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Red Sox back in the playoffs; some night and day differences from last year...

Sep 24, 2013|

We look at the perception that surrounded Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz last year (even coming in to this year) and how both of their performances on the field have helped quell some bad vibes from fans.

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Sure is all -- today on a Tuesday WEEI WEEI dot com as well. Want to get into today at all three -- all three and -- basketball so much today but. Football baseball hockey. All on the docket for the day and Michael lots of exciting things to talk about Mike -- And today. The good actually to better early. I went to bed early -- didn't stay up and -- now. Peyton Manning dissected and I was done that I was also destroy even the Oakland Raiders I've seen that movie before I was that without I didn't need the rerun of that I know how they're looks. Did you did you hear gruden at the very beginning it was hilarious that the very beginning -- as we -- before it connects to a Jon Gruden comment. Said Mike Tirico -- tired of people saying Oakland Raiders don't have a chance in this game. Are brought a team into Denver one year -- a young quarterback may or whatever Rattner guy before it's Rico says what happened. We lost support in order for me. A lone gunmen. Reliable reporting. I was 37 when he won last night a little closer. But there was no act club closed I was a little bit early as and I see them -- before I did watch quite -- the Bruins game last night fights galore. -- -- a couple of goals last night talk about doubled later -- and it was. Entertaining at least like Chris Kelly scores and a final goal to let them back what happened. Last year in the playoffs are in the Stanley Cup final -- would seem to game seven but whatever. Start with with the Red Sox actually because we we gave them short shrift yesterday. Patriots Monday were in Foxboro. It means we had Belichick had twice really -- -- -- -- Dynamic conversation that everybody got here yesterday is a target hammers have targeted mail which were which we yesterday -- Iowa this week you were than alcoholism that was -- multiple males. What was what does that make me the finger on your dislike you -- -- tomorrow hot hair ornament there it is -- -- have -- impressive. Handle that differently next time -- no more than -- again OK so we get into the situation where you were born -- well what do you what do you want I have nothing. Nothing just to -- you want lead like be like the court after wave of trying to make some jokes over Donald that now. Let the process believer in this that by. It's just bide my outlook on many things let the process do what you gotta do. As -- Ray Charles there. It's got -- deal wouldn't go baby you've got to do would -- do so let let it happen text message here holly I can't believe you're in today. That was quite a beating you took yesterday you need to be aware of who's in customs and -- play -- You are worried at all any post in custody -- know it to -- I think you're OK maybe you're not okay -- the doctors say I can't go I'm gonna go. I am here I'm feeling good I'm feeling strong. Sometimes the road runners up to -- hell. Wrote yesterday we'll just let me know if there's anything you why don't you I'm Donald I can change the subject I got a lot of different pop that up. It happened where it's supposed to happen in my lap excellent and just -- at the -- original. I don't know I felt uncomfortable laughs no I didn't next time your kitten would like a rented mule whatever comes back I -- next to do because I found it funny. But I didn't wanna laugh -- in the moment that didn't seem like the right well. -- thing about decorum what do you what happens what happens when that it would be like. Like whole -- rag doll. Did you start lap a five -- away that I do the good samaritan they'd give you can only. They cover everything okay and that's and that's enough -- just the well look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's better faster or slower. What's better bigger or small. Coach should we prepare for this team were not prepare for why he's doing two things it wants better than doing one thing. I'll take it -- ticket I have to say I have to say in my defense will never. Never. Would be crazy enough to tell Bill Belichick got a coasted to sick twisted there he's very he's a very Smart guy as we don't know -- rather go big or go home. So I never said. Coached a team that way what are your biggest summer you can think the question was to him. Just -- now -- -- FedEx guy next week coach that quick it was number you can think of the question I asked him was. Why do you fear your team. Buying into the noise from people like me from from talk show hosts about. Has this team Hogan they obviously Roger's question but he turned it around -- too well what what what what -- what would you do how would you constitute. -- never gonna tell you how to coach your team after -- more is better than months ever so that's. It is for text message are you gonna apologized and been able what was it. Are you gonna apologized have been able to Boston -- text questions and answers why it is just a question I'm just -- light of their -- Arnold AT&T that's one of eighteen out of its way to get an aggregate. HTT -- -- with an -- -- question is saving money better than not saving money. What do you think. Ties to bin Baldwin for why I don't know where you were there on as. As -- One year. -- -- -- -- -- -- nobody's. Around you take that rewards work out or something that's slowly which was -- that does not sound like an apology and also there's something very very far at all apology not forthcoming well he's not looking. I hope -- be tuned in on Monday at 305 as we have the next installment of the salt and Ali attempt to interview bill bella tech -- show that will be -- Monday at 305 and if you -- that great replay. At -- RD thirty every yeah every Monday with the coach 305. And then again at 530 we'll see who the hammer is. And who is the prefer would you rather play basketball and big fancy stadium or small driveway and -- enough -- -- with the AT&T guy slash Michael Holland and I wanna talk Red Sox they said. Short -- yesterday. All the patriots stuff going on the win they've had the day before. And in the fact that -- clinched on Friday. Myself thinking a lot about the -- about the Red Sox over the weekend. And I we both talked a little bit about the celebration sort of what stood out to us talk about this last night on the on Nelson. Image it was -- Jonny Gomes ponting beer cans into the crowd and certainly we laughed Steve Burton yesterday in his interviews -- -- image actually sort of jumped out to me from the celebration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- multiple that it deserves always accused he was Donald. It's eighteen -- eighteen months do we know whose wife who was has not been determined yet. No but I was are you with some of yesterday that the baby was like just coming -- bottle maybe. I hit a navy -- start off now. -- Yeah -- I think for cautious start becoming exactly who -- that we're -- persevere eighteen months if don't -- the hard here to yesterday you'll. Want -- break. I have my -- eighteen months what what about the posted. You for sharing so. I was David Ortiz and -- for drug. And it was just a little moment to me price -- everybody in the team hunting at some point. For me it was a memory back to that moment in the Toronto game in Napoli hit -- home run that he'd been under fire for the entire week leading up to right it was right when the it was all culminating for the the hate Mike Napoli people got to Germany's banks and what -- carpet every day drop to ninth and in Burma the -- everything else -- being said about Napoli that he hit that home run two to tie up the game ended up losing by. Yet they're great shot of Pedroia pounding on Ortiz is arm right pounding on the shoulder and it goes out to a -- just so happy to the really. Really natural organic celebration which is something that's been great about the Red Sox this year. I struck by the two of them hugging and realizing that we haven't talked enough about that this year especially Pedroia. All the conversation about the Red Sox is being in the what are Shane Victorino Jonny Gomes Mike Napoli Ryan Dempster etc. done for them what does coach you are done in stepping up. To a lesser extent you know that the Stephen Drew. Jose -- see is Zander Bogart's calm conversation will middle Brooks. Almost not at all talked about Dustin Pedroia other than to say at the beginning of the year he's the captain of this team. Whether it's weather's gonna see you honest Chester now he's the captain of the team and it it don't let me weeks and almost nothing about him the entire year -- has had a great year. Power numbers are down oh yeah -- Natalie got a 99 home runs for a little. Are bad lord about 300 -- base percentage guy. It hasn't hit for power his defense has been gold glove caliber blossoming he has been an incredible defensive player he's battled their a couple of injuries to his hands and and briefings that that their thumb right. Things that are really affect you and especially if Specter power but he goes out there every single night he refuses to take days off his defense is incredible. And he's still be in the leader of a team that is one the American League east as early Friday. OK I think -- I think we have we top to bottom bid because the contract you know he signed a huge contract with the Red Sox and everybody. Said it made a lot it made perfect sense and I think I don't think there was anybody was. Who was outwardly outwardly critical Dustin Pedroia signed a contract but when you mentioned both of these guys and you -- and Pedroia and Ortiz would still their team. Even though we talk about all of the old and I think you're still isn't -- until there's a wider but it is still their team and -- know we talk and all the moves. The guy. Who we haven't talked about it now is actually David Ortiz. Because Ortiz. If you think about it this time last year. David Ortiz cannot run. Liberties cannot run in December. He tried to run its spring training they shot him down. There was a big question about whether he would be able to play 100 games this year. There are a lot of people myself included and and in a lot of you -- on the bandwagon we heard from you too. When the Red Sox sign David Ortiz civic contract through his contract extension. Without it. A physical. Am a physical they didn't want to test the market they said okay. They're there -- the are these whispers that he was gonna go to Texas or another mystery team was gonna come in and offer David Ortiz a contract. And the rest are didn't want it to happen -- -- to go there beside him when he couldn't. It's amazing. That. The guy who's kind of been taken progress this year more than Dustin Pedroia. I'm not throw the ball out there and I put them together because it is still their team. The the fun factor has maybe been usurped by a by Gomes Napoli the -- it's better. -- had a couple of the big dramatic moments -- along with Gomes. You -- sort of this this on the only in quirky character it's that are. But I'll agree with -- I mean it it is interesting. For all of the all of the decisions that bench Harrington made in the off season. He's gotten the most credit for Gomes Victorino would -- He's probably gotten the least credit. For the most difficult decision he made which is Ortiz yes you can actually have to poetry he didn't have a choice they'd have to I don't that's true I thinking that I don't think he had to do it. And and it's been the of all the signings it's been the one -- worked out best Ortiz is still their best player he's the best hitter on the team by far he's the guys at 29 home runs he's the man in the middle of the order he still leads the team and hitting as well and he. Say what you want David Ortiz is still their best player and it they if you get a moment. In an ALCS game here in a couple of weeks where the Red Sox are down to their final at bat what you -- out of -- on first one out putting one up I want David Ortiz Dustin Pedroia. Those are still the two guys in the team that I want up the matter what I see from everybody else so far this year. Ellsbury to open come back tomorrow find great good. Saltalamacchia had a great bounce back -- the doubles -- -- -- Napoli with the power. Are huge fine. Don't just don't want those two guys up in a big spot I can give anyone there at. -- right -- are getting -- are you think about all the of the improvement that you see on the Red Sox from from individual players but we've seen. -- felt a lot Saltalamacchia have a nice season -- -- Look at. You know you look at Mike Napoli. As as as a free agent acquisition as a number five hitter you say you've got a pretty good season for a number five hitter. But you take Ortiz out of that. Even from -- We can look past Pedroia is nine home runs. When you have because we have David Ortiz who. You can look at Mike Napoli and say it's a nice season for number five hitter because that guy was such a number four hitter unit where you didn't have to rely on him. During some times where you need a guy you think you know our number four hitter cannot go through a slump. But the -- he went through in the middle of the season. So it's still even with the great signings is still kind of revolve around David Ortiz and having that big bat in the middle of the line. Yes I open it up here 61777979837. Talks a Red Sox really throughout this hour and a team that. It hit a -- wrote this down or others we were talking producer banning same that it that the media and the team has been selling them for awhile. And the fans don't seem to be buying what's being sold you think that's what's happening. Because at this point you can't not buying in right and at this point area. They were the first right in the American League to clinch there in all likelihood gonna finish with the best record in the American League get. They've got -- pitching staff it's fantastic they've they've scored on runs they've had a exciting wins they've got the good personality. They've gotten rid of bad seeds are boring people in order to create a pretty fun atmosphere around them. Only mean is there something else now at this point that you need in order to jump on board for the playoffs there can't be so I don't know it's it's still a matter of then being sold but fans not buying is that still what -- I don't think that's happening I think that's a big fans applaud -- if you are. Going to be hard -- baseball fan. Don't. You know it's okay hardcore baseball fans will always be around in the hardcore baseball fans will be the first ones to tell you. On the other group the Yankees never want to do Eumig you know there are aliens are or what ever know what baseball -- rather -- -- Welcome back welcome. But I think it's this the time. Matter of your work for him -- casual for the timing your most in October. We're almost in October and your team. In the post season. When when a hobby is like 6364. Degrees in September. You know our next month I have -- big deal. Do you do with the new line and not bound to have thirties and forties. Your team in the playoffs if you can't get exciting would that. It's your goal but that maybe. This is not cut out for -- But -- but this -- always been the time about this time a year when you look around and realize that everybody is talking about the Red Sox or wherever you go Barack conversely did you see what our last night there's a billboard music there's there's perhaps -- everywhere it just sort of becomes. It becomes almost all encompassing wherever you go everybody's thinking about the Red Sox and I will say as excited as I think people are starting to get I'm not seen -- I don't think there's that over the top exuberance. Excitement buying in whatever you wanna call it. That it really displays itself. Almost everywhere. I've seen. What but why would it be -- out of the playoffs haven't started you'll see it at the end of the -- we don't you think immediately it will ramp up by the in the Red Sox are far more games. So and then forays to -- -- you -- and plus when you can identify where they're gonna play. I mean we know what it's one of three teams with two. That's still a little too abstract could be the Indians eight you don't returns -- could be the Rangers who have played the Red Sox pretty well. It could beat Tampa and they're great pitching. But you don't know so there's an opponent really the focus in on. You don't know who the number one starter isn't officially for the Red Sox don't know who officially is on the post season roster so this is. It was probably a little too early to go. -- Red Sox crazy but it's gonna happen if they are just waiting for an opponent. And waiting for OK you're a regular season ends. Playoffs start now it's time to jump him Bellagio 61777979837. Tony we'll get a started -- Saito. I do and yet it you know there's one place that we it's not be stress. We -- -- pictures. That could be number ones that of them most teams numerous may slack in a little bit. That went. That's that -- he gonna blow. The embassies in the B 120 in the last -- Because they kept the pitch and I think we need to do is hope that everything goes normal there's no query and posting great Britain and. Tony not only the I'm going to the World Series you have them sweeping the World Series. I don't think most -- labels Red Sox fans are looking for that if if they win if it's I -- as if it's a classic seven game classic in the Red Sox went. I think people will be OK with that a -- Some good teams some good teams and nationally and the still National League teams they're only so good -- -- and -- and when the World Series last. Just looking -- just looking sometimes those things just happen. I guess that's doormat that's the question I have for you guys today Michael as well. Is that by and there isn't a matter of is it a matter of you being sold the Red Sox are needing to be sold was it a matter of waiting for them to clinch so that the the EU the flashbacks of 2011. Were finally removed from your mind did did that make it okay. It everything get for giving -- doubt and it was redemption you or is as soon as they clinched on Friday night not just clinching a wildcard berth. But actually clinching the American League -- showing that they owned this division essentially from the first day of the season all the way to the last without enough redemption for you wanna -- -- or does there need to be something else in order for you to fully buy back in the way you had before 2011617779. 790% because I can't imagine what how she would need it's alcohol in W media. 60777979837. She city or watch Red Sox team that is clinched and clinched early. Submit to you that we have not talked enough about their two best players amazingly. Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz two guys who who this team continues to revolve around even if they are not that the new blood that has everybody excited. The funny thing is in some ways both guys to be achieved so differently this year as opposed over the last year and a half or so before this year. That that they almost are new blood -- at the little moment the other night Ortiz comes in into barrels press conference soda. Pretends to do what he had done a couple of years ago. Quite frankly. Andy was that funny because I think what he did a few years has the worst thing I remember -- doing it I just thought it was such a lemur. At just it was a really lame part of his personality in -- RBI ended up getting upset because voter I thought it was going to -- and I understand he does things like that at times and I just -- I think that was lame and good for him I guess for laughing about it now. But Pedroia and some ways is almost more interesting if you look at the change I think it was not that long was the it was last year beginning last year. The Dustin Pedroia. Was leading the charge against the manager of this team. Right right Valentine had gone out and and criticized Youkilis and it's it's Dustin Pedroia who leads the resistance. Mean I don't know I mean I haven't prepared haven't talked to him about it mean that it's not -- that. You play as hard as anybody I've ever seen in my life so. And I have his back and his teammates have his back and we know home Marty plays so. And I think what went. I don't really understand what. Him Obama is trying to do but that's really not the way we go about our our stuff around here so. Conservative figure that out soon. So many shots and there's so many little shops and there duke plays hard. Us on the field teammates that he start with a we have -- our way we have each other's back. This isn't how we do we hear maybe he'll figure that out soon I mean. It appears like six shot imbedded in a couple of sentences from Dustin Pedroia couldn't be more than twenty seconds long -- so. I think about how far he's come and I know other people who were upset about here a lot of. Reports on them a lot of people say well. I I shouldn't I shouldn't say that we took formal poll but. A lot of talk radio callers talk radio techsters. People -- you know FaceBook whatever people we hear from. Were upset with -- would Dustin Pedroia of word for saying what he -- but if you look at it. Did that come from the point of view that you're an employee and you can't see -- thing even though. Your boss may be way off even though he me maybe he's leading you down a half and we know he was. We know at the time in April when when Pedroia said that. But maybe these guys don't lead on -- tab that is currently use to move forward in the post season interfere it'll say this is hopeless -- -- never turned this thing around I hate this team on and on and that's what happened so. Are passionate. Player speaks out against something that he thinks is wrong. End some people turn it around on. Curious what what those people think today I mean if you've been following Dustin Pedroia over the last few years. And you were one of the people that was upset last year and you were somebody's said this is not the way he should behave this is not right he's just a player he should be following the manager. In the saga of Dustin Pedroia is an interest in one I mean I imagine a guy and -- I know -- little bit I don't know well. I've talked to him over the course of the -- few times and is to -- them every come out to Seattle for awhile it's always nice. I picture -- guy that's incredibly competitive. Unbelievably energetic. Gets that lead lives for days and really does is is a true baseball addict. Loves to get there early talk about the game talks smack to the other team talk trash with -- teammates mean everything that makes Pedroia Pedroia. I just imagine a guy that looked around last year and very quickly realized just how bad -- -- -- -- and and I know there's those who say our -- just -- -- the because Terry Francona was his guy and he was gone instead of be in the teachers at. He was now going to be just like everybody else. I just see somebody looked around and said this is not how you do things in baseball forget about whether or not. Forgetting about whether or not my guy. Tito should be here not sure he still want her for -- But it's not like easier now when you still see Dustin Pedroia that is that is not created any semblance of a problem this year but -- he's got an aggregate the exact kind of player you would want him to ever. It really hurt amendments this year -- he didn't want the -- a story about him getting hurt the first series of the season against the Yankees. He got hurt. He didn't wanna talk about it may -- that explains that the ninth home run yeah he has the lowest since his rookie year at eight. In in 2007. But -- didn't wanna focus on that as a guy who. Pretty much does what. What we want well what we say we want athletes today. I say that actually we will we say it because we don't really want we say when athletes to show up. You know keep your mouth -- put your head down play the game the right -- don't have much for much personality especially if you say something that we disagree with it but. As we're learning with this Red Sox team -- a little warned that because this team has done. This team has come in the play this team play is the right way. And -- haven't done anything crazy not a lot of controversy with this team and yet. We find ourselves saying that to Boston fans what was going on what are you waiting for you waiting for a collapse. That we hear anyway we just on the eighteenth -- -- I'm a lot of the Texas and whether or not that exciting. Really want to see is. In this too long on the largest crowd for an hour. Season -- they don't. Having -- anti baseball stuff doesn't hold any water in the Otterhound drama. Are not true forever in this town in and that didn't stop anybody from buying in from from. -- I'm not -- that as a reason if you're gonna tell -- that this team is an exciting about find out when neither all the pinch hit home runs all the late games all the runs they scored I'm sorry I'm not buying this team is any lack of excitement it's certainly not a lack of personality they've got a lot of that. I don't know I don't know what things they are missing that people think needs to be there in order to buying an a 100% on a baseball team. Dominance all they've been fairly dominant a minute they've they've been steady they've been to have it may have not been a up and down and inconsistent they've been incredibly consistent they've led from the beginning of the year to the end the all of those things have been true about them and. And they wanted to vision they wanted to vision that is. I don't want to over rate the American League east but it's it's a pretty solid division. You look at what the Red Sox have done there. When you've gotten you've got Tampa is is a pretty good team. You've got. You know Baltimore and the Yankees. Are pretty competitive teams in Toronto's just. 800 loss off. Or a bad team though they're there a better they are more dangerous bad team than you usually find they're not like Houston. You know I'm in up like Seattle they're dangerous that demon rat makes any sense so I mean you you way to win a tough division. You get back into the playoffs you've completely turnaround from last year. And there are still a sense of I don't know I mean what that is I don't know whether it exists maybe it is the maybe it is the drama thing maybe it is the soap opera -- -- we we overreact I was telling you that's -- used during the break. The great thing about. You know 20032004. Is that he had the soap opera. But you also had substance so always believed that. People with substance. Were enjoying the soap opera but they can still get back to the real business of baseball if they needed to. It may need to just put a step aside the trashy TV that I love so much -- need to put that aside and just focus on. Okay -- the run over what do I do what kind of matchup for you looking for here in the late innings. How do you bring in the closer 4885. Out save or can somebody else get the job done in the -- inning go to your calls for 1239 all that stuff. I felt like. Boston baseball fans could do that count and reveled in that as much as the soap opera but maybe that's not the -- Some people just want they love the drama. Off the field more than based. -- to Miami see text message here saying just because you've got a good team chemistry. Doesn't mean that that you are interesting this team is -- and again I don't think about it that way I don't think they're dull I think they do have personality and I do think -- an interesting team to watch a fact. I've enjoyed watching them get on night in night out this year so I don't buy that but people written Dustin Pedroia -- on the text machine here and to state TT tax line. To say lucky he was viewed as not a leader because he was Francona is guy Sam people's things teammates didn't trust -- ally. I'm -- some of that may be true and there may have been some people that were uncomfortable with how close he will he was with his manager. The guy that stepped up and I thought he was stepping up that was my take on what he said last year Bobby Valentine. To me that was stepping up and being a leader of that team and saying no that's not the culture that has been built in this town for a long time. And it seems to be the culture that is now return to come on defense of your team. That's what he was to answer a figure that out -- -- sitting here with standing together with your teammates is supposed do as opposed to every man for himself which is something the body seemed to want. Almost an Everyman frozen sperm cell today if if anything starts that you would you start -- bodies man if you can file life -- good for you Borges can it's every man for himself and that's not. What the Red Sox had been for so long. Yet and I think the other thing here is Mike is what I mentioned earlier. I'd -- excitement is there and you don't have me. You can talk about all the other sports -- -- football is -- In in this country. -- you talk about Major League cities. To go back to. I don't think of cities with the basketball teams. As a major League City like Oklahoma City yet -- and I don't think of teams with with football team as Major League cities. Not necessarily. Green bank. Got a baseball team. A baseball and -- -- major leagues -- a baseball team in contention to there's nothing like that. When you've got a team playing. When it's cold outside and games matter honey I'm so happy I'm not ever been there and many years I'm so happy for the people of Pittsburgh. Actually have games that matter the gonna have games that matter in October hasn't happened in -- when he yeah -- see I like Clint Hurdle to a pretty excited for them cook for them -- That's that's when that's when you really talk about something what you talked about earlier where you go anywhere going down. -- everybody if they're not talking about -- they're aware. Realize that allows the playoffs so so the last time Pittsburgh went to the playoffs -- -- 1992 you know their leader in wins was right here. -- dreamed a dream accurate as Doug dream Exxon has been in baseball for four years that's how long it's been since they've been in the they've been in the class. It this way. It's been an absolute. Good for Clint Hurdle man is like a surfer cowboy like -- -- in Beverly -- -- Okay. The go on -- So I I just was players talking about the Red Sox you know my my iPod about it is that it's. Like what happened in 2011 with the collapse happened before 2004. And then. You know they had like a team now. That went from worse to first there wouldn't be all this conversation about how it's not an interest in team there's no drama. You know or more -- bored with it and I wanted to see what your thought. What I mean is not kinda what happened general -- quite worst to first but. I mean that after the 2001 team that was such an epic disaster in -- each other and all the problems you had -- they couldn't even get it together to it to come together for September 11. You know what they did in 02 and then eventually you know three you know four. Was a direct reaction to that and people didn't -- -- right I mean it was. They brought him Rick Sanchez some of those other guys to just try to fix the clubhouse first Grady Little in note two Carlos by -- right they're just trying to make it fun here in Boston Ricky Henderson right and and all those names that came into just trying to. -- what -- become a really lousy an uncomfortable place and it did lead to a lot of. It was -- a couple of guys that and that same offseason. He had by area and Ricky. And he also had Johnny Damon. So Johnny Damon came to -- and when he came in this kind of shy kind of quiet he said oh man. -- grow my hair a little bit let me kickback. And have some fun and that's where it started. Are coming up here Michael -- you look like a genius last and I don't wanna say because -- -- he had a tough -- -- definitely something nice. I try to go along with some of the difficulties you had yesterday with Bill Belichick -- better faster -- -- black -- night. You look like a genius and yet I'm still gonna disagree with you that's government axle and all WB.

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