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Will Middlebrooks with Joe and Rob after his 7 RBI night

Sep 26, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Rob Bradford talk to Will Middlebrooks after his 2 home run, one being a grand slam, 7 RBI night against the Colorado Rockies.

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A lot congratulations. And before we get your night that it was so cool all the Red Sox lady down the field for Todd Helton walked around the ballpark. It's become quite got to shake his. -- -- The best I've been around the game. It's been a lot. Could be here in his last night pretty pretty special thing that home run to the well two very different -- it's. Through. Into the -- the first one to ride. Again. Don't know if you guys see him. Then yeah. Base open the pitcher behind you know Laguna there's been facing good about it and try to pitch around me to get heated. And he could be if we want slider for strikes -- -- after me off a fastball that is a lot of. Several old war he he's got a real slow curve balls at 65 miles an come off and out of film you know you can -- of -- in the NFC that -- League approval in a cup -- run that -- -- double. You won here did that and at Buffalo homers his jumped off your back -- they were all. Most of your home runs have been that way nice easy swing didn't they go out fast. Yeah I mean I've done on the -- us on this within myself and I'm not trying to do too much -- -- -- -- good obviously great off into the -- tonight. The last thing you really impressed me -- yeah. Are you playing with more confidence and now the -- -- -- point here yeah absolutely I mean. I have more reps and more experienced -- we're -- Butterfield every day. He's he's one of the best teachers have been around over him he's a real. It was great that I say your parents surprised at this weekend at Fenway. Yeah yeah they were there -- -- actually they were on the field I talked to the that you came out of that dugout yeah I was -- and it was just miraculously the dug out the former idols like. Well it looks like my mom and I forgot to cut her hair and it didn't I didn't read through my mind about it I'm sure they were listing -- your dad always goes tonight. We'll look back. You know well. So many times this year where you guys have a little -- the road and you come back. Correct yourself whatever you need to do. Tonight was another example of that fact is that the quality of this team did a good I have these bad ones but the good -- right on the -- and I you know. You know baseball baseball's rules as we don't know that it our -- not right that's right -- you know try to stay pretty even -- And I think this core group of veteran guys we have here relieve stress that enough for his -- later in season. I'm serious -- for a post season. And I absolutely can't wait. Work that they decide to come up in Baltimore. For a performance like that as a Red Sox found out fifteen hits Iraqis have all walked around the field and saluted the fans their final home game they wound up 45 at 36 at home but. Their road record that the men that they are last in the American League's. In the National League western division behind the Giants by half -- game in every few days away. So the Red Sox win -- 96 game and down to Baltimore for the final three of the regular season starting Friday night.

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