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What to do with Von Miller?

Sep 23, 2013|

New details have surfaced about suspended Broncos linebacker Von Miller’s attempt to bribe a drug testing collector to avoid detection. Mut, Merloni and DeOssie try to figure out why Miller received a light punishment for attempting to circumvent the testing process.

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Back here at the Putnam club Gillette Stadium but -- Steve FiOS is well here on Sports Radio WEEI your phone at 617. 77979378. TT -- minus 379237. There's certain stories right now. When they happen but it. Was to be fired up to talk about there's certain stories GO right -- he's not a music not a microphone not -- -- addressed. But there are certain stories we're gonna get fired up for kiosk and get fired up -- getting fired up and this one. When it broke Sunday morning and we gonna talk about it and at suspended Denver Broncos Pro Bowl linebacker Von Miller. Unsuccessfully. Attempted to drop the NFL's drug testing program -- -- collector. Before each was caught in this matter that will affect how the NFL's collection testing procedures are done. League sources said now he hit a four game suspension here. It got to change with six games without any sort of knowledge about. When it happened here while sources told mortenson chapter. That the collector this collector guy does your collection worked in Miami where Miller spent the offseason time. The collector revel in knowing the Broncos linebacker while being according to sources star struck. Let's sources said that the collective willingness to substitute another person's urine specimen. For Miller's. Might of worked sources said. Had a second collector not discovered that Miller was not in this city. Or his collection was supposed to have taken place apple quote he's fast. But he's not that fast. Our source said he's recently certain that nobody changed hands between Miller and eclectic but there was concern the NFL may have a problem. Beyond Miller and the collector involve the NFL and the NFL PA declined comment. You know first off I remember the last couple years in the offseason while tested sort of started. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He didn't notify them you know hey by the way in November or first week of December I'm going to be in. Cancun for a week because when they show but the door to test you if you're not there and you don't respond up that's a positive. Up to you need to tell them where you walked at all times so if if Von -- told them there he's wherever and then a drug test comes back -- from Miami from the week of the east not even around yet that it looks a little fishy. Finally a subject of which I have some experience well there we go. I don't. I was part of the a little -- from -- easily took first place. We've got here I'm in. In the weight room. -- to call him whatever. Users. To enjoy that -- and -- you know what. The guy who retired proper target remember which would -- could I live right here in Foxborough. And it got to a point where I was -- I was or decline in my hole I was in new stuff anymore -- with -- -- And the point where -- -- I would show up. At his house. To go into whatever you do that Michael play around the golf -- was that you it was one of those things where you just. You took if you if you were part of a program twice a week whatever it was you just do what you have to do and exactly cricket credential for appointment. You might you might get a phone call. And and one David to handle it but if you if you missed that record it's a positive test. I would want to call -- scheme for two weeks in in steamboat you meet a meat these Denver Broncos man. Each of the airport that he comes up to Steamboat Springs to collective the so whatever. It's a very comprehensive -- -- even tighter and better now. The fact that. Somebody was -- or starstruck or whatever that's a huge issue for the other -- because. Here's the one thing that I'm sure if it on -- with -- if for any period of time. I guarantee you told some ago they guarantee you -- and also advocates back OK well maybe you know couple guys plea from golf and go whatever. As you know this guy can be he can be had for couple tickets or whatever totals whether it's all good. That's the issue -- that unifil. Has to investigate absolute best to investigate. The word of credibility OK because we sat here on the show -- differently and given football at least some sailed the credit as they wanna start to test now baseball's on evident with the age to age and everything else but football's trying to make it right they've got pretty. In a strict policies here. This destroys any credibility of this if it went down witty sedated because you can't. I believe that Von -- the first guy right to have tried this and so when it goes down and it goes reported six games now allow for six. But it's only six game suspension if you tried to swap out your urine to try to figure out of a drug test. Only six this is not a this is wow this is how. Popular the NFL news in this is the point where it's. Almost understood the look on I mean they're so big in fact you need to do some in the survive in this league it is. It's not a big issue in the sport but when that happened -- studio. Thank god for on really doesn't play baseball. Because if he did we wouldn't spend a few minutes discussing it we spent months. Discussing this what he did. You know it's just it's just the way the NFL is. -- we we we ripped MLB and the owners and the players for doing what they did adultery -- just turning a blind guy get -- we -- 2013. In the NFL union doing the same thing with each each and have been brought up two years and keep fighting it. They refused to do it. Why well I mean there's a reason why does -- Steve there's a reason why these guys have agreed to a sixty. You know 65 to 61 in sub floors over -- 45 or seven in -- -- I mean it's. Why is there more injuries -- -- more because it's not normal the product on the field is not organic. These guys are getting help. There's but see there's a certain segment of that that's actually true but there's a larger segment that's doing it the right weight that would you know about the fact of that all -- do was look at that good training facilities. And the and the things available to players like in the league and 84. We literally were -- in Shaq but weight room. And out to a weight room with a and covered roof at the Dallas Cowboys ball places they actually moved from its new facility but the the access they have now to. The State of New York training facilities the best trainers and fiscal purpose. And a strength coaches in the business. The any of the number of supplements legal supplement all of that stuff to sort what's better than it was just twenty years ago it's not it's no surprise. That guys are a bigger and faster maybe stronger and whatnot but. The fact is I still don't wanna believe that a majority of the guys. Are doing its future or skimming the stories or whatever but because I've seen too many guys. To -- with how that stuff because their personal -- that's what you write about the union the union have to step up. And be part and bow of the process of cleaning everything up the NFL's -- pretty good job so far actually. Of not getting a terrible black guy from this stuff for the more movement and in my because exactly what you say they don't then -- -- is doing -- Fans don't care if it's four games for failing a drug test and only two additional. For our people for riding I don't really able to -- that's unbelievable. How can you justify that we get -- big goal for 200 whatever plus games because she got way the investigation and everything else. This guy is driving a collector and they say oh beautiful for suspension of the testing. In only true for going through something that -- the credibility of our entire drug program became. The -- has to gauge. How bad how the fans feel about this and if the if they think it's an issue. They have to bring an outside independent investigative. Scenario to route to a check every single. Tester in the -- every single guy but. Before that don't they have to. Come balanced oh on a more hard penalty on Von Miller I heard this yesterday Stephen -- it's okay well this is. They it's ESPN report is gonna be sources in the NFL really doesn't know what happened yet so now they're gonna get more games than you read the story. And -- finish after city NFL already knows about this not -- what four to six games. It's -- -- game minimum right or it might be a year like -- if you told me Von Miller spent a for an entire season. That sets the precedent you try to screw with your drug test -- -- you try to bribe the you're gonna miss an entire -- gonna lose all your game checks and you come back next year. And try again but he six game suspension less than half of the season for trying to skirt around the NFL's drug policy for the at the offensive player of the year. Got me that is a joke that means that Joseph the NFL. Doesn't care that much about their product if the NFL doesn't go pro or you're just sit here and -- -- one of my guys and you'll first and get that guy in May be in the company that provides the of the resources for that you might have to lead to revamp the whole thing. But if you -- something that's that's essential to fair play. In the NFL and assault of that -- -- like that. How do you -- Aspen got three year how do you not make it so that it is absolutely. Completely. And viable scenario to do something like that fine guy. For tiger told -- ticket's entire salary that you're on Miller was probably you know anywhere in the two -- three. Maybe for legal and really the six games cost ultimately bought six games six games cost about a solution of five million dollars unified Middle East. Five million dollars a five million gulf far basement which will assessments would be. Is something we'll get a guy's attention. Two games at their next two games or whatever six games. At two million dollars to get to the. Is -- needs that baseball needs stricter punishment. So it's not. Worth it agreed that they need stricter punishment so it's not worth it right guys to cheat in because you gotta be thinking if I get Cottam out of the game for year. And I've got to make these guys think that if I caught bribing tester off two games -- beautiful about the that's what you're trying to -- it out it's only two games. That's the all right. Turn your back listen I -- -- -- all of wrote celebrity tailgate a gag -- -- -- the all pro celebrity to get used to switch out Europe here which you have to sit and talk with Fred or not. I guess that's part of the deal target despite talk of a threat but this is embarrassing for football and maybe you're right that that such a popular sport. That. It in -- -- not talking about it today not excepted but I heard six yesterday not I don't NFL doesn't know -- if I -- they know what date that they knew -- would against its -- -- joke it's it's joke no big deal way in the -- before the tournament. -- accuse everybody you know to me like in the league but like anyone accuse everybody don't know seen it is that not everybody it's like baseball everybody. But let's not. -- Let's let's be serious here I mean you know there's things going on that they don't want to find out which reminds feel awful lot of lastly nineties up when everybody turned a blind guy in baseball which rated sport there's a ton of things -- honestly right now nobody wants to know they just don't care enough about let's do this this -- you'll want to talk about this what baseball and football drug testing and like it -- 617779. 7937. The phone number the eighteenth at 1379837. Come back with you call Steve the -- and you know Sports Radio WE yeah.

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