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Ben Volin on Brady's performance thus far

Sep 25, 2013|

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe joined the show to discuss the Patriots performance through the first three games. Ben told the guys that he thinks Brady has been far from his best so far.

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Our number three. Now right on what. For the Boston Globe. Coming up nimble and I know we. If you that we support radio any points he tweets just raw criticism all right posts about -- we be -- station yeah it's. On the heels of Michael -- -- shall we say uncomfortable exchange with Bill Belichick. Pit -- and tweet it out on September the other day two days ago. Not -- asked some pretty ridiculous questions now on WEEI. And he's venturing hilariously in turn. Will post audio when available well before you post audio Michael -- posted some audio. And -- from the Boston Globe's. Real. Well some stupid questions that would use to but it just. Well you know what involvement. Let's see your performances. -- your performance. Bill Belichick -- I'm not talking about you know I was trying to be. General but let's be specific for example. A question this -- that. How in Poland anyway at its first year on the job you'd like art of what's right in journalism. You've done in this business so what are your inner what are your questions like for Bill Belichick. Read your articles. -- -- mine hasn't been blown yet. So that's -- It's a point we're asking questions using not stupid ridiculous ridiculous questions however I think what he brings to table tomorrow. And the next day what's your record what he'd done. -- is the next day and all and joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable Ford GL TTE network we like I'm comfortable bad how are you this morning. You know I was pretty young copilot how to spot not to listen you sat. You know your your producer that particular that showed spanning the flame that is called. He did take heat he changed shouldn't and set accurately ridiculous questions and he's answering hilariously. Right hey I mean if it was personal my I mean I never met my quad before I know it's. Your career and has been around for awhile he's watching sports supporters. So nothing personal there for a while we're all about my name or what are maybe route to more harder by -- At your coach. Would you prepare for the team that's that's -- no matter is that the question. Particular. I would agree we talked about this length yesterday and I think we can all agree was poorly worded it was certainly badly timed in the they're playing an opponent who is they're equal on Sunday and the longer holly tried to press the issue the worse it got from Michael but would you not agree. That bet if the question awarded this way -- -- do you ever worry that you might not be able to convince a superior team that you work coaching. That they might struggle against an inferior team. Would that be fair question. -- or how do you maintain credibility when you you know caller retreat every team that have each adult and bright. Well that's what he was trying to do that and would you agree that that's. What -- question like I mean the question what you prepare for -- at bat right and what we all we all are. You know I note that the spur of the moment and maybe you wouldn't think but I don't know I mean they're questioned yet the line question being. It was fairly ridiculous and Belichick carrying you and -- out I mean that was an unbelievable apparently it. It's also subject got to give all the credit to get something. Unusual something notable out of Bill Belichick which is not an easy thing to do. I like -- and this is why likable he's not backing down. He's so easy to get a set out though you know what Michael's nice guy meant not only saying it was a really incredibly stupid. Question I was embarrassed -- pop -- to form a reason there are some alcohol is on the station that had. Keep it up you start up the are frustrated by -- yeah the US inhalation flow from bella check -- It kinda I mean yesterday it up Robert call. Use you know -- -- -- stopped them on my door automatic gain in the match -- -- actually pretty good. Breakdown of the personal pretty well but you know that -- always the most exciting stuff and I expect radio like yet. You know my being is that the calmer there than when you know that that dog and pony show or get them -- agent. He he he's showing in -- care about the media you can care about and you know. Play I Panama so I didn't eat great and -- NG you know very personable our big darn good job so far I bet you a question he -- me. Good answers about. The -- and go out there and from the things that make office so complicated court receiver so -- go into the -- -- -- you not to use today saying. I think I -- get a lot beside her and other time away from the podium and then you create light. He talked you -- up is it off the record we set off to the side you've been off the record. Now like long on -- gotten a couple opportunities to speak to him. It's. That pager patent thing you know we're talking about. I'd rather not bring up an armed group and let me talk them out deciding he's. Pretty ready. That's the thing I'd learn about art not a whole monster grow by actually human being occasionally keep decent style. But you agree that the press conferences are a waste of everyone's time. Completely -- -- it turned him into the hole for auction I mean the fact that. You know everywhere and today it into the institute bureaucrats are in immediate shook up yet -- you know out the hole. Sure oh you know why don't sports that are relentless on Brady and I mean it's a whole production and you know we have flashing graphics -- different sponsors behind that the speakers and it's gone beyond its original purpose which -- just for media to that question to get information out all show. But of course that you pick work around it and get package or recreational side again with. Did you think cabal -- Prius line of questioning when he wanted to know how close -- dole and or gronkowski were to plan on Sunday. I mean I guess it's good that Belichick being pressed but doesn't know that he's not keep your eating at what point does that turn into. You know. -- -- from a lot of questioning you just kind of putting the spotlight on herself I -- so. You know that some like Albert he's dealt with Belichick for years. This thing you know -- telling -- like I mean politics very entertaining you wish you -- you -- But you know he's not negating so you know once you start at Staten Island -- -- it's like we're able maybe on yeah. I close the falcons don't qualify as one of those inferior teams where bill have a difficult time convincing his patriots to take them seriously. Do you think -- mound Sunday night or Monday morning rolls around -- will know a lot more about the real identity of a New England Patriots and just how good or bad they may be. Yet people that we know a lot more to east it's I think we go out more about it often -- them -- -- the offense that has had three. Fairly typical in. Aux Jack and bill there rocket arm that -- good defense it's and the pages directory then. Really shorthanded without -- our guys that we don't know about. I'm so yeah. Not putting a point reporting at the box. Not bad job at all and that that we have no I doubt that these guys are they're putting up numbers like during the steel curtain. But they're chasing rookie quarterback in Josh Freeman who total match. And so now -- in the real top -- a chance for them when they go in -- We -- Jones a Tony Gonzales to -- a lot -- came last week against Miami. On the bright white -- with a high ankle sprain but this is a much better team what are often as -- -- -- street -- in their first weeks. Under pressure -- -- you can pick them apart bit and your real threat to the defense. Is it easier to go to the -- say Brady's having a down year statistically because he doesn't have gronkowski and Hernandez -- dole Welker. -- are more than exuberant about the last couple weeks is he also not playing very well with the guys yes. Yeah I just think he's on comparable with the -- in the lineup and and just don't have a heart trust right now. He's not waited on the field but he was very conservative just all -- donkey on the field shortstop across the middle. It Allah -- what dot since pumpkins are sure about that. Every game they're getting better and more comparable to -- well Brady you know he's just. -- -- -- And double pumping in double clutching a lot market perform in Russia particularly down to -- you -- all right away snitching on characteristic -- You know I I can't expect him to be perfect he's human but in great Britain and Europe not nick is a place that agrees to seeing -- make. -- -- or stalling it all so learning. Getting cohesion on the offense he's trying to get on a page. And the -- -- still waiting at a good sign that going and help them move forward but Brady clearly don't comparable so far into it and the congress that are seeing. Do you think Bill Belichick and I guess by extension Tom Brady. Have cast their lot with this offensive group Ben and bill -- said you know this is going to be down the road -- -- is going to be throwing to this year next year the year after that and and do you suspect that they are thinking about bringing somebody in the sort of patch this up until they all get on the same page. -- -- -- You know oil acting to bring your bloggers here is it hit eight someone get injured and that -- and I are. Or media garlic to exploit comes out -- oral fluid and suddenly gets mr. injury. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- But for it again I don't see that happening you know the -- rookie -- promising. Dobson points and -- -- -- -- Call one of those guys try to sneak back and practice squad they get -- up -- -- in. Then -- -- -- and Amendola. Who are you know -- you better and so you have five wide receiver already. Mean deeper on another got particular really hurting other areas that your team in the depths -- I just. I don't see how they're gonna have speak on the team to bring a guy an alleged civil get injured and then they can from our. Do you do you believe Tom Brady when he says he did not reach out to Deion Branch or -- Brandon Lloyd. You think he would like to see one of those guys are some veteran added to the mix. Mean I think if they want a great amyloid Aiken Adam and her. You know all summer long -- I think number it doesn't -- play here and it's possible arms reached out not really sure what state about that we could be talking semantics here. You know break it they want to -- then but maybe -- -- then who knows what's going -- I think it it to figure on either of those guys that all summer long to bring him back obviously -- in. I think it will it like to have more veteran leadership on the field are certainly a wide receiver they expect without Angola and rockets. On Iraq and try to find tight end at some point certainly next and I and can be huge. Our Canadian division leading here Hernandez like this but -- reacting to the stable our receivers that they're gonna have to go -- and -- got three younger receivers -- shows and talent at least options on the infield and they're going to be grown Tom Brady and it could be a struggle at first year they -- you're engaged but -- -- -- your -- now for the next two or three years. On the in the compatibility -- The three sub standard opponents thus far not withstanding. Are -- impressed by what you've seen from this defense and what has been the difference in your estimation is simply the addition of Tommy Kelly made some difference or what is -- -- Yet on the -- has been lucky to leave just playing really well. Just really increase in new element of that to the secondary. Really solid number one quarter Iraqis -- it shut down the voters here every time that Jack did make a couple of catches. The NFL rules are -- here not but his player issue act -- -- -- ignorance of fakes and you on top it every time. These are really great plate coverage as third interception of the year that the patriots in the field goal in the half. I'm citing a key to lead to major difference it'll keep up quarterback Garrett -- appreciate the and you know about the war is not about Heatley shot side I think you'd agree is that the line -- -- local. Will force it a little increase so far hasn't had much impact but Chandler Georgia's early current crop acreage having hack the -- so far are fairly Kamal fuel. The great -- -- On -- great getting the quarterback. On the ticket so part of the one thing that concerns me at Barack getting into questions that the pressure on the quarterback that Spain but I'm happy with much. -- one of these young mobile quarterback to stay pocket chart beat center -- and it worked great so far. Got to Matt Ryan and debris coming up and they're gonna pick apart. They've got to figure out a way to get a lot more pressure on the quarterback. I -- -- respected -- a lot more -- a lot more creative defense is coming up the next few weeks. You agree Tom -- theory he wrote about yesterday that it's not really welcome him as they've they fill the slot position pretty well that's really Hernandez or gronkowski that's the reason why this offices. -- it seems that people point -- -- to welcome present the reality that tight ends and other big void. Yes that's a great point and again that they -- Hernandez in June. They didn't know you know that that I was obviously happen here's clinical care the character and the seed in the Hernandez one of our top target the top -- o'clock a packed. You know there had to be right on target that sucked out as one of the stories log entry -- You know typically not -- out here anywhere near it so far. Speak to that had to be targets. In the red zone and of course launching Marino -- partner in. Just in deadly you know I don't get in and prepared at all and that settlement has stepped in pretty well for lockers of art in the option I -- a really nice job working middle -- today. And by eating all star players out and it's gonna struggle they are they really are playing a EG peaking right now and fortunately -- to adjust and not this week out victories. I what happens then when you talk to your friends from home from a PC or from -- Florida and they say what's it like up there what's it like. On the patriots beat what are you what is your answer. It I thought it a lot different than what I expected in the patriots I think I have this image of being it being. Mean corporate team that you know those -- stealing determinant. -- they are obviously by. There are a lot more human diet has stated that that is it media relations department is actually very helpful and great to work -- The players and the group interview they sound like robot to get a moral one not to decide they're actually pretty good while more comparable talking news. And it -- more on covering eighteen that's always in the spotlight like the patriots are you Belichick and Tom Brady. Were pretty much rock star so. To what they do it more important what does Miami golf and the dollar last year so it is just count on being in the -- appropriate east. Would that be so maybe Miami keeps -- in the page -- don't know say oh what's the Boland curse off via. That's literal -- are eclectic relieving the person that has that authority and finally did Bill Belichick tell you bought chemicals to decide. He talks reject about it not been in on that note that it that it basically you want to -- one side and so yeah I wish you and yet you know is groin injury at that point being India released. -- I grateful for the seat and started to apply the October -- -- -- he started for our seat agrees. And so you you know what like YouTube BP countless injuries -- -- -- good. Human quote about an analyst -- -- and wonder what is often fires. He is best ball and Boston Globe writes on football for the globe embrace the time talked to down the road. And vote doesn't count and on the AT&T hotline AT&T as the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GLB. Eat regular -- always mind. Maybe could be yeah we'll find out -- -- that did give it to him to back down to Jennings could it it's a fair criticism I mean no one's. Attacking him personally. Were not the only one without the questions were ridiculous I think once you re word dumb can mimic a lot more sense sure. It's a perfectly appropriate question was Anderson will -- with the stuff. But. I'm not do you think that when bottom when you get Belichick. Off to decide that it's really. Insightful cycles. It is just by comparison there has been set well that was the reason I like human beat that you listen really good stuff I there was -- -- -- Friday press -- the Friday it would Parcells was she genuinely. Good stuff good stuff insightful stuff. He didn't like cameras. -- when he when he let his hair down. In New York rise said the same thing used to sit down cameras and leave it's an oval rustling up a cigarette. Right and I didn't -- Saratoga horse racing in known no other worlds but talk football to and tell you anything. Has it and make sure you -- write it down you know was a -- will -- generally assume we're zealot terrorist pretty good was on that LT documentary on showtime that -- last week it's a two -- the hockey sought or not he's interviewed fort. It -- more -- good what all the insults on -- tomorrow we talked and thought LT definitely as a football historian that stuff is good but that's not the past which needs some -- -- me -- yes correct I mean people one. Topical David -- stuff on the beat and they just don't get in -- understands that the press conferences. A waste of everyone's time assure our. We'll take a break 61777979837. Have figured out. Which red sock is now headed for the hall of fame. -- to figure this out you Wear this you know this David Ortiz is close to a couple of miles yeah now of those guys in. This guy is in town hall of fame yep I'll play when we get back.

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