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Gabe Kapler, 04' WS Champ: There should be hockey style fighting in MLB

Sep 26, 2013|

Gabe Kapler joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the brawl in Atlanta between Brian McCann and Carlos Gomez. He also offers a better solution on how MLB players should handle those type of volatile situations.

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A lot of pushing them. Terry -- Freddy Gonzales right in the middle of a trying to stop at. The bulletins coming in. What in the world is wrong with tunnels goldmans. To know one thing. It would take up front Thomas who has the fix whatever news. Where it is cameras that was that was. That was bush league for so long to take them while Paul downswing and it looked like he was on something -- up. And ending hit it in yeah all in agreement to watch it fly out -- start yelling. Bush it was bush. There was something last night whether his pusher. -- Tom interest. It's fun to watch today Butler and 937 WEEI we get a lot to talk about with the -- including the incident last night Carlos Gomez. Hitting a home run off my home. And eventually. Starting a brawl with Brian McCann Gabe Kaplan joins us here on the AT&T hotline gave my little -- you. We're told Odeo let's talk about ballot vote each -- -- What what's it what okay what was atrocious what it was it Gomez was he atrocious was McCann staying in the game. I'm not being ejected atrocious game how did you see that last night. Are you are never seen anything like it particularly -- in the at all in blocking a guy from finishing at home run robber ought to get. I didn't mind Goldman's. Shipping it home run I didn't -- him admiring it's a big thing a few words and got other batter's box. Well listen man once you get out we're gonna hurt -- -- it's time to get around the bases and he spent that entire time along with the great players look. I love the entertainment doctor and baseball are they met certain grand one yet. You can -- -- -- he took you're an emotional feeling and you still without all -- it still there was only agreed to. Total here unacceptable and -- or did the right thing by dinner were informed and again it's very. Boy I wish you would have done particular -- -- And I -- -- -- an apartment and -- a plate. -- the play a big go on to spin they're yelling at each other like Gomez and and he did -- like if you. Go ahead and and get it on if you're gonna get on otherwise require that part it ultimately this responsibility of gold at Purdue and taking a little bit too far. Arguing -- disrespectful for your -- -- to really disappointed. -- I'm with yet because the mentally Freeman reacted. In -- goal was Gomez just skip to the second he kept doing around short run red round almost missed third base for God's sakes so I. I have a problem the McKee and I was shocked the get tossed out of that game. But -- a problem debt. I'm always shocked blue byte by one guy don't get talked about -- your I'm about to. Our 2000 or you know brawl -- everybody from the gaming and absorb the way it should be got -- -- Are you know -- brought elbow. Oh -- need to be rejected from the game army at the only way to do apparently it's that everybody goes involvement -- and look at the video later. And our other suspensions are going to be handed down yeah if you -- shock that began more than -- they're gonna give a really. I don't want to focus off of what happened during the incident and that -- Gomez showing everybody -- I I honestly -- not mind the celebration and upbeat celebration you're doing pretty prepared that you -- It's similar to hold -- Fernandez did in game against the Braves earlier when he spit running around third base which totally -- as well. I -- Geithner getting a little bit more and more -- stretched. And it getting further and further away from the tradition and the rule of based auto reached we can't -- -- He had listen of these these puppet of the home runs and we've gotten us before David Ortiz looking at one the other night about a week ago -- -- set there. You see a wide isn't what people drill and I've always -- the -- what -- gotta get hit but if they did I would understand and they would probably be pissed off but today. That's part of the policing itself right if you had a -- home run maybe you should be expecting. Yeah and maybe -- -- it okay for there to be retaliation in baseball but again. I don't wanna take away from the fact that there are celebrations that are starting QQB. It took it from my perception are good for the sport like we want to -- Entertaining guy -- we want to see the flamboyant guy I like how you -- Yelp -- to a degree. You know sort celebrates as he goes into it ought to get recruited -- minute you start. Showing other people up on purpose and making it you know sort demeaning of value of them being on the baseball field what it would which -- -- left I would almost. Got to where I think it it goes a step too. Well one more on this them because Gomez claims here gave that he got hit on the leg back on June 23 from the video we -- -- the first standing right in the leg and appears to be. Appears to be on purpose second time he claims he's been hit by this pitcher. What other retaliation -- he have I mean if so you say it's instead of opinion you'd say drop the baton just go get a. Yeah OK I don't I mean I got -- that that's how it sort of been written up in baseball -- You know if you get hit because you don't have been wrong walker. That you Wear it not sort of the policing of the game if you'd think a pitcher picking your bar owner and -- one committee are. You hit you once you've -- time big -- there's probably reading you -- you. But that's how we are probably built there. You know now we can take brawl that step further that we can do a better record. -- ball a lot better I I envision a scenario where you know Carlo implement locks seismic tall -- People understand that there -- about to get it on you don't Goldman dropped the bat my all brought suit love. An interview in. Every bit -- the -- let them go filtered that decent guy don't get involved. Nobody gets hurt it's one on one model we mono hockey -- -- right lead. Boat did did you and Tanyon Sturtze -- guys. Because you know. I went with Kenya and I didn't even no doubt about Albert I actually walked -- -- -- he's not very moment. Dirt got here on the neck and pulled me under a pile of oil that never would have happened. Now wasn't happy about that by the way because I pretty good numbers against thirteen out comic is Buddy Guy wanna Eleanor Odom. 01 and stick around songs thousand there -- -- took in Dallas -- Of course. Argument that what it did when I -- back and look at the video and trot it out more about it or hurt -- right behind me order a record that you are a maker Merck. That Kenny Lofton to I love the element of words he made back -- Iraq. They don't let anybody out a mirage and I think it's a beautiful thing about the sport and and -- -- porn. The Atlanta -- I think it sort calculated. They understand their band of Brothers right now if they fight together they're popular tune together they're gonna play well -- I think there's an element of -- dot. And I appreciate I appreciate when we're in -- together in an entirely get off the field and makes them stronger and when we ought to be on that note for. Yeah I think that they have this they have that here in Boston two was well in the in this team and to get ready to. Wrap this thing -- open meeting get that number one seed we were talking about the American League and it's almost like be careful what you wish for Tulsa you want the number one seed which can be stared down the barrel of Tampa Bay starting rotation how how do you see this whole thing played out -- could come down the wire while -- About your -- there -- Booker they're cute to me in the American League. Well actually review include your race well we're repeat and Gary picking up north I like better than the Red Sox in the -- At this point it -- tiger won five every guy -- -- you'll be independent pitching which you know allowed extractor. Al all of the defensive thing they can make a pitcher -- rock so only focus being on strike out home runs and -- Attributable important that for pitcher fielding independent pitching. They helped all five of their starting -- sixteen and the -- god did he or get support fellow -- in the top eight. All of them over how over 200 and it could -- -- particular one of the best I've you have a long time though. I think tiger have a better out there in the red auction rate Campbell vote to keep our neck and neck are very important that -- -- banners for the -- the sport. We're talking negate Kaplow he joins -- here which team you more surprised by gave the Red Sox and their success this year. Or the local athletics to a right there to the end fighting for the best record in the American League. I'm going to be right up front and on here I'm more surprised by the red spot he looked out at the beginning of the year where the -- are out. The best record Vick well I would -- -- They -- -- I hit a home run with every movie you made and it it's a party yeah yeah it is one to admit. Once he even went Ryan Dempster. A guy who who really were productive. In April and had been productive to church property. Everybody Victor Reno Napoli. -- Koji every guy has been announced who home run fighting are targeted vertical for the productive to make the playoffs beginning of the year. And aren't overly surprised that everything at -- and the plate and they are are not the best record respect if they. It -- you ought to study -- a post season and even that's a great team we all know that there and when you look at the post season. Given your experience what stands out what needs to be done to win games because it is such a short sample size there's -- randomness to it. -- for me I I think -- we've got we got Jon Lester embarked up the -- argued pitched well. One of its starters you'd really be the way to either. You know you are recruited they have -- -- it starts he. Huge huge deal. Yeah I I think I think Lester. And brought setting there -- obviously talking about getting them out of the bullpen being down in you know for you think about -- where is probably keep all. A -- that they got a really. Interesting opportunity in front -- a -- grenade at you indicate you're union the bulk and let General Electric starter go a little bit longer. I'm an end you know obviously it's in that it's you know left for being strong -- being -- -- out. You like the National League goes through the Dodgers. IQ I think -- gardens are gonna come out and actually not. Who cardinal virtue orderly wrong I'm really really -- back in the -- ball and as well. ABBA yeah I like the Dodgers -- cute -- again leading on the first got in the rotation where it could restore Greinke. And then are the lights help all parents in the middle a year and a Mac tepid and in quote to the god you want. In in 2011 you got a hot spot of the lineup it might be unparalleled you know based on the -- we. And Ramirez have played this season premiere I'll be on I love the doctor coming out and out. It obscures your thoughts on this Roberts a kennel thing the report coming up he's already asked the Yankees for 300 million dollars ridiculous where I mean you're the New York Yankees have media do you feel like you kind of held hostage steroids or do you just say screw it we're just not gonna do. Well I don't think every toward their appetite cannabis for me I'm not going to cost four years and I look. We seen that blowout in the industry to the GM you know without regard her own. In their own city. With regard you know beyond these four are your guilt and I got 78 -- -- -- it shouldn't happen are older people Robin you know early in the contract if it's now getting the -- 125 million dollars a year for four years or 400. You're really not much better than purport. And Pretoria on average annual value thirteen point 75 million so you know. If you even one win better you know -- one -- better than Pedroia many -- you know six billion dollars more than Detroit -- we. I'm -- -- -- I over paper -- you know for years but it did a good interview opting to go beyond or argue that figure out who we entered a not -- -- -- years were you declining and you know about -- -- not a body and -- well especially up the middle from due to import. Our our first it's also said he gave congratulations a three and I'll start in a Mohegan Sun fantasy football league -- look at the bloody socks record you are three in all my friend. How long for the good that you regret that -- -- gonna talk about federal auditors are between the that you know of any you know we've talked about. -- technical -- start Lou are you to a doctor coop. I'm not too happy really because deal with differently actually went to an index at that let teams that did aren't too happy right now. Back to back on the not to police but it's Mardi Gras crop comes back probably also. They'll order you'll you'll look if you're dependent on China and like -- you know you're gonna get their production out of you know you know Brady get a key in on and so we'll be back in here shortly and. I'm just trying to get my my team ready for a plea the bloody -- -- you know we joke or playing this week -- I don't know what it is on the schedule you'll die week for it's not -- for a week five but Sonia leads to a paired up with a summit to be paired up in the -- chance to win. To guess from Mohegan Sun and it would mile seater in the playoffs on fox sports one game correct. Yeah up in our group for 41 hour and for the past. Six weeks -- so really enjoy that so he certainly up there. I -- appreciate the time keep winning streak on affair with -- Get lost there at the gate cap on joining us on the eighteenth the money team -- -- fastest. Most reliable -- LTE network a month or Kaplan plan by the way that's a nickel for now. His idea is. Forget this -- in and around the bases. You drop your bat pitcher drops his glove. All the other guys are all but those guys -- modeled on. Why -- you wanna have some real policing in baseball these rules. Was that this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean it's go to generally about achieve big. Party you rather run field well Jason Marquis and anyone anymore of Pedro went into action -- -- it is outlets this we'll get a break come back. You imagine the Yankees with -- cap for a spot on the yankees and where there and it after. They are eliminate the times 1995. When the third time. They get eliminated. Before the playoffs even start how quickly. -- turn this thing around Matt Chatham on the patriots in studio -- -- Sports Radio WE.

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