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Danny Amendola says he'll be back soon and 100%... do you believe him?

Sep 25, 2013|

It hasn't taken long for Danny Amendola to live up to the 'injury-prone' tag he was labeled with before he came to Boston, but now Danny says he'll be back soon. Salk, Holley and the fans react.

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After some general draft conversation to the trough and Belichick get into the specifics of the falcons brown stripped. Thomas Belichick says I'm just telling you as a friend. I wouldn't do it. Belichick had a couple good reasons for his analysis and he's willing to share he often says that the primary job of receivers to simply get opening to catch the ball. And he doesn't like what he sees from Jones either department. He thinks the receiver struggles to get open on intermediate routes doesn't play as fast this is superb time speed suggests and too often displays inconsistent hands. There's also the issue of value. When Belichick began studying the 2011 draft he -- great depth -- the receiver position why go all out for some Mike Jones when you can likely have a Jonathan Baldwin. Who as far as Belichick -- -- is just as good if not better. -- -- If Belichick wanted to even more insight on Jones he can always ask the receivers head coach Nick Saban the two time national championship winner who has Belichick's first defensive coordinator. In Cleveland. The spell check -- seen enough. On his own without going to Saban. For an additional report -- -- from Michael Paul the second be the first clip you heard of course is from patriot reign as we -- now the most famous scene. Michael from your your your your foray. Into dealing with the patriots Foxborough but latter one is from war room which as I said is great given away copy today just to a caller. That we like as we address the wide receiver issue with the -- -- are just pictures going to a landed a -- to -- -- team this week. It's philosophical mean you can hear right in there Belichick says what's the job with a receiver to get open and catch the ball. -- they're saying that he he's the most valued player in the offense what your job get open and catch the ball. That's. Not to run around but -- up the damn ball and I was always looking for and I say this yes -- relate to object to welcome -- -- -- -- -- blighted Erik and David you know you said the hoping they happened bleep you -- I'm now. Sat at a greatly and I don't think I have David Ortiz is cash change. You don't think I'm able are similar to these guys from Brookline your findings from Brookline he understood seriously he can't like help out -- fellow veteran -- -- -- grew up hearing most people get everything that again we see -- -- -- that's not likely that you know costs to get it out you're having written that we hear that again. Abdul later 617779790. -- and you have a cleaner. You know -- aren't that. I don't that's -- -- hear me reading again I wanna hear me reading. Tom John Jackson. -- All the while giving guy gave Bill Belichick life in -- as a character just in one just in one line I gave him depth as a character at three dimensional character that's what I heard are where Pakistan is an -- I think. I don't you know then. Our -- what would you say are the three -- bill -- mode. And wire. The other three straight through that Belichick's like in that Belichick likes mostly -- picture today of versatility. This reverse that versatility. Toughness football's important to him. So the very first one came up with articulate in perpetuity is the most important right into big -- Most of court judge you just hit three albums so I mean I -- that's number one but. I said. He spoke out just sort of on the slow thinker I'm sorry I had. So -- it versatility is at least in the top three is not them and not on number one out but it's important -- -- individual football player. -- why would versatility not be in the top three but one most important -- our football team. An emissary and I think it is so what's what's the I don't get a gig is diesels Weaver selectors should also be able to go play volleyball what do you mean. There is -- you don't -- personal. I think -- you would be more arsenal if I had a legitimate deep black. -- got to personalize I think that's. I mean I think that's a specific -- and are definitely I don't know if I try to talk about a team that's personal Michael. Would you say to -- -- Picchu when a number of ways that this Red Sox team this year and we've talked to John Ferrell earlier will re -- that for coming up at 5 o'clock hour bus 530. Some good stuff from barrel today really explains a lot of this opera as their personal. They can be joining number way yes I think our guys who can play a whole bunch of different. Positions there I think quicker with the patriots if you're talking about a guy like was it a great deep threat. It would in terms of his speed was Bethel Johnson but it never really developed it was a threat when he had the ball on on it on a kickoff. But he never developed into a receiver. He was not able to do other things so he was not a personal player although he was he. In terms of speed he should have been a deep threat but he was. -- just -- guy can get deep doesn't mean he's necessarily person. First but it also seems that Belichick has taken some some strides to try to acquire himself a deep threat this year in the off season. Any idea behind voices that he can be a deep -- going forward Dobson should have the ability to run down the field a little bit not that he's the ultimate burner but it all body you can get down there and make some moves in the -- you know to jump up and get the ball the apex. It isn't that exactly what you're hoping for expecting from those guys cities and he's Boston I've been. Video -- video device. Parents are -- how about mark in Seattle I'm mark. Think that in guys mark and you know I was really worried about the state of the Beijing is different threat than what was gonna happen when Bill Belichick retired but all these fantastic callers that. Seem to have the football acumen from watching football and no more than -- ready to takeovers and you've got. I know when we were brought -- her senior year note Super Bowl we want to ball into when we had a ball control offense strong defense great special teams. Where when it's Super Bowl but I like the direction that built it into right now. Don't -- I think people right now and maybe them mistreating this but I don't think people -- -- I don't -- Bill Belichick. Anyway it's just the opposite -- the last twenty years. We've really four for seventeen of those seventeen of the last twenty years. We've had either Bill Parcells or Bill Belichick really is amazing -- -- you think about that so we've all we've we've all benefited from -- we've all learned a ton of football. From these great football mind I think millions. They have inspired. Some of the fans to be more curious about football watch football more closely. To watch it more analytically. And so what they're saying it. Well -- -- football fans. We're just looking at what you've done and they're wondering. If people can wonder about what Bill Belichick is doing an -- and not think that they know more than he does the bodies and that. Well I think. Thinks the caller there are coming off with an attitude with Bill Clinton ought to evaluate -- I think that's just -- -- -- to worry about him here in order to do what I I also saying that you know. That the patriots are so highly scrutinized in the you whether it's from the local media or at the national media and that every little saying that they do whether it's in the traps whether currencies and it is so exposed. That people mistake at some time for not knowing what -- deal. What do you mean these little about what it everywhere like the era and it -- that just drove me crazy you know rather than all. Aaron Hernandez. Accountable for what he did. It was a war itself once I don't know what it's also know what a Bill Belichick now -- crap that it -- the recommend just all the the. Yes I can marker -- I I know what you're saying but I also can't entirely agree with the I don't think anybody let Aaron Hernandez off the -- By also by also asking the other questions I don't think those things are mutually exclusive. I don't think I don't think it is I don't think I either need to say Aaron Hernandez is at fault and if I look at what Belichick indoor craft. Could have done differently then I'm taking Aaron Hernandez away from fault I don't. I don't view it that way Aaron Hernandez responsible for his own actions and be murdered somebody which he appears to have done maybe multiple people that's not bill Belichick's fault. But again Bill Belichick and Robert craft a responsible for the patriots and and whatever. -- fact Aaron Hernandez had on the patriots is theirs that is that is on them there's no doubt about that. Yeah I don't I don't think people are. And nobody nobody is saying Aaron Hernandez it's not your fault it's the patriots -- Tougher for. For whatever you do -- I guess I can see -- point where. And maybe maybe what he's trying to say is Aaron Hernandez is the accused murderer -- but the patriots seemed to be on trial. Already. And okay is that is that fair -- permits at the -- I understand what he's saying in terms of that but I just I don't see it as a and obviously exclusive not even close Travis is -- and I Travis. Players don't. But don't say job from week one to three active part number general Tompkins and Daryn adoption and people ought to be modest for now. Because. What paper -- back -- -- back -- -- army element to see Rickie take you. -- response I mean you know Welker obviously by the market need to get -- much yards they -- is marketed by -- Brady is taken. With so much pressure are all ready just not. I mean distance seemed to have the you know like that -- -- at its options as a LP normally write his chances. All that touched down just -- -- like an active much ethnic. You really struggling because in his -- great quarterback of all time but I think you take too much. We're all shoulders. Any -- gap he recognizes that -- would be that would that it got that contract elsewhere I think it. Can happen with these were receivers I think. -- especially in the obsolete -- didn't steal the in the for or three you know I dropped freeagent. I'm airborne says someone and know what is your guy they got on the field last week I was good -- -- as a -- there's an -- the week before now not. If I do for two plays. It is out there. You look at -- It was in the right place for to play you don't know that actually he -- -- he was on the field out there are so that he was or he was supposed to be. He was -- -- round pick him in there there is that element of you know in -- -- -- camera Tompkins was on drafted by. Was a late round leader boys -- not that bad though still a fourth round out. I don't think it to his point I don't think Tom Brady's putting pressure on himself. I just would have to play with him before he was a plays every now and then. And process is. To be expected. -- order that he thought Aaron -- -- be lying on the ground six yards in front of where I was actually standing -- -- IRI -- lying on the ground to pretend you were dead and -- throw -- the -- what are your hands out running around wide open with your hands in the -- you're supposed to lie on the ground and don't get to the ball. Come on and still would have been to -- -- to even out on the -- and I don't. Top. I tell you that John great. I have a question. -- I've followed immediately the meteor or use use use regular York city I was wondering. Do you think -- telecheck. Behavior for lack of -- better word demeanor. Would work. With the New York media in other words the. Yes at rest. Yes yes yes a thousand times yes Tom I think the answer is yes. In other words like yesterday when they said. They were asking about injuries yes yes that. I want to -- -- in New York big -- port so you would hear someone. -- -- push Belichick called they want on the ticket push him from now until the cows come -- it does not matter one iota whether it's the New York media whether it's the Washington DC -- presidential press -- it doesn't matter the only reason his thing works is because he winds at the -- it doesn't matter whether he -- -- -- it's not any -- it -- -- gives account -- -- you don't think so that's -- your support -- WR. The date was. I think that when he continues to -- model so elaborate it is when he says for instance is an active he's an actor. Somehow I get the sense that some of those very aggressive reported that they would say. We know you're an active bill we heard you say that or try to figure out what how would you this morning and we get a little. Would you say he's an active. With the courier not that much press that -- just get us they would want that's okay what he's gonna do what I actually do certain humans you'll open. But -- I don't know if you're both it would play differently in New York around different but the result will be. So he's right it's -- because we have a whole lot more. In the your -- writers who would say it's -- is ridiculous that a lot of question about being an active. An area question. That year which I think. It happened back in the time bothering anymore. She's the -- the same stuff. Not authorized to get frustrated and accurate data -- it would that your team is that it's not because it's his instinct that's exactly totally awesome and it will be different but it's -- progression on. But that's before. It's up to him. To him these press conferences ago that complicated. He feels like doing a press conference like paying -- To. If not. You can you can bring in a world class of about. Project text messages that the caller knows he's inactive as -- as -- -- agree that it definitely not a apples apples. In that aren't on network -- century long word were short that it it's great questions one of the great mysteries of English who knows maybe one name Michael will do we shall have a little different -- we can figure that out together. It says. Is. A 100%. When he gets out that he should be you buying it. -- And I during. Its long voice longing -- reaper the naturally my voice I think it's strange. You know I was talking to a guy. During a break. This -- this song you're you're copper or you're remake of the rich and yes. That's brought a lot of people who are challenging you now challenging a court challenge one come up with that of version now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what this guy is -- day out there. And the the blog you're talking blogs blogs on his -- at the end of -- It's better. So written about them and then did real. Oh this -- people call him. Throw anybody else under the you stand back in the. Listen to look at his face red bands I'd better written. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Six or 7779793. Set match your calls -- the second. Since we were talking about that Miami -- song. You did hear him today as he speaks finally usually injured guys. Don't speak but Danny Amendola saying today that he is going to be -- 100%. Shortly. Some here Sasaki do you believe him until he told you the world was flat that's not the point the point here I like just -- not to let me you guys but I like -- were a 100%. Shortly is good I mean getting him back sooner rather than later I've given optimal fifteen games -- fine. But when he does come back to want to be 100% means what you want may be happy to prove me wrong but I was wrong when he Amendola you know other better team with him on it right yes -- they -- -- a 100% Danny Amendola. -- correct significantly better team. So the the fact that he could come back under what happens over the ground later with every dollar grabs significantly better yet they're much better team with those two guys. So our immediate maybe you wanna prove me wrong maybe went through telecheck wrong maybe prefer Welker to the patriots I don't know. But it sure sounds like good news to me -- New Hampshire IP. Yet saw Michael allies as it. I think you know that we can all agree that you know priest body language or whatever. It may become a lot of people aren't big candidates. Has taken a lot of heat for -- in the same respect I think that. He gets no credit war. When things are going well how happy -- Lugar and he has swore. His teammates even the young ones -- When something goes real well I mean I guess for example when he almost ripped Kiki -- -- the other day at the score enough. That touched you know so. Emotionally yet but I think it both ways and I don't think he deserves credit war. You know being as happy for teammate. For the team. When things go well. Yeah you know but -- I -- stampede but I don't think anybody's saying that. -- on average that Tom Brady is a bad teammate or or that Tom Brady it's all about him the reason I in my being in the reason. Is. His behavior got so much attention and that Thursday night game this is because we usually don't see it. So here's Tom Brady doing something that we usually don't talk about Tom Brady doing and that's news and then that just became. Part of the that became part of the fodder that was the discussion topic for. Weeks and we're still talking about it's part of the drama department was OK I don't love it but it but we're gonna make -- we're going we're going into game four. And Wichita but but talk pretty of course can't right an emotional competitive guy that you'll notice that always -- -- totally agree -- in New Hampshire account. -- -- -- I'm I'd like piggybacked on our attention about other receivers and the odd adult and -- and of the sport of football. Overall and I just think a lot of the -- teacher at the end there -- Forget that I mean -- -- -- Italy. Receiver Turkey. You return guy and that's basically what is known for -- I mean amber and went looking -- to really hear about it. At all and then back out a bit while they're since then but now. Aren't they know he's not even -- I did want to point out that. I think Belichick's I mean I'm not a patriot and I back. That he -- Your eyes and makes an elite player. They had any of the deployment look at that point yet -- -- Kelly. You know Kelly. But the last book Accuray. -- Out of the mystery that the mystery. All we -- like to read the book. I've got a book here it's called war war room. And I think you're gonna have your name so I can hold on. And talk to young bill and don't let him askew out -- -- -- -- this this is just a business transaction is big this -- -- -- as Larry Larry -- -- to -- so. We're gonna get your address from the within your cup. -- -- hang on the line battle -- take your information we had this copy the Michael brought in today which she deserves -- that's a really good call. I like the way she looks at sort of a different way of looking at and a lot of the same things we've talked about just saying who was Wes Welker. He was he was a kick returner and -- -- Teddy Bruschi -- said that they did some preparation for Welker there to -- -- Belichick -- reportedly are taken who was nationally it was Welker was Mike -- Wright who was Mike -- what is Deion Branch -- Matt -- out of those guys been since leaving here and he's plenty of other plenty of other names you can draw on to the same list though. That's why I've always said or said over the last week -- -- was everybody's been blasting Belichick for these decisions with the receivers doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Nothing you've got to follow blindly. To help to the ends of the earth and back. But it don't doesn't deserve a little bit of state at the beginning that he's gonna get it right personnel wise given that he mostly has before. 6177797937. You're giving me was Glock and I wanna hear why in just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you miss John Farrell who was really good today's -- every Wednesday were especially good today really took us inside. Lot of his thought process some of the conversation we had last week about that crazy ending in the game against Baltimore last week Hubble replay of the best parts of John -- coming up at 530. Half hour from now salt collier WEEI course right after that it's the questions that your questions in the 379837. Mikey Adams. We'll be reviewing in debuting his response. -- -- -- -- -- It's I I just saw the I just heard some of the on the rough cuts to -- hasn't been off I haven't been produced gas. And it's just you know I just talking about right now he's not singing he's talking right now okay. And you'll sounds pretty good. So that's fine it's easy it's a good when you're talking out of it's that when you're actually just at that there's say there's a beauty warm there there's a -- or looked at depth. I'm glad the daylights out. It it's it's pretty it's pretty powerful and by the way out a couple of text is really busted me here why forgiving a book to Kelly in New Hampshire -- One of -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Trying to grow the business. Grow the business trying to grow the holy -- she understands she understand at the dolphins -- that. There's a way to do -- she's admiring from afar. From New Hampshire she's admiring. The way the patrons to different sought trying to. Educator a little bit you know what I don't want America to give you guys are now -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything or is it just that got her on routers got back on your ideas guy -- maybe you have four girl may be your own your your address that a Red Sox and then. And all your other stuff your inquiries. Order fan mail. If bad bill goes to pick Obama as you very funny -- the docket all day about wide receivers. It for good reason this week especially Thomas -- -- -- gave the reason we're talking about war Michael latest book. Is that it's a study of of the draft but but really looking at three guys Bill Belichick Scott Pioli obviously you're familiar with and -- to metropolis and other Belichick guy and good friend of Scott Pioli who went to Atlanta to run his own shop with the falcons patriots go to Atlanta to play that falcons team -- is a great scene in the book chapter fifteen appropriately titled war -- in the same title as the name of the book. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it just is no. Is -- receivers have two jobs. Right you don't you don't get a volley -- W religious -- those intermediate -- well you know what it turns out he's actually really good both those things he does get open he does catch the ball boy was it worth the trade up as high as he did it give up as much as he -- -- -- -- get comfort for both teams so far. It hasn't really shown itself there and I think we'll figure out I mean I think. The no pun intended the that chapter is not closed on net with Julio Jones because he's shown. Is shown flashes of brilliance and in his first two years. As long play in each of his first two years has been eighty yards so he is a game breaker and he. When when Julio Jones. I get spotted defense forget you can catch eyes got -- -- got -- so. It's been good so far but it remains received look at this if if the patriots win this game. On Sunday night. And the falcons fall to one in three. And many one and three teens who bounced back and got us in a -- -- game. So what people Atlanta be saying all man I'm so glad we made that Julio Jones trade. If this turns out to be an 8897. Season for the falcons 60777979837. Jules is in the car -- -- What's up guys I don't want to up. Are the data color -- -- door and I comic -- a question on Tom Brady's I've heard talk in the second ago about. Being excited here in -- -- and called on the percent I just -- hard line and excitement about anything he says the fact that. And I and I are injured for 23 of the last 36 games in the guy didn't talk to you first career. I do you know what he's no doubt agree how he felt he didn't second half of the ballgame when he came back but the guys did lose ten navigator right. From how to -- and respect. I don't know July until the problem with. I feel like a broken records in the same thing over a couple of different but -- -- -- -- -- guys the guys previous injuries -- unlike this one Jules okay so so when you -- from a trading perspective or any of those things there's no amount of training or anything you can do to stop your collar -- from breaking when you get hit the way he did. -- -- or hit the ground -- he did. If he had and -- that bent the wrong way and a collarbone was broken those are not screening issues are growing audience that but this is the first series muscular issue that the guys having his career so you're not gonna listen to him. Or be excited when he says he's got to come back why. Well that that was why it happened -- and I want to make that comment I'm pretty quick but I guess the question that the guys. The court size two walker is bigger than settlements for short so why can't go -- durable this kind of. Well a -- well I don't know how he's been the opposite of animals not -- dollars and and I think what you're saying is. There's there's more value in Wes Welker then then maybe the patriots saw I mean you look at you hear so many people saying -- was -- the slot -- and it. And I've gone back and forth Tommy turn on this over Europe over the years. Where -- the you can get production out of the slot. It is that position is gonna draw a lot of attention from the quarterback and he's in is going to be high volume position sure. But have a guy who can do that. -- can do it at the at the best level at the top level in the NFL better than anybody else in the slot and be there for game day. Game after game I think is is pretty difficult Georges and wore a guy George. Eight thanks to take in the column I am. If I get back -- Julio Jones Michael that was a great read. And I appreciate that work there what does whether it he's also speaking of growing up and based. If Dmitry off handed him a copy of your book Julio Jones and bookmark -- certain page. Yeah it's the thought. Why do you think this is going to be chalkboard material. Well I think just think it's an interesting side. -- by the way. He's a very I like that's very I didn't follow that George. Wes Welker what the record show because he -- -- one assist him go to any step you'll find him. In the top five all purpose yards those first three years. And maybe in the all time records although I think guy Emmett -- probably shows up at least a year or two. All time so. Yeah I. I'm a huge -- Guys that can hit my wife thought I wish we could get one of these guys. And they were in our division it was Wes Welker with Miami -- was Leon Washington with the jets before people who others may. I just -- they're both dynamic players it just your -- toll that. Right you know -- I'm a huge coming here to a locker room obviously but you have to pick him at -- -- and I think he's talented men and slot receivers sometimes our ticket for granite. But man. What a lucky bastard he has to have to go from Miami. With nobody virtually nobody that jug machine throwing the ball a Miami. And then you come to New England. You have Tom Brady and and you leave I gotta get the contract out the report also pissed off wherever I gotta go. All. Four Peyton Manning. -- unbelievable. I mean I -- I don't I don't go to it because I don't think if lock is extremely arms and I have been -- -- the -- -- wood down guy on wells on Welker around but. He clearly has something that those quarterbacks want to throw them right I mean he he showed up and it's -- comedy accommodation he worked -- into the -- talent aircraft that guy and had something the quarterbacks want to delete quarterbacks want Brady and and and Manning as well six or 777979237. Will is in New Hampshire Iowa. Hello well okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- What you guys get the you might remember because I sit at I create a 100% with which saw so. There we don't get many of them that all fans out I gotta say yeah yeah person to say that I did in the six months of the you know it's coming back from an outlet for their mind. Well look and I wish -- can -- Kelly aide and -- classic signature it was a book let. All under very forty years I want to -- on a day. Oh a little wheel in Indonesia might have been married forty years. After forty years now all of a sudden there is no longer worth it to your mom and you don't get out the -- -- still got to. I got it after all these years. I came from six brother and mother with three daughters that when an argument forty. On it anyway my point -- Very north of where I thought you really articulate it well it. You know not be in all the election -- -- on the -- article recreation and Miami also it and I respect the fact the -- the patriots to. And I could agree to -- you know like like -- set Welker comes here he -- been basically. Return man on here lights it up how many years and and I think he's gonna do that Denver -- that side or the other people you guys mentioned. Haven't -- that's what we ought to be -- for the system and I just what you know. Actually articulated it well. I -- -- I think we both agree with that absolutely an article and your New Hampshire she's in New Hampshire just -- PO box and hang out at the Clarkson and hopes they would know you also have -- -- things -- -- -- running -- -- here at the post office to -- -- Kelly from new Hampshire at the deal looks. I'll never never thought I'd be here estate -- given away dates with my woman who's that -- that don't worry about your government to do it. -- restaurant maybe -- I call call call the real question is did she say yes Chris is in New Hampshire -- A way to go that way to go meant yet and so are useful to see that you're still little that -- -- at the end Amendola -- surplus. You can take solace in the fact that your your bandwagon it's going to be up 100% sure it's gonna be forward. Here's here's the thing here's what's ultimately Chris thank you for -- by projecting here let me tell you and Michael and everybody else -- Obama's -- -- just tell -- what's gonna -- asked -- what's -- -- it's gonna -- this -- maybe the -- after -- -- maybe it's not going to be for a few -- okay. But eventually. Did any -- -- goal is gonna return to these pitchers Lester RI at that time he'll be healthy he will take the offense doing another level he had another dimension another year. To this offense. And there'll be a moment may be near the end of the season maybe it's in the playoffs maybe in the super ball Michael. Yet exactly I'm just trying to give you a big -- get a sense of what's gonna happen. You can I have one of those games one of those catches one of those plays one of those moments where you say I can't believe. We were worried about whether or not he played in a lousy game work to war. Way back in September and early October so we miss the gamer to against the stupid jets and box so watch. So we didn't play one game against Atlanta. When I needed this guy to come up into the end of the year he made that third down reception of the year. The play admitted that -- they kept the drive going that allows the patriots to beat the Broncos order beat the Texans or whatever I don't know exactly what it's going to be yet. But there'll be a moment where you will -- and everybody will say I can't believe I was ever worried about what about idiom and dole or missing Wes Welker -- watched. If he missed a couple of games. Early in the masters is that a microphone or you're just excited about this. Can I ask you that I'm just telling you what's not happened mark that -- candy market down right now mark that tape. You can play well that happens or goes on -- artists he's an actor when I was 100 and again I tell her what else is gonna happen. It's gonna come on the show and -- -- And Danny so great had to show. A lot of people doubted you -- a lot of haters out there are a lot of gotten a lot of you wouldn't think he would come back I had it all the entire time. Big fan of yours to anyone's -- Louis UQ I am sure you use -- you know -- -- I kept telling Mike -- your Mike talked outage at a time might. -- just can't come back and Danny Amendola and kind of -- dealing to people be saying by the end of the year -- the main with the -- -- -- So I'm excited about these receivers at the preacher tavern and -- opt in then. Jock boy. Aaron Dobson but my one concern is I would not been over the past. You know since Belichick and I -- that patriots he's strapped with Henry healers and only about any contribution of all. 30% right. I'm not so good at math but 30% so three receivers he's drafted that have had contributions to your team I -- two -- Given the branches or third. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't I don't. Really contribute as a rusty but what is at what what is element really done. Attributed enemy is very quickly and they're gonna returner he's a contributor he's been a contributor to know a great player but he's been a couple. I would say at least been more of a contributor is is who who's who was a better returner who's the better returner. Juliet element or -- -- definitely got a punt returner I think I would still take kickoff returner kick restaurants right. To punt returner vs kickoff -- different different you know what I would do I take about a 20% I'd say two attitude and make it more dramatic and open. That element in there yet. -- may be in a few weeks maybe. All right so far torn fibers derogatory -- 5% and how you have credit because they so far is doing well -- the yeah -- -- or ten guys and two of them have turned out well it's been it's been an area where you can scratch your head and say what does it -- That you really. I think it's something that. We've been talking about it all day for for good reason. If it's a position it's either. A blind spot for Bill Belichick or it's an area where he says we really need to emphasize -- here's the thing like you don't you're not emphasizing that doesn't mean you got to get it wrong. I mean if you're not emphasizing it they're still are some guys that he could it could have had yet they are just doesn't want Santonio Holmes does he want my -- Wallace is he willing to take a chance on those kind of guy -- -- -- like this out earlier. Yet in this same the same drafted to Brandon Tate or right before. Mike Wallace I mean the -- before my quality he picks up Brandon Tate now the once they got right. He deserves. He deserves big credit for Deion Branch and in the story was with -- -- branch who was -- almost a third round pick pick 65. Deion Branch was was on what they called a back board so that's the board where. Now we're not gonna take it these are free agents either after the draft these guys and all that you're going to be trapped abroad. Bring them in the championship we get something. I'm sure Victor Cruz was on that board with the giants to. Any came in right before the draft maybe a month before the draft and music and Deion Branch he said why this guy on the backboard. Got great production by he's got what we're looking for I think we should take his. Magnetic strip from here to -- moved him from the back door to the front port. And they drafted him in the second round so he. That was personally that was his home playing of of going and are looking -- -- okay that's not good enough a. What -- unless there is so so maybe he's been unlucky and they honestly maybe there's been just a lack of Lockett the receiver position since then -- where the guys he's drafted just don't happen to be the ones that have worked out. But it also it feels as if he's tried to stay away from the diva wide receivers -- Santonio Holmes the Mike Wallace's. The Dez Bryant's three guys that he could've had that. And decided not to take and -- -- do share some of that element 61777979837. Justin in New Hampshire I just. They got going on -- -- -- all -- the -- -- Kelly don't produce which he that. The center two books -- In its possible. Well I'll get one would then goes on his date with their house and the book with them. Mean you don't hear that card out here. The debate so I -- -- -- equipment a couple of points one. I'm. I don't think you can really take congress people have -- our understanding ensure that some motion but. You really can have separate Tom Brady this -- be Smart media guy off -- Tom Brady on appeal because it totally different they're pretty on the -- -- -- -- more fire than anybody in the year ago. So I don't think we can necessarily judge them. So much based on Italy I got to the upside is -- frankly I'm glad that he should. -- in the receiving court not for. Not necessarily gel and so are. I think there'd be some value to a pilot controller Browner Deion Branch in the air act this show and he does exactly what on the how to run the routes and wind picked up on certain things. An active that your arm that you know. He -- Qaeda and in some other pieces I I think -- bird could be a great listener just to get those spinners. A little bit -- mentor. As to how to how to put -- -- right. It's interesting having just I wonder how the players. Feel about it because. A one and you want all of your players to have a healthy sense of history and have perspective about what the organization is what the organization's been through what they won. The top names are in franchise history on the other hand you'll only get so nostalgic. -- so caught up in the past that you're not able to afford your own identity film. I don't know I don't know there will be a great thing to have Deion Branch come backer Troy Brown come back. Show those guys what Tom wants to think Tom and tell them. What they want with what he needs there when they get it that's a team building moment that the team bonding moment so that I would prefer that they get it right on their own. And my hands wouldn't have happened might it. Okay -- the Red Sox lineup for the now we talked to John Ferrell earlier it was very clear that they're gonna try to get Ellsbury in the air I think what I am looking -- -- Is as close as you're going to games this this would be. Mean where is the grocers can start this year. Who won that one American flagrantly -- the American League win OK I think what you -- looking at is your lineup for game three. Of the World Series in a National -- park this is your game three of the world's -- a Syrian National League park. Ellsbury in center field Victorino in right Pedroia at second base Ortiz at first then dominant left field salty catching to shortstop middle Brooks. At third base and DP. It's only that not your team three of the World Series. In Atlanta. Accurate game moment where he -- Atlanta or Saint Louis announced -- no -- that probably probably better off and land. Just also had a baby -- where we're we're what's the coolest city planners and apparently -- ago percent. -- that question on our stop asking we wanna go to LA we don't care about him more than -- the -- cardinals -- to go to LA Atlanta Saint Louis -- has not going anywhere you can make -- you don't talk to kill -- and -- idiots -- -- the Red Sox lose. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got -- questions and it's a good 137937. Cents tax lancer and right after that talk W the.

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