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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/25/13

Sep 25, 2013|

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It's time or answer the question jerk -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question. Ask your question me or -- if of course there are of course -- TV Dennis and Callahan like the old days -- -- like ultimately to protect and weren't a threat. -- you you talked about you reducing the sweat is that it's hot here. But it's not here. Should I don't pitch like. Its chemical and it's it is like. -- I registered. It in all of dark what time here. Our fall asleep and she'll work like this is terrible habit of it into into the question either way it brought you by air as a restoration specialist at your property your facilities manager. Orchard -- call heiress to injury disaster restoration game plan in place only 877. 4611111. AR serve at least once a week -- and so. Which was wrong I do wish I wish that we still of the windows over that -- rearranged his as a great view right and if you -- -- seen tires. -- ever met him since it right out to secretly Barbara -- that well. Its effects and made it's it's a picture of -- can -- Elizabeth. Lehman picture Coco Crisp is that. He has -- walls. We just have a wide open -- disclosed -- Can't be that the Red Sox are are in the are in the field east somewhere and it's -- to report. Outlets into some questions here. Next question do you watch America's cup and what do you think. I haven't watched it I don't I don't know anything about it and watch any sport that has no black people. While the black it was our company -- -- Euro. Touched it before. You ever had a black person you know America. You know what's happening there's -- feeling the greatest comeback in the history of sports apparently it's best seventeen series and they were down -- humility about it I don't know what. They -- out to one and now -- Eight with the leader Howell how it now what happened races what one racing in different races here is opening -- over they went to keep people from around one. So that's -- matter in America that people from -- aren't there are talented pitcher -- -- battling it was. Although it back in one. Pretty well with -- success on the exodus you don't actually knows what the race -- they're racing what does that. And of course it's our boat race the poultry and art though that the captain America's team was named them -- -- -- was that all the people rallying behind them in the become a big. Talking about. Actually true that measures Davis did Ted Turner and I'll answer that question. -- the year yes. Yeah two items in the like the beer. It's it's not to view what you're just too much -- too sweet like. This person does that refused to paper pumped I steal them. Have you ever stolen our pumpkin or any other board absorbed most people or political point. Well -- he would do so at some point it's going to be Smashing Pumpkins phase will be approximately -- -- I'm Robert. Steele. Awards following actions followed through and through it before. For what. It is it's a question you. Around Halloween and start explains what a couple of weeks and that's right now operating but it's just pump almost -- -- -- -- a program with approximately walked by him in one month old daughter looks at it says -- -- -- -- Usually close moment. Look at how -- she says mop them. -- you -- -- that moment there a couple of -- -- -- arguments stately and steal Christmas trees really. -- The -- of congress. It's nasty -- yeah. And it is more. Jacko lantern stuff -- stuff confuse your life -- nationally and -- true. To buy them on immigrant as a bit. Next question would you rather would you rather mediocre 63 times a week for good sex only once every three months. -- towards. That forty. Of the year -- you yeah sadly that it would mean that those -- time for every amazing mind blown up -- 150 times mediocre now wondered what it means somebody. That's really. -- You did want to blow him. Are you capable of might blow it by yourself possibly -- Imagination did come. -- five minute nap clinical -- Pink Floyd album. Next question. Your emails US -- -- reports for three on Friday afternoon do you run the report thirty just -- for the run. Dependent you know hoping to accomplish your job and come to you for him history can. Get your. If you were lucky enough that you do regardless of -- the emotions of Boston could be breaking your bull -- because. He -- around port maybe forfeit it for you would think he's doing it and making it for reasons. Hello Peter. And I'm gonna need you to go and come in tomorrow. And they looked at the America on the beat New Zealand happy clauses -- as Ed in Rhode Island it's a big win for Rhode Island in America America. -- Big sales. Next question. All right Michael what is Akron Ohio most famous for LeBron James the -- tires or you well I'll tell you what this. And what it should be most famous for LeBron obviously what should be now. -- -- -- Well honestly since the best burger I've ever had in my life. That's what it's like -- nineteen PP places you go up you turn your lights on they brought out to our heroic picture order. Did you don't you put your window down and bring about the history on the audio -- -- on -- equipment better but better but it just. And W used to be where you drive unit. That's -- plans to govern if you ever find yourself from Akron. This went -- the low for the black keys. That from what you are right there and let's face -- -- -- -- page brought -- project he is only just in the last ten years its tires real lives a couple of wouldn't it wouldn't implement quicker -- But I mean all the tires I don't think it -- their Internet -- -- -- -- -- politics. -- a more serious question do you think it will be -- back up this season. You in the exhibition performances so arts event ever shot no parties to go to the going to be Chad Johnson grass that bird and debate on the Bruins practice -- more this morning over who would be the media was divided over the back on Johnson vs bad -- like we -- through your -- -- -- -- -- of those -- -- that -- like -- -- one thing you know I think it's going to be. Next question do you ask the girl to -- engagement ring or -- you surprised. You have to surprise. You have to find him between can't hurt that I got out there know what she likes you've got to be between write the letter to pick out the actual rating. Analysts and revelry. -- yet but it you know. Me it's about you or does that ruin accepting yourself some gaudy and we your next question is -- the Uga you defeat history Connecticut's. To not do that did you do this and you did this I'm may have -- elements -- I will give you I will be -- that's going to be there let me tell you you organ and -- -- had a coworker at a previous job anyway. Who who who heads straight down -- extra -- -- -- a -- -- life that history that street -- -- kittens right outside her office I got because of it. -- I got actual athlete I'd. Say they'll all right Brian censor that now. You know I had please seriously you would not believe if -- -- possible to kill they jump up the entire way you have it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we're looking -- us through a that you organizers opened we have John Bolton tomorrow we do -- kimbo in the -- program used great the last time we talked to him to -- -- voting tomorrow to eastern looking forward to a -- due to virus.

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