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Jacoby Jones and some ugly strippers

Sep 24, 2013|

The guys discussed the latest NFL incident, this time involving the Ravens and Jacoby Jones on a party bus. The woman they chose left much to be desired.

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Callers. I look back -- them. Depression and all. I've -- sneakers and watch on happier adults call you know I don't often. Current with its assault prefer bush should be sure I don't often give you credit for things like this all time behind your back on mad at. I tell people don't care you know even read blogs. And you. Base year you know what people that's -- because that's not. Hateful tweets -- We -- one -- send you and that in and you don't care gimmick -- doesn't affect. The -- -- that -- -- -- change that don't know. What they do -- but it's -- -- -- it's the greatest the fact is that we are not an odd shape they're based on -- for August that is that. If they. Act like when they say. -- politics is politics. Her. She passed it one the other day and -- said of the albeit it's. Used to be and constant. -- -- talk yes has turned me there was a constant attacks yesterday -- number -- after the show scared what we. -- Won yesterday right. Now -- correct yet we did. -- O five and some actually texted. We have to hear this interview again. Now we have in the past had agreed on -- at six read it and this with no it is. From a hole in the text us. Column. See it as a second -- it was like watching out that you have to resist. Resist the respect people. The flow. Buckle under the pressure we often do that you meet somebody and they watch. Watched aching back. He can trust and respect them because they. All under that yes there man must be easier. You meet someone does that cable. That they. -- certain -- stich. Is nothing baffling about it. Reason you can order that she can get yes. If jury bought it would you make it known. Right now but I am. You know I'm a native who's competing amongst our liquor store in the state liquor store -- And the audience. Last. Year's -- aged years in the post as usual eight days like that she does get easily. -- affected by the crash site were you try to pressure him and intricate single malts and -- or even Eagles not yet. I would agree with the you know -- great. There and he just wouldn't opposite try this issue does. He said I'd like. I have a nice who's in the past before but I just I save it for too long they don't want to drink because it's too nice for me Negroponte house on. This if you think because you can't afford. The high end you'd rather not say that once again that part of the accents are. The ball with. I do. To swing -- it that's different than plastic bottle. You bought you before. Out there with you can't tell what you was asked them that Jerry. I don't elegant good deal this goes on sale all the quickest. And -- -- is higher rents absent last -- as a reserve says you years yet Scots could be solved if the box that's. -- -- So really just has yet. You know something. He said. I can't disputed it does tasteful little -- It is an eagle stores. Now I care. It is available it's like the secret of Google acted I think. You know toward Panama in September it will. -- on what it's hard to downgrade its when you go rent a car for spring trainer and the begin using it'll -- -- to have a heated steering and he would -- the putt there and right wind downwind -- about that. Ross calls. If you had that. And you have in some ways -- that together. Just like -- -- -- -- I can give you coping tips you know it's not open if that -- happens these should get part time jobs and Barnes & Noble. Yet no greeter at Wal-Mart. Hello hello hello. Hello -- mild seven light while your area bookstores shaped jug the public. Idiot -- I -- Ice men are speaking -- pressured Jacoby Jones was pressured into doing I don't wanna do this. Baltimore Ravens wide receiver got pressured by his teammates. To jump on a party -- celebrating teammate Brian and -- birthday. The part that part was a hell after that clock in the morning Monday. Clock in the morning Monday. When they're supposed to party in their defense. Tuesday -- have off correct. And in the grace of bald Smith who was 7 AM. Friday in the at a meeting he was the meeting I believe like nine or ten. He went right from you know getting busted. Into the meeting into the music how to protect innocent. Work -- two hours before -- -- arrest well Jacoby. Jones was due in for treatment. The next day. I have today up he was doing for treatment he's rehabbing a knee surgery wound on his health no that's actually go to -- so they get into this this party bus for the older teammates M and a handful of the ugly -- -- while. You've ever seen follow me on Twitter tweets -- this out again I just. John Dennis WTI between at the same picture yes yes -- went down on the DNC it's on the air to. DNC is how has it and John Dennis WB EI -- it's a picture of what five or six strippers. There's one. Attractive one it's way in the back and there's one in the middle looks like Ray Rice. Only not as good looking for as keen intelligence -- She really does it is if that's a stripper off manipulated are under monies were right now we confirmed that yet we think she's the impacts -- -- your tweet. Sri tweeted that against me in trouble it was at least really -- As it was tweeted some hours ago you keep Seton. On -- We know we can't we tweeted just comes up as regionally for -- two hours ago it would also -- also on the DNC Asia mask and do it again in the and we can all look at together. Here it is. It is -- decade you know what you know I don't think that's a -- don't -- -- to be some muscle and all the right you don't send. Seven or eight strippers out with a bunch of football players without some protection and ankle bracelet too. Consider that as you mean jewelry -- hi I'm I'm not even -- think she's the muscle. You really think that that thing in the middle thing takes her clothes on where Bryant McKinnie. Jersey so might be Bryant maybe was feeling pretty that day and -- hooliganism was their little their -- I just three twittered -- John Dennis WEI and is one to. 34567. So called strippers like the one on the right is no question a transvestite Nicholas in the bald and. Yet Heidi you know she was because her hands -- as -- -- Andre the giants this that and she had an Adam's apple as big -- -- -- Then there's this big east in the middle wearing a -- ravens Jersey but the fact the -- it's OK -- the syrup close kids. And the left with a platinum that's very sweet sweet the -- Italy -- -- apparently got pissed off -- Jacoby Jones for some. And she hit him over the head with a gigantic ace of spades champagne bottle. And this is open and they have been called a chronological. Who's the banks can be -- can be yours and I -- Haley bodies are on the -- pals on the ravens leasing or going out on this -- strippers and the boss. He walked -- -- -- -- -- -- like golf again you walk up there and you look at this in Mandarin to. Besides that on Twitter she says I would like to clear -- -- waitress and the girls -- aboard two strippers. To put that. One when RD. No but -- looking at Dartmouth what part. Bio says that via Clinton or she's a hostess of diamonds in Miami won in the middle so grow as a boldly sisters. She was cancer that the Duke Lacrosse players. A better idea. So it's a scary thing the one we're in the Bryant McKinnie Jersey in the Middle East looks like ray writes to me holding two fingers. Like like this like when your doctor says -- over -- extra twenty Dell it's. Donors and upcoming interest -- me right. Hello this is -- you get -- yes and you know what sight unseen vehicle structure and since and some girls over you know he's drawn up a couple of this is witchcraft. -- right now picture what if you're not an NFL player would they send over a million man suspected of mutants from me. Island of -- the moral. I would like Europe the fact that I'm a waitress and the girls on the picture are not a bunch of strippers issue was to clear the fact that are not a bunch interpret which means they are this is sweet -- explanation on Twitter. Jacoby and I -- verbal confrontation and that was it I never hit with a bottle. And I wish people would stop spreading lies on the Internet cops were called to -- to league leading. Victim here. He didn't go to -- hospital and no charges they seem to be okay 'cause I don't find this that distasteful this was a birthday party on their night off yeah. And he got hit he didn't hit anyone correctness no accusations that he had any of the got -- correct or that they stiffed him for the money but it doesn't matter -- on John Hart John Harbaugh is not happy with his wide receiver. Encourage children we got reports that. Middle of the morning's morning sometime I think I heard about that. As far as him he's fine he went through everything today they are supposed to go through didn't miss any thing that's very impressed personally with the report. That's something we wanna be known for elective thing is not something those guys are going to be known for. Stuff would be proud of so. Terms of support in that sense. When you audio for him not because football player in -- -- -- -- that -- -- I don't think there's -- -- program. So once again John Harbaugh -- his brother -- because player. As both driving his car into a tree right getting busted for dole and these guys didn't drive right now no drugs well rests. I mean obviously it's bad taste and disappointed more in the we are not yet be disappointed. If graves geez that's the best thing to do. It's and a piece of the Super Bowl champions. And it's like some. Collection -- -- people rejected an end and doesn't make sense do you think this is the first time they called this stripper age. Girls are almost have to be right sweet -- thing. Just. Yet. And and you know. If you like big women go oh yeah. State. -- --

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