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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Lindsay Lohan's sister

Sep 26, 2013|

Top the stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today Lindsay Lohan's sister was highlighted.

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Are we got a real. Forget these two in the some -- swept up -- this may or race right now misses like the America's cup politics it's been on do you care more about the America's cup. The mayor's race. -- the data -- and by the way a bunch of people status. You guys suck I'm singing sailing now I hope you all -- brokers in your rent it is and -- 617 as a you know the jury handed handling killing -- for -- suspension and fine it -- my helmet to helmet -- that we're gonna fix it for you -- got three new artist you've never -- don't get that song out of your -- song better and I used to. I was wrong growing on -- -- Cory Booker is the mayor of Newark yes and he's running for the the special election -- for the senate majors in October. I like this single okay he admits he's -- admits he beat you know as a as an active social life yet these were corresponding. On Twitter with private messages with. Lindsay -- a stripper model she's the first. She stripper at the first begin only strip club the only serve begin food. As they say the meat is on the pole. Not a big serve and he's been -- brokers been tweeting back and forth -- Publicly on Twitter like this could swing at a -- into. Which indeed this -- yeah yeah I heard from these guys yesterday. Now this guy is. An active guy and he wants people nobody's. Easy hitting errors and -- -- what's funny she's she's she's she likes you want to be the First Lady. He becomes a senator New Jersey for slate dot governor of New Jersey G went into the streets and dealt the criminals on the horse and it's. Parlance it's that we get these guys here from the last couple days and. Stanley first Holler at east and there together. We can have a transparent. Inclusive. And customer friendly City Hall. That looks like the city of Boston and works for every one in the city of Boston. 39 days of disguise this woman is tweeting out and if you look I'm sure she's she's been few books -- of -- stripper from Portland to look like she's getting all. Israel she ugly. -- yet -- like maybe she you know shall tweet out and I want at Cory -- to climb through the night. The person he's. -- You can't move on -- or are you getting theories on on text. What's that that that Booker would not be interested in her now that's one that's one knows cup two theories and yeah. Would easily immigrant and one. No -- no the other brits here we're all Clinton and maybe anyway they're saying it would be executed. This -- -- confirmed bachelor and he has -- boy and over like like -- -- and I know Jason is trying to get me in trouble plug in remote prominent and that's not just politics. It is and teach the -- -- standing right now. I'm skewed voting present I'm yeah. OJ Simpson yeah serving a 33 year sentence for armed robbery in Nevada. Continues. -- take risks here just yet behave themselves can't help himself has been caught stealing cookies from the prison cafeteria he would ever know looking at a. -- -- -- -- A dozen oatmeal cookies in the sure. Under the shirt got busted my idea. Security -- into your life spiraled down to a Matt. -- guy resulted web Fred Coleman smiling this morning we've been money golf. -- yeah. Movies and now he's -- oatmeal cookies up a pleasure out of those guys it was a radio but he pulled that off. -- he created this thing. Person on yeah and people bought the Jews. Was it fun first -- they will beat the crap out of his life and fielder. But -- steel and all the stealing cookies at your sentence -- our -- so. Nobody was not the -- -- did a -- -- now warm meal nose and. Simpson has allegedly been struggling with this guy's record it's reported that I can confirm that and the temptation of the cookies in the prison shower room was just too much. So he revealed he had over it doesn't oatmeal cookies can assure you just stood there with a goofy -- state of the art to it means that a sure and throwing the cookies on the -- -- picture coach -- right here. Mercy. That is in the low blows this the 33 years -- 66. So. It's yet she seems extreme when you doubts at all -- tickets -- Pretty fair treatment chop people's heads are true got off work. You know Hamilton College. I've heard of it makes it to New York well regarded school. Smoltz and liberal arts school in New York is not now hosting in funding workshops on. Orgasms for regrets. Workshops. Posting it on the waiting list to get us to the question host inviting him to call it what it -- -- -- everything from multiple orgasms that mysteries Jesus bought. ET -- portraits of the organisms is open to male and female students it. Multiple orgasms. Yale students. -- Big guest lecturer at about a weight we all are idle for the G spot. It if I mean it's -- that's what agreements with the Loch Ness Monster -- -- -- -- -- or god I mean c'mon. Maggie Marshall Marshall Miller and -- Keenan are the two sex educators to teach a workshop. Quote what he want to learn that your first orgasm. And have better ones are helping your girlfriend. We will cover at all. Race day. It starts Monday I don't I think that the women in teaching it clicks Sonia Sotomayor. And YouTube he'd like to thank them all in -- you liked that -- Gorgeous yeah twinge up there from like Coors Light commercialism turns out that little. Rules stripper there the other day turns out that that literally at that having the FBI in Washington and they united to explore what you don't want on my you know she was in the because her hands -- as -- -- Andre the -- And she had a Adam's apple is biggest evolved. The exact price of the school paid for the workshop is unknown however the University of Minnesota Twin Cities paid 3500 host the same workshop. Earlier this year now when it's money well spent -- came to college I understand you're going -- the -- education. Much of the parents think that there's kids are going there. Actually had one of these at my college the College of -- back in 2006 I guess it was now so. Canada ahead of the curve -- -- I it was for the females only it was called I heart the female orgasm and that was specifically for the always -- -- your school yeah. They've put around themselves they have this whole thing was plastered all over the posters in the common area. The -- -- 57000. A year and yes it's out of the -- fifty -- 54 sort of 5205. To a degree and basic -- degree in music well if they teachers and and a mole Morgan has to be worth it when entry about what just happened on the attitude. I'm Lindsay Lohan estranged half sister. Coughed up 25 grand to -- or older sister. According to a one of these 25 -- of -- that below him. Plastics -- plastic surgery she wants to look like perhaps as to what Liberace divot this board for them movement like I was too young or Matt Damon made him look like the -- the Barack she says she's. Her face up boobs done to look like a lunatic yeah -- yeah. But if you see here you understand why she's the only ash herald is an improvement. And want to concede that she'd look clicker. Really mean and that doesn't I don't know which ones which nobody's asking Lindsay is obviously really. -- -- -- All of that right now wouldn't it be cheap religious you know start drinking heavily you know get the bullish on our Susan Coke and -- -- Coca it's deviated set them. -- -- -- a Republican like Charlie Sheen to keep the fallen out 25 grand to look like Lindsay Lohan Lindsay -- in the spent. On the money not to equipment that's -- at this point and it was Q yeah. What was 678 years ago. And she's big she's disgusting. When he wanted to this mysterious. Person she came out of the ninety days to help really natural dinner -- colors like it's worked well. A second last. To wish him alone and Hamilton -- 46000. Including were not here. It's that is what I like the most expensive cold at sixty grant. -- -- amateur college. That's only one place you go to and you don't get in your first choice. Via Afghanistan and who -- went there and there's -- -- but he was screw ball I did an interview there I didn't and applying them too many hills. Me hills that you would needle across. A -- like us. -- -- All right headline 6777. 79837. You know take could take note that this -- canals and get -- -- -- -- but we have to do to Christopher Cross don't know we of course that's the Grammy winner by the -- for best song in 1980 I knew that that would be an old kid that was a Sauna find out who would beat. -- there right now we'll play I don't think Connecticut page. Good morning. To you guys -- up. It was an -- I want I told they could differ on New York. Your thoughts on whether the America's cup to this border not because the case who -- -- crew coordination. And like communication or else. Now in perspective. It is not in the same category as a contact sport and hockey. Baseball or football now. But you're still a sport. You know just like -- willing and everything. Now I'm forty years old -- active military Taylor I picked him back -- -- -- Columbia on the West Coast -- -- sealing up with all the time. Now if you act back in the days of the of the true Ivy League schools where. We go to these you know where our code and everything else back in the thirties or forties and everything. Words a sport that there. And now -- -- view if you apple orchard nowadays. It was him. But he is still in -- sing along joke here all high and still get so high and clientele. And all the advertising and now under -- so. Ordered that a lot of minorities -- African American yet he can you be involved in America's got selling -- can I may I. I don't know yeah. He writes I did basic they can carry clout you know on the navy and everything you know the car coach Jerry Kelly in the -- -- here on the navy side. But I mean I don't know that you -- question but how many schools. In our society -- -- -- You know -- too. We're the -- There you go thus concludes that covered John Boehner is -- public was the other Sox note about this we agree. That the sport. The hot seat to the governor talking freaking out like -- played a lot okay Jerry god it's sport takes a lot of coordination and you really have to be let that -- If that means we don't have to take any more calls on -- all -- okay that would wash your goals and all your hear the songs -- its borders on the same beat that 1980. After the love is gone performed by earth wind and fight like that. Like shocked he's in love -- your talents he. Eggs is legitimately great -- honesty by the regional. Right it's the best so far I will survive which is sort of a -- Donna Summer not squaring up close and minute by minute by the -- politics -- nominations reunited by peaches that are devoted. And she believes he can rapacious -- content that is the best form what she believes yeah August now. I'd say they saw that after sitting lost to this. Struggled with. With. That must hurt much and losing my you know what sort S that's eight -- Michael McDonald won in -- well with Kenny logs -- when the food which is what that he wants our fame. The rose bet Midler lady -- Richie. New York, New York. And woman in love but Barbara Streisand's the other -- -- -- but yeah music sucked that there better song at the grammys were old back and get it. Are all eyes open and you have your phone calls are next -- Dennis and Callahan Mike -- Red Sox assistant general manager joins us at 805.

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