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A Yankee elimination party

Sep 26, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing another Sox win and celebrating the end to the Yankees season.

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You all heard the term palladium. And it applies the number admiral -- Freudian slip Freudian psychoanalysis. Freudian this Freudian that pop out. We make this say Shannon Freudian Thursday that's what you -- at bats Q Chad Freudian Thursday. Well that's you know Indians very proud -- himself and he's really good to start the show annoyed at any idea -- -- you do -- -- I don't debt Omar you know ain't gonna be a part of this team you have to fully and wholly embrace shad and -- it's one of the best things we do you know right -- and other people's misery a fair point you know when you talked to. Anybody but the start of opening of shows -- is an expert academically great. He's a critic it's like talking about the prospects and -- You know he's the expert in animal was starting W and other shows that in the real easy way yeah hostess comes on like what -- -- happened is that number. Evidences so we're gonna talk about the -- have you aboard that. Concocted John Ferrell today. Are Bill Belichick yeah. Or look at them a lot of thought into how they got its offended he doesn't like this it shows surprised -- Israel's state right. Think that you just put the Mike on. How important is a leadoff hitter to a baseball team very very important right usually I gotta get on base so you have the daughters and drive again do it will help Carl Crawford was afraid to do it as duking it -- to do it. I say a -- and Freudian Thursday and again you after embraces the idea. 159. Games played they have won 96. I believe three to play making get to 99. Think of too many things that have gone badly. The Red Sox this year and those that did were overcome it'll be -- the two closers didn't make any difference you -- was better than both of them combined. Last night this offensive sort of force. Between Al -- -- top five Ellsbury victory no Ortiz salty and will middle Brooks. Combined for a levity RB IL. EB had a double yesterday. I'm told the magic number. Clinching the league's best record with three games to play is just too. Oakland lost to Los Angeles Angels. Tigers clinched and you're the -- Freudian thing. The Yankees. Were eliminated last night that the elimination party at the podium Chinese restaurant -- How blue collar vote. And I don't feel it and I know I look like crap right now on and on drag him. And you are too -- -- we never looked good but today it looked particularly. Haggard. Particularly fatigued and it's your fault you know it is your fault true. Again I repeat myself you suck okay. You have how many Yankee elimination party last night and am I Hurt Locker was just gonna -- all the for a quick beer. And it's a raise a glass to the end of the Yankee dynasty but now let's now work to -- you know we as a party maybe he has a -- in New -- all the -- and out it was -- I didn't know all the Republicans Heineken commercially in such a diverse group posted diamond music was -- yes -- Daimon -- there was windows -- it's good to see -- I -- -- -- state official was good at -- -- exhaustive -- I've -- standards for a little or rent -- -- a scavenger -- -- -- -- yeah you have got out what I thought we're gonna get -- -- -- minute -- -- drove in the -- right from the north country -- came down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nineteen years. But I got to give credit to you know when you do you do it right now those one. Fund unit elimination party I why is your house a little messy this more of the -- there now. The man it's going to be. Are the real and it was anyone -- still there. Bob Camille the current account -- some moaning and groaning downstairs in the man. -- Table down there's a lot of ground I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- was fabulous all sure you -- -- go to -- he knows and hopefully -- he's the go. But but it was a good time you know and you know said don't do it off but yes especially when the Red Sox are such good shape. You know last time. It was 2008. Right where yours make the time or that year 1995 was an amazing run we have to give the Yankees credit. I felt bad for frank from Gloucester that your house last I get home. Because groaning and moaning record enough. I've been searching for the -- before we need all my life with us it's always fun hang out but he was depressed economy doesn't have a lot of these. Seasons I understand the -- frank last night he was headed down to the man cave -- -- Oh what the hell you know he does he knows some you know Sally just. Has some lady friends I I journal -- But it was it was fun having an element that felt kind of bad as. You're. Reveling in their misery. Well to -- at what you do let me just say this if all the positive things that you and wheat and -- all of us. Have watched the Red Sox and to a sunny silver platter. Is that enough -- sports enjoyment then this is when you embrace -- employed because it's not enough I think. Suggest that the Red Sox are having a season for the ages if they win out it would be. 99 wins after 69 wins but beyond that. Look down the road. The New York Yankees and this will enhance. Your Red Sox enjoyment experience. With the loss last night the New York Yankees clinched. The worst record in their franchise. Since 1992. This is the worst Yankee. Record since 1992. They're 3090. BP is their worst team all BP since 1990. Apart the way. You know -- third baseman used that your. The other hand if it is just about a series yes. -- probably guess eight. It's a that is the over under over all your correct its level is up however -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there does seem like ten -- -- -- please -- -- yankees where is he now. -- He finally get out -- -- pointed to his modeling career and he was I'm leaning toward that sort. He's a hockey now I don't know what happened here Yankee hatred last night we will market ridicule -- -- every. Tonight for equinox right Erica tonight it's as. As because every nineteen years that's as bad as all the postings I just told you the worst record 113 baseman you'll BP. The fact that there is no normal light at the -- at all it is amazing it's not supposed to happen this quickly and baseball. But it did -- Red Sox are top of the world the Yankees are in. The basement to basement there and they're a free -- drags a baseball right now you can't when they actually I'm sorry for a -- and you cannot win next year you will win next year. There you can even look at -- all of these these free agents out there yeah you know they'll spend money -- don't want to don't plan to NB there's not that great crop of free agents -- the teams locked up in the minor -- pipeline and -- great. And right now if you want it's. He's the one thing could happen that could sign Saltalamacchia. In good. Come after -- -- sure a lot of elect applied. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- maybe current demeanor was like forty yeah forty candidates he might walk away it's retired sabathia terribly less than six. It's bad that a lot of trouble that -- think about this -- what you just said sabathia to -- appointed even put that on my list. He certainly on the back nine. Maybe maybe the eighteenth green for gods -- 23 million actually -- 23 million dollars aren't so I think I heard somewhere that Mo Rivera is retiring. Did knows well -- here's where you get some -- New York Daily News has -- hole in the poll. Questions for fans. I should call poll and one of ms. and we -- Mo Rivera out of retirement plans. That's there there's there's strong base and reaching for -- if nothing else will reverse timing is perfect right get the hell out and an truly because. You don't know what to do Jeter. And you can't put -- first has to channel has come back to Italy gets -- at what 18191000023. Million -- Teixeira a nickel that that a year ago deal or not even a year ago is viewed as one of the great gaps yes. Of the -- ten -- that he tried again this year and they didn't go far enough correct in and they had their stock is back up catcher Mike -- at first and the Yankees have Mark Teixeira. -- -- -- And that's all -- on the heels of yet roughing it didn't happen for the Red Sox. We don't benefit of their anyway so Mo Rivera is not back you don't have a closer. Andy -- probably your best pitcher I guess since at the Sox he's retiring. A-Rod do we assume he's not playing next year on suspension I would imagine -- not a -- is not playing that's a gift Jeter has question marks you know from head to tell. Physically it will be be able to hold up the be able to play shortstop. Jerry points up probably client can't play first. And no granderson. Our free agents now it sounds like to know would have a gun to their -- but could somebody not bloke -- -- webcast is audio will dog has definitely could. I mean they might topic and he might want Wednesday. But. He's gonna get other -- yes and yes what who's out there on the free agent market he's the best -- He's the best but the limit really good element of the teams are gonna anyways but there's there's ahead -- teams with. Too much money that are just flush with cash. A Finnish cable deals in these other national TV deals and the yen and the Dodgers are still atop that list -- you know what. They think it worked out and tell them what they think that trade worked out for them to their ticket. Last time we went after you know the big star yet -- on the market now that Adrian Gonzales. And Carl Crawford -- got a seven well has been endorsed let's get right to swim when -- consider this is just laugh out loud funny in the daily news poll or who they should keep -- Who they should bring back. And yankees yet and the next four names -- a look at that on the list. Kevin Youkilis Vernon Wells -- -- Soriano Travis Hafner. Lyle -- cheeky it is like if you were to its like at the end Jenkins novel washed though. Old stroke sit down expensive. Guys whose time has come and gone and those are yankees those -- Yankee starters yeah yankees hopefuls. It's its grip which is great which is why your party was so. On the Yankees are paying 78 million dollars next year to Vernon Wells A-Rod CC and Mark Teixeira 78 million. Wells Rodriguez sabathia and mark got a -- Straight probably truly beautiful and help them why that is that is amazing -- that the -- big break. -- -- there I -- player's gonna get suspended for repeatedly about appliances. And and although if he fights couldn't get knocked them like a hundred games and their chance. Knocked them 100 and then you know you have to you know be like August. -- be that eight were suspension is -- area. That'll be like the big -- New York in August whatever twelfth NCA rod is eligible again where do you plan which he put him. Iran outlook in the -- Sam -- might like can't wait to come back and and Girardi who by the way I pale he is a free his contract. I pale or if you had any other opportunity. To cull the well and he's good -- -- -- Leslie Goodman sees him but it's controlled -- at the bar at the -- -- brought him. -- what's his majority in the thing with the were with the Yankees is there's no -- call waiting for them. Yeah doesn't exist no lights preserve nobody wants a rod nobody wants to share and nobody wants sabathia those guys signed up for the next 345. Years at twenty million dollars a year. They're dead get the just suck for the next four years now. Right I mean is or anyway how about they include the management team keep him dump on 65%. Of the fans want them Brian Cashman. Joseph Girardi. Says. 63%. Wanna keep him 30% thirty Simpson dumped they delivered it hitting coach pitching coach. To us domestic team they ask -- -- -- -- -- Moscow it's. Dump him 62%. I was Susan Susan she's right field to a voter next wanna vote and a blow to fund he -- Suzyn Waldman. There's a lot of people standing and cheering you really are. It was a very nice person -- vote to keep Susan. 30% wanna keep it at 70% on -- so -- is rating is less than he has externally that I just as -- -- -- -- -- -- thirties 38%. Wanna keep how Moskowitz and 62% wanted to dump him. -- 38 for him. Thirty for her. Put this on the Steinbrenner is actually have a vote -- wiggle room here wanna -- -- Putumayo possibly also in the Yankees know. All right so we'll keep the Steinbrenner -- and we'll see the fans vote on this keep them 34 this is that it dubbed them 66%. The only -- concede that. Overwhelmingly people wanna keep his -- mean the only -- -- they were key job channel. It's find him here but well on the list without the Jeter ago from the -- Jeter. That Beatrice. They term economic captain Mark Reynolds just have these -- that re treated no book. As we know hole I mean who might have news. You know lightning in the bottle that stretch in them but for the most part are done as viable major leaguers Suzuki. Is Jeter he -- when he gets the job. Because he's a class act gives. Fruit baskets -- Canada gives gift baskets keep on 69%. Short high. He compared everybody else that is -- deputies he sick and I'm Alex Rodriguez -- can't say say keep for the fun of. And gave. Yeah. A new home. 17%. -- loyal you can lose those -- 83%. One. One and company -- but unfortunately. There's such a blind. That they you know you want to -- this as this is not a flash in the pan explosions. As well this team up. This is destruction for a long period of time ethics doesn't get fixed by a new manager -- for united and even if they bring -- know back even have Joseph Girardi or new manager comes. The sketch repaired now meek is the gut -- -- -- dodged aside and I can get Felix Hernandez the answer. They're Forbes disturbances middle of the road so where's. Start feeling sorry for now 170 -- sent wanna keep canal so point 5% one dump. Robinson can no legacy is a dog yeah. But really look at -- say if you -- -- that would be your deal for 200 million. Yes four years you can see in spite -- of these guys right now. I'm -- sick keep him nucleus where he has absolutely agree Kevin Youkilis 13%. -- people Iditarod course. 13%. Wanna keep Kevin doesn't all the chicks though right that's the -- and as a -- -- -- -- -- -- always like Clint -- on managed just hot sabathia is gonna make 23 million in 2016. 2016. You three more years. And and for -- -- very thoughtful piece a memo guys over thirty. They're done I mean all that all this like a record number of -- record low number of pitchers over 3115. Games this year to a three guys. And gotten Verlander and goes through Roy Halladay. -- and CC sabathia these guys have just prone to many pitches they just don't have anything left. Does anybody have more innings under his rather large belt and CC now I mean that was just that was just think it was a work or right I'm right piled up inning after inning after inning. I got three more years when you have three more years it's gonna get ugly old because they had that you know he had that. Clause we compare the contract this couple years ago and start all over in the -- 161. Million. It's a mass it's almost sometimes feel sort formed you know. Got a feel sorry for this rivalry it's gonna be like the patriots in the Jia at this point it's gonna -- gonna look and you're gonna say I remember the days. When the Yankees were formidable. In any inning and a team to beat the Red Sox Lester by 26 games in the division. It is hard to bullet -- and what -- -- I 9595. Last year and this is. That proves the -- over cheap they were smoking over achievers. For some of these seasons we look at that lineup wasn't. The you know a great line up late ninety's. Woods it was a testament to Girardi and Cashman. And but not now you look at you say -- Girardi was manager of the year but two weeks ago. Cashman no cash and he could be gone he -- because he should be gone I mean he'd assembled this -- The world -- is the New York Boston axis axis. Is completely flipped it definitely slipped just element shot horrible patriots. Okay Red Sox yankees I mean unless you're really into and I am into the Celtics Brooklyn nets rival -- -- ya sure -- casino pierce and Garnett but -- Rangers always good boy is gone but you only get rid of -- Motorola. -- similar to some of the steam on -- -- But Yankee Red Sox once the greatest rivalry in sports is dead is dead Yankee and patriots jets he's candidate what is the best rivalry in sports right now. Seattle San Francisco. Might -- it was until it still don't vote yet now now Seattle. Sampras his coat tonight at Saint Louis won one point favorite. One. Wonder how do you like that point favorite Otis rams that. There's some real doubts about -- and groups to -- Bruins Montreal anymore case it's got to be Alabama Texas and them. Unfortunately. There may well I think they would tell you it's what's gonzo leaves us over Alabama Auburn that's sort that's has cited a student at Alabama Georgia Alabama Florida. Yeah see Florida states that are 12 -- that's right and these in Florida State we get tickets were Ohio Michigan. -- Michigan he's Sox Boston Jews. But. Honestly Wisconsin. This weekend. The in San Francisco Giants LA Dodgers. Mean they can't say lakers and Celtics know that was the Saturday -- they're both. Penalty and he and the Celtics right now at all. There. Giant's New York football giants they did you raced of these great rivalries with the Eagles and cowboys. But you can't put that at the top Steelers Baltimore steel merger now that's good points -- spells a knockdown -- its -- he has no great story to destroy that rubber -- they've. Players -- guns because they play and yeah you know the bowl winning. Paul vs quarterbacks. Or are still -- -- top of their games we think. Unfortunately I love football robberies there very intense in the violent but they know once a year -- -- May be twice a year. -- sinking of Denver as we go to the break and the patriots rivalry and Peyton vs Tom will bottom Kornheiser had a interesting discussion. They talked about the different feeling between the patriots three you know. The Broncos three you know and clearly surely they do seem different -- talked about which is more impressive what Brady has managed to accomplish vs what. Manning has managed to accomplish we'll hear from them. We'll hear from you talk -- Mike -- one -- -- happy as people on earth the assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox that would be the front office report. -- -- for -- haven't you Terry did you were you read off that day that we among these cradle. Among a few times and yet I hear you there. Yeah I like and he's going to be a general manager next year yeah I mean he's -- venture in terms of you know just charisma Null -- -- Who is Marty who is yankees have to -- that with the Yankees. Maybe that's how I can get some -- back they signed Saltalamacchia. On the they a sign -- Day the most they steal. Ellsbury Ellsbury picked Koreans and leaves. There -- more money at the problem -- probably got to -- -- the announcement that they got it and they have to open. They don't want to tax that's the thing like -- forty or changed their their tolerance for we'll -- -- believe that when I see 677797937. Text like 3793 so we'll give away BC Florida State tickets Mike -- an assistant general manager Boston Red Sox 805. All -- opened next.

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