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Salk and Holley's Four at Four MLB Postseason edition - 09/24/2013

Sep 24, 2013|

We discuss the MLB postseason and awards... 4 questions for the seamheads!

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-- Now word excel -- Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun cleaning. -- We solved. And -- -- As the baseball season wraps up next time to predicted the awards. So who should be -- an NL executive of the year. Executive of the year I mean I've said this for awhile now I think that. The guy right here is the American League executive here and I'm not gonna go straight Red Sox. Or anything as we go through these -- by -- lineup card -- -- you don't know -- to do that you're being true to yourself I want to I would but I'm not going to but I do think debenture -- -- the American League executive of the year I think the moves he made from the David Ortiz decision which we talked about earlier. Deciding to bring him back without even a physical. The guys for -- -- -- parts of the world taking a chance on Victor Reno and and and the hamster and golds just the rebuilding that he had. I think is the biggest key to what the Red Sox until I got -- in the American League. And then in the National League -- With a bunch of guys you can pick up -- think frank ran him I think that Atlantic team is incredibly well built that Tibet they get a little excitement nationally and I think he's done a great job bill. In the American League government -- Billy Payne. For the open -- you look at his his division. That team. You can look at look at their competition. So the the angels again for the second hero. Go out and they make a big splash in free agency so they -- Josh Hamilton. You. Two Albert Pujols you look at what Texas is able to do and -- spent little money. The Oakland -- are always reinventing themselves. Can always should say always exceeding expectations would find a way to be resourceful and you know they may take a step back for a couple years. But they always seem to find a waited to get themselves atop the atop the division. When nobody expects him to do so I think everything said about insuring them is absolutely correct but it. I'm gonna give the stability being in the American League and in the National League I'm gonna go -- John -- For the St. Louis Cardinals. Which is always you know watch the cardinals I think I I know the Braves have the better team members of the best teams in the day in the -- But the cardinals always seem to give god right around the right time and they might be able. -- themselves into the World Series. All right who should be the AO NNL managers of the year. -- The top blood comes down to two buddies. Best friend. John Farrell. Tito Francona. Didn't give Ferrell. The credit you give him -- -- particular team from worst to first. Go what Tito. Who has the Cleveland Indians in contention when they have no business being in contention. It's a tough one but I think the -- has to go job fair. Actor manager nationally. I nationally manager of -- -- be Clint Hurdle because there's the pirates are going to put a moderate -- -- you -- Clint Hurdle he's the National League guy and as I said earlier he's surfer cowboy somebody asked me to define that I should know that you should just it just -- surfer cowboy exerted artists are presented cowboys combined a lot of Clint Hurdle and -- cowboys picked sleepless night. -- -- Right that's exactly what a server cowboy would say in that situation in the American League it's funny I'll go the opposite the I don't think it's Ferrell as much as I like and respect him. I Terry Francona would be in the conversation certainly I'll take the -- idol uncle Bob Melvin for what he's done with a team but I don't think it's all that talented in yet the last few years he's had simply great baseball's I'd actually go Bob Melvin manager the question. Three he. Oh and held you know -- let's stick to three from now. We should be AL NNL Cy Young award winners welcome -- disagrees lakers right minorities are passionately target America was a nice little shout out to to the kid Fernandez in in Miami had a great season but you know not these -- more and better say Max Scherzer or Jim -- going to be all over to I have to yes. Who would it man I mean if I don't look at why don't put it might be Yu Darvish in my. But I probably if it cannot I don't I. -- -- coach in -- -- I like Koji and I respect what he's done that upside down resign him. It's been a great year -- It's still -- measures how would it also at the twenty wins in the area and I'll distract documentary that is in worship. And and the AT&T question of the today who should be the AL NNL MVPs. I would say last year's dale Wendy being used to be this year's -- BP's thing about Miguel Cabrera that makes you think he. Not the best player in the American way. I mean I think that you could make an argument for Chris Davis router for Chris Davis and both guys have been great but I mean if -- working of if you were gonna give it to trial last year. When his team actually had a better record than Detroit they can finish in the last thing I had a better record wasn't there for the entire year I thought the attraction to be in the MVP last year but this year -- how you don't give it to. Now we get -- information you thought you thought now you you don't believe in the -- you think the Triple Crown is just -- arbor program but the trial was back at last year. David you you you wouldn't have been upset wasn't upset with -- anyway big it was a coin -- I thought they were both deserving of the MVP last you must be more understanding of baseball. Just relax called -- down from the National League. And go McCutcheon. Got to go to Andrew McCutcheon bad. You know his numbers are good but. Don't blow you away pretty good. And he -- a lot to the table to attend more than just the numbers aren't so what is. The attitude is the defense it's sparking that team it is there is more -- -- I mean I. I don't have a set formula when it comes to -- I don't have a set formula vote for the guy that I think. I asked I think all right now you you can say you know. Runs batted and that's really the it's random and depends what kind of team here aren't so let's just go to the Lotta times. Guys who have hawk high RB I totals are kind of smack down what what you plan a good team that's why yes hi -- idols. Andrew McCutcheon plays -- the good team. We have 88 when he drew a particular player I mean he does so many other thing about the not a player not a he's not a run economic guy's gonna have a ton of runs and record home runs in Holland but he's he's not like -- mr. power guy he sort of does a little bit -- -- -- -- right now he has fewer RBIs and Dustin Pedroia you're comfortable. Well it does internationally and -- bush you are literally -- like Echelon of the 123 rabies the rest of the of the RB -- there's Jay Bruce Freddie Freeman. Brandon Phillips and any of those guys you like -- like like MVPs in the National League this year. Kind of a tough it's tough call sides -- I guess we're going from two to come back to to this prudent thing for Deepak Samir patriots calls and I guess is some room for some Red Sox conversations -- as well. The David Ortiz thing I think is steel -- staying in and the decision made by bench Harrington of all the decisions he made to decide to keep David Ortiz is probably the one that. That was the most difficult and the best and has gotten the least amount of credit for over the course of the season. He's even referenced the -- remember the beginning of the -- everybody sand Ortiz is never gonna play if he's gonna miss the entire right here are very serious injury -- the exact same things everybody was saying about Danny Amendola right -- I can't play anymore can't stay healthy. There's a different. He's missed the first what month price missed the first month and those of -- -- the first few weeks the first three weeks so right. In this -- -- -- Look at our topic you'd stop. And stop trying to draw -- -- why cops on the other don't blinders guy its interim promoted got accepted. Setting off guard at something anything yeah its very hostile to data. Judge -- and they're all hostile and try to try to slow it slipped in the low airman dole. Winner Danny Amendola wrote he's made his season debut and all the what do you call this alleged he missed the first three weeks at all -- so he made his season -- debut in April 20 yeah. The -- when the game on April 1 so the first month of the season he played. That's for three weeks -- first or later in April season started April. Danny Amendola played in September right. Do you think you'll play in September again what's the difference he's gonna point it October what he's gonna play over congress say it's the way you -- what month did you -- and that he's -- -- respond are restored and I don't plan. October -- -- November play in December and then if necessary to play in January may affect him in the deal with the pakistanis are each month of the year since that's the way you're looking -- who are dealing with the -- -- about a -- You're the general this or not did you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To some housekeeping here and this is only reason I'm doing it. Because we have two young -- -- -- -- I started look at the results -- winners of Mohegan Sun fantasy football league are our results from week three. Where your weekly chance to be matched up well with the -- fantasy football franchise simply register at WT ER dot com slash play each week. We will randomly select twelve qualifiers be paired with each of the teams in the league qualifier here at the highest court each week when he 100 dollar gift card to Mohegan Sun. He Mike talked on their gambling. That part of the season to listener who was -- the team posted the highest score for one we win the grand prize to weaken get a portable weakened somewhat better for two. So visit WER dot com slash played -- -- right now now that top team last week. And it will be winning gambling. -- does anyone happen to us this week and got Virginia. Were one day gain world and what happened this week the last couple weeks we've played against the the person with the most points what happened this. Regis. It's -- to agree on -- Russell Wilson's throw for yards touchdowns all that you know play him on the bit just started at running back or something. -- were running back -- it -- come off as Russell Wilson's on the bench who can do Russell will not prepared she. Closure whose record with -- two degrees out there when I wanna block. -- -- -- -- What -- and why don't want to embrace because the top two NetSuite and humble. -- time -- Asian team to the longer pulling -- -- you know play at a protest. My teammate was mark Hebert from west -- mark enjoy your time at Mohegan Sun. And I whoever's turn over it and that's what I hesitate do you bring this up -- -- you know growing role and the arrogance that is pouring out of the other -- table -- -- and did the gigantic -- rallied past the corner you know it was just over 24 hours -- the Bill Belichick with laying the smack down upon you and all of a sudden you've you've you've bounced back with like is incredible arrogance that -- shocking today of what you -- to. -- Worst critic Mike I don't know amendment with liquid game meet him in with -- we talk are you talking about what we've been talking about or whatever I'm gonna continue to add years -- and me against my better judgment little bit earlier. But a year guys in the position you want an image which is Chara down low on the power play. Very effective -- -- -- -- -- see with him five finally that part of the conversation. I -- you garnered four miles an hour by all means. On the point on the five on currently that's up for debate. But I love the -- has finally decided to remove him from the point on the power play. -- think once the group planned last night we use the spark that he generates them. That I was degenerates that he's going to be on the team in the point the -- it just makes the move pastor Jack conversation. We had a jacket -- last year's right here Michael. -- is talking about the weak goals or score today in the NHL. That they come from either shop they go deliberately why it bounced off the backboard and it tipped in by some bright or a little steps in front opposite those -- -- just come by moving left to right right left back and forth quickly and eventually getting defensive players at a position -- those things Jack was telling us last year. And the problem with char is. Anybody can -- the -- right you don't need to shoot 204 -- she -- -- correct you can do that 98 miles an -- still -- perfectly effective so you don't need that shock factor in the point. And doesn't move the left to right to left incredibly quickly will be done with my sister. OK but why is out there and having it if you see any value I know what you said earlier you said. You believe he's a captain of the team and there are some or some psychology involved in this a big sensitive guy. In the sense of purpose and part of his purpose in his mind -- to be out there opportunity on the power play but. Beyond that did you seek and you look at it and you can only a moment think like -- here for a second. Why would I have Zdeno Chara on the power play because he does. Fill in the blank well it is. Well wow I mean you you you had a back at the points because he has the huge shot right me more than anything. He's got the huge shot EU like with that gives you in terms of the ability to score from back there just didn't happen very often. And we know for -- years the park west and -- gets a scrap that. Claudette moves forward he's now got Kruger some of the other young defensemen who complain the point he's gonna move creature back there I love that he's got -- as a sniper in the first unit all those things work. But now instead of putting meanwhile Lucic in front of the net which I still think is the perfect spot for him. He's gonna try to put Chara they're now was effective last night he tipped in a shot from Seidenberg and ended up scoring on the power play early. But I still don't understand why you want him to take the number of jabs in the back that he's gonna take standing in front of the net on the our hockey player this season when you don't need to Jeremy and I just don't think it's just a necessary OK but wouldn't say it wouldn't wouldn't -- say that. One to -- at the captain of the team. If there was that much of a problem like he was being worn down it was hurting not about that he -- feel that way there's no doubt how does not feel that -- if I don't mean it's not what quest for but it doesn't feel that way. Do you think it mean he if he's archivists say that you think it affects -- and yes. Yeah also because at the end of the year any if you -- so -- if you were to get rid of Amy and it. A power play time game for -- over the course of the every game over the course of the season right that would be is almost an hour and a half. That you would get him off the ice over the course of the hopeful. That's an hour now that he's not seeking consistent pounding and punishment and everything else so why don't think that -- a cumulative effect on him I think it's tough guys can admitted they all know -- Eight I hate taking the pounding of course he doesn't a much different what you do what's best for a fantastic to me that's a -- -- thing. That's the last thing I worry about Zdeno Chara. Since he got the town the one thing has been very clear. Is that he trains for over trains. So he is training for the season and just. He's just an out just just an outgoing. It just. Beyond the norm. Specimen. When it comes to train when he rides his bike 6570. Miles no doubt that he said all the -- he said all the fitness records over there. When he first got the town. Mean he's he's a physical freak. So. Am I worried about an extra hour to happen in real time. Not just the -- Aaron I'll remember you are -- taking that and and instead of him being at the point on the power play not getting hit just sort of patrolling the point. Now you're gonna take that hour and a half that he is out there and you're gonna -- to be in front of the net taken taken cross checks to his lower back. Over and over and over again. I don't see the I don't see the war I don't -- -- that's enough upside when you've got a guy Lucic is already very good at that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's to a slow the stake is so big that's not what he does. Thought -- 61777979837. Take some calls on this and it the other part of it from last night like this team fighting in the pre season. Team and and I'll give you my opinion I didn't have a huge problem in the long -- to their own punches. I didn't need to see 45 fights in the game in the pre season but don't you have to Mike. They have if the other team is -- now are you supposed to run away from the team no they're not the way to McQuay -- not gonna do that we'll see you in a regular season but with a preview -- America look -- your -- really what I think. I don't mind it as long as you're not throwing punches and to helmet that was the only thing that word mean last night. And I think you could see McQuay during his fight continually trying to get their helmet off for the guy and I know that some new rules on that but he's gonna he's fight a guy with a visor. So so what's the upside of the way we think is gonna be on your roster in and play some legitimate minutes for you throwing punches into a visor so what he breaks his hand. And that he's out for the first couple weeks of the season because he got quite a pre season game. I wanna see the team beat top I wanted them fight a lot to which despite any time. I never wanna take away his musicality and aggressive in this -- when I was a little concerned about throwing punches and helmets and visors. In a pre season game that ultimately means not the.

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