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Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Sep 23, 2013|

Our weekly interview with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

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-- as we do every Monday here in a patriots Monday WEEI Bill Belichick joining us at Gillette Stadium are no nonsense conversation with the coach Roger was always by ESP ally. To Tedy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable life insurance. From S to be alive a company that protected over a million family since 1907 a good SP allied dot com. Today coach you -- come in today three you know heading out to practice. -- you feel about your team at this point. Well activity that we did -- 3 -- To our team played competitively yesterday and all three phases of the game -- -- improved. And so hopefully we can continue to do that and work harder in practice -- -- -- -- Reinforces things are doing well and continue to do those will improve our fundamentals improve our overall situation -- And just keep getting better on them on a daily in the weekly basis so that's our goal hopefully we do that this week against the -- as well. We check a lot of phone calls on the offense and people are fascinated with -- the patriots offered what it does what it's capable of doing when it doesn't do well. Are you disappointed in the office so far. Well I think there's room for improvement in all three phases of the game offense defense potential. Problems you know there's definitely things that we can. Work on in and every part of regain individually and collectively so. We'll continue work on this show how important is is balance to that office to run -- that something that's important to you. Novel it's important score points so. Spring games where we've we've run the ball authoring and that we passable and and so we've been balanced the important things Villa score points so. There weren't points and I think wherever it therefore not score points then. -- think balances are important and unimportant. Is there anything to be said it for. Beyond scoring points holding on to the ball giving your defense a rest some of the other things that offense can do without specifically putting points on the board. Well I mean look everything's important on the senate but I mean in the end -- Just like what happened at champions -- in the first quarter -- double for that I'm only 25 plays in the first two drugs or whatever was. And had three points so. And you tell me how important is -- the hole on the ball. It is important score that's what's really important so. That's our goal on offense every time we send them out here unless it's -- the last drive of the game were trying to. If the clock or some like that every other time we sent him out there -- -- reason they go out there to score they're not out there for another reason so if that's the case that your your scoring is down about ten points -- -- or so from where it's been. The last couple years to go back to Michael's question I think that that would lead to some level of disappointment. Well aren't just -- our -- -- -- -- score out there every time we get it so and not turn the ball over so that's that's -- we're trying to do. That'll never change the candidates and that whatever action and some interpret it. We talked about improvement on in all phases of the game I'll let the offense where specifically did you see it often improve from week to. Two -- three. We thought our our overall consistency of on the balls that are concerned their third down conversions and and we got the ball on in the -- in the first half so. Circles and. You know I wanted to ask you this before. We talked about Tampa coming into the game their -- to. And during your press conferences last week. You that you really had that great things to say about the Buccaneers. Are are you ever afraid of your players. Listening to that noise from people like us who look at -- and say I -- game that. The patriots to win their home. -- to be in disarray here -- into this would make him -- you are are you afraid of your players within that kind of stuff. Won't come -- look -- there's there's a lot of people talking about a lot of things outside of our building but on. What we try to Thomas. Less -- -- coach and as a -- instead of which are at home with a real situation is. Well we need to do how we can win what we need to do to win and how we're gonna go about it so. That's really all we can control and I don't know what everybody else does or doesn't have to say vote. I know we say is what we Felix in the best interest of the team and anybody that watched the first two camp again and knows that. That team was within two players have been to announce a little too so. I don't know one of the game I couldn't watch him but that's that's the truth. There was any one of the number of plays and either one of those games against the jets. -- the saints. That would enable them to win and be too and so that's. That's that's the truth. I get the sense that if you -- You know namely team to -- the worst team in NFL. No matter what the circumstances are I get the sense that. You would find a way to say something good about that team or -- think what that team does well. Is it is it simply you're preparing for. That team's best even that he hasn't shown. Is that. Fortunately I hope -- prepare for your opponents thus -- -- -- what else would you prepare for a everywhere and a commoner Turnbull -- times I mean. You don't prepare for you prepare for a team to come in here. And play their best football against you and how -- you -- play your best football against them that's competition every week. We can't control -- political we've -- -- well. And -- prepare for and play well and that's what our game plans -- -- based on those things that they do well and what we've seen him do well. You expect to play well even that -- in this case of bucks but some things some teams haven't played well which is still expected. When you play. Of course why why would you think they wouldn't. They have and if they haven't done it solo. That doesn't mean -- thing. I mean whatever they've still had done something and -- in that had -- done something. Things that they don't well doesn't mean that you know this week they can't do a lot of things well they -- on what they've done things in spurts or one phase of the -- Are there would be irresponsible to coach a team until more could fill some teams come and here's does not gonna play well also. We should expect and played day games so you know when we play wanted to salute their bad game at the going to be totally irresponsible. I can't imagine any coach ever doing that is I mean I couldn't imagine that so I am -- no. Arlen how prepared team -- -- talking about I couldn't I couldn't fat and is that a lesson you learned the hard way is that something you -- early in your career or from a coach somebody that you worked under. Or is -- just that you've always believed. Yeah I consider any other way. From Africa to coached team like that mentally and hopefully you can you explain the mainly -- he coached team like that I don't know which talking about. We think it's over and you can tell me I'm in real. Well how are you coach them like that you tell me. Coach a team to say you know this team is gonna fall apart. -- you you tell you tell me what you gonna tell him I mean if you're. Playing -- if you're playing -- that team. And then it's tough to say on this team it is. This team is capable of doing XYZ when the team assailants airplane have. Ella -- we like looking we're told one down going down -- Miami and they were -- twelve whatever was. And Venus Monday night in -- -- for such a target and don't like it could never happen. Like what political game -- I mean what can we talk about here. I mean I decide I don't understand I think it's two minutes is the most irresponsible thing I ever heard of -- candidate. Come back to this season what have you thought of Brady's place so far through the first three. I think as a total football team there's room for us to improve in every area each individual every unit. And then the not I mean you know San offense and defense and special teams unit but also. The groups within the groups offensive line skill players from sudden the back and pass coverage punt team upon punt return team I mean. There's room for improvement everywhere and each individual can improve so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. That's our goal every week each of us to get better individually to get better collectively. And it's a team offense defense and special teams to complement each other -- thought we did a better Java yesterday but there's still room for improvement there are two reports is. We do you guys have reached a deal with Rob Ninkovich have a contract extension. When I first came back to -- Michael -- as a player that you pointed out to me and said. You know lot of fun watching him he's an underrated guy in every time the -- come up with a big -- you said. Is a decent chance that he's going to be around -- how important was it to you to keep him -- -- -- long term. Well many time. Two sides agree on a contract than Pennsylvania so that was the situation here. The patriots and Enron and -- for senators will be able to agree on the contract and so. That's Aaliyah and I'm athletic hero senator John force is played. All all four rounds. And good special teams players play defense of an outside linebacker. Multiple different responsibilities on the kick in the kicking game and on defense and -- have been very productive force was -- With a player like that who is and high draft picked it does he do something to capture I was or something Rob Ninkovich did early in his career here that caught your eyes and gave you a sense that maybe he was somebody that was going to develop into a starter maybe something on that. Enron -- earned everything he's done here every step of the way so. -- we came in before training camp. Wasn't here in the spring terms on the roster. Play in the kicking game earn playing time on defense. Most productive when he had opportunity to play. Earn more playing time on defense start at linebacker started defense and everything he's done here he's earned the slicker -- There was nothing that was. In an entitlement thing -- wasn't candidate thing. Here in -- way to go through hard work and performance. He certainly what handle anything when my favorite players who want to think about Ninkovich so you guys have done a good job with. Lowered drafted players. -- make a pitch Brady is the obvious one settlement and Gibbons. We interethnic. Once they've been or or finding those guys are requiring those guys him you know but let's say drafting guys or or. Fifth the seventh round types in your past success success with those players whether he attracted about but -- -- -- -- or some guys draft and I haven't worked out. We always hear that the draft isn't an exact science. When you look at these guys. Who -- drafted that high is anything. That they have in common that you see that maybe makes the draft last less of an inexact science and you can look and say intimate. Like I was trapped in the sixth round now that -- consistent as I can see it I think it's a player like this down the -- I understand that. You know maybe have more value than the rest of the league cities. Well clearly I mean I think -- a lot of those players that. Are the biggest thing you've seen from. The majority of that group that -- improvement. That the player that -- taken in whatever round it is or not drafted. And what that player. How much he improves and the adults and what he becomes. Is not what he was when he draft. Well that's you know -- -- name he could. -- -- element that you play the position that he's like astle and counsel in the pump radium in those guys weren't. Number he was a -- string quarterback Kerry 2000 so. Good it was. -- hard to see that is that part of the problem you when you're talking about miserables of the player height weight speed you have interviews. Is it just hard to project. What a guy will bring to the table how much he'll improve with a heart. Just out. One in the world it's a very inexact science meant to project where person's going to be. An assist on the they haven't been in you know it's one thing. You know after guys freshman year and in college a so how much he's improved in the system in three years. But in the National Football League your token guy actually taking out high school you know you're -- -- hasn't been in your system. And then how much is housing and perform and how much as he can improving your system in your program in. That's a huge amount I mean you vitro -- anticipated but you know I mean it's it's at -- excellence so. I think that's one of the real miss misnomer in the National Football League is what guys are as rookies guys are in the second and third year. That there's a great. Lot of times a great change and what they become from what they are one way or the other it's not always in a positive direction unfortunately. And that's you know that's hard to gauge it that science is getting. More exact or less exact with time where there's this. And I think if you look at every every team in the league you can find plenty of all there's examples. Players that were taken. You know with high expectations that didn't work out players overtaken the lower expectations. Worked out better in Somalia as the high expectations and I think you see the pro in every college program. Speaker recruits that it. Columbia all Americans they are prisoners -- field guys that are walk ons that are. Or low recruits and of being in star players that the dolphins vice Versa so. I don't know obviously aware -- is trying to find them. The key to unlock that door we look at very closely. -- only your round but certainly on an annual basis. As a leads into the draft turned on the common -- of China and -- and try to figure what the right thing you know as soon avoid the mistakes and the guys that don't work out the you know I still think you see that in every team in every you know we take any any drafting record of anybody wanna put out there and you know. We Waldman right now in -- -- general and just trying to get my right is akin to -- not nobody spent -- on that. I was there there there's there's a report out there. And we have taught you about this last week shame on us. A report that you expenditure contract with the patriots. Is that is that an accurate report. On talking on my contract. Is it safe to say he's going to be here for. A little bit. -- -- -- -- -- I was listen to talk there a moment ago about. About getting it right. Number two overall pick in the draft to a new young coach with a giant Lawrence Taylor. I've got to watch him as a kid my favorite player who watches the kid was watching the the documentary on him over the weekend that came out Thursday -- so colorful -- at times and LT. Back to those early years with him. News is there's a quote there from you talking about how it took him. Then there's that idea that maybe wasn't going to be out on the field right away and he certainly played its way into that -- some of your early perceptions and when you first off. -- -- Lawrence month you know came from Williamsburg Virginia area humble problem. You know some relatively small town. Guy with the North Carolina. And then was you know second pick in the draft -- the New York Giants. And ticket of a bigger city a bigger stage and you know a bigger spotlight then. So those Clara Clinton adjustment form but he. You know it was a tremendous football player -- -- -- went to North Carolina has a nose guard. I moved him to defense and then and they played outside linebacker for the giants for instance in the 34 defense a little. You know we end up Russian and most of the time. He was a special talent. When he came in 1981. Coach Parcells was the head coach and who was the defensive coordinator and analysts then and I coached the outside linebackers. Under bill and so -- for the arms. And amongst other things of courses. Physical play his pass rushing scale. And it's it's taken us as a player. Is also special teams coach shall we had him as the Gunner on the punt team which he was being on the -- awful. Q is. On the kickoff return team as a senator and kind of a kick out blocker which here at some. Devastating hits on that. He -- on the punt return team off the -- which he was pretty hard to block their -- you imagine trying to block mom pass rush. And he was a safety on kickoff coverage. So the last line of defense kind of guy and so. He was fast he -- physical. It was a very powerful. It's good weight room strength that he would just explosive play in strength that was that was prayer. You know we changed the game from the did you know that that within a couple years I mean he was to -- -- You it was a remarkable. And he and in the the thing that's to me separated Lawrence from. A lot of other great players hostesses since the activists heat he knew how to play football he knew. What was gonna happen he could tell by the way guys were looking at them whether they were gonna block from R&R block them. He could tell whether they were running -- -- more run away from just by there. Come hither look in Iraq. He could tone quarterback was thrown because. The quarterback was looking Adam in the past Russian it was a -- play a lot of quarterbacks didn't care about them cause they didn't have the ball and they are worried about them vote when they were thrown on the wall. He he saw a different look from he. He just an odd times he didn't even know what he saw but he knew what he saw you know like he just know I don't know -- could explain it or could really. Tell you exactly what was that triggered it but he -- know it and so some of the instinctive plays that he made. That you just can't coach. Word just remarkable and he started sooner -- so here's -- it is early special special player. Best player I've ever coached. Not an easy player coach but the best. What's it all people say like my people say that he changed the game what does that. Do agree with that and if you do agree with it is a concrete example of how large tailor made football changed. Well prior to. It's in the middle of the of the 1980 that he -- season. You know offenses we'll put backs and tight ends on linebackers that's what the pass protections were and against the Eagles. Don't they had their half that walker and Taylor. Mean hit three sacks from over those guys and then people started Clinton. And treat them like a defense and even those stand up doesn't want to government's efforts Cisco. Start Pullman car out to take them so it got to the point by the end of his rookie year. That nobody would put a back on him. Now I mean you know the back and another guy might take on the back and alignment but there was all business alignment that was a sign blocking and pass protection notes it's no backs. That's about that change that so that that was a big change even within the course of that season and so. I think you know he's a changed game I'd say that offensively. When you snap the ball you you had to know where Laurence Taylor was and how how do you rent them I mean if you're away from. You -- find some way to slow him down because he can make the play from the back side with this you know 45 speed. And if you were gonna run Adam and you had to find a way to block him because he he was -- block and pass rush. You -- have a guy that was strong enough analyst. And quick enough to handle his speed and changed direction and exe they're knoller was there or he's got -- -- the game and that's. New formats and appointments and he he's a guy that as much as anybody in the league over the the course of time that he played. Was 100% game plan for. It's time now built for the coach's question that we brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and you've got to -- about -- about this question we got. See them for their limited time Mercedes-Benz certified pre -- event. On the rabbit in the USA dot com this -- question comes from an analyst and Hyannis Port. She says I saw your sons on the sideline yesterday what's it like to have a working relationship with your kids. -- -- In a statement on -- Olson -- up in the press Austin game and Brian my younger -- on the field. So maybe entry in the I think I don't I think fox showed pictures that are involved in them and hug and whatever and probably think what -- What you wanna see brought about. Are there any moment if they were kids were an area and always democratic they're right -- earlier on know it's great in Allen and Stephen was you know Wafer. Six years when your prep school in five years online college at Rucker so. Internet period of time between there you know summer workouts and you know. Fall and spring then you know harvests on the all of them below or for the month -- jesus'. Story and now. You know Brian's known as he's -- holders an -- didn't do things in training camp you know. Sharply as the stuff on the offense in two quarterbacks and then so you know -- A guy that can help Allen. On. Solar our backup quarterback who's you know march 2 Corbett who's gonna you know one play away from a place. You know he can do some things with them and help well that's great obviously it's. It's good to have them. The bills that -- packets on a regular basis director harder on them than. Other coaches because kids. We hold them to a higher standard move I don't know most often. I don't know if the other coast as -- agree with enough that your. It doesn't let people as a high standard became something that would be right there recounts a think coach really appreciate it we'll do this again next month all right sounds good -- are the others go -- check Vince Wilfork can be in just a moment salt -- patriots Monday and WB.

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