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The Road to October, Monday Sept. 23rd

Sep 23, 2013|

This week on the Road to October, Rob Bradford, Alex Speier, and Mikey Adams talk with Jonny Gomes, Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo, and look ahead to possible playoff opponents and pitching rotations.

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Okay roll call first of all. Mikey yes I'm here -- -- -- -- doing here and I'm here after a do we have our coloradans. I am here I hear you coming out loud and clear what -- what technology Alex peers in the studio. I am it's the road to October prayers to -- if there's one guy missing a beat Jonny Gomes. Is Jonny Gomes on the phone. Johnny it was -- -- was going our -- tell you what we're all excited about you. -- -- I'm actually very senator -- acute position the 213. Red Sox are in. And I'm -- go check on Monday Night Football game that's a good combination of -- a combination of elements Johnny. Well I know that your I know that you're you're eager to its head out -- -- April on rightly so like you know dependent on going up in the head so -- let me take -- -- this you have been a part of a number of teams. They have had extraordinary turnaround it's not just that you've been on playoff teams. You've been on multiple teams that have gone from really the bottom of their divisions and made it all the way into the post season in in the following year so raise reds. -- Red Sox is there are commonality between those teams or is this 2013 Red Sox team very different from those other teams that made the playoffs. I would say it -- Or yeah. Veteran base. Umpire which again in kind of surprise me. About how all this -- growing -- part. Because. No war over that now I mean you know people are talking about won't mandated it -- a hundred games. But you know it's a couple months ago we weren't even on the map. You know at all but -- they outside you know it's been such a veteran team arm in between the lines. The way we play the game the way we approached the game is different this same. And you know I would say you know there's so many ways to lose a ball game he can do there should do there's so many ways to lose. In major keys but it's not that many ways to win the only thing you have to do right. So that instead -- team as you know very similar to the others -- The a lot of people identified the jumping off point for the road you're currently going down as the Dodgers -- the West Coast trip. But I look at it -- that very first game of the year which a tone was set I don't know if you agree with me -- not. Yeah you know you could argue that and -- again you know there's been some similarities to. You know did not to a hot start lungs hurt -- Durbin and but you know we growing the Yankee Stadium you know and we take note to a victory and take it personally you know -- you know the first two. And I know there's a couple. Couple plays that happens you're affecting the kind of you know that the Yankees know that elite know. And you know what baseball know that no -- I was in particular lunch break this year you have to earn it. That that is a notion that's really interesting because I mean you mentioned some of the focus the preparation and -- -- that's similar to other teams in. I'm actually a little bit surprised by that because that this and that I've gotten is that this is. I'm -- this is going to be the ace a distinct group of baseball junkies you know guys who pay attention to so many details of the game. Just from that vantage point in being able to kind of find the small advantages to small edges over the course of the game. You know what -- can you give it a couple of examples of how this team has separated itself. Maybe from kind of the the team that that doesn't find its way to to October. Yeah. What we were -- you know I mean you know somebody that's a team record -- -- other so many. You know past experiences there's so many you know -- off. Pressured playoff tested players. You know are so many. You know in between the lines and outside the lines stories you know that they happen -- baseball all go to the instead. You know there are so many baseball junkies got warning here you know about everyone's individual past. And wanna share everyone's scouting report that they have like this one time you know five -- time in no way when we played distract you do this. He can't hit this and now that they you know I used to play with this guy you know so they know all this stuff. But. You know I mean last year look at 2012 days -- you went down the stretch and into the playoffs were you know fired rookie starters. With that being said -- Kurt -- that they can have a peaceful -- based on volunteer speaker. In a lot of Red Sox fans giant had done what I've done which has basically completely flipped on how we feel by Johnny golf when you're on a -- bay rays are we all hated -- -- -- so good. Added here as you and I are listed every -- but I helmet everything else of his -- are a lot of great feeling -- brought to this team. And it but what is about this team and when what you bring to the team that. This enables anything longer than a three game losing streak some kind of consistency you brought his clubhouse. -- you know what wondering first of all you know if you don't talk about it you know in -- prepare for that won't happen. In everything that's going on right now you know they're alerts are. -- intention. He's throwing five guys off guard which is why we're able to continue to do we're doing. You know you know we talked about -- so you do if you look through your starting five. Without going oh for five matches so -- -- you know -- people go to your starting five. Without you know one through five slumping together you know which hadn't happened he -- that we have a -- -- -- and that means so many -- you know that means you know we haven't had a tough stretch. You know offensively defensively. You know we got -- -- closer -- you know as you know three -- saves. And what goes into that. But. You know undertaking or not but it is catching the players are part where were right on point and we currently. Work on this. And wanted to happen in their score you know it is. -- Daria Alex mentioned before the teams that you played on the successful teams and went in the playoffs Tampa Cincinnati Oakland -- Looking at the team now last week of the season how does this team compare in terms of how it feels compare those other teams does it feel any different. Does to the momentum the way your position does it feel any different from those teams that you those other teams that you had heading into the postseason. Yeah I think so what would what one thing that really stands out to meet. And it's the one thing that's standard stood out I mean the second -- struck in the court house in Fort Myers. It is -- to build a tool you'd be seeing him and you were able put some pieces together. What would you -- what would you view what would you -- -- personally piper at an opportunity. I would go laughter playoff experience. No playoff experience kind of like. Like he's had this year is no water then that's where experience but it appears from he -- Carrying over. I mean we got Stephen Drew and Arizona and Oakland we you know Napoli checked just in time so all -- know we got Victor Reno. With Philly. Myself. But the couple -- The public and laugh you know our starting nine -- -- -- -- put -- experience. That being -- what -- see that first pitch. But clay are you realize how different of -- game that is so -- I mean to Ku already pressure. You know we don't have to worry about oh. Howard beginning handle the pressure Howard that you know you know heart stopped by -- -- -- -- all these guys -- because it. You -- you mentioned obviously DA's and a couple of fronts and they are obviously also the team that you played for just last year. To me it's interesting to see not necessary from there obviously you guys are different from the -- In terms of an experience standpoint is it just alluded to but in terms of the roster construction the focus on depth. You guys seem to me to have a number of similarities to this -- Oakland team it's also been playing at a very high level do you see that or. Or do you see yourselves is being just in a different realm in terms of the the veteran nature of your of your squad. I think we are very similar with that being said. Wiped out like our starting nine you know offensively. I mean what one or nodding you know as -- opportunity to go eat and one through nine has an opportunity to hurt. And you know we place and change in the past scored sort it would -- the leadoff guy out you know what to expect 65% chance of the scoring a -- it. No -- wouldn't keep just 34 old guys. In the ballpark. I mean we get a pretty good chance grown up -- zeros. With that being said I don't think that really works on this team -- -- Carlos and Casey and I mean I want to or not in any given quicker. You know. The guys' guess is an interesting array of people I mean that's it's likely the idiots of 2004 you probably heard a lot of comments about that team because you guys have such a diverse -- but your personalities. And everybody's stepping up a one -- -- army here's -- -- out you guys are still win ball games at the same pace. A despite not having your center fielder never ask you about one guy in particular -- just different completely from anything we've ever seen as far as being a closer that is Koji. Personally small he throws 89 does he speak English at all the -- guys talked Norman what are you guys all feel about that little guy. -- -- -- -- It's ironic though I mean. What coach he's doing this year he's been doing the last two and a half seasons. -- just have done it in the ninth inning I mean basically just matching his -- totals. Like true I mean he has better numbers in. Really any other reliever in the game but -- not exposed because on the night any. I faced him before -- when your taxes written in Baltimore country Duke and them. You could just let her out. Wheelchairs. We go like the invisible yeah that's ninety miles an hour right down middle belt high and -- swing right through. John last question for me I love doing -- with the redo the top five ways you almost died riches. When -- the most popular stories have done all year so thank you for that. Not a good way to achieve popularity I think the thing thank you thank you for taking one for the team and almost giving and giving attacked by a wolf and almost nine. So. With that -- -- that said it out then that -- wanted to talk and I got two OK well -- -- that this let's expand on it by two before I ask a question. So we we had on that list. We got the heart attack we had the car accident we had the wolf we have the -- started shooting at you and the sleeping bag catching on fire what one of my missing. Use regarding missing. I mean there's been -- -- -- guiding it to this if you view. You know white water -- -- -- -- I mean some people call like chi -- I just caught off. If if if -- looked. Well if you keep it there OK oh OK so along the lines of the view lists. We only -- -- ways that we got your helmet Whitewater rafting. -- I -- that helmet -- That that the official comment that the that the -- that's a great pair of -- -- who's back from Afghanistan so. You know yeah yeah -- hit yet and now I got a chance an art form. We'll let me ask you. That this go top salary. Top three -- -- -- moments from Jonny Gomes but we can say the -- humans moments but top three moments for you this year. This year personally I'm personally. Personally okay. NCAA. Kicking it off like he says you know in the very beginning. You know slippers doctors had to Wear -- such an arm and you know scored from second you know on and just seeing that you know. And you know your pretty much at the people -- here and you know he -- so you know is set the table you know I've got to go play gravity. You. I got a hit a walk off homer -- Fenway Park which is pretty amazing. And three I would take meeting opportunity and his degree in law. But it came in. As a quick divergent or -- addition to that we were talking about this the other day. In the in the dugout about playing the left real block zeit told he had said. It for someone who hadn't played there hardly at all what you play there before but certainly not as a home player. You played very well but you also pointed out to me that you play the left field wall of Fenway. Differently than maybe anybody had ever played well with -- with Millwood all apologies Diaz and rice in. All these other guys you take a unique approach is that right. I got a couple. Trick up my career and a couple. You know. -- current season. If you know if you will that -- -- going on in the game although he shifts. But. Yeah I've got I've done you know a lottery Churchill auto worker and a lot of phone goes off outlaw trying to reinvent -- played out there. And so artwork in north gotten not -- car out there and they're on the same page. And then down on the curators and secret your that it can't tell you -- but what are called count in the morning and -- and he Eagles. That you know I kind of got the formula who who have been here you know simply helped us out and corruption. Some point of the board. That's how you reclaim home field advantage in your ballpark as -- trade secret about it. You're gonna -- the a football game tonight -- probably let your teammates are as well what is your row what is your football team of choice. Football team your choice you know don't hold me. You know get me but you know I'm a California boy so I'm I'm -- -- 49 -- OK Aaron that. We'll have -- the game tonight outside it's got its it's good to have a night off right. But yeah I'm looking out my window that morning Sox. Are paying it on a (%expletive) hanging out. A paper and I write letters are Giants Johnny. Donnie Jones he's in Colorado two years ago rob Bradford Pratt how's the weather out there it's pretty nice little windy but it's very nice to. Great night for football you people are jacked up around here for that not too jacked up about the Rockies game tomorrow but got to be a couple of two seats. That's OK that's -- -- Iraqis have been great as you know -- that that that whole discussion of the dynamic about football and baseball hearkened back to -- -- and my first jobs that all market in -- Iraq Alex I was gonna ask that in Mikey. Alex worked as what what was a description of your job with the -- I was a guest relations manager in the first year of in the expansion season of the of the Colorado Rockies. In 1993. As Andres Galarraga there he was you'll flirting with 400 and -- and Mikey Mikey. In the in the break I beg your view and asked please get Alex and so the -- of him working with the Rockies and and we can get clearance to. Put that on the road to October. Twitter account park I think that was going to have to remain -- to remain I don't know laziness -- -- -- break you know. I should point out that the road to October is continuing down we get another gas coming up. Umps -- from here from Denver after the break I would imagine that Torre -- the bench coach said he'll join this and just the mere matter of minutes to ask him. It's the remove. Cool October as were almost -- -- September Alex beard rob Bradford in Colorado might he -- -- -- the boys and raced the we'll be back after this back here on the road of October rob Bradford is an the lovely state of Colorado. Where the Red Sox play tomorrow night I Robbie get that you -- get to go to the end political. Now now we are not allowed. No -- by I I am. I argued at a high altitude training might be yes that's what doing all night and it showed me the air pats. We have -- -- -- -- suited to Alex Spears here in the studio torrent of fellow joins -- Red Sox bench coach via. Of the modern technology knows the cellphone Torre how are you. -- they are at now now going to be technologically at the date oratorio you don't. I'm doing good are you guys don't. Are good you know I was I think I couldn't tell if I'm wrong about this it's my opinion that bench coaches are underrated when it comes to. Not only there if they -- it that way they're financially rewarded but the importance they haven't -- leading a team to victory would you agree with that. -- right now because you're hurt -- under percent agree with. Robert talked about. You know giving me a couple -- an extra dollars -- out not the bonus there so. No I -- I said I said that the coaches' bonuses. For winning 93 games was appearing on the road to October -- I was very clear of. That move are you do you do not appreciate you know what I do you wanna say that. As coaches and I know -- are also the same way. We don't interpret -- -- don't take it for what we've got it's very simple come and a good group led by shot given the guys structure. And -- knows that if you -- probably double listeners each. Oh we gave them direction these guys just wrap on there and got up thirteen about there and get out -- -- the job all game. We do very little. We we like to think at least you -- -- and -- Repair a lot to keep the ball all. How how often Torre this is out by the way I -- out how often do you guys. Disagree behind closed doors about you know whether it's not whether it's related to let's say you know that's a particular strategy with regards to the running game which I -- your area of expertise so. You get down you get fired toward -- probably but. You know whether the area of the running game or some other strategic element how often. You know in the coaches room will you guys have kind of you know -- -- heated kind of back and forth passionate debates. You know because as it translates. You guys have been great about kind of having a shared outlook. But it is that is that the case from -- from beginning to end. Yeah I would -- for the most part. It had. Yeah I would I would categorize it is like a marriage -- -- you need your veterans are in a situation that. You know would you go forward you're having conversely our disagreements. When you do the right way. He kind of talk and taught that when you travel for the conclusion about a lot of what -- like. RJ. Usually start around 1230 -- group. We kind of come on board gets together -- thirty I've accomplished all the -- bat out gets a little bit snapshot. What's going on and for the first game of their series played. About -- about 45 minutes an hour and then at that point we have all done our homework. We've got their permission -- advance out we all have our own domain and we throw ideas to John. Brian Butterfield will -- -- give suggestions on base running and certain things if you mutual advantage for him and I'm always open -- that. Much like we speak on the defense which is our ownership which is why bother guilt. Maybe he eased open Q what team what would you want to hear what it. It in his belt -- what he doesn't want it out and they're good discussion there's no we don't. We just go forward and then the ultimate decision makers jockey got the deal our like I don't like I do that and don't do that. And -- -- translate out. Over the next forty and it's harder and it really special. And then we told our our expectations are players' intensity and knowing -- excuse now this is where I want him well on an expert is where. We travel light it seems like we beat players are magnet that they are. To see it in the. They've got a really weak spot. Against some of the opponent to what they. -- looking forward to the next week or so how wary are you guys about that four day lay off. And have you looked at any examples in in recent post season runs. Where teams have had layoffs like that and what they've done what worked what didn't. I guess what. Great because everybody wants an excellent question we're gonna replay that question on tape was as we get Soria the outback of a focus or was it was that exact -- -- high altitude is clearly affecting the phone line. I'm sure that our era -- run producer patio furniture is working diligently. And now to get that Torre back on the phone as the Red Sox as you all know our go to Colorado for this really odd. Two game interleague Colorado series that is it really kind of sticks up Micah. Like a sore thumb on the schedule but at -- least the Red Sox now have forty. Not clinched their post season -- Right so this can't be a burdensome trip -- affect their local Adam Goldman at a football game in little relaxation this I mean but this is like a kind of cause I vacation in the middle of the right they sewed up their playoff berth. They have a day off before and after this is. Fairly unusual circumstances. Is as road trip because it's almost like. I mean -- you would you would be put -- the better speak to this but it seems like it's almost like. This is this where the team can kind of take stock of what it's accomplished well I think -- the attitude team coming into this series is. Business -- -- no doubt they're looking in the post season but also you have to keep in mind that you have Oakland since the that the best record in the American League is something real play for and so I think that that's what they're writing in their very very wary of there's no question about it so yes I do think that there is that a sense of relaxation that you wouldn't have. If if you right in the middle -- thick of things but I'm still know we have Torre back so route that actually question the laboratory did you hear my question what a great question -- one's. Important and that connected I am I going to be able phrase it so so eloquently just I try to recreated. But you. Don't looking at next week. What does that are you guys weary at all of that four game power I'm sorry for de lay off and have you looked at other examples of teams. Having several lay offs in the post easily post season in what they've done what they haven't done. Yeah we've been having discussions now for the past -- we probably week and a look like we were. We were already been on the AL east -- we don't want her. Put the -- before the -- but once we decide -- we -- to move forward without thought that it could happen we've been reaching out talking to and just trying to figure out the best game. First and foremost is. I think John's girl in respect and on the yacht -- -- -- -- they -- after the celebration. A couple guys they opt out celebration but I know his focus is not to change things go out there play hard baseball play in every every single day. Helpless than anybody I've went. Without being after we you have the the little break it and it's inevitable that we'll have four days in there he's gonna get -- Monday off. She's -- and they -- there will be work out -- -- of -- work -- -- some intensity. Were planning on what they to have more of heavy lifting day. So to speak in just make sure we get out impact on Friday would already happened to be. Inside -- in. And pat -- Billy worked work out we have quite decide what we want to do. We just -- we've been reaching out on other teams and other situations that are members some -- to make sure that. You do you do take advantage -- -- -- -- in that. And accomplished in the actually ready for Friday August. Torre as you talk about the structure one thing to erection discussing out a few moments ago with Jonny Gomes was the idea of a kind of tone setting and you know it's significance -- I'd like to you know -- and as you think about how to apply that to what what's ahead in October it's interesting to think back. To the beginning of the year was there anything in particular. It was important. From a from a tone setting standpoint that occurred in spring training I believe you were in charge of putting together spring training so again. This gets to be under appreciated bench coach aspect of life. -- -- -- underpaid to skip point. As well as on that first game of the season. You know. Spring training it was a grind commuters no doubt about it. Spent a lot of -- not at our ballpark in the other daily schedule. But I'm getting a lot of good from every -- coach and especially John what they wanted to do what they wanted to accomplish. We were -- to news conference on the guys that took a little while and understand the question that they can understand why we were doing things. But from day one of the scene and when we were taking extra bases -- Jackie Bradley went first second unit slowing Jonny Gomes took an extra base and scored on a tremendous -- -- -- Obvious for a big run. I think present spot that you. I think if it played out in everybody's mind -- exact reason why we did exactly. Why we've actually sacrifice and trying to go out there and make sure -- got outward. They got the word -- -- next June and now wake and they want -- all along reform I think it happened inside that first game I just gave -- a couple of as coach after the game we locked in the coach that -- bat foxman it's all. And not -- I want the job done and not some that we got we talk -- on. That's how we do think they're geared up for it not locked in and try to arms and a lot of guys is that it teammates. You know that's how we deal with a -- -- out of our way. -- got a young team too there's a lot of guys here who you know really this is their their only experienced big league experience to be surrounded by a bunch of people like that and and and coaches like yourself. How much teaching is done touring game Torre as opposed to after the game or before. All of -- with a veteran player you give a little more leeway. You know cheaper and not feel that had -- you can almost surely they get themselves goggles stupid lot and it is something like that they continue to make it's important that you got a lot. Maybe maybe that's not the right way to do we give a veteran player who player a little bit more leeway. Now. Would that the younger players need to work it's really really until the coaching -- The coaching staff is almost can't -- -- situation and so -- where I need to watch. -- David Ross walked -- to right Lamar -- popular through a process at work. Talk and talk over situation -- -- the process. And in no reason why did work hard and I'm like trying to -- should get a big out. You know ditto Randy Guzman -- catching doesn't have to books about the image hammered out. And and really you know got Damon -- -- on the way more powerful and coach to ever gonna not torn up and talking about. You know the practical application -- -- -- that I'm doing efforts and -- very powerful political player and another player out there are times. Where we will all Jack Bradley. Decide who will fall -- Obama's side. You know right up and out and -- that was not a good moment right there. What we again we can't have that I would not about baseball that are a lot of people -- I'm not about who we are. And wartime and not know walk right over and say what you know what I don't know what else they can add about moment not want out once we try to did you get a mistake. We go out there let the veteran players that we lead the charge in and showed up in the gap or about. That's not a coach that would apart and we try to keep everything we -- which you know -- job but he got a lot you know on a daily basis. Every Q what -- -- local fire up the Giants play. It gives him a chance doing -- you're not you're the leader Bob ball well. Well my last question on Mondays with Torre is what when -- -- -- the what -- -- is this team doing better now than they have. It and -- have at the other point this season. Because obviously since that West Coast trip you guys been on a pretty good run but what are they doing better in your estimation now other than any other point. You know I think it's a lot of ways I think different parts of our our team I'm will be carried for different Reed army in offense early in the wheel grind it out and pitching in and now we were we will get some timely hitting again. What sent out West Coast swing. Our our starting pitching that -- unbelievable Tyrone and been the main reason why we are well we want to really really crucial road trips. And we got highlighted early on you know the west honestly it was LA in in terms just -- And -- an extra trip that was what I was going to be it was you know include New York. In camp well. Our pitchers took the ball bottle -- went out there dominated. It was really fun for us to watch the get caught the right I'm in regional championship baseball one because of pitching in and compete at our inning. And we like back where our. You know I don't -- -- you probably don't do much of the bullpen but you you did surprise spent a year in Japan with a swallows back in 2000 -- -- Japanese that you retained from there and do you know how to say just throw strikes Koji. -- How about that ever talk about unity he's so push button -- -- -- they had ever saint. You know I'm -- a they do a lot in you know -- gonna go low and how are in Japanese not. That's about these. And that -- Cody and -- now -- back in the marble and have been unbelievable. We're not even close to where we are argued WW. He deserves a lot of credit I don't kind of overlook. We've played in baseball you know it's like having Mariano Rivera back I don't -- jinx anything I don't really believe them up front. We play needing to be eight in eight innings of baseball we know we got that lead -- over slot on a lot. I hope he's OK with -- calling of the little monster he so unbelievable is so great to have on the team and -- you've been. The most successful bench coach in the you know all of baseball this year or not we're gonna lobby for the gigantic pay raise for -- -- I appreciate that charge in the -- but probably when it comes to pay raises up attitude rocketed do your job that's I think -- Story great target area. Have fun out there in Colorado stewards aren't thought about tickets or two ago from off the bench that. It's our messages from the bench. -- -- -- that it's because. We are doing via the road to October guys I'm glad you guys let me committee area I mean I'm used to being here this time and -- was no problem immediately for the program. I did but I -- correct you on Twitter today -- I know -- -- misspelled Alex's man in my apologizes. -- complex name you know I consider -- so well it's -- -- sandwich with two pieces yet either side of Soledad is. Q were you reminding yourself up by it but Mikey. And we we did that whole -- -- interview yes and and I did not purposely did not bring up the fact that his father was a producer and you are now I -- because that would have -- a whole different direction and now there are so there may have been some conversation about that -- -- past there was an idea Australia off the year. Which is ready hey look any producers good you know is pressure to work this time slot right. We're gonna take a break it's the -- October Alex spear in the house Bradford in some other house out in Colorado will be right back -- -- while we love base. All of this program don't we guys rob Bradford in particular area and of course Alex been. Had a whole lifetime of baseball employment ever since you were that -- Colorado Rockies special relations guy man desolation special relations sounds a little bit die in -- in I was only seventeen at the time special doesn't say much of it could be anything you know you only seventeen and there was only seven saw all you need to know much use if you were -- time I did I did I had. He required uniform of a Colorado Rockies guest relations manager in Mile High Stadium at that time while they were being out 72 to 80000 fans for every game -- that inaugural season and it was -- it was amazing. They still had totally the football mind set in -- stadium so on once -- you know go rockies' chance would echo around with. 72 to 80000 that I know will be tomorrow night Alex yes yes yes I'm well Blake street -- like the extra inspires some things but. I guess so there -- uniform was. Was a a purple sweater vest. A bolo tie mark for a collared shirts a yacht a golf like -- kind of golf Greg Norman style hat it was pretty weird -- pretty good sounds real weird. Ahead of us gentlemen is so a week where as we know the Red Sox play two in Colorado medic a -- Baltimore three's and is yes and that's it. And and Gary. Did possibly still -- that -- a hundred games although nobody thinks they're going to open 98 to realize that after on the table of other you know -- it's not like they're there they're using all of their regular starters and -- -- now but what we're kind of ramifications would there be if -- assembly was to -- up behind him it's -- and take away the best record in the the American League from them as far as. They play. And the the credentials of potential scenarios that are laid out front of us right now. Well for starters if you are the number one seed then you get -- that you get the winner of the wildcard plane -- basically so. That means that you would have a team that presumably is is does not have its ideal rotation alignment for you. Although in the case of a team like let's say the rays make it as a wild card and then they wind up playing game. Then they would have two really good options because they would have at a price or Matt Moore both of whom. You know visit lefties who have given who have given the Red Sox fits depth that speaks to their depth more than anything else as as far as. You know year old personal opinion. Out of what they could play and who they might wanna play would be the differences. Well I know I think that to me if the rays end up being the team that makes it as the wildcard they they do they have matched up pretty well against the Red -- even though the Red Sox have won the season series. Those left handers to me are scary from the Red Sox vantage point. I'm and then you know really the a's have been playing great baseball -- -- they match up pretty well the Tigers have played you know have have obviously had a they they have a real depth of superstar level talent their pitching staff is so. -- to -- I tell you -- Oakland's starters this month have been better than anybody and and to me that's a team that you do is to not wanna play because there is a resilient team. They had really good stars that nobody ever heard of the Red Sox don't hitters don't have a really good scouting report on -- that's one thing about playing a team like the race they know what they're getting into now you have to face David Price but you know what you're getting into Oakland is a lot of land mines. Yeah unknowns and -- the pitching staff by the -- -- right handers -- -- -- all half with -- -- they're kind of in a way aren't they always play with house money does know whatever expects Oakland to be. You know the world champions but -- they are winning their second straight Weston and it just always go I would say this about the a's in their success this month they have been home a lot this month the Red Sox have two in fairness they had their they had their road stretch. In August but the a's are such a different team at home vs on the road that's actually one of the reasons why the Red Sox should -- lot. About having that home field advantage because the a's in that ballpark. Are a tremendous team and their pitchers are literally get a foul territory the pitchers have a different mindset that they can get away with certain pitches that they know will be hit in the air deep park is big outfield expanse of outfield and all that our territory to the pitchers have a different. Mental mental mindset -- unquestionably I mean their their physical element to it which involved you know which involves media about not meet -- but like climate basically. The ball does not carry there and so you can be forgiven you can work in the strike zone. Very aggressively all night he's very confident in whatever contact is going to be made that it's going to take it's gonna take some real power in order to juice one out. I guess Jews in the context of uneasiness of anyway. In the cal territory obviously offers a lot of forgiveness is also the -- The a's pitchers and up learning to throw eight ton of strikes. Which is which is kind of represented a bit of a land mine for the Red Sox. Opposing starters. Men who are let's say you know basically if you look at the top twenty guys and ERA of their strike throwers they've done pretty well. Against the Red Sox throughout the course of this year I would -- what I declined to I'm sure you'll get a kick out of this is the Fister line because Doug -- be in the number two when he. Our starter in terms of ERA in the American League. In the Red Sox don't have a very good track record against the guys were on on the you know on his time on the missed -- right and so yes there's there's a real difference in terms of how the a's pitchers. Are willing to attack when they're in Oakland verses women are on the road I think. Both Mike Mike you Alex I think the one team if you're asking me you'll. Which team walks of the Red Sox wanna play it's Cleveland I just don't think they have the talent level the starting pitching or the ball plan of some of these other team. How they -- -- look at the players in the roster. I you've really got to give some managerial manager of the year consideration to francoeur even those but it quiet. Well even the guy even you look at the number three starter believe right now Kazmir -- and Kazmir has had a pretty good Mon DC nine know -- B yeah he's got it blacked out he has a losing record to -- -- he has -- he has a pretty good months. The the reality is that. This is the type of guys I think the Red Sox can do pretty well against it's not if you get into the third starter over Detroit a lot different. Third starter for most these teams Oakland a lot different. So I just think did the least talented too you know but here here we thought would look at it this roster of Cleveland players I mean you know Nick Swisher and these guys have like seventy RBIs each and a pitching -- rotation it's not a very formidable. And Francona has got those guys waited for winds of ninety right. I mean it's pretty impressive the job he's done it over there there will be interesting to see who whose performance this year has been more surprising -- I mean let's look at where both the Indians in the Red Sox are coming from -- those two teams where I what they have the sixth and -- were threat worst records. In all of baseball last year I think you know their their draft picks were. Were more or -- adjacent to return may be Cleveland with fifth. Yeah Cleveland was fifth. But -- the the where they've come from to where they've gotten. In in no small part because of the culture changes that have been accomplished in terms of the manager is. At least for me it's been an interest in object lesson in how significant that office. The NBA and perhaps and perhaps I I under appreciated. By the affected the culture change it up now with the end with both teams there's I had an extraordinary amount of turnover. In terms of their roster -- so I don't want to overstate the significance of the manager either and it's like the Indians have they were going to open up to the the pockets. And -- and spend four guys -- -- number -- -- remember they were the team they offered Shane Victorino more years right now. Right up there were offering for and what was it like 43 or something yet we used for hysteria hey guys are expected -- from like my favorite player -- -- he's -- he's unbelievable but -- not this year -- not -- -- fourteen homer was the -- he's he's at a very bad -- about -- fifty batting average is something. And he's a guy I don't know I looked at him. After what he did last few years be one of the potential future best shortstop in the American League -- this year he's delivered a little bit of power in fourteen homers -- 242 averaged 301 OBP so yeah that's that's a follow up from the guy that he's been but they've offset that. Well I guess you know Michael Bourn really hasn't been what he was last year certainly that's not a punishing victory knows outperformed him like crazy and attacked -- Bit yeah I've been born is hitting 222934 Tino BP. This is a team that's got a brilliant young Gomes is kind of hit is kind of their version of coach you are hot namely a guy who is who's. Acquisition was relatively unheralded they got him in along with along with Mike analysts. In exchange for yap any in exchange for as -- Rogers and Gomes has been this guy who's been you know able to give them. The corner bats and catching hitting 294 to 350 OBP -- I don't think the young Gomes loses at the point where he's the guy who your -- about an October. Guys you look at you look at where -- the standings. -- right now and right because of the Indian schedule for this last week and because of how Tampa has kind of turned things around. I gotta think these -- the two teams these of the two teams that are gonna play in that one game that's how it's lining up right now Baltimore's dropped off into oblivion. Yankees same thing. Kansas City I thought they were pretty good team but they've they've did they haven't managed to get on any type Iran. I look at these two teams in Texas Texas -- head -- ovals load she's big -- historically bad September. Falls into this month almost yeah almost may be worse and are generous today in 2011 a report I'm getting on the attack slayer but Manny Machado carried off the field after running to first. Yeah the the official Orioles Twitter says Manny Machado exit the game in the seventh with an injury and his being evaluated all of Berlin's thoughts are with -- so. That's sounds pretty. And handles it I guess the heart if the heart of the baseball fan that likes to pull for the underdog in this situation would say Oakland did in Cleveland would be the ones you'd be. I guess pulling for but. Not necessarily who you might wanna play Cleveland babies the team to a play. Yeah I yeah I mean the fact is a fact isn't -- we can't just like the Red Sox we can't look at pat them. As the over achieving underdogs anymore right to have the best for a record to Iraq that Perez and Oakland is a game and a half in back of them. So these are two very talented teams. Who also have shown resiliency throughout the year so I think we do you have to look at these teams a little different than maybe we did even a couple months ago. And here -- the story lines and what we can talk about this after the break here on the road to October if you guys don't mind the Francona vs -- match up maybe in round one will be fun. Out rob Bradford Colorado. Alex spear in Brighton. And beaten Mike Adams what I've been Barbados. At least in my mind -- that. And the road for for rob Bradford has taken him. To a Rocky Mountains. The base of the Rocky -- you're not really in the Rocky Mountains there you can see him though I could see mountains yes. I went a different World Series -- -- I know I remember seeing -- here that we haven't some Beers at the bus he'd be remembers going to we certainly did think it was noticed the -- he I don't know if actually I did anybody I don't know what I don't know the places is called but the only reason you called the buzz -- was because it was around Halloween in the waitresses dressed up like QB that's right they were dress like please stand by the end of the evening you're both wearing bullet time out that I had to figure ready this decade ago is a great. Agreed to a -- every around the ballpark -- to -- Denver is great Denver's grade and there was a great time that World Series but. As you -- imagine people a little more focused on the the Broncos right now rocketed up short but you know I'm -- -- -- when it comes to -- it reminds me of the fact that the last two times -- -- let's go back further. But every time the Red Sox have been. In a position to clinch a World Series it's been on the road you know and he hit that -- 98 team they won one here today. Yeah out right the western open when they go nine for eighteen guys didn't even know or what's -- now that was when that was game one they they want it here though and that's the last time so we're talking now 95 years it's been since the recession and because of the and make make fun of of of -- if you want to the all star game and how it really matters now it counts as stupid it is -- -- at -- fifth -- of robs you you've touched on my helmet on and he's not alone in that and that to camp. But it is stupid if in fact the Red Sox if you waited for us at home field advantage they're -- let's -- I'll -- a team up there the Pirates in the at four here at three as a good chance they win it here. All I didn't say it wasn't important I just said it's stupid stupid way to do it -- a terrible way to do it via -- yeah I've I've said this -- playing time is about the worst possible way you can find. To determine who gets home field advantage in the World Series -- rob de rob. Every year makes a point of like camping outside of the clubhouse as. That's had to document when the players now they mid decade lawyers that they might -- here's my biggest problem with a real quick before we get onto the the actual road to October. But my biggest problem is that these players leaving the fifth or sixth inning. Of a game this close to determine who could of the home field advantage in the World Series because they're taken out of the gate. Yet to take another game -- -- -- -- -- -- about the outcome now this year was a little different because a lot of them hung around to see the -- on moral stuff they aren't and Miguel Cabrera clearly did not care about the game of baseball you definitely -- Canonize someone else I can't remember what can no. To know yes to no left early as well. And then after the Rivera thing happened they all emptied out and -- left and took off as a joke okay but but at best nonetheless. If you're managing a game and in many cases similar playoff eligible managers it was a bit of the playoffs recently their managing it is it looking at their team if -- birthplace as a witness game. Maybe that it's. Look I understand it's not the most about the war day. -- is that -- -- know where where the -- it after the season ends that you know the the top. -- war Atlanta's Jeff protests you know oversee. Overseas some kind of survivor skills tons of them can start fire the earliest. With bout with the number what about you go back to do this -- -- on the -- -- -- playoffs about the importance of home field. So they opened up against the Angels yeah -- am and Lester. Beat you Lester and Beckett pitched okay. They lose those games they come back and now they're faced elimination game with a very very nervous Clay Buchholz on the mound John Lackey -- In John Lackey pitched outstanding. Papelbon blows is at the end but. But it does mean something and that's why we look at this last week of the season and the Oakland dynamic I think it is important via I will say this so so it's interesting to me of course your -- presence and let's let's force a segue here. You're in Colorado which is the place where the Red Sox won their last World Series and one of the centerpieces to two for the Red Sox success. In that month was of course Jacoby Ellsbury I mean. He of the four hit game in in game three of the World Series that year is going to be a great segue out well you know I think that it's it's worth kind of taking stock of you know we were probably going to get secede Jacoby Ellsbury back in Colorado Wednesday Wednesday right and it's it's it's interesting to me that -- You know they're they're all saying that he's he's been able to push the recovery timetable. In order to be back and ready to -- to be back on the field in Colorado. Rob you know how significant do you see this as being you know and especially the idea that he's going to be able to get his. I guess stretch out his legs in the biggest outfield in the world. RL won't first while we talked to home when was yesterday the other yet yesterday. -- -- -- exactly where he saw himself when he re enters the lineup and he feels like he's gonna hit the ground running he feels like. There's this isn't going to be a problem that he can pick up right where you left off and I asked him do you have to steal bases in this last week to feel like. You can steal bases is absolutely not. I referenced in spring training he never steals bases he -- it eases into it right but he feels very confident -- Where he's gonna end up in -- Alex is point this so many times there's been. Examples of guys getting dropped in to the last few games of the season and then being very productive in the postseason Manny being one of. Right and and it deals briefing to does now does he feel bad at all about the fact that he wasn't able to be in the field. When coach -- scoreless -- hitless streak got broken up because Victorino certainly missed that ball on Centre field by about four inches. And it and Ellsbury would have gotten that what we know without bad hamstring. Like victory has it that coach he is he does -- hold a grudge no coach does not hold -- -- -- actually yet -- certainly does not. It was it was interesting Victorino was that was pretty self -- after that one -- -- -- the one before that there was of -- in the same spot that he -- and barely got with a yeah -- and did both in both cases the routes were imperfect it's really interesting because victory no I mean basically every rep that he's run in right field this year. Virtually every I don't want to exaggerate -- They've been true great he's been as good as there has been in terms of direct lines up. Totally decision -- no wasted steps in right field unbelievable deposition now in the same hasn't been true in center field and you know there's an adjustment to be made to different parks when your playing center field or whatever position you're playing right in new parks and he's you know he's not he's not at the same comfort level. To me at least is -- in terms of what I see he's been great and go to Fenway as he has been right -- and by the way no one's got any complaints about his overall contribution his team by -- to that system to be wise -- But EE in my mind in right field he's the best. Most proficient right fielder since Gordon's. That they've had I don't I don't care who wasn't living up here went to it was here so it's so. I'm not in position to compare the two of them directly. I certainly know well yeah he left handed -- him the number of gold gloves yeah he's but wow victory knows he's on a big time yeah I I think. He has the most range. Of any right if you -- -- I think he's his instincts are great is instincts are great he's got a really good arm -- -- you obviously do we had the the preeminent -- -- he was. He was the best. But guys I don't think that we should downplay what JD Drew did either I think you know he was already -- fielder now hold on the second I know I gonna say he was -- unprofessional outfielder but how many times did you see JD -- -- well here's my point -- -- my -- -- is -- -- Is that J. D. Drew is probably the best. That I've seen about catching balls on the run man and when you do that you'll have to dive and I -- -- Dwight Evans didn't dive a whole lot either -- but he. It will look in a course about this a thing but he you're right and I know that we all know what he did was you know. The Alfie was it was pretty okay with mostly I thought it was I thought he was an outstanding right field but the only catch you spectacular catch I saw him make was one that he should have dropped in foul territory -- -- against the -- that with that the guy scored on a foul ball -- -- but nevermind that. It doesn't matter who -- if you're outfielder in the outfield eventually. It's even if you're stretching yourself to your maximum limits you're gonna have to dive for something once in awhile right he would dive every now and again and every time he dove he caught it I mean there's. He was so technically. Precise. Into Doug that was true of his routes. I don't think he had victory -- speed he certainly didn't have victory in essence of recklessness. In terms of just crashing and everything -- -- -- -- sometimes seems like he's seeking -- contact -- four but even the greatest outfielders -- could be saying it's Davone -- Gary pettis or whoever you lousy outfielder all the -- in the world still that'd hardly got to the end of that money to catch. Very I think that drew strange was. Was borderline extraordinary I don't think that it was victory knows but the template for why the Red Sox signed victory now yeah it was very much laid by drew. In how the front office viewed him as an impact -- -- game changing right fielder like him. I like we have phone calls community would take some 6177797. 937 the road to October rob Bradford Alex beer and yours truly Mike -- and -- in spring feel. Well rich. You're. Saying hello to the boys rich pro bowler barracks -- rich. -- yard won't do it. They wouldn't want to. -- me. Like big game -- You're if you're that there -- or worst person. You know and on a certain topic to get rid of all the New York City guys as -- it'll. What really got me is. Watch guys play. Not what are all just got to get -- well. But I did not. And it might just actually worked so hard they are -- up today on outs this sort of reps in what what they do it has been an. That's what is -- about. Well rich and one thing that I took note of -- this is -- pretty early on spring training from the start play in the games. A couple guys had noted how. In the dugout when someone did something wrong that everyone who made sure that every one. Really big show that person knew that they had done that wrong -- this was the right way to do I think that tone was set pretty early on. Yeah I I think in I do believe that that goes a long way has got a long way this year. Yeah well that's the thing this team this is it as a team up for me look around -- have been all the streets every player where they failed here there but. You've got all these guys combining. Forces and an -- Alex -- retirement before the show here probably. It's the depth the team it's -- it's there it's the if you lose one guy you're you're not total least wrote the the fascinating thing this is something that I wrote about in the aftermath of their clinching. -- one thing that we did they got kind of told four in the front office. Was these over pays around the margins it was like Kolb what are they thinking they're giving a two year ten million dollar deal to a Jonny Gomes well that was -- Purposeful they decided that they wanted to. To perhaps you know her and spend more time more resources. On him making sure that they had a position roster that was. A full thirteen deep they wanted to get redundancy they wanted to sign where they didn't necessarily have an obvious glaring need a Koji to a -- out. Just you know to deepen their bullpen to get a strike thrower someone who fit their mold and they were going to keep keep adding guys. Who were you know who weren't that that kind of superstars of last offseason they were going to spend a lot of time and energy on getting -- Mike Carp. Around up the roster because they saw him as being in needed fallback in case there was an injury for. Four either and Ortiz or in Napoli given where his picture of the uncertainty about his hips and that ended up being. A transformative phenomena and. And by you Alex if they did a great job of laying ground work do the blueprint. All that the one guy that I think has emerged that they could have never count on. Even more so the coach with Daniel Nava. Did feel now vote -- you could not say entering this year this is part going to be a hugely important part of the plan now. And you never could have predicted that based on -- I -- I Alex I don't know if you disagree or not but we have to go back to how Daniel Nava. What's perceived coming in to spring training. We know that he was gonna get some work at first base and -- can supply potentially supply some. Depth in the outfield but he still had Sweeney there -- still let some other guys novel was the one guy that I don't think relentless factored in the blueprint. Coming into spring training. In perfect candor I thought he might be optioned to triple -- because he had options and he reported -- that measure of minor league depth. And so you know from that simply look I thought that he had here exhibited at the Major League level the ability to have consistently competitive bad pats. He had made significant progress in left field but. Is that OK let's see let's say that he's an average defensive left fielder he's a guy doesn't have much power and maybe would get on base about a 350 -- That's that's. A good player but that's either reserve or maybe he's optional depth. Given the other options that they might end up having a deposition in wow has he -- performed -- and what 207 hitter 300 OBP. 130 games he's been a -- best -- in baseball. -- salary wise isn't. Well aside from I mean Mike Trout would ultra high on the list I had the thing is it's funny because we don't bump and a guy like now about with the trucks of the world because. You know he is controllable in the same way he hasn't reached his arbitration eligibility yet or anything. He's controlled on the same way as -- -- we don't think we're in the same way because he's thirty. Right I know but he is such a bargain like Joe's in the car next on the the road October joke at. Big guys Soria you know are they -- -- you know that is that you guys have a little while ago -- level and the argument home. -- you know home field. Why is it. So quick comment from Mike to why it did return Jets beat that team with the best record I mean he got a problem like train anymore. You know I mean it just like not the team with the best record up -- Mean from the based Major League Baseball perspective you say well it you know we're. In fairness the team the best record could be the Yankees every single year or -- over history it is sometimes as a you know Tennessee for the same team to get the save. In this case they're trying to get a little towards the all star game is ill. Advises that might be. -- they're trying to pump up the meaningful bluntness of the of the Midsummer Classic that's all. I mean in baseball has a history of doing bizarre things to the alternating like home team for the World Series with the American League and nationally writes that preceded it. -- it was so went way out of time. And I understand that and I wouldn't let her they'd like that would bat in there and hang it on a meeting was based -- game in mid July to complete. I wouldn't care of 108 because I thought -- -- -- Chris Berman go back back back there I don't know why nobody likes anymore. And any thing like he quickly just it's like -- to you a little bit. You you drive me crazy when there's a ball player that you just don't like. I won't give them any credit I don't like JD Drew. And he was an outstanding -- -- -- hate JD Drew I'd I'd like you're ready to mediate got to say to score a goal. By the way I was right about may -- -- 021 never got the credit for that. But no we J. D. Drew I don't hate JD Drew when it but I don't want to -- play when -- we have from my perspective. Yes technically he did all of the things he headed -- you know but -- like a guy that's got so much inner passion in baseball that they wanted to. They they wanna get the uniform dirty you can't tell me he's one of those guys when. What other top player like you'll see what they're psyched about that I -- well I got Evans and I it as far as you talk about fielding. Yeah I would put him third I put ahead of Trot Nixon did behind chain victory was a fair. That. Thanks for -- but he and Joseph and the car we got him and now he said everything had to say don't take a quick break we get the calls all lined up here because it's the road or October. -- you're Alex and rob I I think people are starting finally feel the excitement will. They're running out of time to find the excitement of everything -- well we give some injections just some will be will be right back after this. It is our. -- -- What's the date September some right I'll go with 23. -- regulates. Seven more days until October actually arrives. Eight if you include today and if you include today and for that reason I don't know they're maybe the program changed names -- as you and the road October you know what we we we -- one -- the last day of September the finish line only went like a five minute show the very short road to October that it just becomes October Modano or anything else and there's no way this program much as you've evolved into Toronto. Brad yes there is no way Brad soul and -- could have contracted this story line for the road to October. Say in April because they like everybody else. Despite their expertise and -- like this team was gonna flip. 69 wins it and ninety whatever I thought one of the most telling things that I heard was odd and I was on the night of the clincher I. Abe asked Tom -- about it niece that I'm shocked. I'm shocked I had my projections -- the -- the year they were nothing like this and you know frankly northern teams -- they ran through the exercise of computer simulations. The running you know play up the season several thousand times eighty millions of times you know via computer and you know with the with all the rosters see what the -- about comes is. And -- exclamation right it does not well more to the points the computer. You know the computer factors in the likelihood the guys are going to they're going to be some guys who underperform. Last year we saw everyone under performing on the Red Sox which led to this catastrophic outcome but likewise -- and could forecast. This year. Virtually no one I mean perhaps either view what have you has. Has has -- a way of disagreeing with that but. Aside from I don't know maybe middle Brooks whose underperformed all their production as the guys who got her Buick it in absorb Andrew Bailey yeah. -- -- Andrew Miller. Other in -- -- that's been offset by the fact that you know they coach you -- hot as always you guys any you have to undergo -- -- territories a short list and it's it's mostly you don't injury related stuff but. I Rio says. Over but -- was statistically. It's not like anybody's happened Miguel Cabrera type a year that distorted at the right most of these it's amazing news analysis of this bunch times about. That these guys are performing they're not performing so far and above what they have done in the past you look at Shane Victorino. Yeah right around where he used his career yes. Close to where it was in 2011 he's done this before Mike Napoli same thing. You go up and -- and these guys have done this and that's what the Red Sox have hoped for when they signed -- you don't always get that. But they got these guys at the right time in the right situation and they've reached a level that they had hoped that. You'll Mikey we said this before the last -- three guys I can identify. As being off the charts where they could have never thought there wouldn't form this way right. -- Car. And Koji. And even Koji you can you know -- for me about the performance strikeouts walks ERA. Aren't that outlandish to help that is yet below and you'll enjoy reason for me why I mentioned Koji is good when you go on a historic run like he did. There you can't predict yet he's interrupted us. You can't via the scoreless innings your depressed whip of all time got crap the Yankee fans you know which waited out that did this year. I scenario is the greatest of all time. But this year coach he's better than Mario has ever been. And and with one point 06 earned run and they got all mad at me it wasn't trying to say he's better than -- seed this year he's every bit what Mario was his very best at their best win ever he's given up fewer base runner since Indiana Jones the best whip I've ever. If this you have the same feeling for us. The players have said this you have the same feeling when he takes the mound as the Yankees players had when Rivera took the mound yet to save -- and polite. Every hitter that stopping in that batter's box yet is already -- into and by the -- a much better feeling that I ever had when Jonathan Papelbon took the mound and let me just get that -- -- I'd note 20072006. Used pretty I don't know I just not look at historically good Missouri right now just body was -- they looked. You know up there and I don't know if that is that's ballot. Our Keats and Bedford keeps is probably smarter -- he looks -- He Mike C -- to lead in. I thought the same way about babble on Papelbon definitely. And coaches completely different animal. You know when. It is civil war. When they said Graham was drinking doing battles they Juan. They Adam -- and said send them bell whatever he's send all my generals -- what he's trying to. Yeah I'd -- not bad but didn't drink -- but. Are you got the Red Sox in central what metric and by the way Keith has its sounds like you have a good time. A little want but I anyway. It's to me is that -- and we have an unbelievable. Coaching. Staff here. Gomes seems to be. Teaching dollar buy in and -- had to play left field. We get. Butterfield doing all the ships and all that -- we got in new -- days. -- -- April farms graduate by the way -- -- me base. But that's not able little farm that's where I went to prep yet when you before got kicked out hit it as a quick to pull out of the OC data easy. He's as a quick diversion I saw the have a says is coming here over the studio to do this show. And yet as I was leaving the hotels while it's a view of the football games almost every -- the Red Sox is doing the football game that I hate football I only like rugby. If there's if there's pads is -- yes yes that's a true read this it's never in my whole life well -- -- did you give you can tell us what his true. History of these true passion is. Well soccer. Yeah this is good they there actually have a long line of of -- fighters in Puerto Rico. Professionally professional -- -- his his dad was a legendary I don't know if you call coach. By there -- a legend in that sport cock fighting coach yes. But I notice that I -- this is a fascinating guy ends I remember seeing him in in Yankee Stadium they were getting -- town they had an off day prior to the Tampa trip. Though the last time they were in Tampa Bay and as well enjoy your off day's news that there are no off days and days. Of Harvard and -- one think over him though in my if model favre's career as a pitcher. I never lost. All real I never -- blow right by game medical did you win any I was one don't know okay excellently fit -- -- fairness to the average -- he did graduate of the school -- does that ever happen at this -- didn't -- did the rest of the subsequent period and perhaps well I was wanna know with the saved. In order to get my letter you need to pitch seven innings. And I pitched forward he's got the win a -- three he's gonna save in as it I was on the track team I was just whose work -- well but I pitched at an I can say one of his. At least he lost some games you know. I've when he hit that have pitched a no hitter a traditional three -- and had to go to Avon old farms campus when I don't. And do this report on won the Davis you know Andre used to go out here you know. And a packet today Craig's in Manchester Connecticut speaking of on the you'll stomping grounds out Greg. Hi guys that I really enjoy the show and you Q what have you bring something special to the table in the picture and thanks albeit. Thanks Greg I just like to discuss. The Oakland hey it's Detroit and maybe camp that day in and sister are out there and Q who. You guys would rather straighter -- not say that I'm convinced that. I'm sure the other teams are sort of the Boston Red Sox at this point. What's. I'm just wondering what you think of each team and who you would rather face coming up. All right let's start with -- rob because he's the furthest away rob if you had to pick the one opponent that you think would be good for the -- size to play it would -- Cleveland. Yes but aside from that aside from that the Craig asked about -- -- -- -- Cleveland he did not mention Cleveland he he Ryan -- -- Oakland Tampa -- yeah but you know I think that I think there's an understanding that Cleveland is a separate category from the other is -- so although losing to Francona in that situation earlier play that he'll play Tampa. Looks right now probably play Tampa one game playoff so. There's a very real possibility. They could play Cleveland's pure -- but. OK Cleveland aside you have Oakland you have Tampa you have Detroit. My power rankings for those three teams -- would be. I'm at a point oh clip -- number one and to put Detroit at number two report Tampa at number three. But I've said this all along I'd -- -- should scare the Red Sox. If for no other reason. David Price pitches for them and he -- is that we saw that when he -- in Tampa the other day he goes out he pitches a great game there on their way down. Well I -- Tampa Bay kind of scares me a lot even though. We played them. Any guess what they've -- where they've been really human in the last thirty days. I mean they haven't been anything. You know they they're not like last year's you know Orioles team or. Or you know our anybody else to compare really because he's the Tampa -- were scared of his I don't think is the same Tampa Bay is playing this year you there at the same team look they have that one amazing just stupid run where they went to when he won in three but the fact that they had that. Is suggesting that there's that possibility they could do that again in in October did they can just what. And they've also won sorry Alexander once or -- 14 in a row. He had five and have actually won six to bay and -- that road trip that was when they had that road trip. And they had that one game in Kansas City and it -- that they did not handle that at all by at all -- in one off day that in their bullpen was getting burned out. But to their credit I'll say this is -- they seem to have found their stride a little bit the last week or so. Yeah they have -- throwing really well in addition to more hesitant to point 89 ERA in his force -- art practice I wanted to be just struggles against the pack the Red Sox have been so remarkably consistent by not losing extended hours streaks of games every -- Every time they've lost three to come back and he and it has 600 ballclub for most of the season. -- I think it probably the most amazing statistic really. With the Red Sox -- not losing more than three in a row mean that is really it is like that's a 156 -- -- her for it seeing it she really do about. They don't they -- no one at this point based on the way in which they've been playing in the way in which they've been playing since. That West Coast -- 22 we've alluded to they've taken on every other contender as the top ends as they've dealt with a they have may have beaten the ball now. I do think that the interesting thing to me is that were quick to kind of like look past Detroit yeah no way even though. You know I guess that part of it depends on how you view for instance Verlander right now. And if you think that his his recent struggles suggest vulnerability or played away Alex money's going to be Verlander you know what we every time we bring a Detroit we bring up Berlin insurers -- rightfully so. Favorable sentence has been their best pitcher but at some point since we are ready as American League in the RA despite having the first name out of though. Now that artistic -- he's -- and he's their fourth starter right third third eye opener at a Fister okay. I I would put -- just ahead of her at all almost everybody because I have so -- it's -- much play off that name and all of their pitchers Nike ball in the Fister -- -- -- -- It's really fun isn't it isn't it fun just talking about Doug Fister a little bit and we do that somebody next hour it's with that next our guys really. On the phone numbers 61777979837. You listening to the road to October we -- Bradford atmosphere -- together talking baseball which we love would be right back. Matt Matt Matt Matt back live and the studio here is Alex beer. And their course on the road as he always is the Brad -- man at Brad follow on Twitter. With thousands and thousands of followers. -- at least has the has a shirt that says pat Bradley at 'cause if a teacher deaths or do you Wear it that you get so many followers men it's unbelievable everywhere except at. But under other things eyes if if you're lucky I will take a picture of me wearing my ad Brad took T shirt gap where you know oxygen mask here in the high altitude everybody RBIs -- retreat that Soria. Yeah our guys Q are they got thirteen thousand followers at Riviera I've really up -- remember when you guys I think you guys the first editor Toby Twitter even -- we did. You always if you graduated you guys you that you were a little BI and so you you've caught up pretty well although -- yeah I'm impressed I've done all right infamous office you know technologically weak person. They -- me if I can let me give you the schedules for real quick for what do these three teams. Have for the last week in the race -- Indians and Rangers and I think it's semi important out as far as determining who is going to be even even BA's honestly yeah and I'll get to them last but the rays beat the Orioles are should be notified for today. So they -- -- -- end up on the road the last two series on the road at yankees cap Blue Jays. The Indians they have two home against the White Sox that -- have four on the road against the twins aren't far that you schedule Ryan. And then the Rangers. They actually they can fix things here but they have the Astros for three at home in the of the Angels for four at home as well so they're behind. They are their game and a half behind right now in and they are playing terribly being out that's that's the thing that's almost like. Prevent them you you almost sense this you know since this since it's slipping away to a point where they're probably you know just. Waiting for the other shoe to drop by not playing well against the Astros and Cleveland based on what you guys -- tells me all the Cleveland Cleveland just got off a series with Houston Houston -- about it they've had a a very very easy schedule. -- in Oakland as we mentioned so they play the Angels at. In Anaheim the may have a day off from third Sidney finished the season at Seattle so. This didn't go -- Seattle isn't a bad way to finish -- CF to Felix they get Felix on that -- on that final Friday of the season but beyond that you're right I mean but there's really nothing that even -- argue about except Tampa Bay in Cleveland and if someone else could sneak in there because that that's -- those of the two I -- but here's the thing about Texas as bad as they've been playing I think he's still won four games this month. -- Houston right now right now. Yeah and if any team is gonna turn a team around us is going to be Houston that is the only platform that they can use and then that's what their hoops then that's what their hopes depend on them to an astounding. Given how much they've committed to trying to make this team really did in other trades -- that you know the trade for cars. Which was of such a win now move wow. But I lost -- you know but you know here's the thing the Houston the right if you can't speak to most. The Houston Astros. Either like they can't get it you know they want to lose a lost cause I guess they've probably already clinched the number one draft spot for next year -- lost a hundred and something rhetoric you know billion so. 102 out hope while Mora is in Boston next on the road marked overall more. Hi I'm Ariel -- or are you. Now I am I can't -- saying that I am concerned about now I am absolutely thrilled they have they're -- World Series. And Mike you know. I am about my question about the pitching. Why you think I am eating more in the rotation everybody keeps talking about Lester Lackey and clay but what about how. Really pulling PD and ensure that there is now. I mean no problem. -- northmen yet matter MPV is definitely lining up to be the number four starter in the post season the Red Sox and I'm using for starters I think it. It's I think that based on. Both are not on the fact that of who's been here all year who opened the -- -- of consistency. As well as on the fact that peavy stuff. But until this this new interesting arm slot adjustment that we've seen. -- is -- couple starts and rob and Paula talk a little bit more about that he just hadn't had dominant swing and miss stuff. Which the other three guys featured that peavy is recent performance has been to me very interesting -- Yeah yeah absolutely that's the way I thought about it and then the other question I had why -- have an ally. I know that I would -- I'm really nervous about camp that they. Know what happened in this one off gained -- they blew it. That would mean that the out of the team that they would -- to whom they've lost probably you know whether it's Cleveland or Texas assuming that assuming that the rays make it in. Did doubted that team would advance to -- the other top seed in the American League which we -- -- the Red Sox are under the current or if it's the season ended today for example right. That's so we're gonna turn out. And that's -- why you won that match up against that. Weak sister. One card a one -- play off. One wild card winning lucky team that got in -- -- the other the alternative is is really done appetizer for the Red Sox in Alex talked about the the home field advantage in not -- go to Oakland. So. Okay you'll play the winner of that while currency tampering Cleveland you have to play Detroit. Perceived as maybe the most talented team in the American League -- And then if you win that you might have to play Oakland in -- no quit quit and we are we've sited how difficult that might much nicer to have local event and the Tigers beat the crap out of each other and leave one of them in the dust -- who's left. Irate parent that amoral ass sounds good to me too. Thanks for the Garcia at night by. -- to squeeze a couple Morry what is -- guys. Absolutely balls in Portsmouth well behave she learned a little pop -- -- -- pressed the wrong the important. To learn how to do this thing. While you're on the -- But -- all. -- era on the year. -- I thought it was on -- year to read a lit up. Yeah I suppose in -- problem was -- you're and I thought so. That's a ball the ball. You know I -- track a little bit over the last period but. That the period that that this is open more delicate pitch it. I don't know really know they've pawn off their four and a half back in the wild card -- actually five now and they just lost Machado. Are you have to do they don't look at it on and I'm glad because studio all the teams that are continue to write about the Baltimore Carnell lake. Really beat up on -- Yeah absolutely there the only team to beat them in a series since mid August. It employed and you look at the Baltimore about what they did we talked about Texas how they were going for it. Baltimore went four book -- into it did you can't push his chips to the table. It was you got Francisco Rodriguez you -- Bud Norris gets Scott Feldman and you give up some pretty good prospects to do that. And I think every game was probably hoping for some kind of you know of late season push -- that respectively looks like you're in great -- forward to yeah and they would look more like they did last year winning the close games in the late games and one run jobs you know but it just didn't happen -- so pleasure good ballclub especially as the Red Sox but. -- -- is a tight race really you think there are seven teams involved in this thing -- last week. The couple -- are gone nobody was mentioning them not as accurate at the -- but yet but I did Bob brought an apology an epic Barrett's talk. I mean if you put the Red Sox for our people do not get any campaign all what which is right now. You have to go to pot they can't normally get a single game anyone we've -- just back. Yeah I think that some of that depends upon how you view this again to tie it comes down to me you know how you view the Tigers starters. -- whether or not you think shirts or is the guy he's been most of this year. Where with a couple of recent bumps in the road Sanchez as we've mentioned. Leading the American League in ERA whether or not you think to Justin Verlander is recent struggles are -- in -- in indication of of struggles but based on performance the Red Sox rotation. Has been just utterly outstanding in Torrealba and Lavelle talked about that how good jump starter for them was going on that road trip to the West Coast. In having the Red Sox rotation just shove it right. Against an idiot against the Giants and Dodgers to the fifth guy would do Broncos yesterday's ten and 64 point 14 had taken the mound yesterday. You say what if in my fifth starters ten in six with a four point 14 game which it. Or even your sixth depending on how you use -- relative to Dempster that's right and you know Brandon Workman and stuck out. Paul thanks for the call. Are we get time for one always say guys I think we do allow me over prejudiced I'm oppressed but three it's Brian -- Barry Bryant yeah. -- I will be on the so guys it's -- worked many people talk about you know widely -- the Red Sox this year. And I always thought a clutch hitting that's been one of the biggest reasons that what they've got to where they are. And I remember brought -- both twenty years ago that game winning RBIs when are we recorded statistic. And our baseball. For tips are wrong with that so it's phased out. It was indeed it was indeed I think roughly twenty to 25 years ago actually -- statistic. The reason being that so many of those game winning RBIs for coming. You know it in basically the first inning the team that scores first on any given game. Has an extraordinary winning percentage and so. It was viewed as being somewhat misleading statistic back around the late eighties to early ninety's and so. And so by virtue of that they did away with it. Yeah it's too bad because I mean I think if you look up and down brought a lot of I think they get here. Lot of guys sitting there watching me that's one of the reasons to the set such that you are it hasn't just been pop the -- they got -- about a lot up the order for a well save this spot -- watch. They they do have kind of way of measuring that called late and close situations which is our seventh hitting in on -- car -- -- late coast in late late and close in -- -- -- on and the Red Sox actually surprisingly. Are very middle of the pack in that statistic they had 236. With a 325 on base percentage and 367 slugging mark. 69230 PS that's eight out of fifteen teams the American League dead in the middle very surprising. Given what we've seen in terms of the number of late game comeback is like the stat that's the Mary on stat which is -- one says. What's your record when you're winning after -- or seven down and all that in real quick but are friends of baseball -- up by a run down by Ryder tied. Seventh -- are on their OPS is actually third in baseball right now so. I think did their batting average might not be where it middle back. But in that situation third base -- the doing okay myopia is on the rise because call UPS the opportunity to piece soon and since the program over its. I wanted to know the hall and take care of that but mighty 1000 OPS for the program and Alex and -- it's always great talking baseball review every time thanks like do you think that dusty gets the road to October coming to an end we got -- Football I don't know it's another sport to people follow. Monday Night Football coming your way next on the WEEI Sports Radio network have a great night.

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