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A Bruins Power Play, it's not just a dream anymore

Sep 24, 2013|

The Bruins struggles on the man advantage (especially in the playoffs) have been well documented, but so far in the preseason it looks like the Bruins might finally have a unit that works like a machine.

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First televised Bruins game at least on nests in the last night at the garden 171000. Plus their Michael. So once again a really good crowd everybody. Investigator early on what this team is gonna do and as you should be and they are a Stanley Cup contender right from the beginning of the season. Upgrading I think in most people's mind for important to a game. Some of the young defenseman now start to come into the -- not really losing anybody ask another year older. Bergeron you're looking at a team that it should do. Without without any without any question. Be considered a top candidate to -- to contend for the cup under is where if you get the part about me being your juniors I was rarely do here and Amare or where I was. Waiting for that I don't think you listen closely enough I don't think I cold UAG Gordon didn't -- back up and ice did you look. I'd like. Last guys and how does it. It's different what does that genius -- you tell it like this is like briefly you CG. -- that juicy genius doesn't make you be genius. Forever. Your state of being is not Jean brokered last week you -- -- an -- -- we have the debate over whether or not -- should be on the power player. My own personal feeling is I would like them off the power play entirely I don't want Sima points I don't wanna see him down low can handle it you thought might -- I think that's what's. Other pounding all the punishment the -- -- not nice you can't have this guy a note to speed up at pocono. Ali to release it on and I don't think I say play -- don't think it plays a there was -- reason for him well connected but a whatever. That's still my field but last night you got to see Chara out on the power play score two goals -- one of them. Comes in the five on three we really talk about that if I'd been asked and you still want turn off the ice and five on three dollar probably do want that shot from the point where moving the puck is quickly is quite is important although. I would say -- didn't move quickly in the final agreement of all the things he's adaptable he he adopted a little bit I mean maybe some of the pressure and some watching what you're getting with crew -- sheets that are park ski on the point is is finally forcing him to be a little bit quicker. But there's only so so quick he can be -- the -- -- -- -- in their final. But the first goal scorer Michael was just as you want them right front of the net. Stay -- -- right there got his stick on a shot from Dennis Seidenberg and tipped it right and. OK so that was great look good last night was a problem with that. These -- used to disagree. Is that the argument that you had before I mean nothing that -- from the fact that what happened -- -- -- gold but I mean nothing has it changed my personal -- -- are you just told me I was listening to I was listening closely this yes. And -- just told me two things changed when he's -- one big -- for sure. The quicker you ideally he would move the puck around the second thing -- actually score. Why aren't so. I think things have changed what you -- -- doesn't change my opinion on what each art it does mean because if you go guys that keeps scoring us scoring is going to score now I. You go back to the point that I was making at the time none of those have changed one. I don't think that he's as well -- talkative people -- stay in the game better than me he's not as well suited from that position to go into the corners and go try to. You know dig out rebounds after shots that's not what he did last night he just stood in front of the net and was able to tip pass I'm not taking anything away from that that's good it. But there's other guys who have done that before it's not what Lucic is incapable matter rather or other guys on the team. So he's still not why use -- there what do you think they're used in there and your opinion what what's what's happen first opinion is. Char is the captain of the team right he's a bit of a sensitive soul. And they don't wanna just remove them from the power play but the point that the thing that was slowing down power play more than anything really causing him fits. Was just having a guy who does not move the puck quickly enough. Playing the point in the power play good for you he he's got a big camper shot but total other guys. Let go gets everything you know about the Bruins and your your. Guests there -- educated guess that. The data Chara is sensitive and so if you take about the power play that that will bother him and it goes against. Coach Julien saying this is best for the team and I need to move somebody to the third line like Tyler -- last year part need to didn't Iran's orbit around. Sheets is -- -- it has been talking about -- that we -- about those on the table he's your big deal leisure captain he's an older veteran player. He is what the entire system is based on he's Peter -- -- -- He sure is the first thing she really did was if I come here. I bring Chara and we go from there I mean it. It's a lot what is your isn't always marceca an annual Paris view. They say hey captain and take you off the what the system is based on about the mentality and he buy into the easier -- Zdeno Chara -- because everything I've heard about the Bruins everything that. That we've been led to believe. About the core of this team the soul of this team is that. Tabloids if the team above everybody else and it's not about what you which you need individually what's best for the global collective. So if it's best for the team to have Zdeno Chara. Out of the power play mix wouldn't he be on board that I don't think you put out but you know I think what's best for the team haven't Chara out there. It's best for the team to have an outfit there. -- -- It broke the by scoring one goal I mean I'm not saying that he won't be an asset. If you wanna put in front of the net there'll definitely be plays. -- -- the -- I mean it will -- he's a huge body and they probably will score a couple of goals that way especially if they do some of the other things they're talking about on the power play moving -- to the other point starting -- on the first power play -- one of the points -- -- those things are going to make the power play better anyway -- and having Jarome -- one of the great snipers in the game that's right -- is that all of those things will help the power play whether or not you have -- in front of the net. I just think scored a couple of goals over the course of the year isn't worth the pounding that he would end up taking their ski Tim rather is in Smithfield high -- I can't quite get sent to all the time -- time -- template that I basically want -- to it. The child is more power of the best it said it all what -- Flocked dot. It is important to slot would be so -- that you -- direct impact -- directed -- all the pocket to get the score more points. -- is golf is quite the senate. Go on offense that's quite as quick as him any act and the city each query. But he's. On ops plus -- pop play Pete playing. Especially -- apparently tell me you wanna make him a center full time. As I hope not. Now that's -- -- from an error has not gonna happen Tammany -- talking crazy they're not going to do that he he's he's one of the but he is one of the best shut down defenseman in history. You're not going to move that player -- and certainly -- -- with everything that he believes in from the defense of standpoint. He's not -- and think about half the conversation on the power. In the rest of the game. -- want to move all the defense and up about those guys like sports and he can upper journeys pretty good offensive player he can play. One pat -- -- one defense side and the other side is put again because -- -- go to work a little bit with him. As a foreign in his career but he's a great forward could be a great defense -- nine -- being silly but you know what I'm gonna do when you do I'm gonna do the next time. The next summit of the church stands. Will be we use today. In some forum and on some platform that -- again at the top fifteen player you -- fifteen you'll say it usually you have to show that he is a -- team player -- say it this year and we use it how old you Richard quest is in -- no matter where it says highway as. Wes was going on man you're on the air. I don't know who work all right good. Glad you're working men. Probably -- working hard was -- your mind. Comment on that -- about. Aren't there and it took her. In Q yeah. I think -- a lot bigger. Of a picture of the -- you are. -- now on the manatee can really stand in there and free up yacht and are confident that. Bell and -- play it's sort of epic summer outlook offensive potential. Yeah out of -- rarely looking at it you're right the wet season he's a present that you've got to -- for so. Whether they have an error. As a as an actual scoring threat or whether they have in there Q. Just kind of clear some space around the net there there's a reason there's a reason that he's there besides his ego. I don't believe I don't know man I think a lot of it it's. Just go it's keeping the peace it's keeping the peace early in the year maybe it works maybe it doesn't. Personally I think that's what you'd appreciate this -- -- -- -- the Charles Robb says that kind of -- championship I don't think they're not trying to win a championship I just think that there's a bigger picture at stake here -- coming up. To the -- Michael you know these guys. To the patriots a long time biggest critics are back and it. And now. Other torching tumble play the sound coming -- that -- -- got to hear WE. -- what's notable bright side it's. Still. You know Mike I was still in Bill Belichick after the interview yesterday to check my profile coach. And a little something about coaching a way out so maybe he could you know learn some things from me you want to get himself lower but it certainly. Check my profile. -- -- -- -- You don't make your coaching -- go to -- if you're like yeah I heard you have one of those. Of course. Director occurred under the don't -- body read it last night I'll give back to the patriots conversation here about debt call fifteen minutes. If you have not heard yet. What Tom Jackson and Shannon Sharpe said about the patriots play that for you it is it is worth -- listen because it is well. -- leave it for you to decide exactly where they're coming from -- one of the comments and it is totally insane and the other is a complete lack of perspective but we'll play the story coming -- -- fifteen minutes -- Bruins that conversation calls in the meantime. After watching them fight last night watching -- -- watching McQuay watching guys. That you really think you're gonna play a big part of of a big role on this team this year thrown punches in the pre season. Again I don't wanna have a huge problem I don't via a negative guy I love fighting pockets on my favorite parts of the game. I re wound it to make sure that I watch and it wasn't home in time to see Dellucci spike as soon as I got home my DVR the -- is an okay. While -- in the Tucker hit one back and watch Lucic -- is that's what I wanna see. Anything that makes him aggressive I'm in favor of I just just just get nervous about him you know. Breaking a finger something in the pre season for matters. Yeah but I think he's been around long enough where he's marketer. Just so wrapped up any any pre season fight where he's got to go all out and and punching guys visor -- probably distraught or revise or look to god Jack. -- -- that little disappointed in Jack. It's a great line he had his nose is completely the Jack fight again there is noses attacking meanwhile Lucic his fists a great line. We're gonna bring that out in the pre season. Yeah. Right. Now maybe Jacqui we had him here and we'll talk to would say that he did not plan outlined that is not been boiling in his and since last season that it just came out naturally. I would guess that that's something Jack has been thinking about adding to his effort power curve of her I love the line. Don't have to wait for the regular season for big moment and all right before you let that they will argue that tried -- for -- -- exactly and you tried out this is like they're trying to work pitch in the east in the spring training working on our economic -- I thought maybe I give it a try here and maybe that's the way it goes. Six or 777979837. Jeffs and Drake idea. It will it our job. My question use salt is -- a -- and while we have our apparently no doubt. Boat chartered a plane like maybe five minutes a night if that our -- Is significantly fewer than that I mean it last year I think deeply two and a half minutes a game on the power play. And -- -- it would be approved by the team like it played a point on the power play which are you an outlaw all. -- from there. They're not doing that I mean what they're doing is it they are putting crude at the point they're gonna put again -- It in sort of that sniper spot in you know on the on the at the circle and it looks like they're gonna do more the umbrella things you're gonna a couple of snipers. And then it and then other times move it over and let -- stamp parliament. And that's and they're going to be. -- -- I just don't see. It's not a IC -- what. The benefit being enough for him to withstand the punishment the you're gonna take there. Over the course of a year and then when you talk to people again who understand played the game more so the media tell me the opposition needs to be able to go out retrieved pox. That's not gonna reach our strength and standing in front of the net. OK but that's just who the people who know a lot more hockey and then the people Richard talking -- that's just one or two or three perspectives. Obviously code has a different perspective. And and there's -- as a as another Republican that's what keeps gaining you. You're your feelings aside and you at least see what they're saying. Which are also cannot get this -- of course nobody. You said it work last this is that he knew playing with with -- Zdeno Chara what -- the best moments. In the bruins' season last year with that game seven. Stirring. Comeback win over Toronto. And you think about it when they had they had six on five. -- was out there the coach was out there -- know they've done it big moments of sorrow and if it's it's it's been successful for them before and I think they're trying to what you want our candidates and why haven't they done it until now because -- if they haven't had a guy like -- board -- girls were waiting for the quarter local puck moving their rights guy who could hang out back -- -- the -- is definitely going to be on the -- you can forget about even. -- putting him in the competition he says he's in the competition. Out in the competition. He's on the team pitcher he is -- that team unity forget about the competition at park house -- ham eyewitnesses. -- -- -- It's embarrassing is not embarrass you had -- embarrassing for you if you if you -- that. If you had to pick between -- -- recruiting Danny Amendola you know what they're always talking about I would pick why would you like would you follow that you know if if one guy I was going through -- -- -- you're here. Who would you follow or occur -- crew come hell or high water no matter -- it's always gonna rhetorically. Find myself fifty guys ask us why. -- -- there -- -- from had them go to work and you know make myself I was born in and earn that spot I don't have a job. Thinking that played him on -- there. Nobody feels that way but I don't think it's true I think he has the job and he should act that way keep his head down -- worked. But I think he's got a job it's gonna be up to him to lose that job disposed to having to try to earn one I think he's got a job. And part of always what he does on the power play what he does just in terms of being a puck moving defenseman they've been looking for forever and ever. I think the kids got a job in the team let me ask you another question no I -- assess. Nothing -- with the power play but a lot to do with the Bruins what do you think that they're getting 171000. People for pre season games I. I'm impressed you should and I'm surprised. Really I mean I guess after I got -- I love affair that the -- seems to have a memorable Turkey and. That's great but still the pre season -- separately at the patriots. The patriots would not sell out their pre season games they didn't have to and they may Q they'd they'd look at the season as a twenty game packets right. So -- eighteen -- yet -- while -- well 0888818. Okay if you wanna look at that content but. They look at the entire season has twenty games stretching regular season for pre season four total of one. So it's all part of of what you have to do. To be a patriot season ticket holder so -- can understand why people are you may not be fired up pop pre season games and NFL -- your -- form. But it's such an event don't I think the difference is the first ball pre season games the NFL -- There really really hard to watch their their means you're watching your team play for essentially a quarter apple recorded even not at all and then you're watching guys you've never heard of say what you want him in last night's game that featured most Bruins players that -- familiar -- For for the entirety of the game it's not like -- the first five minutes and it took the rest of the night off -- played the entire game to. Normal shift is it is it is -- in your opinion genuine excitement because like you and I could be mistaken. After they won the cup. That next year -- -- 171000. And 171000. Young band candy maybe you got to check on this -- -- -- talked to DJ being our our source for all things Bruins. From WER dot com. This feels very new to me if it's it's impressive and surprise -- is in Hartford I can't. An attorney. I I'll. Cut him. Up we saw so sought out. -- Right you're at it -- and -- It gets better -- get get a but I do. Not know if it actually I have again guards are trigger -- about the regard. How hot spots there an A-Rod and how at all and Welker after Rita -- are off the right. It's probably aren't as she can continue. Actually hear what they were at the Blackhawks with a black klux. Black -- at that it would doubt that it is Charlie. He hired. He was tired he was tired and they weren't sure that we're tired as well would you like him to be less tired well -- he will be less tired this year fellows you know why. Because NHL. Is actually gonna start in the fall and not the winter this year Bobbitt got the only reason it was higher decision it won't be a 48 game season. -- -- -- -- to -- completely stopped until you know any open space is going to be a real season with a real spacing. That's it -- street got you've got thirty plus -- -- I mean I I think chart last week. Paramount. -- can you remember this and it was it. Was it February or march last year where the Bruins set a record for games than a month. Have it in one -- him like sixteen and they are playing every other night and it looked at. Every season is hiring last year maybe even -- any other -- don't you want him to be less tired here's art let me -- I think it was hard because of the the odd ball sees what Clinton tried to think he's giving another year old usually try this. How many goals and if they have Chara on the and on the power play unit front of the net the first unit for the course of the year. How many more goals do you think they'd score them without him there. I get to -- and number five. -- are important goals that he scores some. So that so much of the upside is. Five go five extra goals on the power play if that's what you think is and by the way I don't even know that that don't they score any extra goals which are they were -- each but for the sake of argument let's say it's five. He's worked yeah I -- goals over the course of 82 games to potentially winner down your best defensive player and happy and take more punishment played more minutes that he would otherwise far more goals that you would -- -- Yes it's worth it I don't know get a break our season where you know you're go to your our sitting five more goals that that -- that you wouldn't have had otherwise -- and then here's the other thing. All we do his bit about the power play in this town but don't we get in the championship season how we did it the year after we did last year. So if they're trying to improve -- Zdeno Chara doesn't prove the power play yes it's worth it. You're also gonna happen Olympics this year were -- is going to be playing in the Olympics or maybe you're not jamming all those games in the wall a lot of the league is gonna have a break during the Olympics you know -- is going to be playing for his country so. I just anything you can do to make sure this -- -- -- of the playoffs you're team's goal of the playoffs with a -- plays on the power play or not. You're gonna go to the play you're really good team and unless things go completely awry. You're going to the playoffs this year I want him to -- is fresh. And is able bodied as he possibly could be in the playoffs when it's really -- mad -- that that's what's important we will keep this debate going is my guess is not going away anytime soon 6177797937. Also have yet to hear what -- longtime patriot haters said about a new target. Tom Brady all the sudden in the cross or to play for you next occurrence rockaholic W media.

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