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Vince Wilfork with Salk and Holley: We told Talib he better get an INT in this game or we'd be fighting

Sep 23, 2013|

We check in with Vince the day after the Patriots moved to 3-0. Vince talks up his teammate Aqib Talib, remaining consistent on defense, and more.

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It's Wilfork going to be in here just a moment salt and -- WEEI WEEI dot com I'll admit I could talk rewards to offer. I've told you before my -- -- -- a few times Lawrence Taylor Mike Tyson. Ray Bork. He's here -- secure. So there's no there's no length of time which is too much for me I apologize. If that becomes boring but. Coach really excellent stellar. And you can tell. Yeah he's been a fan of LT and if you haven't seen the documentary the life and times LT. It's interesting it's exciting it's amazing -- all of the -- for him and then sad to see what he really was off the field but you sound like you know the island went seven and had an up and here's why. And only problem I have a DOT thing is we've all seen those NFL film documentary the NFL films -- bottom you've seen clips right the one game he was -- company against the Eagles and other against the jets were talking about the delicate bunch of crazed dogs right right that all but never get back in the -- -- -- -- -- -- More votes and I don't think it's possible because of the NFL films we might -- For like two games and I want LT -- up for every game I'm game developed his career in my top and everything he ever said to talk to anybody on showtime as a form get much time to go back in time and certainly don't need some L -- I have only been out at least they didn't that was actually pretty good. Certain events -- for joining us right now our user. What -- determine what the problem right arm you know there it is you former -- and Erica I don't. -- good guys come off a pretty good performance by defense. Three points in the game in most could have been six with a with a missed field goal. What did you guys do right yesterday. Well we're didn't happen police situation room. Football pretty good. A thing you know the thing we weren't tools you know the game Sanders. You have to kind of take more in the way until he Vincent Jackson and just understand you you would do -- good job there. Who's an excellent. And what they would do a good job that we secure our gamers everywhere with -- Freeman parked it who cares impression -- must also. We just executed well I mean is it wasn't an -- thing if it wasn't magic on my -- thing that was spectacular that you know. We do we just as secure game everywhere. You know you think about the last couple weeks since you guys have given up thirteen points against the jets and Buccaneers. And when you first got here named Super Bowl team. -- a great offense but -- damn good defense to the last couple times I've gone to some people think you're an opportunity. Our guys back to being would you say. We are -- that's who we just -- unity of this team on the we don't we don't look at it like there we look at as orient. Good team football on the in the comes down to with three units express team offers defense. -- when you can terrible you know special teams go up there and give us and some good field position and your offers -- ball. Com and those gas you know give a couple of draws upon me bill score some points and defense to -- him feel. Home put now for extra point through. I mean that that's what we look for two and -- are paying right now we just playing good team football army everything it's not person evidence -- Among -- is still a whole lot of things we can do a lot better. But -- -- -- -- very very good team football and I think in the lone runner helpless. So we just have to continue to prepare well manages you know continue to practice and put. Every day on don't look past day you know just take every day is striving get better as a team and as individuals. Europe and we recruited group what does -- -- to leave meant to your defense unit sincere right here but you know what our needs. He's a special -- -- Just the way you practice and he -- -- -- we Egypt's. Travesty external was in practice and our new components are as me and say -- -- if you don't get one as well is a problem we want we want farm silent and our home but he's just so competitive and are -- when you have gas like there in practice. If -- Barrera around you know in the house and DBs in competition more interceptions. Now has -- -- -- -- I wanna give up pretty you know in. It makes practice a lot more lives -- -- it's -- guys going out there making plays and practices and -- it transfer. On to the game days so which you would you ask -- and so. We just have a good team -- you know his chip and chip away it and breakfast. Let's keep one that's what he brings to you in terms of mentality. But -- what he does mean he's a he's a number one quarterback what does that do army. You saw mummies armor issue -- No one was crushed terminal where as we move on with the best gas on me he want their tournaments. He's -- -- that the person he -- he one. On the biscuit down for and we feel confident and put them in the -- home -- so we have a player like her immunity to mention defense team a lot better. And you know what I'm glad we have. It's not like to practices are are pretty competitive high energy. How how would you describe them we don't give it to him I would describe -- competent -- well -- -- -- -- go first or use first the extra week's Arnold. Mean we -- -- brie which -- eternal was. And we praise and our I mean the timing of the game which are certainly gain. Much as possible and and as one debuted on the grades are old uses in this in certain situations. In practice just to give us a taste of what it can be left in the game you know -- gains speed bullet. We we close I mean just guys is going on there every play charm me separately in. It makes you do fourteen you know when we go we come together as one more game -- We know we've been through two week we knew what type products we have that we notes that. The competition level where everywhere. You know just put a smile that is because we -- we work that we work her tail off and is everybody is not just leaves largest music artist armories at about the -- -- everybody you know they go to work. How would be hard and walk away from the good about themselves -- The more we can do it from week to prepare whale on the -- and his team will be. Well we don't -- limited time for the coach was so talkative talking about Lawrence Taylor that we have we have limited time. For -- and -- I haven't got a hundred different -- publicly -- -- -- -- -- and they prepare for for Sunday night pretty good passing attack that Matt Ryan and the falcons sobering you can see them down there look forward to talking deals -- apparently of -- -- always brought you might find -- money dot com and EMD. Milk war are at 44 coming up talking all WB.

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