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Torey Lovullo, Red Sox Bench Coach, on The Road to October

Sep 23, 2013|

Rob Bradford, Alex Speier, and Mikey Adams talk with Torey about the Red Sox turnaround this year, and what it's been like to be a part of the clubhouse and coaching staff this season.

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Back here on the road of October rob Bradford is an the lovely state of Colorado. Where the recital for tomorrow night I Robbie get that you do get to go to the end of the money that apartment. Now now we are not allowed. Now not by I I am. By that I did a high altitude training might -- yes that's what doing all night and it showed me the air pats. We have -- -- -- -- suited to Alex Spears here in the studio torrent of fellow joins -- Red Sox bench coach via. Of the modern technology knows the cellphone Torre how -- They are at now now -- going to be technologically at the -- -- -- are you don't. I'm doing good are you guys don't. Or go but yeah. I think I couldn't tell if I'm wrong about this it's my opinion that bench coaches are underrated when it comes to. Not only -- the the way they're financially rewarded but the importance they haven't quit being a team to victory would you agree -- that. How are right now because -- -- -- under percent agree with. Robert talked about. You know giving me a couple in an extra -- -- -- I don't have opponents say so. No I said I set I said that the coaches' bonuses. For winning 93 games was appearing on the road to October -- I was very clear about. That move are you do -- you do not appreciate you know what I do want to say that. As coaches and I'm -- doctor also the same way. We don't deserve any credit they don't take it for what we've got it's very simple command. As a group led by Jon given the guys structure. And rob knows I did you -- probably double listeners each. So we gave some direction these guys just wrap on there and got up thirteen about there yet what their job all game. We do very little but we we like to think at least you walk out there. Repair a lot -- -- ball all. How how often Torii -- this is -- by the way I -- out. How often do you guys. Disagree behind closed doors about you know whether it's not whether it's related to. But -- you know that's a particular strategy with regards to the running game which I know -- your area of expertise so you get down you get fired toward -- probably but. -- you know whether the area of the running game or some other strategic element how often. You know in the coaches room where you guys have kind of you know -- -- heated kind of back and forth passionate debates. You know because as it translates. You guys have been great about kind of having a shared outlook. But he is that is that the case from -- from beginning to end. Yeah I would think for the most part. Yeah I would I would categorize it is like a marriage -- there you know they're veterans are in a situation that. You know would you go forward -- -- -- conversely our disagreements. When you do the right way. You kind of talk and taught that when you come up with a conclusion about a lot of would like. Our game. Usually starts around 1230 a group. We gotta come on board get together 130 we have accomplished all of the bat out give a little bit snapshot. What's going on and before the first game and Jerry played. About -- about 45 minutes an hour and then at that point we have all done our homework. We've got their termination but you get out we all have our own domain and we throw idea that John. Certain -- what state law that they like out on each of them we had no game plan and in the course of time. Brian Butterfield will -- -- give suggestions on base running and certain things that you mutual advantage for him and I'm always open to that. Much like we speak about it which is our ownership which -- Butterfield. Maybe he eased open Q what team what would you want to hear what it. It -- it's -- belt or what he's done or is it out and they're good discussion there's no we don't. We just go forward and then the ultimate decision makers -- got -- -- our alike I don't like I do -- and don't do that. And try to translate out. Over the next 45 minutes yarder that really -- discussions. And it would tell players -- our expectations -- players' intensity and knowing what excuse. Now this is where I want them well on an expert is where. We travel light it seems like we beat players are magnet that -- -- They've got a really weak spot are. Against some of the opponent -- based. -- looking forward to the next week or so how wary are you guys about that four day lay off. And have you looked at any examples in in recent post season runs. Where teams have had layoffs like that and do what they've done what worked what didn't. The I guess -- Great question -- wants an excellent question we're gonna replay that question on tape was as we get Soria. Back on the phone because it was was that exact kind of on the high altitude is clearly affected the phone line. I'm sure that our era. And now to get -- Torre back on the phone as the Red Sox as you all know our go to Colorado for this really odd. Two game interleague Colorado series that is it really kind of sticks replica like a sore thumb on the schedule but at its -- the Red Sox now have forty. That clinched their post season -- -- so this can't be a burdensome trip -- fact their local -- -- -- -- football -- and relaxation this I mean but this is like kind of quasi vacation in the middle of the right they sewed up their playoff berth. They have a day off before and after this is. Fairly unusual circumstances. Is as road trip because it's almost like. I mean -- you would you would be put on the better speak to this but it seems like it's almost like. This is this where the team can kind of take stock of what it's accomplished well I think fit. The attitude team coming into this series is. Business didn't just go out there looking in the post season but also you have to keep in mind that you have Oakland sent me. That the best record in the American League is something real to play for. And so I think that that's what they're writing in their very very wary of our there's no question about it so yes I do think that. There is I sense a relaxation that you wouldn't have. If if you right in the middle -- things. I can't still now we have Torre back so route that actually question the yellow Torre did you hear my question what a great question and one's. Important they had that connected. And I going to be able phrase it so so eloquently this time try to recreated. But you. Don't looking at next week. Does that are you guys weary at all of that four game power of sorts for de lay off and have you looked at other examples of teams. Having several lay offs in the post season -- postseason in what they've done what they haven't done. Yeah we've been having discussions now for the past I'll probably week as a look like we were. We were already -- -- Bailey I don't we don't -- Put the cart before the horse but once we decide we we trying to move forward not out that it could happen we've been reaching out talking to and just trying to figure out the best game. First and foremost is. I think -- earliest and I'm yup that'll you know gotten there -- after the celebration. A couple guys they opt out celebration but I know it's focuses not to change a thing go out there play hard baseball and every every single day. -- -- -- -- -- -- Without -- an after we you have the the little break and and it's inevitable that what afforded him there he's gonna give it one day off. She's they went and inserted there will be work out -- structured -- -- work out so some intensity. Were planning on Wednesday. To have more of heavy lifting day. So to speak in just make sure -- -- out impact on Friday would already happened to be. Inside -- in. And pat -- Billy worked work out we have quite decide what we want to do. We just -- we've been reaching out talking to other teams and other situations that have been personal -- make sure that. You dude you do take advantage of those three didn't get in -- And accomplished to make sure you're ready for a Friday August. Torre as you talk about the structure one thing that -- discussing out a few moments ago with Jonny Gomes was the idea of of kind of tone setting and you know it's significance -- I'd like to you know written and as you think about how to apply that to what what's ahead in October it's interesting to think back. To the beginning of the year was there anything in particular. It was important. From -- from a tone setting standpoint that occurred. In spring training I believe you're in charge of putting together spur entries are again this gets to the under appreciated bench coach aspect of -- as you -- underpaid to -- point. As well as on that first game of the season. You know. Spring training it was a grind commuters no doubt about it. Spent a lot of time out at -- ballpark putting together daily schedule. But I'm getting a lot of men from every -- coach and especially John what they wanted to do and what they wanted to accomplish. We relating to new confidence on the guys that took a little while and understand the question that they can understand why we were doing things. Went from day one of the season. When we were taking extra bases and Jackie Bradley went first second unit slowing Jonny belongs to an extra base and scored on a tremendous -- at home plate. Obvious for a big run. I think present spot that you. I think it it played out in everybody's mind. -- reason why we did exactly why we actually sacrifice and trying to go out there Richard got outward. They got the word it would happen next -- they're now away from day one all you longer or five things that happened inside that first game I just gave me a couple of that. As coach after the game we walked in the coach that -- bat spots and it's all. And not only want the job done and that's something we got we talk about all the time. That's how we do think they're geared up for it a -- I -- that -- arms and a lot of guys is for instance teammates. You know that's how we deal with a Bob's rep that's our way. Gary got a young team too there's a lot of guys here who you know really this is their their only experienced big league experience to be surrounded by a bunch of people like that and and and coaches like yourself. How much teaching is done touring game Torre as opposed to after the game or before. Although with a veteran player you get a little more leeway. You know you -- -- -- fuel that had been on you can almost surely they get themselves goggles stupid white and it is something like that they continue to make it's important that you got a lot. Maybe maybe that's not the right way to do we give a veteran player who player a little bit more leeway. Now. Would that the younger players to work it really really until the coaching stop. The coaching staff is almost hand -- -- situation and so attack where I need to watch. Now you know rock locked into right Lamar -- popular through a process at work. Talk and talk over situation and opera the process. In in the reasons why did work on I'm like trying to -- should get a big out. You know you know Nancy who's in charge catching don't have to books about the image hammered out. And and really you know got Damon -- that's on the way more powerful and coached it ever gonna not -- up -- talking about. You know the practical application leading up that I'm doing efforts and your very powerful powerful player and another player out there are times. Where we will all Jackie Bradley. The -- we will all be at Obama's side. You know right up and out and -- that was not a good moment right there. What we tank and we can't have that I would not -- a baseball bat on that but Sunday's -- I'm not about who we are. And wartime than not they'll walk right over and say. What you know what I don't know what else they can -- -- bad moment not want -- once we try to -- get a mistake we go out there with a veteran players that we. Lead the charge in trying to show up in the gap or about -- That's not a coach that would apart and we try to keep everything we -- which you know our job but he got a lot -- -- on a daily basis. Every Q what will -- local fired up and John play. It gives him a chance doing -- you're not you're the leader of our ballclub. Well my last question on Mondays with Torre is -- and -- -- -- what -- -- is this team doing better now than they have. -- and -- have at the other point this season because obviously since that West Coast trip. You guys been on a pretty good run but what are they doing better in your estimation now other than any other point. You know I think it's on what is I think different parts of our our team I'm will be carried for decorated army in offense early in the wheel grind it out and pitching -- and sure we will get some timely hitting again. What sent out what goes playing. That our our strength -- in that -- unbelievable songs and been the main reason why we are well we want to really really crucial road trips. And we got highlighted early on you know the west honestly it was LA and in terms as -- And -- an extra trip that was what I was going to be it was you know include New York. In Tampa. Our pitchers so well bottles -- went out there and dominate. It was really aren't threats to watch the get caught the right I'm in regional championship baseball one because of the pitching and defense are getting. And we like back where -- our. You know I don't tell you probably don't do much of the bullpen but you you did so I spent a year in Japan with a swallows back in 2000 is -- Japanese that you retained from there and do you know how to say just throw strikes Koji. -- How about that a rhetorical unity -- so much but that most amazing thing I've ever seen. You know I know what they do a lot in you know I'd gone -- alone how are you in Japanese not. That's about it but with Cody and -- -- -- back in the marble and -- unbelievable. We're not even close to where we aren't used done what he's done. He deserves a lot of credit I -- kind of overlook. We've played in baseball you know it's like having Mariano Rivera back there I don't want to jinx anything I don't really believe and up front. We played in and they -- in the eighth inning the base while we hope we got that lead into over slot on a lot. I hope he's okay would be calling of the little monster he so unbelievable is so great to -- on the team and -- you've been. The most successful bench coach in the you know all of baseball this year or not we're gonna lobby for the gigantic pay raise for your kind. I appreciate that charge in this pick probably when it comes to pay raises up attitude rocketed do your job -- Connecticut. Story great target area. Have fun out there in Colorado stewards -- like it will -- years or two ago from off the bench.

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