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Salk and Holley's Four at Four: Wide Receiver Position Edition - 09/25/13

Sep 25, 2013|

We tackle four topics focused around the Patriots WR position including who your all time Patriots WR trio would be and MORE

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And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball for. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it Kelly and sports radio and W. So what was the worst decision. By belly check and free agent wide receiver does have to be -- free -- because I wanna say Ochocinco they have to pay him a lot of money. A lot of money for religions or a wide receiver they traded up a year ago Chad Ochocinco and what a wasted time he was able to calm the patriots. I had no game left that cost them money and they had a decent receiver. In place of Ochocinco. Maybe maybe they do maybe they do have something in the Super Bowl got a Super Bowl in spite. A vote of -- think about that. -- How much of Gisele on the lecture. I was -- of Joey Galloway but it's not -- -- the end of his career he really have too much left when he ended up coming here I think the only other answer. Besides Chad Ochocinco be doll is the very beginning in 2002 after they won the first two terrible right Hayes is supposed to be the tall receiver they needed it. When he came in from Carolina it never figured out the offense never did Jack squat. But the patriots he'd be the only other guy analyst below for Doug Gabriel and did well with crappy quarterback -- was fine I mean it wasn't great but what terrible gala Caldwell would not terrible. It was a great receiver Gabriel played -- he was gone it was Spanish after about four finalizing their idyllic youth -- that. You know I'm like he's not able using him some of the ball boy and a game this is this is that he didn't understand. The level hatred acts between Mangini and Belichick so he fumbled in the game against the jets. At Gillette. Patriots lost that game rainy day at Gillette -- -- heard -- debris. Off. So who has been the biggest draft boss Bill Belichick is made for the patriots wide receiver in your genes in your genes are your genius and urging her your sorry I checked as yes I don't know. It's. Thanks Michael appreciate that you make that stop for God's takes. -- been very bad thing -- run on the -- I did you make that knows me I think I did it the biggest let's go with another -- here's -- -- all chat board -- It would mean Chad Jackson. Because they traded out of the spot. -- Packers used to draft Greg Jennings picked out that spot to go up to get -- Just the fact. One study. It learn the plays. To overall disappointment to me that's. Jack's I don't know how anybody else would come close who also come close that turned out Johnson. Johnsons say what you will about it he was never good wide receiver at least it was the kick return for a few years at the big kick return for touchdown against the colts and of the game mean. At least Easter some level you -- even if you -- heard that the wide receiver they want him to I think the answer absolutely house beat Jack it's. We speak -- He -- guy talk from a Tony Simmons yes it's totally -- him past Tony that was like the posts. To -- or colors here police and it was right there. Wasn't the right guys were earlier overall guys -- those extra draft pick out what I thought those guys earlier but with him instantly. Backs. We talked about the Mets had a chance to draft Dez Bryant. -- traded down to -- maturity. Would you go back and change that decision. Now I don't think I would mean it's not that I am. I understand what you were saying earlier you're right his Bryant is a high profile. Good wide receiver he's either number one guy who changes the way that he dictates who with the defense is gonna cover the office so he's a really good player. Given the court he is a good players that are pro bowler and certainly since moving over to to safety from cornerback. He's picked up his game and seemed to have found a hole with that position not the first patriot. To be drafted as a corner and end up really succeeding as a safety. But -- I make that trade him right down go back and do it again I don't like what I just think the risk factor involved even still looked as -- I don't feel a 100% sure that that guy's gonna bring it game in game out that he's -- Come flying off the rails our program I'd always good if you're you're still trust the guys don't know I don't -- that. All right -- maybe there wouldn't do Deborah McCord for Dez Bryant wanted to -- Thomas. What to do that he would have been fantastic to implement it felt like you happen to like America -- the bears Thomas for them according hand. I needed TJ there. On now when. I noticed it was according but it closed. The AT&T question today. Are yet to make 83 wide receiver it's a lot like a -- check era. Patriots are you -- You she can't if you don't think it is Organic To Go like I swear to god and -- on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a three wide receiver set. All -- a bowl Belichick your -- -- killing our guys all. That's what we're gonna go. If they had gone with the original question on. Board ready -- government corporate. -- -- -- -- Now. -- you're gonna get himself for a you know and won't let him in the history of the you'll like him -- so ago mosque brown well. You mean is there any other service. Those were the two answers that question well. We must ultimately makes it in the oh well -- -- to middle and off this season and -- I will -- -- analysts -- that -- estimate that you know about David that. Let David -- -- and no. Others will -- -- -- -- yeah -- -- and no love for particle. You know that one huge reception. At a head that it's. It was Charles Johnson throws and our specialty -- -- government and of course. He wanted to private sports Mort I'll have that report -- almost make him but he just wasn't good enough year unfortunately bill Hartley -- does not make -- on. Remember the injured Hartley dykes. You remember how party got it -- you Muster. You remember Hartley dykes ran the ball back atoms element of just. Over broke is on in place. Is that reasonable. And just texas' g.'s eggs all in here knows there's this ago. What about the number. All of the so now now -- out debate problem but on receivers. Mosque. And actually brown. Used today the opera makes it -- well I think it will be hard to do as much as I'd like the I loved watching early in his career. On Welker is anybody I still do that. Its all time. Receivers that Belichick reportedly eight victory receivers it would seem equals -- wouldn't be in there would be it would be brilliant story -- In and gotten either -- -- patent. I really like -- -- Watched -- huge catch the Super Bowl so good don't. Just seems to happen the game. Look at it -- and directors in contention for a book. Shawn Jefferson and what was the Belichick. But it does look Shawn Jefferson. -- -- -- and Michael teams in the tempers -- Quite the equate the two bullets holes star -- 617779790. Threes at these calls on the portability any Emmental. Percent when he comes back he's going to be percent shortly could be this week it might be the week after -- these calls Boortz show Boston's problem at hand as they should I should. Just got a question. So yes he's got to mean crush on -- window and why he says that. You boys it's coming back under dissent. I'm not mistaken. He would -- like months. How can you go from almost is missed two games we'll be talking about it. Well and is visited their game is gonna -- or maybe he misses a -- a -- desperately trying to get this yet in three weeks is not a month the -- welcome almost a month we can agree to disagree on that point right. But on how -- you go from. Almost needing surgery to being almost there. Because they -- all reports man. -- -- all reports did did did any of dole or the patriots ever come -- saying he almost needs surgery or were there reports that they were conflicting doctors that didn't agree with Lebanon -- they're not calling anybody on -- media take that is active in that there's been no factual information that we haven't they haven't released any doctors' reports or anything like. I don't quite probably as you know -- I think that tough guy that probably -- -- -- -- -- -- because he feels that the team -- he says he's going to be he's nearly a 100% nearly -- 100% shortly. But everybody knows anything about that seems to think those two things are not related ground Curtis form and any -- it's a different place whether they related or not. I don't know not a doctor I just John I think he's tough kid who's trying to make it back as soon as possible he says can be 100% shortly I have no reason to to doubt him. Or to disagree with that Eric is in the car hire. I good -- government as a -- listen I don't have a lot of dark myself but I. I was Syria broke in a mental and the fact that he's quite the specimen this -- that you don't be so we're. Is that like practically nobody except Olympic and that. Maybe a guy that sort of well -- some state. Might be more prone to muscle -- -- injuries like that I mean are you can't you Clark as a comparison art has become more stats are not is not. Don't tell -- we don't know process today that in every part of that I don't know all this -- stuff about their their bodies in the body fat around. Just a bit of a muscle talk maybe you could get a dark normal market buying donuts. Somebody like you've seen over tempo Hitler he. Eric Eric this is the first injury Amendola had significantly. That has been that kind of a muscle there. None of the other injuries have been like -- is still the same people wondered that about really ripped players before and football and other sports as well whether or not they're just wound too tight. Fine if that was the case you might expect hamstring injury groin injury a shoulder injury Hank or for. Calf injury. That hasn't been his -- and a balky groin again ball yet people think -- -- bulky there's a huge difference. The ALK why not be you. It's not a bulky call key bulky public deputy ALK like it was sure volatile day but sometimes it works sometimes doesn't work look at things like cousin what are his balky. No that's Melky or Al site doesn't spell it BA LKE your BAE. -- -- -- We just talk about Bronson -- -- yesterday. Six or 7779. Have a cut to 37 and I tell you are finally thought of it from yesterday ended and I tell you this is true I can't we talked about it all day as we have like at the minute conversation. And it came to me like in the middle of the night what time that I -- 113001010. On photos wirelessly with late it was late that it expects -- -- to where they what does he expression when you follow somebody you fall of people to the -- the -- That's free fall people you all of them to the end of the year it's not a Helen backer through the gates of -- come hell or high water you -- people to the end of the -- Didn't think followed some into the gates and -- a little bit more. Difficult that means that money maybe for you but I think that expression -- you follow somebody to the end of the year Dan is in the Keenan. -- -- -- -- Are the -- though he hasn't talking earlier about Bill Belichick and why doesn't value receivers don't have -- I'm. I'm just thinking my thought on that what is. -- Bill Belichick quarterback like Tom Brady. Who seemed to put all of -- you're in the right position. And this continent surrounded by a mediocre receivers with the exception. You know branch and and Wes Welker then. -- You know either you never really had that Italy wide receiver out Adam and Ali made it work. Have a whole personal there's some problems -- what he has he's just mentioned Randy Moss who really the white guy you play match I cover them because I don't know other -- put Deion Branch -- I think he actually goes -- first point. It wasn't particularly successful when he left New England to visit quite there's a debate as to whether or not he's rarely get to only once and only slot guy and Welker and only outside receiver Randy Moss -- would agree that. Yes Islam and what you guys would be at some Belichick -- passes on receivers in the draft that he knows that he can use. A later -- or are free agent. And just put eminent good positions to succeed with Tom Brady giving him the ball. You know in space innings making double -- that our agreement to -- I a couple of people have said it before Dan and I think they're absolutely right. It's just the head coach in the way he views football and he looks ahead. Defensive linemen offensive linemen quarterbacks. Linebackers. -- and all of those positions as being far more important than than wide receiver. So that's why I don't know if you heard it earlier I was looking at all the receivers he's taken in his head coaching career. And I coach for nineteen seasons two teams Cleveland in New England. In nineteen seasons he's taken one guy exactly one guy in the first round the -- Derek Alexander Alexander Wright and that was in 1994. When you were still talking or doing in 19941994. I was. The junior in high school. Where and when a young Mike -- Was in high school don't want to averaged 1994 and Busta Rhymes of your call all of all the -- well receivers that he's drafted. In his head coaching career record 1991. Average draft position of those guys almost at 130 readjusting to go through and look at where some of the other ones were some of the other positions ball for Belichick and he's probably weekend. So many linebackers and some places all over the draft to be interesting to -- If that's really an accurate value. An accurate portrayal wary or use of position right as he -- his. He hasn't taken quarterbacks in the top of the draft but he hasn't really yet -- hasn't had hasn't been an issue. Where is the taken tackles where is the taken sinners but I guess percent are probably higher than for a lot of other fighter that's just -- a couple of. -- draft one in the first round right. A draft one in the top fifty drafted -- -- he drafted a full back. The top ten drafted Tommy Bard -- at nine after Steve Everett -- -- out of Michigan likes mr. At fourteen. So I've been ignored David Ursula and I don't Michigan Charlotte perfect for draft of the guard in the first round slogan make -- -- it running back in the first round. After the quarterback in the first round I would look at it. And -- tight ends. It Daniel Graham and Ben Watson. It's it's it's stands out and it's not a coincidence. That there's just been one receiver in his article -- out. Back to the whole giants thing we talked about it a few times this week. Those teams that excuse me Belichick was integral in the they won Super Bowl the late eighties early ninety's. They were they were built kind of the same way at quarterback that was able to. Deacon dunked his way up the field that's what Phil Simms was famous or write the dink and dunk incredibly accurate sets the record for efficiency in the Super Bowl is completing passover passover pass. They weren't deep down the field he wasn't dumbing it down the field he was thrown by secure passes the lion manual in and build a clunky and guys coming out of the backfield -- make -- Joseph -- us. He also put in the bar of -- with the with the ball all over the place. The wide receivers just weren't that important. I understand if he's not valuing the position that highly. It's 6177797937. The question becomes what Tom Brady is now 3637. Years old and people are desperate for him to win what more Super Bowl before he's done which I completely understand but is the best way to do it. By throwing these weapons that him and continuing to make him the focal point. Of everything your offense does. Asking him to throw the ball for 350 yards a game -- -- editorial makes sense I have you with more Michael I think it does. Time to let the running game shine I don't let the dink and dunk off and shine. I don't let the defense China all three of those things can work together without needing the greatest wide receivers on the planet but to the guys have to catch the ball be dependable yes this camera pumpkins need to be in the right spot on the field. Yes and I think that's gonna happen over time. Yeah I guess I think it does so if you're -- you're -- Belichick doesn't know what he's doing can't draft a wide receiver he's an idiot for not valuing the position. I'd love to hear you explain it back it up. 617779793. Several to the next alcoholic W media.

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