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Behind Enemy Lines, Atlanta: Orlando Ledbetter

Sep 26, 2013|

Falcons beat writer Orlando Ledbetter joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the upcoming Patriots game from a Falcons perspective.

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Go behind enemy lines where he now plays Matt Ryan now Atlanta felt we go to the Atlanta journal constitution. Orlando Ledbetter nice not to join the show Orlando but Lou here in Boston power you. Palin look good great how -- -- Mike doing -- Where do a pretty good listen we want to talk about this game near a little bit because the falcons at near one and two. What what's. What's the situation and Roddy White wanna get some of the health issues on this team right now. Yeah he's got a higher -- earned them their play only a record in the preacher he's gonna get -- on August -- -- We didn't know that could spread to go to separate the parts and and at that time that he wouldn't be hard for sure he'll three weeks from now so that would put around at this this week but he didn't practice yesterday. There's no we'll get to look at here. Two days in the opening period possibly. In you know -- where. Well let's Monica's been he's taking amounts of what a vital practice I'm not gonna play it's Thursday by now it just. It seems like he'll be a long shot -- didn't come back Alice is lost Orlando. Affected this receiving corps these last couple weeks. I have -- it the practice every link read every game yeah I think cinema great deal is being saying yeah. Are not able to go to any. Without and they haven't been able to. Wrote in bottom right in -- you know his injury in fact they can't protect. The route combinations are expected because he's limited on the way he can't -- on that ankle. I pretty much -- Matt Ryan Julio bureau show for three weeks here. But -- -- the point you know I think the red patriots fans right now and teams we've played so -- the first three weeks. In not hope our offense in law still in a falcons but it's not exactly. That same Atlanta Falcons team is not bid for the years that -- beat up right now is what sustain this offensive Matt Ryan. Yeah. On the ballot in -- on that locker room there would not and without regard in which they're working toward that. You know he didn't practice and training camp. You know because that you know he's struck -- -- action -- Rodney or -- out there. Now listen you know what they were expecting that they brought out on the field this year broke. Yeah you bet. Offered to Ron has struggled at times but it's not that the American people are predicted to. Or rather didn't think tiger may make a trip to the other you're certainly not the other crew that we've not seen that -- -- here 2013. -- so with Jackson down -- at one of those two guys emerged do you Orlando whether it's -- quiz Rogers or Jason Snelling or is that been a split. At the running back position with Stephen Jackson banged up. Our environment. Let time and play column but then he will good alleyway and gotten opera and erratic at impact not back we'll get over a hundred in total yards -- -- -- I like both problem. You know why there's -- certainly our power straight ahead made me library Internet cleared that. More you know may diminish third traditional third down back. Speaks so. That probably most who got together. And he spoke to a collection now and it didn't more of the churches and not been produced in the -- -- Are an opaque system -- wider Sears this progress between week to week three. -- you see how they got to respond on the big stage here on Sunday night but defensively. New NFL and some young corners. What do you expect to see them try to do to disrupt this office from the patriots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know -- -- rush hour you know look out -- -- go to -- issue here and then got to wait on the in the aggregate late. And aftermarket and it did in the uh oh no time to get our fill their -- covered in another workout formed so. Oprah built out of Mexico. A lot of different approach you know Loudon new young -- out there on the insurance. But they're really want to get after people -- and pressure the quarterback active. This week to bring you disruption. Any any relation to reform side a little. That that -- sex hurrying Lugar the top spot. Taken away. Certain receivers are situations or to the way they want to attack the picture to disrupt gradient you know we know -- charter. And that's most difficult and -- should. Org or in Atlanta talking Orlando Ledbetter Atlanta journal falcons he's on the beat. Big game Sunday night you mentioned -- this is -- coming into the year Orlando this was a team that was considered a one of the favorites in the NFC it's tough NFC right it's it to get to better conference I think. The AFC there ought to one and two start other. Are the natives restless after losses of the saints and Miami in the first three weeks. Yes they are good they are eager little bit you hear it on the other option so look for a -- my. You know. They're colored sparks there in the coach Pete DeBoer slate. If needed according. Yeah they all age. I'm objection to have been an issue here. We got one step -- there where all they had double digit lead and probably let our jancker. Let alone a short time come back to where it went but. You know second -- that -- Had been issue. That -- -- -- -- -- true. Ought to be fought here Sunday night when he talked about this atmosphere it's the game on Sunday night the prime time game begin Manning -- he begat Brady. You get Matt Ryan and get a wrestles fan base which should be a lot of fun we appreciate the time a little thanks for the time. To my regular country. IRS we go behind enemy lines Orlando Ledbetter joining us from the Atlanta journal constitution he's on the beat. And he's on the eighteenth the -- AT&T nation's fast is now the most reliable forgy LTE network. It. What I'm I'm I'm I'm missing the joke here I don't know what my messages as early oh wait a grand Hollywood -- are about property Newser is laughing hysterically and other room. You're -- the point. Where you're sort appointing -- laughing at me what was I I liked Orlando -- don't like them I wanted to skip kitten at. The button and his phone though right -- Kept to say he kept accidentally hit the -- on his phone I think it was. I -- notice. I thought was great I didn't hear -- -- with a -- there was the phone and -- was I was given breakdown pat. I love that the natives are restless -- missed Waffle House. The government. Did you guys who did. AT&T -- line has some response to 379837. You got just pluck a caller. Sports radio and Atlanta for question marks WTO it's guy covers the Atlanta Falcons -- A look at injury report today. Atlanta journal constitution. It. Is that there isn't a good passing -- I covered my dream. If the as you calling from a potato. Is actually the uninsured that means colorful detail. White talking a boom power I dig a little have a boom our sense to. -- three says the word is disruption at the same thing here this week lately talked about the keyword -- big -- Brady Atlantic is disruption. Same -- for the patriots are we talked Chatham -- this you got to find a way to disrupt Matt Ryan I thought would be with these two tackles down you blitz me get after him.

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