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The Yankees miss the playoffs, theeeee Yankees miss the playoffs

Sep 26, 2013|

Mut and Merloni hold a Yankees elimination party segment and discuss the future of the franchise.

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I don't know we're in the bottom of the -- 83 Tampa thing. Hit -- on the ground there Longoria fields drove across in time well over Tampa win. So the rays. In the first few games. If they beat the Yankees tonight from school. The hours. -- original I've heard the Braves. Yankee elimination party. You have an -- today across the country Honolulu 97 WEEI. And awarded -- -- -- tonight you've got to -- on Waldman and my over the last Yankee Stadium. Rivera. Had it had maybe Jeter potentially could have picked up the playoffs you go somewhere else not a -- -- -- re rod for a long time oh yes they gonna hear some tears tonight Joey from -- minutes early to roll on -- game in here that is -- part. Yeah it is because we expect your -- and better pitcher and a friend -- sterling and Waldman -- crimes we need that tomorrow. Well -- nine to 37 WEEI element April the third time my. Third times in 950 wait and now the three years that they've been eliminated before post season play began. Only the first time third time excuse me and they'll be -- Billy played in their offseason. They'll be trying to figure out where they go from here. The guys this morning. Hammered the thought of this going to be awhile for the Yankees they a lot of big contracts a lot of work. This is going to be a lengthy process for the Yankees to get back to being in the Yankees I don't. Because. I think they have plenty of money and I know that they will wanna get underneath that luxury tax next year whatever is 189. But I I don't and the issue is it's not gonna be easy by any means don't get me wrong because I think the biggest concern is. The other minor league system. When you look at the Yankees and -- but this all yearlong of the note and haven't been costs right that that when you looked at the New York Yankees and you pulled up like prospects top ten prospects it would. Sprinkle most mostly guys -- able. Case they're years away. But I look at the payroll next year all right and anything that he -- the need to figure says 89 million dollars. The F Soriano next year just picked five million in Vernon Wells I believe that three million dollars on both that's up is taken up. Alex Rodriguez 26 I don't think will be on the books. I think that's gonna be off the -- to get suspended out of declared out for you big money deals can be to -- -- CC and obviously canal you know so I. I think is going to be a lot of money to spend it is going to be that that bridge year you know each -- six and a half million. Now he'll take Gardiner Ichiro and Vernon Wells I mean maybe to add another outfielder for cheaper money and it's -- -- and other rotations of mass but the point is this that and have a lot of money to spend I believe even a 100 million dollars. Now can only take -- of it without knows. But I just think with economic cash. I think you can always cover up a lot of mistakes even even today I just don't point six million from erratic he's going to be -- we know will they get -- McCain and. Right the idea is they're gonna well assignment they wanna give me the prime -- sweepstakes he is considered one of the the league best catching -- and catching freeagent. They -- those two guys it's going to be forty million dollars in those two Steve locked up second base majority have you figured out catcher. You've got sixty million dollars now be signed those two to figure out the rest through free agency let's not easy not. I agree with you the biggest concern is that the Iraq and it'll plug any these positions with. Sort of a minor league system next year. In the Red Sox have had the ability over the course of not just this past year but in other years right did -- one position here is that the youngster early in the year they'd have to go outside somebody. Jackie Bradley junior field and it wasn't great but he fills in for. -- it'll plug and play prospects along the way. Who's back I for the Yankees and a say they're rotations -- absolutely the only god have signed their rotation for next year officially. Is sabathia right as sabathia -- got all those innings and -- those pitches not a Ezra -- that's best for them right now is over. We have no we're back on arbitration right -- prize I try to figure out frustration one then so be part of it but. You know -- opinion Kuroda has been good for them he a one year fifteen million dollars you wanna come back again you might not come back it's -- this year and -- and out of it he's gonna retire we battle together so. You say like it's not a big deal here rotations they messed. The victories the Red Sox turn it around 2013. Was because of their rotation. Was because these things all came back to where they work Lester Buchholz you hit all I've -- -- black he was better they -- expect it. I do brought a much a they have a do brought their system he comes in it for fifteen straight games is up three or fewer earned runs and -- -- way to replace prepare. Out there and our bullpen like I don't believe it's a disaster by the next year is complete rebuilt them they're Smart. They almost don't -- there next -- I just feel that with the payroll. You know the turnaround. Will be quicker than maybe a lot of people might think that's all too I think they're gonna be in -- playoffs next year now. No I don't -- agreement they made a single move this off as we know anything. You know why -- Teixeira comes back. He was heard all year long he comes back you always gonna give you but it threw fifty to sixty received thirty plus -- it's the deal. -- hit that to be on the DL at some point -- -- because he got hurt this year -- that wrist when it comes to wrist injuries we saw this with -- your Boston. Those things don't all the -- the red -- and the injury for no more amused more lower half stuff afterwards. But he it's it's an important same guy for all hitters you've told me if it's the worst injury for a hitter that's that it is -- strength is hitting at his wrists are gonna bother him yes that's going to be an issue long term potential yet just to give too much. Too much cash flow. 22. Of the rebuilding process go on for years like I don't the next -- the don't compete comfortably playoff team next year but -- on supporting the Reza on the free agency part of that I agree that good at the built through free agency. I think affected by a -- sign a couple of high level free agents. We're gonna lose our first round pick here and there I mean if they're gonna build their free agency. You -- Kabila draft there at the top of the draft and try to rebuild -- -- farm system signed what 563 agents and in spent one draft pick. Well because there. But their pick was protected -- -- -- opposite yankees -- -- bad enough that -- but the Red Sox yeah Dick could have protected. But they could've drafted anybody they want it give up a second topic but everybody they signed didn't have competition attached to. Not one person. Now McCann yeah of competition. In a -- garlic salt is there one reluctant yes Ellsbury you'll talk yes so. They might be a position to look at for different types of players. But the Red Sox to showed you go to get some free agents and and plug a man without giving up draft well I think it's next year forget to draw a line to you know next 345 years. Given the money I think you're probably right but connections can be disaster on them I don't jump in the three I'd let this thing settle for a year be bad for a year and then and then reevaluate. Let's do this top of the hour update will come back we'll talk some football match Adam's going to be in the house wants Matt. About this Atlanta Falcons team and they view them. As the test that a lot of people they need to make him out to be that this is sort of the statement game for the pages when they prove themselves. Is it that easy this Sunday against the falcons match -- studio next.

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