TV series or Canada said to indiscriminate Crennel Eric Herman. Sony it is filled with now but you don't -- -- -- was emotional UC great criminal mind though. Don't what you don't like you don't was a great criminal mind. -- green -- problem. Am I mean he was how well yeah because he was he was totally. It was totally legit supposed here's a lawyer -- he's not a lot of taxes later. Next question the next. -- How do you treat the guy in your group orders the -- adult -- I takeaways and then come on Saturday but I just -- -- -- -- that deservedly take -- and -- is -- a guy -- goes -- -- or -- I don't I tend to not like fruity drink the -- amount of vacations somewhere in the Caribbean and listen so what do you. Each sheet with a machine who I think not my thing I'd like like beer I'd like West Coast that's when I came out firing -- Like better. And I like gin Martinis. And we are you a budget writer yulia. BQ. Are you -- -- -- coming up note coming out pretty pretty average. Not at all. A taste -- coach -- right user -- -- -- Russian. I could do that I could do that present morning. -- Next question. Which sport has the silliest fights. Baseball basketball basket basketball don't wanna buy that WNBA coupled. Most -- -- real swinger from the football they're fighting with homelessness. The ball pretty silly don't really visually government all patriots and accurately there. That if you hit it about -- They fight. I don't know -- -- -- but this comeback sort of greatest comebacks in sports how it happened it would be happening having won nine races that are wrote a couple of they were they were so far if you're in the water unit got race. With their shortcut. You just crank it up to like. Prominently featured on the campaign -- -- that's -- you know national public grass it's all about the positioning your -- do you. Maximize the wind in steal the win for -- Well it involves hacking and president -- -- don't want any of attack was what islands have been on sports you can understand I don't like that is that even though it did I was told -- yesterday the American team only had one American on for all the talk of it being Rhode Island -- at one -- out burger island and everyone else on the team was from -- -- -- -- I I. What sort of argument resident yeah Atlanta Alex yeah see that it again it was a good argument is inspirational speech right and -- at the Australian Museum this trip -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Next question. Would you rather be a spokesperson for adult diapers or -- transport next question guitar -- like there's absolutely during this Mike does apple isn't good. It was a better -- enough who has the better Bruins goalie Reggie level that are in the next question was -- Why is Billy bluntly it's always the police that was never sure. -- always wonder that question every I don't have a belly buttons and we're talking I don't really what does that mean right now given -- Not out for you to have nothing -- -- like you know I had -- nothing you know at a party AM. You had a party when I was saying it was discovered I was like ten or eleven years old that surgery so we're just like to release squished in real things there you know development now. I don't know if I had heard it right there but -- are in or you're talking about. Have no idea that it. Akin to equity series -- better it's -- security costs and you're British account it is but I can't. Right there I can't see a program can you -- it. Now he's -- short it's not top about it I thought it was but. Guys use me and it. Guys you'll get to order one Chinese appetizer one more time what do you order eats your last chance effort against Chinese food that's. It's a really and his wranglers. It's an appropriate question today and Yankee elimination day to think of what you would get shot restaurant the only -- -- -- -- here it's a data primary what you would do Chinese food lines. Awesome fried rice -- -- -- in all of -- -- do is only Chinese restaurants some movement in. A couple of good things and equipment appetizers are almost -- -- immediate chicken fingers chicken wings a bulldozer to be one of those reforming. And I think into people's religious. Ethnic and you know people judge your chicken -- get those don't -- -- certain things and world. People was -- answering you are lovable losers you Rangoon to -- -- -- -- frozen -- for his progress this person's cheating he wants the -- like man that's. You can't just get the poo poo platter that's ruining the point of the question. Next question. Guys that -- are getting colder my skin is drying out any tips on a -- motion. Oh my god yes -- of course got to go to Palmer's record cocoa butter no real war. Or you can go it alls you can go really really old school board George injured and can go wrong -- I I like I use -- -- and Jack Black. Jack black and tell you would like a little bit of -- -- this -- it is really -- I don't use any -- I don't -- and possibly you. Terrible movies now it has nothing to do with the act would get dressed like an old gold -- races as a solution for men now old bomb some. -- -- clicks on Google bought something -- if you wanna get really serious get serious total -- Not -- about Iraq before was. -- -- Elliott what is possible in secret and -- is that someone what is up well for -- talent of that Salinas towns and -- -- -- it's Townsend isn't it pretty that you are likely bomb if your skin start to -- he put that stuff too -- exactly right before that Russia where are your -- my heels just offshore the car exactly it's made for that really aren't careful. Now and how I was little my mom's it was always gasoline we go out in the winter. -- brought a difference. All over Grassley. It'd -- good good good -- -- -- walk to school -- thirty minute walk to school both ways uphill -- on -- have been told I was crazy and say you learn from small walking back and forth. No no we didn't block now we've. Well hey hey hey hey is now how you go away and next -- had a nicer restaurant date leaves detailed views about -- a fly lands that are state would you teller and would you want her to tell you I wouldn't tell her what her tell me I would not wanted to win at all. I don't wanna know that there was a flying mistake of winners want to tell her right takes over as well you've brought tonight and I want to ruin my state for what's happened to -- if -- flight plan. -- air scoop on what is on the ground I don't -- even though that everyone on the ground so I -- putting the damn thing don't totally alone and it's something to it and that's that we are different command Nokia right could cumulative arsenic the -- I definitely want was like from the state. A final question guys does Belichick get a list of questions before you quote. Interview him -- general is that often become couldn't nobody got a list on the bed talking about course that that sound script that is -- I get a list of it I'm not it is oriented industry -- John -- coming up next villain in from -- Adams tonight we will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock we a lot going on tomorrow big patriots Friday. We would wait to talk to this guy for awhile. Jocks Ron Jaworski will all -- -- Might actually go for third Chris mortenson on the show tomorrow big day talking past. Get ready for Atlanta we'll talk -- to --

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