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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/24/13

Sep 24, 2013|

Ask how at askafree... I mean 37-937. Time was!

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It's. Time for answer the question -- answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question yeah. Mike adams' bear hug Mikey. I got two things for you Mike song when he got for me. First of ball I swear the guy yes. I do a better -- -- song once you decade let's dirt like. Good thing almost a nonstarter of course nobody go. Let's get a sick -- what should be you and me and dole. Not deal well lakers. This -- name because who's Dolan. Who'd want to go there. There -- Republicans singer songwriter -- you get ready for mighty big world war signal and here you are trying to bring me back down to earth like you're like Brady you used to try to take my -- out my legs out from -- using almost as well as Bob Dylan. And you write all the losses as well let's let's actually go Mikey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna come in tomorrow -- all because you can get that -- right now and I listened to such a tough guy have to go to music burns on -- I. And by the way you could break candidate for the next planet -- you'll see whenever that is we have a big thing you'll love listening -- good. The other thing you that you said it is wrong you know like you but listen -- minutes. The lines world view and occasionally gets enough yet that's not true it's not your -- -- I cannot ignore provides -- -- where do -- dead in the wrong. They're Tibetan side of the road debt and they were hungry when they get hit and by the way. Atlanta that in the land of the blind the one eyed man is -- Sometimes a wing -- the same as a nod to a blind to tourists and Rod Stewart. But that they -- that gift horse in the mouth of score all -- -- -- to be little tiny lines square all through their heart their mother that killed right away I think our climb this tree what tree in. -- Where I was at this relic of figure it out of that it was a dead ones you should know that I just what is your favorite saying of all time. I think that like ticket it's you have so much column my father my father got -- were precinct I don't want to import what is wrong I'm using all the time. Lieberman they can't take pitcher that's it use it ball as it comes -- my dad loves a six and one half dozen Leo that is is his all time favorites and he likes when he gets it wrong. The expression is. Poised on Euro hard right that the expression -- -- in your own petard. I don't -- my data I think has voiced by Euro are perhaps starting that's generally tailored to resolve our own petard as I think that that's all right do you not really -- Certainly credit and don't want it brought it by air as restoration -- it's that your property or facilities manager torture and -- call heiress to a -- the disaster restoration deeply in place. 08774611111. Or -- -- -- serve them. Dot com. Guys Simon or Garfunkel. Policy so easily so I am sorry it didn't buy it model amazing muses what I guess they wanted to mortality Google editions of the last fifteen years -- -- you know what they would help with Simon and another do -- before they were called Simon and Garfunkel you know what they were call. The note Tom and Jerry. Amen Jack I -- you man I totally -- Called useless information. So I had about all the different work at the Brazilian percussion band at least of black Obama is right -- by the laser range I saw what that has now. That that one that had if you leave my body knows Iceland no it's always better shorter rhythm of this. That are like 37 minutes -- them. If so is that the balls by themselves and concert released arranged did you like scores were -- like Paul Simon's performers and home. And too much -- that I was stone next question. Swipes of the order to use H two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the switch up your. Yard catch up and give -- different doesn't match up well with all the -- would you weren't there were two reasons one it doesn't actually work. -- go to the army to be -- out to Hillary does not work for which I don't think it makes me -- so I have to use -- -- -- for you it doesn't work I'm telling you it doesn't work. Yet it would it certain drives that the network -- for -- -- Jimmy's like it the -- when. I think so sort of I bleaching -- that it uses dozens of teaching it. With what. Looks. And sweat pours out. I don't think that's different. -- hydrogen peroxide. Speaking about the -- -- do you or Paul c'mon now ultimately pulls on it depends how -- Q take when people sweat pants. -- all the way down dollar gift to him -- Down the stack problem. The courts. And answer do you go -- over the over the fence or through the game. Never -- up with this thing it's just weird he's gone through the gate sales that they have a -- at all do you think of potters -- Just as they put on hold and use and I just assumed the candidates that are out there for cosmetic I always useful -- not a practical -- to -- that's why they rise through that it opened for politics meanwhile. I think people like there and it's taken me -- -- people who like trouble on that that is hardest way to do bloggers themselves -- -- -- retirement -- drops to all the year -- mr. optimist. It character. The next question holly to prepare for salt and have a good show even if he's never. Record. If it would -- regardless if I got to prepare for their best -- its active government I mean you have to. I got to prepare and what do you what short you listen to talk about it. He's never had a good. Did you get it. Just like Arnold don't hate don't let me interrupt your game meet him in with -- and we talked to Michael -- -- It's -- Did you vote for Boston's mayor today in the prime -- the -- -- Would -- bit of a -- them. It was almost like you're about to hear about this we don't we do a good question today on Twitter while others who who who I would have voted for sure that's just under. Four is he related to him. Maybe just a Clyde. Who problem. People write in votes do you think you know it. You -- a lot of people on right in May mean I think a lot of people based on whatever it I think a lot of people have no idea that there's a primary -- -- because the turnout is terrible unbelievably really yeah -- to the guys running at both -- calmly but they spell it yes -- -- now next question and I saw their ads -- the -- -- right after the and other -- -- -- ones -- at all and finally -- -- and they they had back to back commercials during the patriots. Which turns replacement -- -- to -- -- Quincy. -- Thanks castill be -- by other teams in the guy's unbelievable score. Whether greatest scorers in the last 1520 years in the National Hockey League when he writing your -- to -- working on right now are you and yet you have the song down yet. Ought to read the book and a -- Next question. Star Wars gonna come -- -- seventh movie should there be a limit on sequels to break that you usually pure auction of projectiles. From the ninety's. Three right. Maybe that's about right that's you should an idiot I integrates a stretch if you really got to have a lot of material to get to three -- making good for us for special yeah Iraq rocky -- police academy goes down -- agree. -- -- -- Do we scattered -- -- is for some reason movie if you. It's pretty funny -- watch rocky three it's now -- -- Carrie Fisher play gentler hut in the seventh putting up the issue is a load now that question you know the prequel I would love to see written. They should have made a die hard reports that it making die hard sequel after sequel ready should have gone back right at the beginning and that but die hard prequel is the only way that you could put on that movie features are. Would you love to know how -- got that point. Yeah right you wouldn't you -- water bill sponsor we've met Alexander Gordon off Carl. How he joined the German folks front movement got thrown out it loses sleep I'm not that the questions for -- I think the questions for Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- Retirement party. To retirement parties that -- But -- immediately be home. Is sloppy weird it's weird game boy that meet several notes -- -- beat these guys are known it's -- And I don't mind being the guy is like I don't hear. It. Games during violent history. A -- Collins yes -- no no. Future. That's when you're talking to. It will -- don't future pocket which is stupid. It. Was a news questions coming my job is worth of rhetoric and what are the labor justices. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This. Would you would you rather learn to play with -- over the arc. The par four. You appear right right from from the -- moment if you want me Forrester bad day impoundment you might just. Knew was that or. For us today and Ferrell to 230 -- Nike Adams is coming up next. To ours might. You'll like. Or he's spinning it relaxes your spitting. And it Umar we'll see you guys tomorrow to buy.

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