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Craig Breslow, Red Sox P: On veteran leadership in Sox bullpen

Sep 26, 2013|

Craig Breslow joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Red Sox as they head into the playoffs and discusses the personality of the bullpen.

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We will -- the Red Sox reliever Craig Breslow a couple of minutes right here 937 WEEI. Tommy current just after 1 o'clock we'll talk -- Patriots and Falcons and here phone calls and they'll salt and holly 82617. 77979837. To give Texas right here it's the eighteenth tee -- line. At 379 -- 374 talked to Craig Breslow mixes are your calls as well. -- in Connecticut -- the Red Sox playoff roster today I joke. -- golf good -- you. Our our questions you talk -- all that is -- -- Dempster being the long back. What about -- to grind it is pitching and got. Our last soccer. I think Felix is gonna be guided that will continue to throw -- the post season. NBA guy that's almost like next man up if something happens whether repeat. You know to a starter whether it -- to somebody in a bullpen is not ritual may be could see him slated to that but. I just think Demps is gonna be the choice and they have a lot of other left handed options out there that I think that the more. Who think about a righty should go work but it does -- that's really about it right now. To block out pretty good luck he. -- -- -- -- a specialist for last. He -- against anybody. I just ordinary but he cocker -- -- that you. -- We look at today and ended when he had that time off and they pick the question is is that maybe you look at his past performance in the bullpen is. It is just one of those guys that they just don't feel teeing it up quickly. In game in control well maybe he's not willing to know but. I just they've been a big and leaving him off. And I thought his comments Joseph thank you call man we're Tom butters his pitching ability and they asked him flat out week ago. And Ryan Dempster was asked and Ryan Dempster said he I would have any need to do and go back there and do it felt confident in my ability. Felix -- Bronson I'm not sure wrangle up there and do that right now I don't think that's my best role what's the best option. -- help up the bullpen. Mean I'll do what they wanted to but I just can't go do right now I think that's got to play into. That their mindset a little bit they have guys that are willing to do -- guys that have done it appear questioning Dempster do brawn. Interest is more willing -- couple years as a closer who knows what type role he might play that feels like that's where they had right now. One guy we know will be there has been there all year is a Red Sox -- Craig Breslow -- trumbull Connecticut joins us here on the AT&T hotline -- -- a little Dario. I'm doing well thanks that's very good. Good deal Greg what do think one of the radar last year was it -- at the trade deadline you get traded to from Arizona the Red Sox and Albers and said nick and you come over here in a year later you know the guys at -- relying on late in games did you. -- last year moment kind of wonder what the hell you walked into you think of different things worth last year. We don't you know it's kind of what it last year was the year that I didn't expect -- treated the other previous three when I was in -- I kind of heard my name swirling around the rumor mill about coming back in the off your system which is where tension. Lester everything's pretty quiet until. Figure about it now they come out on a road trip to arbitrate evident situated on and they actually got like either text or Europe Twitter message on I've been treated. -- it was a lot there was a lot cooler when I thought I was I was getting treated for two guys but when the other holes are -- that there's an impact off they went out. And and and it was in the that's part of being specific excellence also it -- here it is to be treated for one -- -- is. It hurts the probable that you -- -- -- so good they traded two guys and now it's -- doesn't thus powerful. And and so far this year -- we talked a lot about Koji we are what he's done for your bullpen I mean I. I look at the numbers is -- league you look at every single day in and since -- the beginning of August. You know your numbers are ridiculous in terms of it a sub 551. I've point 51 ERA. That holding batting average to opponents to 161. Two relievers look at stats Greg -- is it something you go off when you know your feelings for two pitching dwellers this open on your checking your numbers on baseball reference the united performing every day. But no -- I try try to evaluate my season at the end of you know. There there there are times as a as a reliever where they are so much volatility as -- search questioned whether or not you have to succeed in. You know I think its record especially as early the world -- -- -- -- you know -- -- your numbers are pretty significant. To look back at the end today. Overall I think you know but I'm. Support for the guys who had a better second half and burst out like a defensive. We've been at work and preparation that that goes into the off season where -- are still so strong. A word. Where would it be as well. Like Greg if you're you're a graduate of Yale never says -- one of the smartest guys in the game not a lot of guys that. I guess what's best way to put it -- Smart for the ronco 'cause they think themselves in the -- to think themselves that the hitting slopes everything else. How do you separate just go out there and just let it all happened do you ever over think things. Absolutely. We're not when I was younger you know I would I would. Evaluated reevaluated analyze and realize most every pitch that I threw -- so. Started you know certain realizes what every happen at some point you know it's this COLT that -- I think that they can worry about it because they can control. And you know truly what happens after the volleys why the outside. Hopefully what I really have any control over comments so I just started working on I'm thinking about it and concern myself with yet is which is once -- to do that side of it that much work it. Well and here in the second half the numbers who've been talking about I'm curious did -- say that did the preparation that you do you know that's a part of it is -- anything specifically -- Craig. You know that you work on a change -- -- -- is for right pitch selection standpoint or early standpoint or is this has been the norm for UN and things -- ball well. I'm you know I think but like victimized by August since September's are typically better -- for me then then April in this season in particular I was. -- -- -- But. It certainly have a verdict out of adopt but that's -- -- that I brought the last few birdies on the -- or ground -- this -- and yours. What might strike out on the court now. I feel like more efficient or strike it earlier -- certainly wants. That I must appreciate. You know or four reasons for success and like it the other thing is. Is it -- the Al. I'm getting it stronger physically but also recording my mechanics in just repeating my Clippers is that. You know later on in the season whereas when you get a little bit tired act as though people emotionally -- slippery it is it is. This thing where I would like overrated and for. -- we we talk a lot about this coaching staff and the communication everybody has an amount of work that they put in and usually about out Billups realized you know -- -- play with dale -- when he is in a minor leagues pitchers of opening pitcher when I was up there. And I know what this guys like you know baseball wise and know how Smart he is. How much preparation do you going to you know how much communication do you guys have throughout the game and how to approach the hitters he potentially could later in. That is a tremendous amount of preparation. You know -- available to us whether that's coming from a bit better records or. You know after watching video with Dana has absolutely been kind of an unsung hero on this team. Giving party unity influence and impact as he has bounced reports in the way he's able to prepare. Not only the starters from apartments meetings are the relievers -- before they go into the game. He's so. So you know -- -- just simplifying. Reports giving you one or two kind of -- security game and get a hitter out is able to is that you know like as it was such simplicity. And effectiveness. That I think you know all of the relievers in the right now credited much of their success to the report -- -- it. Yeah a lot given that the bullpen since he knows that the veteran guy that's out there who's at their presence is sometimes just closer not that Papelbon I think to -- people want. Who -- label that would coach yet not so sure. If at any got a guy like Ryan Dempster -- that -- had a lot of success. Even without him because I'm sure he comes down and Anderson communication. Was there some -- was you got has been around more just gonna bring everybody common every down keep tournament same page. You know it is I think this is the first first season where four of all goes you know -- of this season I was most tenured reliever out there. And it's still something that that I'm taking it easy or as I was so it's. Asking questions of other guys try to figure out of their approach. And you know they're kind of routine and I'll see some of the younger guys are great for what it's you know these questions is certainly a role that. But I really enjoy -- just don't know that I was ready for a but certainly you know a guy like Dempster uses polls I think on the hundredth career saves. You know with the guys that we -- you look at. Who was -- -- unique perspective having prepared for him as a starter as a reliever. When Matt Lawrence you know music you know music I was with a lot of these. And despite the fact that there's a language there with -- I think all of us have gotten better for having watched the way that he prepares -- it's -- what is your itself after. Gave me that speaks Japanese to see what I mean it's the arc in and what -- Have you seen a guy get as excited and happy when he finished off the handle a coach has I say that because Greg. The other day you got out of they ate a big spot and you walked off the field you look so serious he would look at doctor. About to walk into an operating room and meanwhile -- jeez jumping around high five big glove here VC enough from a guy before. But I think -- -- -- -- like finally I'm I think that's kind of what can. The idea he you know -- -- I've played with with a couple guys who didn't come over from Japan and most of them courtesy. To be a little bit more. I don't think seriously the work is committed to it it's yours but but maybe stellar. And and I think Sergio has had assimilated into American culture extraordinarily well I mean -- right -- he's got a tremendous personality. And the hot spot is something out of I want component of that. They all bring a work prescient thrown out and I think he was off last night -- Colorado who knows first time out there but fastball command I love and at. Even though he struggled recently it still seems like he has that that make up that short term memory. And -- for a lot of people talk about how impressed they are with the demeanor of this kid what what have you seen from young keep coming up as a starter thrown into this role. There he is in he's been very impressive. Victory over the first couple starts that he has the stuff to -- -- -- -- Removal. Which is that -- he has picked up so a little bit. And he's he's he's aggressive. The ousted. But he but he is also the kind of respectful of the game has the right way -- a lot of questions. I'm Robin I've been impressed with with this stuff. It would but also what is gigabyte IQ I do agree with -- -- is a -- that you can trust in any situation. And believe that he's out there and execute. I think that'll. Last night the last couple that they were just there's -- mater west. And overall I feel like he's as a surprise if we struggle like that -- -- go out there with. You know with everything he's got an awful lot easier to. I'm good for one dumb question per conversation with a gassed and you can pitch in the big since 2005 Craig you've yet to. Up here and a playoff game we've talked to guys the last couple of days and Lewis talked about how different. Those playoff games can be. He talked to the veterans ice at the veteran for the guys with playoff experience on this staff will pitch in those games and and asked them. How it's different you know how how much of a feeling. The difference in a playoff game is vs the regular season. I see you know what I I think there are probably a lot of guys who will and I am not sure that I'll be one of them I think. Part of the reason that I have been as successful as these that's. This. -- what almost you know kind of unique ability. Choose strictly look at my objective. And that's not going to change in defense. Who were -- what policies it is or what I'm a lot. I think kind of for me at least as it is like get caught up in the fact that this game and the outs are more important. I think it may affect me. So you know being five and -- 180 -- -- throwing under while our other -- do who every day to using exactly the right way or be successful. And so I would like to think I'm going to approach it as just another game now certainly. That may help change and you know we we get out -- for the first time and at their names there are announced you know it it in the post it. We got a lot of quirky things going on with this team with the Beers in and personalities who. They think -- on a ball panel before they had like the band out there in recent past and everything Corky going on out there because of the superstitions. But. For the most part accessible pins are pretty similar group of -- -- Now we wrote we relate to the -- parties. We don't play any instruments. We've got we got to visit your Japanese got so he's obviously got a great throws -- -- -- But for the most part you know it's so like -- -- -- it's a pretty playing group. Almost boring if you. What would exact is going on with the lines in the head anyways. I don't know James are you lines or whatever it is. Right right arm I don't know where that originated my guess is that -- in you know or Ortiz is as maybe getting some -- shares interests that. That's figured you know its reliance is is the key to hitting 300 with the thirty under that comment. I don't know how to talking to people like even like they appear to stop -- Public fight club like that I think -- we discussed it's just what you look around the you know it's everybody else is doing. Well one thing out and throw it and we do talk to Craig you will let him go on this because -- what should not be ignored in this conversation is your work. -- charitable endeavors here if you were nominated as one of the thirty finalists for that the Clemente award. This year the fans I can vote up through October 6. And your play of forward which as a couple days ago the strike three foundation announced -- will launch the first community innovation and issue which is played for Craig. You're the founder of this can you talk about it and how you're going to be involved is that a day to day basis going forward. That. Absolutely so -- like you in a place orders -- first community this is. You know that that we're watching worker loses the -- actually world which is the Red Sox Nation and I am. The driver behind this was the fact that. You know my sister was diagnosed with cancer and she was fourteen that's sort of the -- foundation. And so they're -- fifteen years have elapsed between. It's time. You know that summer months demonstrated its Internet. I became involved in the gated community it ever. And looking back. That's realization that. There's a reason to wait with the law and so what we're what we're doing addressing it to take immediate action they like to strike pretty. Page on FaceBook in in Cuba. They're kind of a way to -- -- -- -- what were asking -- work is that some of -- it's you know he created innovative ideas. Submit them to our hands and figure out a way that they can't get any of the other it -- answer. And as a part of it hopeless or actually being -- much of that ownership rules and the clutch on this offseason campaigning Anchorage -- in the ball about it and we'll system. And -- local youth organizations. That the ideas you know we encourage markets become leaders and use their creativity. And organization. Become entrepreneur or I think we can be really fired what -- -- Now one point parents think kids to the website strike three foundation dot org it's strike. The word than the number three foundation dot -- and right there atop the ceiling to the play for their events. Everything on on their Craig it's it's a great honor I'm sure to be nominated for the Clemente award a lot of Red Sox fans can hope for yet. I we appreciate the time as you guys it's after the Rockies tonight. Thank you very much a -- Regardless of joining us here in the AT&T hotline -- -- nation's fastest and the most reliable forgy. LTE network rights. It's just talk to guys he's -- all the way smarter than you. That's me talking to Craig Burris because like I said I genius I play with a lot of guys yes you know Stanford couple guys in there that hitters. There was just to register Smart you know that just. That couldn't simplify it just did you see the ball hit it menu of year you over think in this thing yet to clear your head and just yet. It dollars for -- -- out there -- -- mound in just over thinks it to the point where you know you as a what -- really don't but. He could simplify he's too Smart for me good stuff -- -- press -- again the web sites strike. The number three foundation. Dot org 6177797937. That your phone number the team detects -- All day at 379 -- 37 top of the hour we talked to Tom. On Patriots at Falcons -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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