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Tom Brady under fire! National media hosts aren't happy with Brady's demeanor

Sep 24, 2013|

We discuss the Sunday football shows treatment of Tom Brady (specifically Shannon Sharpe and Tom Jackson) and how there may be more at play here then simple football analysis. We poke some holes in their arguments, and hear from you!

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-- throughout the tire run the patriots have had critics. Would you agree. Yes critics they've had critics and most of the critics have been. -- most of the criticism has been directed at Bill Belichick mostly. -- can't really think of a guy. Who is made you think of a polarizing patriots player I don't think you can nationally. Bill Belichick. Polarizing patriots triggered nationally yes Morton anybody -- more than Brady has Robert -- to -- an older no a remote. Well you know that the glory days when it was Brady was Bruschi. Well and heresy and all the Harrison a little bit because he was more disliked by other -- more damage none of those guys you're right -- yet so I would say all most of the criticism was was directed at Bill Belichick because most of these guys. It's so personal. When asked when bill and asked Bill Belichick questions. And they shut it down to get personal why would anybody -- I personally think even laugh at themselves they can even say it sounds like an AT&T commercial most of -- like what really stupid question. Those guys instead. Just went on the offensive and because Bill Belichick. Was mean to -- in interviews. -- learned to be a bigger man. -- initiative that we need to do a little. Bit bigger man -- good for you well to their more consistent critics. I have been by four Janis sharp. And your guy Todd Jackson teens and Remington to their to their most consisting critics are really Belichick's most consistent critics. I guess I would say but I -- -- Jack Jack once upon Jackson is a Belichick critic Kevin -- is a patriots critic right he's always sort of have. -- blind spot for the patriots from when he was play in the game I. Call the national are we got killed in a major in vector funny that it's very it's but it goes way way back anyway both guys over the weekend before the patriots played their third game. Had really hates criticism. Not just for the Richard's organization. Which I think is is almost not news at this point. But for Tom Brady which I still do think is news star Shannon sharp who said this on Sunday. I'll play with a guy John they'll wait with everybody with Tom Brady's -- into France and he had to tell me to play for a couple of years and he never. Disrespect to meet initial Beckham I wouldn't motion even when I ran the wrong route even when I've been blocked and he got fat or solar sensitive there's a -- All the way to have -- they can -- clearly the wrong I don't know. There seemed like a million flaws. With what he's saying there and I wanted to sit here and -- circle the wagons for Brady and I know you Q all the home comments is that that if you respect you never disrespect me -- don't think there's a pretty big difference between talking to Shannon -- when he was playing in Denver for John Elway when he was a really established great player. And and and these two rookies had ever been in the league before this year. One guy in undrafted rookie what one game in his history at one guy playing his first ever football game. Not do what they are supposed to practice and being Brady's only op. Well Richard Richard you're not see any good buddies what Shannon Sharpe. -- may be. -- don't know what he -- that maybe was trying to say that even when he was an unknown out of Savannah State his rookie year we equipped with Elway. Even when he -- know what he was doing and he screwed up Elway didn't scream out. And that's fine Allen now it was Marino ironically who said you're so sensitive because what we say about Tom Brady after that Thursday and again. These are things that Dan Marino used to do to was quarterbacks and it was a wide receivers Marino was the first one and that's not to say. You're so sensitive. Quarterbacks or streamers -- summer -- for example I can't imagine what can we -- wrong and can't imagine Joseph Montana. Like screaming. At at a receiver for running the -- -- offers -- what did he have to. It was a gays and delegates -- right if they ever read my other receivers besides your video. Did you think that I don't use it yet and I don't I don't ever ever want to -- -- Taylor right I don't revenge but other than that like. C'mon you Jerry Rice in my arm harassment and imagine Roger Craig. Those are -- yard receivers and backs were you know Joseph -- -- -- wouldn't do it. Actually Ron Amadon going. Dan Marino absolutely did Boomer Esiason. Hit the you know going back and -- rational member Terry Bradshaw. Do what it all that much Roger Staubach had -- -- -- just a it's a personality thing but bigger than that. You know this is the -- -- -- -- with Twitter and that in in the red zone we see everything in cameras on everybody at all times. It even a Beatles -- during the game you've got debt and that will play it back court awful announcing it will play it back again the next day let. I just think. This is. -- the real story is kind of relationship you have with that guy. In meetings. So you if if Tom Brady scream -- Wes Welker which he did. Your boys. It's an understanding that they have so Wes Welker would not say which and it serves on Tom's disrespect. Do you think Schenscher means this I don't know of course you're still I think -- And ensure that really is angry tiebreak -- -- that what he did was really horrible he's -- he's angry he's -- -- -- you think of himself and as a quick mind. And I agree wrapping -- the bottom. Yes it would bother him -- I'll play with a guy John Elway with every bit of Tom Brady's equal in its plan. India had -- -- play for a couple of years and he never. Disrespect to meet initial Beckham outward emotion even when -- ran the wrong route even when I've been blocked and he got things are so sensitive there's a ride him. All the way to handle everything that's clearly the ball and there's a right way and a wrong way to handle everything in this is clearly the wrong what do you think he really believes that yes -- did it reliability you know I I think he believes that. He just admitted there and took him two years and -- -- that's unbelievable. Julie Harris. What props to you Richard -- for getting into the hall of fame but that's that's held along toddler I don't buy that she and it just brilliant leaves but yeah. And I don't -- to play for a couple of years there. But why hasn't the whole thing -- I don't know that we need to criticize them are doing it and say that's amazing to at. I would never guess that I would think that hall of fame players. Pretty much get it you know you walk in on day one and not that you are already in all of -- and work hard but I would think that the -- we will have a -- the only car. Seven balls this first year the only cut 22 the second year wasn't until I like his fourth year in the league that he really took off 53 year three and then it was 8180 said while 63807260. Foreman all the greats he's really what it afterward US through the question do I think he believes that now -- -- -- stats. Of course he believes it. He's going back to result he's personalizing and that's for John and John John I don't -- you John Elway helped being. Any needed to help me in I'm glad he did because he got the payoff the payout was. Got a got himself a hall of fame died and with confidence with a lot of companies so confident that. It could be on the sideline during a game of Foxborough and say hey call the National Guard can look on the patriots. Maybe it hasn't happened if John Elway browbeat them so I think he's personalized in the situation maybe he is I just I I think it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can yell at them. Privately yell at them on the field it's cold you've got that kind of understanding you know it's not personal just trying to. Make each other better. And other guys. It's like to be -- a yet I think it's easy to say that from your position now -- a hall of Famer on television it's different when your Kimbrel pumpkins or undrafted rookie who may not be in the next year. Okay -- your right. For you looking back on it from where you are now the hall of fame tight -- -- yell at the receiver the receiver -- never deserved to be yelled out on the receiver -- -- nobody ever yelled at me I played with John eligible good good ball real. I just I feel like he's he's looking back at it from this lofty position of being all favor which he deserves to do because he is one he earned that role. Church necessarily applies to this. Exact situation -- Shannon -- portion. The other guy and the -- probably what the other guy I wanna say this to you about Tom Brady everybody's upset with with -- Brady because of those who are upset Brady. Are upset because. He's taking a -- confidence from these young guys of course they don't know the plays he should be easier on the heard anybody mention this about being upset -- Brady don't be upset with them whatever you feel you feel and I can try to talk -- out anything. But. How about Tom Brady being so upset that he can't focus forget about public are spewing from Cuba to feel as a professional happy to get paid to do a job. And but for Brady. It seemed like he got at a point where he really could even concentrate. On on what his job was and that was throwing him off so. I'm not upset that he was screaming and anybody. Maybe maybe be upset that I guess you know -- I'm just focused enough to be able to win the game I mean it's not like he went out there and -- -- picks and he still found a way to win that game made the clutch throws when he had to convert a couple of the big third down -- and in that -- lets out an extra element I don't know dating -- got to go but that's -- the coming -- much got yelled out Dobson and -- our elder -- Dobson and -- the two rookies that they took the -- Of what Brady was dishing out. Children may be a little bit but at the end of the day went back to is better and they all they altered that that New York City Subway approach when he was -- my idol demonize and recognizing that some things I can see him like this 6177797937. Get your reaction to -- Shannon Sharpe. And then the other guy is Tom Jackson now of course there's a long history would you detail and chronicled his wells anybody didn't -- range between the -- check. And Tom Jackson but this could Belichick issue this is strictly about Brady. And this is that Tom Jackson Sunday before the game audience via. This is that Randy Moss this this is not Wes Welker these these these are. Un drafted free agents who are -- prove it. Wes Welker eventually proved himself to be a great receiver I thought that Tom Brady's behavior was deplorable. And if he didn't have three Super Bowl rings and wasn't a future first ballot hall of Famer we wouldn't none of us none of us would feel comfortable when what we saw. All the years. Right. Yeah I want to say it right but he is. But he is a three time Super Bowl winner and a sure first ballot hall of Famer which is why -- get at least a little bit at the benefit of that now. When he starts to scream yea you're right it right hander Gil was screaming at his receivers every week you would cast that little story driver over their like really. Heller you'd be -- your receivers what -- hell of whoever done in the week. You're getting a receiver -- don't -- Rookie. Raymond beat your Danielle receiver for one. Maybe what you asked for biology yards in Oklahoma State UK -- -- receiver. Brady and Peyton Manning -- and all of Greece can yell and all of the -- Aaron Rodgers you won multiple rings like that Roethlisberger as much as I can't stand the guy. If he wants to scream that is -- -- -- ever once in awhile that I would go there really badly kind of. Surely I urge you that you're in a lot of cases that your captain at the guys that are captain he's your leader TJ is correct a graphic -- get off he knows perhaps. Well I and it is the same thing with -- him. He you'll get the benefit of the doubt because of what he's gone -- be talking about TJ yes so if if Tom Jackson if Tom Jackson says. You know this -- linebacker and thank you very much this guy can't play linebacker and terrible that -- hands well. He gets blocked too easily -- don't think he has a future in Italy so he says that that's one thing. If you say it if I stand. Carrying. Just so I guess you know what you're talking about what you play linebacker and NFL. Because of what he's done he gets the benefit of the browser that. Almost every profession. You can look at it and say get your credentials will lead to. At a certain have a certain leeway. You have you have certain liberties because of who we know you'd be so what Tom Jackson is saying that like it's. Like it's news but of course of course that's the way it is. And it really surprised the gulf he didn't have three rings who wouldn't be allowing this stuff yager writes. But he does have three rings and that does excuse some of the behavior because he's the guy with three wearing rings and sit there waiting for these young guys to figure it out. That's where the frustration comes from. That's why we don't accept it from rookies and young players. But we do tend to accept it from somebody like Tom Brady 6177797937. Grab your calls are just a second Tom Jackson went on to say this. I think that early on in -- in training camp we heard that they were carving people up and I think you start to believe your own press you think. These guys will perform just like the last group of guys that I had and that is not the case. They have to remember -- too well I think which is the reason that you see coach Belichick. Yes he might be frustrated with things not going as smoothly as he expects. But he understands the battle that he is in for this year and they are to win no right now and these receivers need to have a low. Confidence instilled in him not be beat down. Now what are techsters. And Arnold his sister but what -- textures and you know Chris Carter. When his comments was super bulls don't matter talked to me like a man. Well. What does that mean anywhere in it at means the difference that means different things to different guys. That's that's that's. That's one point here's the other. I love NFL films as studio so I have god does NFL films in my head going back years and years. There's one. Where. Chris Carter. Goes to Daunte Culpepper start -- I don't. Talk to command a defeat that Alex has -- older than Daunte Culpepper the quarterback. Doug Bailey does man ET. At quarterback spying. -- these guys are playing the most violent game in North America. Sometimes gonna yell sometimes you're emotions will rise to shake things that maybe you'll have to apologize later or you'll regret later can be handled that differently. It's OK. And you know what just you know felt that happen everywhere that happened with the -- -- people you work without an error yesterday saw it. I'm sorry -- Building yesterday I don't remember that I didn't have a -- before but I look at capital yesterday Pataki carried away. -- happens people lose their temper people raise their voice and I don't know that that there's a lack of respect because you get mad that your friend popular -- there's a lack of respect if you literally don't respect them. If you don't respect them enough to talk it out with -- later to have that conversation came and got away from apologize mobile lack of respect. But it is showing a lack of respect for losing their temper in the heat of the moment 6177797937. Tony will get is going your -- hi -- Stay peaceful. Yeah I seen I seen it -- not nearly as -- that would -- it but in many parts aren't. Yeah all the that are Cedar Point like or which it is -- and you know. It is the former who are here and it wouldn't -- every single talk show pop -- -- that it could name it's what happened. I will say whether whether Manning does that or not he has not polarizing he is universally outside of the six New England states or at least five and a half in India are split down. He is universally. Liked for everything he does comes under almost no fire there's never any criticism what's the name of the stupid movie they're doing. The -- -- thirty for third what does that welcome -- a book I'll watch inning. I'll watch it now I know they did the Brady six it like they don't Erica and I like and he got it like watching it last night a touchdown passes. Carries and very -- histrionics or this guy. Regard this comes up well under though it does then -- He comes off phony or watching the interviews last night in the bowl ring. -- to -- challenges a bit uncomfortable here in Denver but the challenges Canada. In decorated me and I and I like it. In -- keep the media didn't put on the meetings can get a little boring every now and then but these guys keep -- oh -- god. I can't wait to get this call also good look at lying to look at the comparisons being made there on lying to and so excited for this. This is going to be fantastic a -- week for this comparison to be made phone lines jammed your reaction to a couple of national guys. Going off on Tom Brady in the -- good at all sort of the other went but -- while it's like -- was decorate on this that we fumbled the next alcoholic Camellia. Radius bill. Ripping into. His teammates and it's gentleman who's now getting. And fearful. This is not Randy Moss this this is not Wes Welker these these these are. Un drafted free agents who are under prove it. Wes Welker eventually proved himself to be a great receiver I thought that Tom Brady's behavior was deplorable. Deplorable. Bomb man there -- -- fake bomb man with deplorable. As Ron Jaworski about this on Friday it's all -- darkness jaw of the crowd is great patriots Friday rotation continues judge every delicate receiver deplorable seems a bit much and Nazis. He's a bit overboard for me 61777979837. That your Tom Jackson -- says. The worldly ripping giving Brady passed because it was three rings yes no kidding. And that's exactly right yes because of his three rings that is why he gets at least somewhat of the past. I promise we get the like you did and second start atomic Connecticut Tonga. -- -- thanks for the call it is on this thing you know I Dugard conduct. I have to say that you know put put yourself when Tom -- first game major -- and Bledsoe got her. If you don't oppose the receiver like five yard. It goes is that the Secretary Clinton started jumping up and down and you know started -- and -- -- like that -- there and showed -- but -- -- I'll tell you that stopped it's -- -- he I don't see how pretty the Butler battles you're in Q and did you list. But it clearly battle line it was clearly stupid that he did in the area and I was just law. Avatar district just pulling out your your overall point we can we can debate that but I just want to point out as I was saying before. Would you see Drew Bledsoe doing that no. Because that's not drew blood cells personnel ally Hezbollah what he's saying is we juicy Terry Glenn do that to Brady when Brady was a rookie -- Brady overthrew a sharper younger guys they can hardly Gary get on -- Terry -- on it. Yeah I could. She's a diva of course you have got that's definitely has personality. -- it's. I don't know if it's contagious dominate you know you're not the only person was not a problem with that a man it's been right down the middle and it's not it doesn't break down as easily as this where. Patriots fans accepted and those who don't like the -- think it's been adamant there are some patriots fans. -- Lott who don't like put Tom Brady did me the day after that game again was on the Thursday night on Friday we heard some references to the way. John Lackey used to be. With his outfielders when they didn't make a catch or when he gave up heading to blame somebody else so. There I think this has been a topic where people have been right down the middle but I still think it's more personality driven than anything. I also think -- for the most part we've looked at Brady big picture where is the Lackey thing was to right in the middle field -- Dustin Pedroia grief really. But you just showed up -- Boston you're gonna give to Austin -- grief as in get to a to a ground ball up the middle Arafat like the look at that. Brady the guy has won three Super Bowls bid to two more in the face of the franchise for over a decade talking to two rookies and and mostly not. He didn't get on Dobson about the drops he didn't. I didn't see ripping Dobson or anything after a drop that was only the mental mistakes it wasn't physical. It wasn't you failed to do something physically and somebody yell you it was we were all this in practice you knew you were supposed to be in spot X you were over and why you need to be in the right place it's mental -- to get your head in the game. Do something physically and I think that's again to adapt. Huge difference yeah and I don't know if you know what what their what their dynamic is but for the most part. For the most are there are exceptions but for the most part. Rookie should be on the -- cities Boston I was ready for this -- go ahead make your marriage and I'm excited about -- I don't think -- -- and time on the -- there -- took a little bit although it is either I always cheat salaam. Jeff George number -- and of course action had some and it's not so home. That I think -- this disrespect thing going on guys you're gonna get ago arguing on the field later on the music. I'm sorry but it was you know on the eve of the moment and apologize to going to be France. But anything negative is -- -- it's wrong direction. So it's gonna find a way to get along with. He's still the color wasn't what all of what happens the next week was negative -- and also talked about do the right things and -- like who knows of -- is yelling negative. Just that is is yelling at is yelling at somebody negative. -- Betty -- by -- leave I yelled to us a bit. Any. Or the best call corporate East Boston and need to step up. And -- what I know you have to do a couple Benny. Aren't great but you don't but he and don't we all know that we don't put him I don't know what. Listen I don't know that he was yelling at Tompkins and saying you're -- rotten receiver you don't belong out here I mean if I had to guess what was being said it was nothing like that. It was him that we get some practice ten times. You know where to beat trust yourself trust your instinct. -- as the greatest quarterbacks need -- -- always like to remember we lost a lot of us. And problems loses cool. I think how many rings if they're found in this -- economy is done. I'm Betty stop it to change or how many rings is their -- out -- eight point. I'll stop and -- any of any video all of -- would you for a little bit. I thought we were gonna have a conversation here has no relations. -- -- I think about the -- okay pry it out entirely about the -- and sinister. What. I don't had a bad deeper and he also had some -- and Vinnie also had some hope. -- -- you can't do that he also has some bad exchanges with Kellen Winslow. Surprise surprise. Well when he -- -- funny about this kind of you know generation after generation. You can -- you said it and -- is -- Dan -- who also wouldn't have a degree but disagree quarterback. I don't think John Elway Joseph Montana and Rogers Alba and Terry Bradshaw on new right did it look at the end product great quarterbacks against us and nobody candidate Scott the New York has gone. Scott's got a. Hi guys this afternoon I love this so thank you listen to my manager. You know I'm really glad disputed the subject. There's been you know kind of bought it in the last couple of days and I think it goes back to. The fact that Tom Jackson you know a lot of people don't remember that Belichick was actually some of the best approach. For the Broncos or Yates. And a -- appreciative Belichick don't have all the time which is what Belichick does so I think you know Jackson had a chip on his shoulder. You know for a thirty plus here. But if you Google online. You look at Peyton Manning just to Google Peyton Manning yelling -- whole bunch of videos of him going not even a year and a half ago. And you don't hear Tom Jackson complaining about people. Is that it's not part and Peyton Manning never know what's got nor should be. Nor should. I look at these guys. It and you you look at the quarterbacks who were at the top of the game right now. If they are eight all I think all the stories about them are true I know there is some. Some some myth making would agree going on with young Tom Brady Peyton Manning Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers. I really do believe that they are. They are there high achievers. And I think they're tight big guys. They really are they a perfectionist. And highly competitive yet and they they they know it's it's supposed to be done a certain way when it's not done that way it irritates them. The -- -- also. It's beyond Tom Brady I know you're out there on Thursday. Is just the that's the patriots now the defense of the position. In a position of authority on the field when you're the quarterback and that's. A quarterback and I think I think our reaction you're getting from some people is I know you're in a position of authority that's why don't -- should be yelling he should be positive that he not negativity and I guess I just look at what these guys did. Ten days later. They combined -- -- talking about Dobson Tompkins for ten receptions knowing the three yards and two touchdowns. Really good. The next week. They dropped passes and worked in the wrong place they got all that crap together and and you have to yell at them. Because Catholic message the Russo for police aren't saying how well these guys are gonna go into the tank because of and they're gonna be afraid now Brady is there into right. While ten -- entered an. Almost everything right and -- you're talking about. The field. In don't make this mistake of comparing it to whatever you do for a living. Because it's a little different I think it's just a little different and you're out there. It can't go to a guy insane. -- At brown brown Israel. You know all BT if you just cool for a little bit more to the left or have a maximum body okay. We're gonna call the next play and it would come right back to you Italy that's -- -- now man. -- that guys don't what you asked Tompkins as Dobson and voice. You know how they wanted to comment wanna be talked to you want to be treated NFL. I think it got us. Ball well you know I can't oh. Yeah I'd rather go to guy said before me I mean heavens to Betsy respect concerned it's it's not I mean Eric -- a couple of -- On these guys played at the NFL and not pop Warner. Brady -- and he's responsible we'll make it true this team Williams. It is all or ball and interpreting and understanding. What these inmates need from him. Can be properly motivated and execute decisions that these guys need to be yelled that it -- them around that's his call. That's not -- in and -- of poetry and smoke them in play in the NHL. High level should be proud of in this I don't know what all crybaby in with him as just. Nobody is just a bit I think it really is this different is this different for certain guys and it just tells you. It's a cast earlier. Hey you think -- sharply this happily I believe this is. It's his it's his troops -- has to outlook on this they know what intelligent. Just noted that if Shannon Sharpe. Had Tom Brady aren't the same team it probably could have played. And it wouldn't -- I don't know that that's even true the Republican you know what I bet you that that they Shannon Sharpe that first showed up from Savannah State. Might have been OK with being yelled that when he was in the wrong place over and over in the fact that he wasn't. Is fine and no we didn't choose to treat it that way or maybe he did I guess to some reports out there that we did actually spend a lot of time yelling -- and that this whole thing is insane -- -- -- think he's talking about it now from his lofty position as a hall of Famer -- good for yield. Yet nobody wants to yell you and now Shannon. Shannon Sharpe regulators are talking about Tom Jackson he's at the Shannon sharp comments on now on Sunday on CBS. Get justice act but I just the that the thing about shipman is gonna yell at Andy now down eight days. Column and column or hop guy or -- guy as my pop and until we're gonna go and -- K holiday and. Thank you -- I'll play with a guy John Elway with every bit of Tom Brady equally good plan. And he had to kill me to play for a couple of years and he never. Disrespect to meet initial back on outward emotion even when I ran the wrong route even when on this block and he got a thing or solar sensitive there's a -- All the way to handle everything that's clearly the wrong and -- The wrong way to handle aren't talking -- we hall of Famer himself but not necessarily to Kimbrel Hopkins and Dobson. Well those guys. It's now I don't yacht or get a better -- -- hall of famers when they don't they will know we -- -- -- -- breaks bread and they they were shot sixteen years from now she received what are yours and out -- Tompkins -- beyond the CBS that. Replacing shattered sharp. They'll say don't work. Tom Brady yeah ultimately -- player but it. You know it got my attended a little forget about it not had this policy -- only way -- forgot about it by there's nobody should ever talk to anybody like that but nobody Tom Brady was one of the greats of all time he never yelled at me really. 'cause I think we'll remember that he did excellent 77797937. Up or your calls till the console and I'll tell you -- Let's -- downstairs with Ross Tucker. Guys later Rico we years and that's about as frustrated as I've ever seen were you with an option route -- -- element. I don't think -- -- -- was expected. Reid was screaming at them almost since the effective rate it like it -- -- influence -- and I. As Ross Tucker speaking their Westwood One he's all over the place -- for the pats you remember briefly -- -- offensive -- easily the SP and the stuff with them. That's right eating ESPN dot College Lacrosse talkers uninteresting guy he's a wanna game or does beat two ranked yet the government has been what he's he's now just he gavels. You're like me I mean I'm more singer songwriter hire you for the -- dull song yet summoned to Lola. He's more of a behind the scenes wants to connect okay he's at that he's -- until what he likes guys that some things in common good but not real that he was like a 330 pound linemen on you know me. Got 330 -- knuckle -- them wherever 330 I got up to 215 that does have -- -- do one song. 215. And I got down after that I went from 2152180. Okay that's new and 35 and I've gotten more -- you pick accidents Dallas squad of salads -- then. What's the worst thing is that a lot of -- I hated I am because you have to do and I'm going on vacation in November and -- need to lose price five or ten pounds from bad -- I -- -- I am very names aren't completely meanwhile sort of lose -- when asked -- there so you just expect like a couple of weeks of me just being a miserable human being. Miserable I hate losing weight or love to eat my favorite thing in the world. If I if I -- look it. Absolutely my favorite thing in the entire world eating at him like amendment gives an advisor run and lift weights I do -- things -- -- -- is not enough -- all you -- don't have that McDonnell. I just don't go Craig I'm not fat guy can run and and the way I believe that the only -- I do like a soup diet. I need to just eat soup. Not a lot you think that's funny to make a lightweight is half what -- like apple and all of nothing to get a bit of sculpted -- obstacle -- like a Greek -- Michael the end of -- -- -- you can't believe how good I look at the end of it Steve is in the archives stated. Go out there guys I don't think it's. Good good considered it's gonna want to weigh in on the oh Brady and I think it's a big. -- reaction by the media and by people saying that Tom Brady's satellite. I think -- in -- head when you said. You know the comments that Jackson made. -- to operate -- receivables and by the way 700 in eighty winning percentage and 8 o'clock to five syllables in it but the six championship. At the resonates pretty good right. -- the idea that -- -- that get put the first Tom Jackson cut again because this is the one that I think of all the three that we played this is the one I think that sticks with me the most to me Shannon -- I think he's just coming out of from a new perspective where he doesn't remember what it was like. To be twenty years old instead he's thinking about it from his age and looking back -- -- all favour of a man nobody talks mean outweigh RA but Kimbrel Tompkins is by no means Shannon Sharpe. This is the one -- will play for here right now with the idea on Jack's insanely -- it's like it's missing the entire point of who Tom Brady. This is that Randy Moss is this is not Wes Welker these these these are. Un drafted free agents who are -- prove it. Wes Welker eventually proved himself to be a great receiver I thought that Tom Brady's behavior was deplorable. And if he didn't have three Super Bowl rings and wasn't a future first ballot hall of Famer we wouldn't none of us none of us would feel comfortable when what. We saw he. How can you just gloss over those things didn't. Imagine them. The same guy that said that. In the 2001 that the New England locker room. During all three of those funds ought but one Basel -- that that was the second when they hate their coach -- they have released lawyer Malloy. And one last thing I wanted to mention you know it can't went straight thing if the quarterback is too laid back. They would be saying something like well this -- about -- to have more fire under is important what is going. Is it just doesn't seem like he can win. What are being a quarterback Jimmy and we talked about this Steve watch any game any football game. College level pro level doesn't matter at the end of almost every play they will you have a close -- on the quarterback to quarterback but the end of almost every single play. Tight shot on the quarterback's reaction to Napoli with the -- was he -- is yet it is receiver is he smiling as he -- high -- someone does he looked down -- biting his lip and anger. Reaction -- the quarterback on every play is integral. To the production and and in the presentation of that team are of course were of course where we're examining everything they do. Yeah I mean it's it's. Meant more in that Erica that you know it was always we've heard the cliche for years and years. They get too much credit they get too much blame too much credit when things go well to too much blame when things don't go. According to plan but now we're just. Just the the -- I -- the technological. Era that we're in now. You're seeing more use more than ever seen before it's unbelievable -- out. There's a good Texas -- -- -- -- point -- because another fight -- -- the beginning of the Tom Jackson thing again I notices earlier that I kind of forgot about a meant to bring it up and text message that you feel reminds us play and the beginning Tom Jackson in the first this is that Randy Moss does this is not Wes -- these these these are. Un drafted free agents who are -- -- -- -- I don't know what is it. -- -- -- -- Well what -- gonna point out that -- that you know it's not these -- undrafted guys despite Wes -- what exactly are not that I became by the time -- -- an -- that some of well being established it's the scarlet letter forever what's -- Andre -- got rid of the draft over your undrafted kid that's what your restaurant for our image in the car -- him. They got a couple of Germans. Much though all the talk about Tom Brady you know being negative with these that's like there's there's -- and about one. I mean the guy does have -- -- -- and you know how to win and the thing is she expects the best -- in L. He's -- expect the best from these other guys. And the guard physical mistakes what you're talk about their mental mistakes you cannot get not about -- a -- make the mistakes of big donation. Why they got a huge thing in the mental vs physical thing is really important I mean you know I I brought it up the other game and make up front my dad from being a Little League coach -- like. We said you make an error at shortstop that wherever -- big deal make it there fine. You've -- the wrong base you're not paying attention to the game that's going to get married -- you're not doing a good job and obviously that's taking a Little League mentality all the way up to the pros -- that that ever really changes the expectation of doing things physically well. Becomes increasing I mean -- the accountability. Of doing it of of not making an error turns out to be big deal by the time you get paid in the professional level. But mental mistakes or still worse than physical ones right. Are still the things that drive the most crazy aren't the guy made an error I don't know Odierno but you -- -- the hour is a whole lot worse not a ball material like I guess. I guess they'll probably. -- that things that would drive a coach crazy or drive the quarterback crazy but. So what what are you more upset about. From from that -- gave you more upset about. Back to Aaron Dobson not running the right route in the situation before. Dropping what could have been a -- at least. At least a fifty yard -- -- -- about both I think -- a whole lot -- I don't I'm not gonna break -- but what do you mean -- as -- and you want -- -- and your team what he had receivers to catch that at three you're paid to do text message -- TT text line -- 7937 so his resume gives them the right to act like yeah that's nice. It gives them the right to be juror it's just -- is resonate. Gibson gives them the right to hold his players accountable. If he was a nobody -- nothing quarterback he's -- he's acting that way he really looks stupid and and you're gonna lose your team very quickly screaming at him when you've done nothing. But would you have done something and you told somebody what to do they still don't do it and and you react. Well I don't think that makes a jerk let's say it another. Okay boys and girls who have to deal with the realities of the world. Say at this. You would hope. -- That somebody with great credentials. Tremendous pedigree. All kinds of awards you would hope that that person would be nice. You'd hope that. But the fact is their present it does give them permission like Michael Jordan artistic he's real like all -- -- -- the whole time on and on and go on and on OK so. -- about the no cost to outfit the patriots. Bill Parcells -- the head coach Bill Parcells was yelling at Willie McGinest at Lawyer Milloy. At Tedy Bruschi Pete Carroll takes over at that time. I don't know you're not gonna talk to be like Bill Parcells because Bill Parcells has -- so you. I got. Who were thought I was fired after one year would the jets. An assistant coach which you can go to go listen you yell at me and here comes Bill Belichick. Can talk to them. Might -- my -- listening to pick. Your record may give you permission to do some things other people can't and that. True almost regardless of life and that's and we talked about some things that do work in the NFL -- don't work elsewhere. Works everywhere army sometimes. Your boss continue Mike given the benefit of the doubt because he's the boss but -- Doesn't mean you're gonna fall guy you have you know through through fire in and pretty well all the cliches -- you know you know -- if all the people what evil people through fire and not fire brimstone about fire and rain and rain right now I don't know why wouldn't follow the many reports which glacier Eumig. How are all thank you very much it's coming out of your honor that's not right it's not. Now we're gonna figure out what this is as hell and high water come hell or high water but it's but that's something that makes it's worth every -- had a high water than -- I mean neither -- -- went what you -- high water you know one hell no I don't think you want either one Nissan would have if it had -- water -- dilemma and dilemma but I'll take a lot better about it people died in Colorado from I want it wanted to part of pop Warner. 44 coming up. Appear on the phone I'll try to grab a whole lot warrior calls on this the reaction to too long time Belichick haters. And there's certain items are on on to Tom Brady talk coming capsule now WB.

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