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Brady's weapons vs Peyton Mannings

Sep 25, 2013|

The guys discussed the arsenal of weapons for Brady and Peyton Manning. They all agreed that Tom is arriving with far less targets than Peyton.

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61777. On 7937. AT&T text labs always 3793. Sale seven aka football patriot football band ball and it -- all five. The end. Obviously apart I'm not sure it -- -- -- -- It was the most commercial bombs posse in here and run. How is in Poland anyway onto the bowl on right away yeah after -- -- have some more -- comparable radio I mean. It's at its fears. That the police question would stoop. Just what you word that's I was Gonzales told yesterday but that's I was gonna say and Michael -- made it but. He could worded -- -- you did yes that yes we discussed yes that is right. Perfectly appropriate subject. Just kind of bad timing. Wasn't that the timing wasn't good and the word it was in the wording was a good and it was a better question for Urban Meyer or Pete Carroll -- John Fox that we -- be a better -- question for. Belichick when they're playing and who's the dormant on the schedule a Cleveland anymore stroke made it gets paid at that point. If there were. -- double the if they are -- double digit underdog again and then you ask and ask it sort of in the big picture perspective for guys like Errol. Don't beat yourself or what's it like -- in that situation as ass so to eject was. I'm sure the timing the timing would have been OK you could have used this weakens college football's example that you know we've seen seventy to 76 point. Differentiation between one team and another if you're coaching you know your team that there's nobody on their team that -- -- -- on -- you know what. That's the kind of question he'd sometimes. Answers yes you know it's kind of a big picture some that Russia and -- always stick to his team all that time in 1978. When you would whatever yeah bolts and you were double digit favorites. Or or if you specifically asked about the Miami patriot game in 2004 all the Cleveland game in 2000 and analyst -- that was he would talk about last year's Arizona -- he would talk about that yeah. Not he wouldn't -- -- -- he's never great -- he would address that subject engine of complacency and taking your opponent lightly. It just it. The question wasn't where does -- could've -- Like you could easily gotten gotten him to -- and say. Do they believe you when you say. That team is good and all three phases of the game I mean do you ever look out here you picketed chuckled a I would have thought and don't laugh -- -- -- went with liquid gaming community and we talk about here. -- the ever tell your team that this team is great that's the support is great all three phase of the game you see the look at their face that says. Sell real. And did that happen. Inequity that game -- years ago -- -- happen in the Miami game nine years ago is that what happened. That you told him and they could get knocked off and they and they didn't really buy it. 6177797937. John -- -- off from EST that morning John. Good morning. Requested -- yes or three record number one at how did you think. It -- and you are very very. Call it is Tom Brady is not not so much -- Constant back once or -- yes. There are accurate like robbery or outing in eight or in the future war -- better job. -- -- I'm with -- from beastie. These right so you'd think because there's a lack of trust Oreo lack of confidence in Tom Brady's mind that maybe one out of five plays. Kimbrough is not where he needs to be. That would. Force someway somehow prompt a lockdown on Sutton fell and totally ignore a wide open settlement and pumpkins would come open. Let me ask you question with a question -- though they -- ya hear it who had Gerry Callahan and Kirk and replace weird eulogy. Check bird and nobody out all the time how competent. -- that's a great question that's a question but it would not -- it was yeah it was the other -- shot in the thick and John John John I guess but it would -- from that -- from doing the basics of my jobs such as reading a commercial. Heavy duty time and traffic what temperature here's what would happen in the show and get. Good repeat but come up with someone else that the that Dino broadening its a couple of comfortable yet -- of which you sit here and Shaughnessy. And I might be -- that big that I cannot bury it mattered whose source is the worst I've ever heard the radio. The worst guy I've ever heard on the radio. Steve Robertson. Sever co hosted now the two guys -- -- -- I don't what are you what you know. 818 site which has -- right we had doubts now are we better be good show but. You would finish the show and I'm saying during your primed you know you're well restaurant not now you know I'm on court -- an idea that analogy to Brady and you're on your game are. Yes it -- a couple of chumps. And imagine that at the end of the show it's its 10 o'clock and that was a good show. Do you feel like that you gave your best performance no even though he probably did -- probably give your best effort which but it just didn't work to -- in his prime do you think he's he's physically as good as ever. As I do close yes pretty close so physically he's right there right where's the flaws with the flaws come from. John's right that come from -- lack of confidence -- receivers and lack of cohesion. With the whole unit -- you have to be more specific with the analogy if I'm waiting for the the inferior broadcaster. To jump in and helped carry the conversation right that might have a lack of trust or lack of confidence it would not -- However from doing the basics of the job and that is you know paying attention of the clock reading the commercials. Easing into the break. And that's -- tell -- that's -- did messed up some of the basics of his job. Scanning the field seeing three receivers too wide open and forcing it into the got what it covered yet here's the question John if that's if that's -- Rob Gronkowski. Over the middle right. And Randy Moss and Wes Welker say you're saying that Brady. Makes them look into it -- those aside I don't know -- -- I -- all its first thought is is where is moss if moss is going deep. He gives a glance if he's opening -- and absolute dividend that's an ocean -- on the gravity could really trust element is the guy he art -- shop him this failed buddies I don't get as much confidence in these guys. Deep down the field hasn't. To -- competency hit is that -- deep ball yet this year. And there was nothing landed -- -- -- stop running nothing over twenty yards last game that's true and out of -- -- I -- -- was not yards not a depletion is yards -- pass in yards per completion is crap is last in the league in yards per attempt is its ratings 79 ratings awful is -- yards per attempt is terrible worse than what to. Two receivers lead the National Football League after three weeks in receptions. Julian Edelman Wes Welker you go -- gentlemen Julio Jones an element and leads the world companies that high -- Joseph. Joseph. Can't get into that subject area that. Absolutely agree with -- -- more people -- meet the more I love -- I mean you know that's an outbreak all right I'll yeah I'm. I'll get this filed the Patriot Act like -- well look at this from the wrong angle. If you look back upon any championship run at ultra left on the defense with that people have totally given up sort of the 34 point 23 games. That's how I was -- belt. I didn't look at the ironic twist -- can happen that Peyton Manning let him be late September -- thought the public to -- about. We've seen the script for episode 2005. And 2000 guys. That you really don't matter that that would compete in an AFC title game in Denver and look at the condition -- let's try to sleep a little bit. And we got Peyton Manning that the man. It's sort of imperative we -- we absolutely need to win games thirteen to 101713. -- 20032004. Is that at least seeing. With ER six about seventeen the only way to win a championship with -- that. Like you -- -- why can't they win 28 to 1035. To ten. -- would be to know. That happened. That's how this is the first time we've actually seen that defense men out all the the first three weeks. I mean we look at the history the only other county auditorium I was I was seven and are still without question out. At that former of the two would be a lot better about I just -- it would be funny to see that -- FC title game condemned around the basic condition. Right now as happy as we compete -- and now. And we should absolutely not shut out of the lab receivable. We had that chance they get better until I maybe could pick up somewhat a lot of lag and see if that happened. I don't -- horrible record when -- -- thirty degrees is is a result of spending a lot of time in the -- sure is he going to get better now that he's playing in Denver in sub thirty degrees it's like. One in eleven something in sub thirty degree. Temperatures it was a great last year there in the postseason no. No but he's a pretty comfortable Monday night -- and are pretty nice air via a so you think he just. -- some bad conditions and he will -- history quite bad. Outside of the -- in January the -- does just just because he was trying to into that half of every season in a dome. Admitting his -- -- play games below forty degrees. Poll and regular season that it's just as bad I think he's won one time. Or thirty degrees threats and -- he wants to talk a grip Brady in a wide receivers brats in Connecticut oh let's talk about Michael -- will do that next. It handles like the new World -- did you address welcome to your fantasy team looked at kind of a Dick you know dude welcome ways depends why would welcome -- well path. Gone well sure -- back what -- Carl. -- is happy about it 6177797937. Has promised guitar -- at New Hampshire thanks for your patience mr. Fred how are you. I'm good days I was a boy learning. According to radiate islamists to -- could you have to have that. -- -- -- -- still what did you grilled cheese Silva just a broader reasons such as that which Jim Jim just to be used to break gym together. There and if it. Before. I understand this and I understand crushed off before she cooks it or after a first of all your right to use the presidents of my mom's still does Pakistan and yes she does do that -- before -- after it's cooked. Oh after. After so your -- and -- is that way to a little bit. Little bit right much how many slices cheese does -- use no idea you know on the map to sit down report that tomato and -- right Natalie now -- don't -- that -- is good -- tomato Mary and she's a better read all yours. Okay. Go to -- Brady -- -- you know when. He had less talent and then Manning when Manning was that Indianapolis in which. Pretty used to Celtic pride in it because he had confidence in his it is receivers and do what they were going to be even though they went scooters would put. You know with. Any in the thing is that now. I don't think he has any confidence in these receivers I think that. He's a two of these guys that are run of the great wrote and then disposed of break certain ways of certain things happen I don't I don't think he has accomplished in the that I think. You know -- -- he's making some passes. East of where they should be what should be happening in its not happening we don't know what's going on in the field. But -- were there not a couple of occasions where -- made physical mistakes were he either under through the guy at the back of the end zone that look like going percent felt. -- absolutely ignored. Element and Hopkins and forced him in the sun -- those mistakes that Brady made separate from his -- -- pretty wide receivers. They could have been -- in the wrong route so. He could've been placing their -- because you expected can be beaten yet and they weren't. Now he's made mistakes clearly has always made mistakes it would everyone makes mistakes met except for Manning a Monday night right a lot. It goes along which Hillary I don't think they did Brady is competent these guys. I don't think -- have been around. -- tradition -- I -- actually dropped out as a right near my but but it's of this though is Brady and concern. Well of course not so it's not like -- to be made some bad throws. Alex you're gonna change it is any any concern there at all so Brady's fine. He Brady's in his prime -- in shape Brady's healthy Brady's motivated so set that aside to quarterbacks fine. And other issues you can't say oh. Brady missed a couple of receivers we have -- about that I'm not suggesting you have to do something a lot -- -- solutions what I'm telling you is just because he has some guys who doesn't have full trust it. Doesn't somehow exonerate him. From making it possible mistakes Al -- is all fine he made a couple physical mistakes then we move on how do you fix what's ailing them. Just say well to -- the time at halftime they have real three tough games. Coming up right now and it'll be interesting to see what happens in these three games if he manages to win 23 if he manages to. Get together with these two with these five or six receivers. And -- not points the way he did. Last year 35 I don't know -- -- If he's if he does that for stretch it could be -- greatest accomplishment of his hall of fame card reader if he. Winds with these guys course with these guys but how did a minute ago which would you would you say that it is starting Sunday. Brought Evan dole and cattlemen are just three primary toxic to -- three NC rock and settlement -- now most say that -- almost if as is. Receiving corps is rock. Element Thompson pumpkins. Boy meets Saab fell. And he puts up thirty plus for a stretch I'll say yes that is an amazing accomplish Bill Belichick would ever tell you this but I think it bill Belichick's mind he would say -- will be a point not too far down the road in the schedule. -- -- What will we worried about those rookie wide receiver for. With liquid -- come in with a and we talk about it the other -- you're right absolutely and Brett and and as I say and write all the time Belichick usually right. Does it feel like he's right. This time we're at the processor -- does not. Right now right if it were at the park -- eight weeks from now could and -- and effort and maybe it's unfair but when you see Manning and the ago now that's that's the reason this doesn't feel right exactly right but does seat doesn't seem like Brady deserves. Better weapons. -- to do with -- brits in Connecticut hello Brett. Hey Fella by the go hybrid that's up electorate gets I am some kinetic did not say that this is not genetic -- People's Bank. -- And they don't have anyone out there who orbit that UConn basketball. When they start in apology and they just -- well I would have been doing it ought to look at the age. Which is fine. Go to our that's our like Ali you -- being coach. Sitting right across -- And that there are going to be that it spoke to comic drama that app. And by drama what I mean -- it sure years ago. He did the same thing Belichick -- get something happened which you mean it made that club or something like that yes right. -- I mean there's that and yet about that Dutch like in my. You worded answer classic Belichick -- -- were perfect because it's ever -- it would -- Whatever the players you opt for our. Are under or aren't that -- -- you. They believe that so you don't think mission that spell check and Aaron Hernandez at the beginning of the year and all know that. Committed. Murder off the field and a cop that killed by. Their Sports Radio show let's talk about sport. This ties his or -- -- I'd be arrested your god may not be available element you know could have. You know been off the field individuals might be out to with a head injury crisis stripper hit him over the head with a bottle you don't think that is also -- his car broke his arm into place as you'll -- you should ask the head coach what are you gonna do are you want to adjust. Without an April secure number one receiver. What -- asking about you know -- just need to adapting how do you would you the trauma like how you handled it. How do you handle that everything like how do you handle it legally. She's had been two years ago -- -- about what happened you know. Like a black -- and you had a month -- well when you -- and -- the last time and asked them about. You know I think you're not prepare for it in medical going to be prepared as well short. And like Belichick for the simple fact that he has title -- no kind of mentality where it takes anything to win. And I think that that relate -- it stabilizes that hole. That whole team and I think that that's really what he spoke -- -- right now and net -- at the wide receivers are concerned it's. They are I think Brady's. Knee bend Indiana so long enough to know that. This is what can happen -- need to work through this and you will. -- he's the first ballot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You need to prove it out. Yeah it's all about activity at the end we get the answer your question you know he's the other guy who did do the show -- rules Erica do you think you'd be able to perform -- Worrying about Gary and Matt and best of your ability. He's a first ballot hall of Famer I haven't even thought it's it's good question did you give it. I think you'll sneak in when he retires the same time as men and with a professor in the Golan together. He wants to play you know that yesterday morning their career passing rating. This identical. Identical 96 point 8% it's a great debate I mean that's way more I think that's. I'm baby MB -- -- that's way more pro Brady could think about it all those games outdoors. It -- Moses crypto guys like Wayne and Harrison yeah that is just a lovable brave visible and a -- I think the great equalizer is seen on the Super Bowls it's not all that matters and I heard that somebody. Call. Assault and holly bring up Dan Coats in the interest. Dismissed them on hand because -- has no -- like great cause was a great quarterback -- -- use salukis you know younger elected and didn't get to see him. But -- was a great quick Marino was pretty good he's pretty good idea great quarterback. And who didn't win any rings and Peyton Manning I don't know you wanna make that argument if your patent for -- winning just winning one he's a few rings and his brother. That would anyway oversee -- lies about a quarterback no course not let anybody think that Ben Roethlisberger is a better quarterback in Dan Marino could you -- to rings course. Our job Paul that we see you we will talk you'd next hour to DOC hour from now Ben -- Boston Globe Joyce's.

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