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Patriots defense taking the lead in first 3 games of the season... why this is a good thing

Sep 23, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots defense being the cornerstone for victory the first three weeks of this young season, and why that's a good thing.

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Bill Belichick will join us and or -- now. Set your timer so -- watch. -- a little note in your phone an hour from now Bill Belichick will be with us. For and all access look at what's going on with the New England Patriots season. Is that sarcasm that's the that's exactly what I expect it either spark that's what I reality. It's it's wishful thinking. No I think that's what's gonna happen Nicole what we want a coal wishful thinking for that -- -- got a lot to be happy about that yesterday's game doesn't mean you upset that his team was booed in the first quarter yesterday's game do you think that in any way affects him. You that he thinks about that Beckham getting even here is that if he was booed in the first. Or I think he's aware of it and I think it's something that he'll bring up on a speaking tour somewhere you know after the season we'll talk about it and he's still remembers. You know. We've we've heard him on the show we get those questions of the day the coach's question of the day and you have got updates on his on his injury. Not not to talk about the questions of the day from fans sometimes and they asked him it was your first memory of this what you personally that it goes back to. A specific play from 1978. Or 1970s and remember all the stuff. He still brings up how they were booed. Privately he'll bring up how they were booed in the playoff game the divisional play up this noble. They were put up the field at halftime of the raiders that -- -- K so bring them up early yeah. -- did it affect him for yesterday now would bring it up. At another hunt absolutely what is it is crazy that they were booted dot com a lame the people were booing them in the first quirks like really. Post -- argue that -- brewing a team that's too though and is and is right there in the game against the team at the beginning of the game you're already blowing. I understand the idea of venting a little frustration right and a desire to see the patriots go out there -- just run roughshod over everyone and certainly -- is not a very good team but you're blowing in the first quarter for gay -- you six point -- -- That assumes that the resumes that you're talking about that the people who were brewing. Are actually. Longtime patriot experience. Who have who have been 35 yards or more on the ground at and you get a run up 35 to 45 points and every game if you don't score fourteen points in your first two drives that it's a disappointment may -- Brady's offered today you're gonna have to. It's it this this team is not built the way those teams were built it does not have the same kind of high power high octane explosive offense. I wrote about it this morning WEEI dot com I'm curious the reaction of some of the fans. Whether or not you you really feel that way would you really look at what you're seeing and say. Now this team isn't good it because they're not putting a video game numbers -- offensively like when they're doing a whole bunch of other thing -- it took I thought Josh McDaniels and time yesterday. To really get into the rhythm of what that game was once he started using his ground game. And staying at a third along in getting into third and 33 fourth third -- five his offense looked. Worlds better in his defense given enough time to rest and and going against an offense that really is pretty pitiful -- once they lost -- Jackson. His defense was allowed to really do the work yesterday. I tell you what's happening right now there with the patriots. What has happened over the last couple years and this is who they are. This is what we keep. We keep waiting for that that explosive moment. Keep waiting for the in the cigarette -- part of the story absolutely. Is Tom Brady losing some of his weapons and trying to get and I think. With these kids. Guys that don't know that well. It's always try to get this thing with them and he's waiting for -- to return and your boy Danny Amendola to return that is today. That is -- that is significant part. -- 2013. New England Patriots. But that's not the main story the main story is this. The patriots are eighteen and spurs team that they -- That's the whole plan has been leading up to us. If you look at what the patriots have done in the draft what the patriots have done in free agency. They are. They have been planning for this -- this is the kind of team they won a big. Bill Belichick looked up twice. In the first round. Last year to acquire defensive players twenty never happened before. What the patriots. So. He takes a defensive end the first -- takes a linebacker -- first round. Last offseason he brings back. I keep to -- he brings back Kyle -- to recharge his own players -- before that signs Steven Gregory. In the offseason this offseason I mean this season he just extended Rob Ninkovich -- and Tommy Kelly. Pays big who's who's got the big money on this team of the -- Vince Wilfork. They are -- as a top ten pick. What they're doing. They have they have done they have we have got to have refocused their new identity. Get used to the New England Patriots their new identity is defense we are going to be gonna have a reliable defense and that's how we're going to when he. What the court 35 -- -- -- happen to agree on this you and I and I haven't talked about this for a while this is what I wrote about for the game before talked about for the season you begin -- Get back to more of the ball control style get back to more of -- defense first and try to win that way because this as much as they've been exciting. There -- the ball all over the field. It hasn't produced any championships could have yes it absolutely -- -- was -- the right thing to do with the rule changes that were made in the NFL and Brady right in the middle in the prime of his career and weapons like like moss and Welker those times in their life. Maybe it was the best thing to do but now you start to move forward Brady is. Settling in to -- to the downside mr. that's not fair but he's not getting better what is what is there is -- fair look at. I mean I think are probably a bit of an exaggerate it by -- downside. And downside doesn't necessarily mean he's apologist by apex and he's not gonna keep getting better right. Let -- -- -- get stronger market if pastors market quicker he's he's he's going to be great player I would guess for another 456 states like I've been here Siva plays plateau line he's okay anything is -- it's still. It's pretty good. But you can't expect Tom Brady. This Tom Brady at the age of 36. To be the Tom Brady that you saw at a 26 -- also if you wanna be a defense first team and I'm with you I think that's what they've become that's what they wanna be that's what they're putting their resources. Your offense needs to play the same game to. Right -- works best when everybody is working towards -- goal whatever but he's got them the defense first schemes that I think. Tend to play power running game ball control offense. Off field position game punted noted that he knew deeply your defense go to work. I'll let the defense come up with big turnovers when they need to if they're -- pass it's more of the old Tom Brady dink and dunk down the field many of them are doing the read option plays now because a lot of defense first teams happen to have. Running but you're the best but that's not even that's not what we're talking about here. I mean. Their adoption yet no idea of course -- not gonna do that -- but the idea behind being more of a ball control offense and an offense that is going to steadily the -- too -- the ball up the field. Instead of looking for 253545. Your chunks of the time. Opt -- I think that's what you got to see a little bit of yesterday even if it looked unfamiliar but doesn't. It back -- look. I think as you know I think they should have brought back Wes Welker. So. I'm not I'm not endorsing. Everything that they've done. In the past couple years I think they've made some mistakes. And and I disagree with them on some big moves and that's the biggest one. You know I've got to have an -- -- excuse me between Welker and Amendola. I'll I'll take Welker but instead. Or reject. I'm gonna reject the notion. That they are not taking advantage of the Brady window that the aircraft that's a popular thing in this corner. Tom Brady has a slight window here of maybe three years maybe five years in the back you're taking away weapons from Tom Brady. Makes it difficult for him to get to the super woman -- reject it. Three best quarterbacks of all time in your -- escort. Three decimal timer definitely Hewlett Montana Brady and Manning okay. Montana never got to the Super Bowl at this age. At the age of 36 never got casino Kansas City by the Kansas City on Hannity and do it. John Elway did it. He could be an analyst at they always get it Dan Marino we know Dan Marino didn't do it could be analysts think it is hard. To get to the super took to build your team. Around it quarterback. Who already outrage was over 35 years old and so when those when those teams I mentioned John Elway. When John Elway did it is an amazing that they -- built around him and worked around a power running game and very good defense so if you wanna say. Take advantage of the Brady window -- what history not to reject history you want to -- -- history how has -- been done before. It's been done before is. You don't before the quarterback turned 35 armed with weapons which patriot who. It didn't work out for a mandate they had a great success in the regular season and got the Super Bowl a couple of times. They didn't close the deal at this stage of Tom Brady's career. The formula is in my opinion the formula is. Give yourself a strong defense. Don't put too much pressure or don't don't put too much pressure artwork. Don't count on 836 year old quarterback. To be your savior on everything -- To being the face the team and to be the savior of the team you're going to be the case but not as I don't get a single exactly. You talk about -- -- like. Every every week one of the art institute this week pop up -- this week. We don't know if the defense is capable of being what it's been built to do it because of the opponents. But I think the idea has been. Re established to to reconfigure this front seven. So the front seven. Can be that team -- -- front seven can be the unit that you consider the strength if you're think. 6177797937. I'd I'd love to hear reaction to back as Michael. I'd love to give you the Sports Radio disagreement -- we fight about this I totally agree with -- I completely and totally a 100% agree with your assessment now are -- -- throw the ball more and better once -- Dolan gronkowski returned yes. Does Brady still have a couple 300 maybe even 400 yard games in them of course he does. But are you looking at it as that is the only way to win anymore I don't think so I I I are completely. Agree that your assessment of what they've done over the last few -- 6177797937. Goes to the thing that's hard refrigerant -- there you're not just a little mouse probably deal -- in Boston. I'm. You might. I'm just wondering how content came out -- personally show but criticized in the stands. Re talking about -- and they booed the team in the amount of the campus of Canterbury I was surprised the saints moved yes. I don't know I -- -- 1986 I was at their game. And eighteen came out flat both on offense and a defense I don't think you're not I didn't see it that way. I don't agree I don't think they came out flat I think it took them some time to figure out exactly what they were doing against him a bad -- I -- mediocre. In my did you -- -- -- -- OK. So but not a problem you know UK you know to get him to pay fifty bucks to -- to -- we have thirty. What -- -- -- a people blowing in general you're right you pay your money can do whatever the hell you want I don't have a problem that I was surprised they -- -- -- team that was down three nothing in the first quarter of the game and I thought they -- pretty foolish once the team can storm back to -- 233. And didn't give up another point the rest of the day I I think that was still. Accusing the team after they heard the crowd bowing out. Maybe you think like well like what are your computers mean. If you feel that way if you feel like the crowd responded. To the -- finish all my respect what you got -- -- -- appetite. Because Turkey -- you want your team to win it's like you'll think. It was cause and effect but the patriots players decided to shoot to wake up and and they want they want but -- might like -- I'll give it typically to complete the thought. You'll make it sound like. The patriots won 23 victory and they woke up because they heard the boos. What 500 people a thousand people 15100 people. You'd think that. No I don't know why they woke up or why they came out flat boat ride those that -- want truce and -- -- -- continues to this stage of the game is won or lost at the line of scrimmage. In all the talk about the receivers or got to do is give Brady time to throw the ball until completed. My -- I happen to agree with you on that and if you think I was ripping the fans I think that that's incorrect I was ripping anybody and certainly enough interest -- paid a lot of money go to game you wanna. That's part of what makes a problem. -- well my short -- was just relax a little longer but he's a threat issue is I think it was I was trying to make eight larger point about. Wait which this team looks different than maybe your custom to seeing. -- we make in the same point from different angle and saying they've built this team differently they've built that is the defense first the guilty it is more of -- Brady not necessarily. Still the leader still the quarterback still the focal point but not the only one not -- not with the weight of the world on his shoulders on every single play. Every single time. Capital agree with that I happen to think you're right I think that they're trying to move forward. In I was listening to Steve the -- today and I thought he hit the nail on the head Belichick better than anybody is not just thinking even though talks about staying in the moment all the time. As a head coach and as a general manager he's not just thinking about today -- -- yet he's thinking about next week next year five years down the road. How to build his team to compete every single year. For a championship. And if it doesn't look familiar are right maybe that's gonna lead you to -- because you're used to seeing the video game offense but it doesn't mean they're bad team and and the fact. They're 30. Victory -- on the defense allowed nine points per game you can boo them beatable the defense the moment they let up a couple of touchdowns and they're lousy well. I think I think with the defense. I talk about what they're what they're giving -- they haven't been challenged yet that's what this game on Sunday in Atlanta and so interest. And you take on that the first two weeks of the season take on rookie quarterbacks and -- you couldn't ask for more right. No matter what you think of EJ Manuel no matter what you think of geno Smith. Their rookies they haven't seen any exotic defense -- before they haven't dealt with pros. What it indicated -- Will Smith he's taking on the patriots on the road where they where they never Luke to never lose -- Gillette Stadium got to college. A big time college program winning percentage at Gillette Stadium in the history of the stadium right so that's a good advocate a matchup. And then yesterday. -- deal with the rookie led. Let's call Josh Freeman embattled. The quarterback who was a legal with the captain the previous couple years that the previous two years. And then he lost to captaincy he lost one of captains but he overslept fourteen picture. Ice team it's owing to -- -- stories that -- -- aren't getting along with some of his players you really -- -- -- Jackson went to practice so you you haven't. Really had attached the type of test that you gonna get. On Sunday when you're dealing with the quarterback. Hope was damn good last year -- -- -- just outside the elite class Matt Ryan got two dynamic receivers. And Julio Jones Roddy White got a coaching staff that has been in place since 2008 that there's no dysfunction going on there. In your -- that team at home and -- that you look at their record. An adult and yet the whole -- -- -- there but the paychecks -- three and all the falcons are now one until our understanding your build it up looked at the super -- gonna -- -- -- in OT it's a test right if you wanna talk about this defense scary team this is the biggest and best guess they've had -- Kyle is on Netscape got -- I I was on the way in normal experience going I mean this in the first round and the food which wage you're currently jumped on weight age. And then they come back to rally and win by CNET and match. Yeah take -- look in general I think it's one of the nice things about this region is that there's really high level of accountability. When your team stinks you let him know I have no problem that. I mean again I spent the last four years in a region that had a lot of difficulty letting its team know that they needed to be accountable. The fans in the northwest we've talked about their what are we called the passive aggressiveness. They won't -- but just sort of silently her -- and not pay any attention to you do you feel guilty whisper I don't you. Can. You can -- doing so what's. OK guys come on let's get a all of it. A passive aggressive -- look like the fact -- fans in Boston are gonna make you be accountable I just thought there was that the gun was jumped. First first quarter of -- game for to a team came roaring back to win 23 to three itself the Reno. Seemed it it seemed a bit much to me. Yesterday our border or -- -- he's 617779. 793 -- we just saw -- very interesting report over the weekend Michael. I think we could both tell debut especially why it makes absolutely no sense to do that next currents alcoholic but WB. RC bar in this. Where you want me Tom Brady is texting his old buddies thing. If the team is no longer Michael. I'll join forces with you and I can co sign on to your point. Okay like like bill in the legislate co sponsors the resume across the -- death. Years later they'll call this holy salt bill okay. I think I think Tom Brady was flexing his former teammates you Tom Brady was struck in Deion Branch Brandon -- -- guys be ready. I love both of them. Their good friend -- great teammates and talk to you. Even if he wants in those guys. What difference does -- Rappaport is not backing out aren't so this happened. I'm not backing down from this report discuss Tom Brady says -- hasn't talked to them he says Brady was texting Deion Branch texting Brandon Lloyd. He wants those guys to be ready in case they're needed and things that probably will be. It. OK I -- I believe it was taxing those guys short. We call or text or whatever was. But. It doesn't make a difference does it mean if one thing if there's one thing we've learned about Tom Brady in New England. Is that he may have some say over the game play and but in terms of keeping his guys on the roster. Apparently Santorum apparently doesn't speak up and say. I want to keep this guy -- use of leverage its case Wes Welker would be here right. -- -- He's got a call if he's calling Deion Branch that he called up and they. -- -- we really mission. What these guys don't know the plays and you and we always had this understanding and that the safety I'd give you look. He knew exactly what I want shore venting about the workplace it's an American tradition. But these states you Deion Branch. They're ready because on talent coach Belichick to restart. I don't think so and it's also not Deion Branch. Getting out of them. I think he goes beyond that meant it when you read that report. The instant reaction is -- Bill Belichick is trying to communicate with those guys the -- armory. Belichick wants them back and -- out there I wouldn't call it that's -- that's sort of my point that's the first thing that prompted in my head was while under Belichick is trying to -- we heard the report that Lloyd was. Rejecting offers and and and overtures from teams like the patriots. And then you start thinking about a more. And in no way do I think that that's the case at all I don't think the patriots are interested in any of those guys I don't think the patriots -- interest did it. -- burying their young wide receivers this early. Again talking about Belichick's team the whole field and not just this game right in front of them. Trying to develop a couple of young guys that he's taken a chance on with Tompkins even more so Dobson of boys and say -- even if they are not. Great to -- it even if they are not the best wide receiving corps in the league right now this week. Which is better. To slow down their growth process by putting a couple of veterans who were mediocre at best in front of them and making them watch for awhile. We're setting about our jobs aren't letting them make their miss Florida letting Brady yell at them when need be but also praise them when they do good things. And in a year or maybe six months or maybe it's at two years down the road I'm gonna have a legit wide receiving -- but if -- if by retarded their growth. By by allowing these other guys in here for a little while it doesn't help things it doesn't help make them the players that I know they can be and I'm not going to -- crushed them. By by going away from them this quickly. That doesn't make any sense to me. And your other point when you start to bring them back together -- -- this is the team they're trying to build one that is a little bit more defense and ball control burst. All that's not a team that meets an old Deion Branch or even aura or an old an attache Brandon Lloyd. Well into -- -- and not necessarily. Old for Brandon -- -- he's not at all but I think the problem with him is. Well couple things one week when he was when he was in condition he was playing yeah. For the patriots last year didn't necessarily do what they thought he would. That's one to talk about having guys where football is important to him. And they are focused on the game plan and on about them to the -- about the team he's not that guy football's not important to him right now. If you believe those reports. Such as reports -- in a movie -- that. Only be -- to several several teams that contacted him and his non interest in him and hearing from those teams. So that that's the story with the Brandon Lloyd and the payoff it's it's not the unit you've got a struggle a little bit with these receivers have to go through some. Growing pains with them before. You get which looking for. And that's about quality in the -- -- idea I don't know exactly what you have to give up to get them he's had a couple of strikes against them in the NFL drug policy so. Bringing him in require some risk taking on the patriots part of -- busted again you're losing for a long time. I don't know that I am anxious or feel so down on the receiving -- you have now that I wanna go take a risk like that what do you think of that what you think the offense yesterday. 'cause I didn't have a problem -- it was it high intensity explosive forty points now know. Good I thought they ran the ball much better I thought especially Boldin gave them a nice little lift when he came in that started the game -- the nice screen pass and another plea later organized run for 46 yards or whatever was. -- thought the offensive line look good I thought -- look much better hack -- system wide open touchdown pass that had nothing to do adopt that just Brady missing a wide open player they're gonna get a couple of them terrific wide open -- -- -- -- -- -- soon as next -- in -- you would -- next week and presumably you're gonna get your -- best -- back and Danny Amendola. Does seem like a team that is desperate to go up there and make a trade at. For 83 risky wide receiver. Now I think I think the opposite answer your question right into the office just about the offense was solid. And I was looking for any signs of development with the receivers don't Tompkins had those two touchdown receptions so. It's easy to say F Tompkins okay he figured it out a body was a thought it was volume like the first yeah I would love that little Italy and managing -- through. But I think I was well I was more impressed with. Dobson. Because there -- some composure there. I think that that's the number one thing that he lacked. In the in the -- game and only at the touchdown -- was able to us sell. The -- on a running plane was able to get behind the Defense Department easy probably the easiest touchdown reception and having his career. It has some jitters in it didn't always wrong run precise routes in the first game. Like yesterday it looked like he didn't look like a rookie receiver yesterday. Composed on wonders to what Tom Brady one and do it on the same. Rarely has some scale animated there's a reason he was taken in the second round he's got some skill. -- I don't like the idea of this team and maybe guys disagree 6177797937. The group that was freaking out. Just a couple of days ago because the patriots have no offense no receivers and the Brady prime is being wasted and the window is closing at. I know it's one game against the mediocre to bad Tampa Bay squad. But did that ease any of those years for -- because I never bought into that argument to begin with -- I only saw this game is further proof of the fact that argument is incredibly flawed at best well I think it's. It's easier to talk about offense it's easier talk about quarterbacks we all -- -- diplomatic game. In the NFL that you saw yesterday outside of the -- He delegates on NFL you're probably gonna talk about. The -- and offensively about a quarterback or receiver running back if there's a lot more fun. And an easier simple. The talk about offensive football public the patriots. What's happened over the last few years this is the trend whether. Whether we wanted an admitted and the trend as we get very excited about. Regular season off and from the patriots. And inevitably they get shut down. In the post season whether it's not scoring as much as you expect him to -- Super Bowl or last year and AFC championship game. The offense not being able to produce and that we -- complained that the offense you can not build a championship team this way because. Now when the weather starts to turn. January February football. That offensive approach just not as attainable yet funny just I think you can do it in the mentality that try to mentality change so I agree with so they've done it. They've they've done. What you've complained about maybe because you've complained or maybe because they saw. The same things that you did maybe they saw before but now we're gonna complain about what they've done to change -- yeah this team -- -- -- other winning -- So you're gonna -- your gonna criticize them for being ugly do you care. And it was just people on board. People just bored watching the game yesterday well I think I'm accustomed to seeing I wanna see the high flying each other stuff. I'm exempt I don't care if they win or lose on his or you know it's -- I hope people it's not have to. -- things it's one it's it's a different approach from the patriots we haven't seen us in a decade. Do you think about the patriots when they have been even if you say they are he. -- -- -- -- so they're number ten in Italy distorted to. The last time the patriots were in an office which we're gonna often try to save your top -- offense in NFL that's pretty good. The pictures have been in the top five seemingly forever. So if they become. Number eleven or number twelve. On offense but a top five top ten different. What does that do for you as a viewer what does that do for you with the patriots fans and it sounds good in the abstract right to sit here on well all day and watch it -- -- used to it. It also means you gotta believe that there really a top five defense I mean you've seen Seattle played in San Francisco play you've seen some of the better defense is do you think the patriots are akin to those groups are guessing it's ever Cisco -- think the patriots -- in the Sampras who think they're akin to Seattle. -- not only their clothes and have watched both those defense. Doctor -- Cisco will want extra every Cisco. What they've done defensively that in the last couple weeks and anecdotal and Smith for all go on to -- what. What we've seen so far going a little more automatic you you still have some historical all -- -- a hoot those players aren't what -- they are so but that's one once it is a couple things with the patriots. I think it's just yet again -- the change of identity. And I think the other issue is. If you opponents. Can go back to the opponents by -- We we are in September we we're well on September. A week away. Give or take -- day a week away from October. You know about the patriot. Do you know. Can you say they are there's going there with a -- some. But it's a little I'm projecting. But it's -- an apartment life on it that they're defensive team now I would have gotten an iconic -- that kind of conversation. I'm probably in trouble anyway like a football on human life on it in it but. You know. We don't know more about the patriots today than we did and at the end of the pre season. I don't what -- what you know let. What are you know now that you know you know it was a hard thing to say might write them up my life on life -- but I I don't like what makes them claims about the Patriots defense tonight in feels comfortable making only a couple of weeks ago but tell me one thing. Tell me one claim you can make now. That you weren't comfortable making -- -- or one clip that you could make in a -- I'm Erica -- they're good defense I don't I consider great defense. But they're good to very good defense I think I can say safely now after watching three games this year plus what happened at the end of last year it would keep to lead came to the patriots. He significantly. Upgraded this team and bring them from mediocre defense. -- -- a good one into a positive thing for the team the defense is no longer being dragged along side the offense they are actually a positive thing that helps this team and the moment we've got here. I think that transformational story and I think it's twenty -- -- this year but we we know that last year. So I think through no fault of their I don't know I would I don't viewers in January is secure in the -- -- -- -- that you saw him go out -- now you see him come back and now you've seen that combination actually went. I feel much more confidence and that now. But -- last year. I had the run of interceptions that he has right now but. You some command last year he'd be played he played reasonably well stabilized he's being sued to get that unit together. Yeah I knew that Lester I'm Mike through no fault of their own. They've got they've got opponents. That just don't impress their -- So no fans and you know that they beat buffalo and what's the refrain from buffalo. Comeback against. It should -- that came out and you didn't they beat the jets I think jets. They're terrible. They're supposed to be terribly got a rookie quarterback. You meet the Buccaneers is it just the Buccaneers -- -- -- notable people Erica and other built anymore I think. Next week. Is a win and if they beat that they beat the falcons and they beat the falcons in the way that they gave -- shut down the box shut down. The jets didn't think people will be on board right now. It seems like an extended run of the pre season. I don't know I don't see it that way I still see me I still see professional NFL football teams playing real fighters and I don't know guys I know there's group of people out there won't respect that I just -- 11 in the I guess about a team that's beaten -- negotiation right idea that you -- wire -- people you know -- -- -- in their -- -- attorneys rob rob -- or the -- -- -- around -- or all of -- that's different. But in terms of people being impressed with them being Perino the reason I if -- -- who. People aren't overly impressed. Because of the opponent. That's our -- and maybe people will be more impressed after they beat Atlanta an Atlanta at that point falls to one in the regular season as I want to predict. I think if they were to beat Atlanta people do bodily and is now one and the reason we're not oppressed. I mean it like it is only if you beat Denver New Orleans and Houston that ever and maybe Cincinnati that people are gonna jump up and down -- UK now -- by. That it event and at a place and then -- and then after -- -- you do in the post the right you got in this. -- writes if you want to know the judge felt the team fired the next test that that and they -- say there's always going to be another test and this patriots team is not to look familiar they're not going to score forty points a game and and and jump off the paycheck so fine if you if you don't like that that's gonna bother you all year my guess is it's probably in the body are. We -- Bill Belichick coming up you're twenty minutes more your calls at 6177797937. I do wanna quickly you know what happened at the end of the Red Sox game on Friday -- The unbelievable celebration. Was Fata could be it was it was it was it over the top was not enough. Was Jonny Gomes in the wrong as I heard it suggested by -- your opinion that the Palestinians and I'm just absurd about it and another helmet to helmet it's hysterical was there one member of the Boston media more excited than any of the players about the fact that they were moving on to win the at least yes we'll begin to all of those questions. Plus one patriot Chief Justice Roy. A member of our family here -- alcoholic. On W media. Bill Belichick could join us coming up here in fifteen minutes or at Gillette for patriots Monday. It is sultan Ali and WEI and WEEI dot com I quickly for the Putnam Investments play of the week this week's play came early in the second quarter. The gators quarterback Tom Brady Kimbrel Tompkins for sixteen yard touchdown strike. Score gave the pats a 73 lead they would never relinquish it play of the week brought to buy Putnam celebrating 75 years of pursuing performance. Excellence I happen really like play -- delayed the Rosie came across late. Nice throw from Brady hit him again for touchdown a few minutes later. They end up going on to cruise from there before we get into the Red Sox quickly and -- celebration on Friday night did you did you happen to hear. Any of Jerod Mayo -- what I heard about it. It's it's already that legendary I heard about I guess to do your inner circle that's right so you know how much has and he's -- with animal had been told me about it but it's killed in a weekly basis by -- that come back and forth on Twitter. Well apparently they were upstairs here -- in the -- earlier today. And had Jerod Mayo on a person apparently things. Things took a turn -- -- month once again. Would you like to you before if they let me not a bad guy -- -- and got us out of this way I have here is that there. There's -- that you couldn't find -- comfortable lead over my tennis yesterday. It what it is they're. Tall you'd. He ought to -- -- -- -- we did -- would have sat here with us last year all the bigger he's strong. He should be it's it's obviously bossier. I could -- right out at radio the radio I think all the people here now that you've completed. Wrapped up awareness of right every racquet your racket ball every team needs a good -- well here. Now it's on a sideline a quality control guy I can get asylum according to -- water quality go to Gatorade I can actually hold that or you'll want to control the water -- when you're in the closet that's about you know Warner the success I've sort of get your scouting report I didn't. A bike if you Atlanta it's got to know you don't want information throat towels at and it's alive right exactly like eating the dumbest thing I think it's just. The arresting officer regular. Your. Now that's. An -- at the artery in his back. Rob. When you walk -- there nor. I'm -- -- it's under garment it's when. It's united are beginning. Watching in the week and putting them. -- right there -- this is the first time drought season. That might have some ultimately will rise. It's like bill -- why moats that he's not a big enough I mean I was you know in -- -- we didn't show one night and in the backseat mark's bar and you know fingers. Lifting. Why he's making excuses about not -- civil. He's got the lifting of the ago by the close. The rolling around enough weight to the globe which I mean you've Apple's -- and drugs they say. The government to claim to be ready and don't mean it. -- don't use your fantasy racket ball where. Is their answer racquetball leash again yeah it was to. Anywhere from he called a racquetball player that any change in the late -- a fancy racquetball player. But what is right. Those guys on the -- quality control of fives are not not not quality control but I think part of -- our jobs but if it Donna let's just one W I'll. -- might it be that guy is an important job. Pictures policy. Actor. And picture on the quarterback you know like Tom Brady threw that interception. Go to the sidelines you're down -- coordinator. And then look at the still shots and OK here it is vitally I don't know if I -- I could appoint you know what he did Roy Allen thought the problem is double covered. Hey Tom I heard baby baby -- covers here's the shot of the two guys standing around the person that you threw the ball to. He wasn't open -- that. There's my diagnosis of what went wrong on this show so much so let guys upstairs. He's getting the pictures. Then it hit it down here. So skinny bearded guy who gets pictures this -- Think market handle that but he would need is weightlifting gloves on in order to make your reading in the paper -- Ernie Adams the system could researchers -- could be in the guy in the stands get haunted in the face with a beer can -- Jonny Gomes the other night on Friday after the Red Sox clinched. I think he could and I don't like I was about. Significantly older. The money is how -- you have to be to -- hit in the -- by rocket you have to be old enough to not react quickly when there's a -- came flying at your head but that -- punted well why would you -- a beer can be flying object well there were beer cans being -- in the stands -- -- price of maybe. -- watched David and it I remember that. I wouldn't celebrate like I enjoyed the celebration not over the top I don't I was it would -- I think it I think it showed the personality of the toned down a little bit I didn't think it was wild and crazy or anything like that. Almost business like -- us. Again certain members of the media get really excited. Interviewing some of the players in the locker room champagne everywhere. I mean I don't call out names or anything but I think Steve Burton was more excited than anyone on the team it was it was crazy. Burton was like a little -- just journal it was -- did you see the -- right after a very happy just how deeply felt like. Can you believe that your team has clinched I'd never seen anybody so happy about such a moment. But but it altered. If you're gonna be in that -- -- going to be in that clubhouse. On the night they clinched. Even the most sour the most bitter. -- downtrodden. Agenda riddled. Columnist. What happened smile published something -- between right isn't there something between smiling and owning. Because so as far it's awesome fight -- legitimate -- I don't mean like your full body gambrel Tompkins yet I saw legitimate phoning. Out there and I thought I was just surprised that wasn't expecting my -- quite like lap belt at least before the world's. My favorite moment. In in those situations and I think we talked about this before my favorite moment was. Greg Dickerson when the Celtics won office being in the in the locker room and just being. Get the champagne shower from Kevin Garnett. It was kind of -- actually a problem. As if they enjoy it very much of it maybe a little too much. Say in the punting here Kansas idiotic and -- -- wouldn't have a problem that they were celebrating it was natural heat pump in his helmet. Early in the year it was sort of a symbol of what he had done this year. He looked ridiculous we're in the silly apple Larry helmet -- around right now when he punted the beer cans. It was a -- still in the Cannes summit that just killed during the -- you caught it. I was appearance because -- near salt -- in the air and it was floating -- air I don't think you're going to drink so now now. And I got shards. -- -- I don't think like exploded like a grenade I think it is like went out in the -- there was there what you Coleman the year coming out of unfortunately the -- I took -- came straight and it went out and do some damage what happens -- you know cut his -- Thompson is easy he had an abrasion maybe in convulsion I don't know if call doctor James Sanders and for a little console a small laceration Bill Belichick will join -- coming up here in just a moment -- now WB.

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