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Jonny Gomes talks about his first season in Boston on the Road to October

Sep 23, 2013|

One of Boston's Beard crew, Jonny Gomes, talks with Rob Bradford, Alex Speier, and Mikey Adams about what it's been like to be a part of this Red Sox team, and what he's learned and experienced in his time with the club.

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Okay roll call first of all. Mikey yes some here -- -- -- -- doing here and I'm here after a do we have our coloradans. I am here I hear you coming allowed -- what technology Alex -- in the studio. I am it's the road to October where -- there's one guy missing -- beat Jonny Gomes. Is Jonny Gomes on the phone. Johnny it was and I was on our -- tell you what we're all excited about you. -- -- I'm actually very senator right now acute position in the 213. Roster and and not get very good check on Monday Night Football game. That's a good combination of by a combination of elements Johnny. Well I know that your I know that your your eager to its head out to -- -- on rightly so like you know dependent on going up in the head so let me take out of this you have been a part of a number of teams. They have had extraordinary turnaround it's not just that you've been on playoff teams. You've been on multiple teams that have gone from really the bottom of their divisions and made it all the way into the post season in in the following year so -- reds. Bay's Red Sox is there a commonality between those teams or is this 2013 red -- team. Very different from those other teams that made the playoffs. I would say it -- in it's or yeah. Veteran base. Arm which again in kind of surprise me. About how all this -- -- not part. Because. No war over that now I mean you know people are talking about -- mandated it went a hundred games. But you know a couple of months ago we weren't even on the map. You know at all but on -- -- outside you know -- such a veteran team arm in between the lines. The way we play the game where we approached the game is -- -- the same. And you know I would say you know there's so many ways to lose a ball game he can do there should do -- there's so many ways to lose. In the major season. But they're not that many waste away they're going to -- thing you have to do right. So that being said you know this team has you know very similar to the others -- The a lot of people identified the jumping off point for the road you're currently going down as the Dodgers toward the West Coast trip but I look at it as that very first game of the year. Which a tone was set I don't know if you agree with me or not. Yeah you know you could argue that and I again you know there's been -- some similarities to you know did not to a hot start on thirteen Durbin and but you know we -- Yankee Stadium you know and we take -- to victory. And take it personally you know beat you know the first two. And I know there's a couple. Couple plays that happened throughout that game and I kinda. You know let the Yankees know that daily you know and you know what baseball know that you know north and technological issues you have to earn it. That that is a notion that's really interesting because I mean you mentioned some of the focus the preparation and use -- that's similar to other teams in. I am actually a little bit surprised by that because that this and that I've gotten is that this is. I -- this is kind of bit the ace a distinct group of baseball junkies you know. Guys who pay attention to so many details of the game just from that vantage point in being able to kind of find the small advantages to small edges over the course of the game. You know what they can you give it a couple of examples of how this team has separated itself may be from kind of the the team that that doesn't kind -- waited to October. Yeah. What would that be considered you know I mean we know -- so many veterans in market surge in other so many. You know past experiences. There's so many you know playoffs pressured playoff tested players. You know there are so many. You know in between the lines in outside the lines stories you know that they have and their little peaceful all -- that being said. You know there are so many baseball junkies got warning here you know about everyone's individual past. And wanna share everyone's scouting report that they have like this one time you know five or time in no way that we played distract you to do this. He can't hit this and -- -- did you know I used to play with this guy you know so they know all the stuff. But. You know I mean last year if you don't -- raised immediately went down the stretch and into the playoffs were you know fired rookie starters. With that being said mercker heard that they can have the peaceful -- based on volunteer speaker now. -- a lot of Red Sox fans giant had done what I've done which is basically completely flipped on how we feel by Johnny guard when you're its -- bay rays are we all hated -- -- -- so good. And it here's -- -- every logjam but I helmet everything else of races -- -- are a lot of great feeling he brought to this team. And it but what is about this team and -- what you bring to the team that. This enables anything longer than a three game losing streak some kind of consistency you brought to this clubhouse. -- what -- -- you know if you don't talk about it you know -- you don't prepare or it will happen. In everything that's going on right now you know they're -- Red Sox. Is intention. These torn apart guys off guard which is why we're able to continue to do we're doing. You know you know we talked about -- -- so huge if you look through your starting five. Without going oh for five. We -- just so huge trouble you know -- people go to your starting five. Without you know. One through five slumping together you know which hasn't happened because -- we have -- -- reforms but. That means so many -- you know that means you know we haven't had a tough stretch. You know offensively defensively. You know we have had a closer woke you know as you know every tree saves. -- what goes into that. But. You know I can't say you know not but it -- catching the players are part where we're right on point and we -- we worked on this. And wanted to happen in their -- you know it is. You know Daria Alex mentioned before the teams that you played on the successful teams and -- in the playoffs Tampa Cincinnati Oakland restroom. Looking at the team now last week of the season how does this team compare in terms of how it feels compare those other teams does it feel any different. Does to the momentum the way your position does it feel any different from those teams that you those other teams that you had heading into the postseason. Yeah I think so what would what one thing that really stands out in each. And it's the one thing that's -- -- stood out -- mean the second extra into the clubhouse and Fort Myers. Is here to build a change your Eugenia. And you were able to put some pieces together. What would you paid what would you do what would you -- Personally I've earned that opportunity. I would go laughter playoff experience. No playoff experience kind of like. Like he's gonna have this year there's a wider than that -- experience but it appears from me. Carrying over. I mean we got Stephen Drew and -- -- in Oakland we you know Napoli checks as an kind soul he -- got Victor Reno. With Philly. Myself. But the couple -- On the boat and -- you know our starting 98. Of playoff experience. And with that being know what you see that first pitch. But clay are you realize how different of a game that is so alone. I mean it can already structured it you know we don't have to worry about oh. Howard they can handle the pressure Howard that -- -- You know hostile environment we're going -- all because we're gonna. You -- you mention obviously DA's and a couple of fronts and they are obviously also the team that you played for just last year. To me it's interesting to see not necessary from there obviously you guys are different from the a's. In terms of an experience standpoint as you just alluded to but in terms of the roster construction the focus on depth. You guys seem to me to have a number of similarities to this -- Oakland team it's also been playing at a very high level do you see that or. Or do you see -- -- is being just in a different realm in terms of the the veteran nature of your of your squad. Yeah I think I think we are very similar with that being said like like our starting nine you know offensively. I mean what one or dying you know had -- opportunity to go eat and want to nine has an opportunity to hurt. And you know we place and change in the past scored -- it would -- the leadoff guy out you know what to expect 65% chance of scoring a -- it. Know we can keep it 34 old guys. In the ballpark. I mean we get pretty -- growing up when he zeroes. -- being -- -- -- -- it works on this team in helping build some -- and I -- I -- -- -- not in any given -- You know. The guys' guess is an interesting array of people I mean that's it's likely the idiots of 2004 you probably heard a lot of comments about that team because you guys have such a diverse -- but your personalities. And everybody's stepping up a one -- -- -- here's Salisbury out you guys are still win ball games at the same pace. -- despite not having your center fielder never I ask you about one guy in particular -- just different completely from anything we've ever seen as far as being a closer that is Koji. Personally small he throws 89 does he speak English at all -- -- you guys talked Norman what are you guys all feel about that little -- -- -- -- -- It's ironic though I mean. What coach he's doing this year he's been doing the last two and a half seasons. But he just hasn't done in the ninth inning I mean he basically just matching his -- totals. By true I mean he has better numbers in. Really any other reliever in the game but it's just not exposed because on the night and are based in the for pace and when your taxes recently -- more -- Duke and them. You could just like -- out. Wheelchairs. We go like he invisible yeah it's ninety miles an hour right down middle belt I think -- swing right through. -- last question for me but I love doing less with the -- the top five ways you almost died -- -- the most popular stories have done all year so thank you for that. Not a good way to achieve popularity I think the thing thank you thank you for taking one for the team and almost getting -- and getting attacked by a wolf and almost nine. So. -- that -- that said it out then they wanted to talk and I got do OK well that's that I at this let's expand on it by two before I ask a question. So we we had on that list. We had a heart attack we -- the car accident we at the wolf we have the moon started shooting at you and the sleeping bag catching on fire -- one of my missing. You would regarding nickname. I mean there's been if you -- guiding it to this if you view. You know white water rack and -- -- I mean some people call like -- debt -- -- call. Their technical. -- well -- we'll keep -- -- OK oh OK so along the lines of the B list. We only -- -- ways that we got your helmet Whitewater rafting. I love that helmet that's a. That that that the official comment that the purpose of that comment right there at promote -- news back from Afghanistan so. You know yeah he didn't hit yet and now I got a chance and or. Fifth -- let me ask you. With this -- top story. -- three Johnny go -- moments from Jonny Gomes but we can say the Johnny -- -- moments but top three moments for you this year. This year personally. I'm personally. Personally okay. -- -- -- it off like he says you know in the very beginning. You know when the -- back at where -- at such an arm and you know I scored from second you know -- -- that you know. And you know -- pretty much at the table here and you know he says so you know could set the table you know I'm gonna go way gravity. You. I say you know walk off home -- Fenway Park which is pretty amazing. And three I would say meeting opportunity -- his degree in law. But it came in as a quick diversion or or addition to that we were talking about this the other day. In the in the dugout about playing the left real block zeit told you it's -- it for someone who hadn't played there hardly at all what you play there before but certainly not as a home player. You played very well but you also pointed out to me that you play the left field wall of Fenway. Differently than maybe anybody that's ever played on whether it's nowhere all apologies Diaz and rice in. All these other guys you take a unique approach is that right. Yeah I got a couple trick up my career and a couple on. You know give current season. Sheer you know if you will that's going to be going on in the game of all the ships. But. Yeah I've got I've -- you know a lot of research a lot of work and a lot of phone goes off outlaw to trying to reinvent -- played out there. And so artwork in north gotten Auburn -- out there and on the same page. And down on the -- and secret -- that it can't tell you about what are called count in the morning and now and he Eagles. That you know I kind of got the formula who who have been -- you know simply helped us out -- Some point of the board. That's how you reclaim home field advantage in your ballpark as -- trade secret about it. You're -- -- a football game tonight I probably let your teammates are as well what is your row what is your football team of choice. We're fortunate choice you know don't hold me. You know get me but -- I'm a California boy so I'm I'm supporting our guys. 49 immune OK Aaron but -- I have followed the game tonight outside it's got its it's good to have a night off right. Yeah I'm looking out my window -- Sox. Offering it on yeah there hanging out. There and I think John Giants Johnny. -- there is Jonny Gomes he's Colorado to just like no room rob Bradford.

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