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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 09/23/13

Sep 23, 2013|

Ask it and we'll answer...p-probably.

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It's. Time for answers the question jerk answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question -- -- favorite parts of the day because it means that I get to talk or at least we get to talk. From Kia that's not why it's as you get to leave it a few minutes we'll I mean that could have something to do with enemy in the it's like one of those have lobby in the response yes yes I hear you I don't about the leave so they at all it's all good things mixed together and edited and how he starts to -- It used to. -- juicy and how alternative hurry up. See what's so Mikey why don't matter anyway so you guys aren't here today are -- here it's like yeah it's actually I got out spears here but there it's empty and year. All that usually about a guy on this or whenever Alex here and there is not empty right I'm I'm oft referred to as -- team room and it was Haditha. He's quiet -- you so down on yourself out very sad has a really. -- morbid response is that he's pretending you know Alex why there I got -- I was watching the a big celebration on Friday night -- Nelson and Michael you were talking we -- discussing the Steve Burton effect of being incredibly excited and right after that they showed Alex next whoever was it just could not have looked more serious is in the middle of the ground. Our initial serious and there well you know it's my responsibility to maintain journalistic objectivity in this management's. Win by me every ship needs to navigate. They've away holly give props to you know for leading to WEEI -- of contest played three gay. While loans. That's totally a -- And we're back at this hour the best. That's right you know that is getting knows pointers from Bill Belichick has really helped out -- it indistinct guys. In this thing guy and -- who's gonna win and I am absolutely it's the question brought you by -- restoration specialists if your property your facilities manager. Or insurance broke all heiress to a -- of the disaster restoration game played a place call 8774611111. Or go to AAR and serve. Dot com guys what does the best exercise to get rid of me in -- -- -- less eating. Diana and dieting is the best way you were adamant. Don't push him hippo suction. Obviously a reduction -- you lose the -- three Q school that you jogging. Don't exercise and it's just the exit those sex change operation works there. I want announces that -- -- little it was odd man fight club does or how bad it is I mean. Told him that's my fear that's my fears like it'll probably verified yet. Immediately actually club terrified that law I don't wanna be part of Michael either that's a -- mind a more regular basis but as I get older the whole man -- things terrifying testimony -- -- club anymore accuracy is absolutely eradicate. And when you're lonely you -- slowed is with yourself. Guys how funny was it when Bill Belichick was -- holly new ones and hilarious but pretty you'll enjoy -- and Andy. Rather uncomfortable from the site thanks drew -- side of the glass lose like watching agree you know I feel I laugh every time -- in Europe by in the entire -- -- damning. -- you can always bode well you know anyway. Dollars -- how would you -- to back out coached team. Like during that -- -- -- college coach you can imagine there. Not sure if -- look -- our coach you're the budget on the guy and -- over here but I do wonder. Eight he has the Bill Belichick is the new Lou Holtz. When it comes to an opponent you know every opponent talks about like the greatest -- in the world. Question I don't know which of the three -- this is for we stop aborted drink before you go all the time is up for you. Ultimately -- for you today all you need a -- like do you need a drink before you go see your godfather. All the time. Industry here history. Next question. Jerks what are your favorite microwave global food. None of the above you know like any -- military labor agreement with our neighbors are -- like hot dogs and in my 45 seconds your -- roll up over the paper towels like five seconds -- perfect let's discuss it or not it doesn't take much longer to put him on the stole -- -- -- They're a wrinkled when you get them so early enough that. -- you can make it organized groups taking about thirty seconds. Poached egg yes Sharon and pristine and nice coach today. Ago. At the very nice -- question. What is your cut off distance for stopping were driving through traffic like turns you know. If you like to make they'll offer him in Boston know whenever I don't distance. Above it. Have you seen more people run red lights and Boston any others to know. -- -- you I disagree. As as an aggressive. And passive aggressive as -- drivers were in the northwest. They -- -- red lights every time really it was Whitney didn't drive fast. Nobody made any attempt to be the -- to -- Michael yellow light speed up. It was just as if they didn't notice that there were red lights and they were just awful lot like Obama -- oblivious yet completely oblivious the red light cameras there as a kind of point should be if the woman with the baby carriage enters the war. You should lay back the next question and how much. Would you have to be paid to not follow any football. Next question I mean more than my salary now because it -- but it depends. -- Fifty grand for fifty grand you wouldn't fall football. Grant us your secret and it's not true like forever what approached her orders to give me fifty -- did not watch any football games you welts on your pets anyway so yeah. And that I'll stick for how long work for a week for the rest your lie for ever -- -- -- I thought that was a year salaries now. Or three year tried to just check it out on the Internet after the -- not execute that and allowed to that's the point any form -- -- sheet to check the standings well it all it is still follow football people say interlocking you have to say who's that I don't know that I did it. Screw that -- to run the cheerleading squad in the -- next question. Finally what is your favorite cheap here. That's really -- -- mother about a week. Well UN there yet have you -- instance you were young yes a couple years ago. Now I can go to the Sussman stories rolling rock because he can't get angle. Wouldn't you can't get a hang on the ludicrous there's that doesn't make any sense at all it just doesn't affect our visits it's so close the water that's about it there's so much each you're only you're part of a hundred of -- not -- your front electro I am not. Next question. Actually -- that are funny were -- and on that they know rob and Alex and Mikey are all coming up Jonny Gomes gonna be on their show the road to October. Ball rolled to walk over Iran's been pretty well paved at this point they're definitely going to October and ours is a -- -- the November starting next month. That's that's a great question was this call on October but he was included after arrives fifty. I was sicker over those guys will be back tomorrow to a clocks -- -- We think it's over and you can only -- in real. Are you emotionally you tell me.

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