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Rob Ninkovich with M&M: Anytime you get a win, it’s a great thing

Sep 23, 2013|

Ninkovich joins Mut and Merloni on Patriots Monday to look back at yesterday’s win. Rob also talks about his contract extension that will keep him in New England for the long term.

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Here a couple of -- club Gillette Stadium. Butler or not -- 37 WEEI. Steve the Osce has joined us here as well Stevie how are you good good looking for the breakdown that racquetball things who did it. I get you when that I get to a steep and only for you you heard drop mail join the show on rats me a little bit ironic is Rodriguez here. A tough by default mail and comedy act alone -- pretty funny -- guys restored so. You know maybe maybe starter to other world leaders -- I'm good UN hi my oh yeah I'm not really got got another like the ability to -- at a field voters please vote. Keep and I saw the polling dynamite the end of that will replace -- and -- probably be voted out of there's another bull is the loss were respectable. Mediated. You know pull a ball close do it. You'll he wants added up you don't let it out the first the first annual Rob Ninkovich -- -- home tournament home on the get a higher in the country -- and put the -- in the middle. It's football. From the moment bring it over -- truck wolf reports are true you've got a little more money or get I am tired and couldn't -- is that the three you know or is it this helps I don't know him. Three year fifteen million dollar deal is guaranteed money oh which which is congratulation to match. They got some sleepless night which was nice. The baby was to implement it is you know -- good thing. But yeah get a win -- they -- -- -- that I'm happy to be here. You know happy to stick around. The Kraft family room and my family you know worked out -- room. You know work well for both sides -- happier for. This factory for your four years ago a set over the summer this is where he wanted to be this is your goal to stay here how how long the talks going on before eventually. Came to a deal the team you know well you know -- camp bug obviously were talking you know I knew that I -- abuse please -- I was given an opportunity. And I really respected that because if it wasn't. For the opportunity that was giving -- -- don't -- Buren. -- really don't know also. You know given that. Really wanted to stick around -- games in. Via a winning team like goes along way as well. You can. You can go search for for money and all that stuff -- -- losing every week you mean you pretty miserable so -- our bureau win but the team. And just continues. To be good football player and be reliable. You're not just different cities through the maybe don't win but he chased the money but also. By the way you used here read this new -- you make him play after play bills that you and your system eagle somewhere else when they ask you do different things. Exactly exactly and I feel of a few that you know the way -- them you know player in the way that they've put me in the scheme here works well. Settlement of you know do some things as linebacker do some things as defensive end. And you know it helps me out and helps the team. Have you all into one of those guys now have the votes are extremist for a guy that he can. Put in any number of situations. Expect solid play from a -- that he's he looks to be. Some -- believe you're looking to. -- you know I think that. The best thing you can do yours does do you gather it's reliable dependable. I'll just do your job you know that's that's the number one thing preached is if you do your job -- -- -- rewarded. Problem with playing time that -- goes through my career. Experience that my first heroes postings. You know the count it a bit more. Played little defense below that little bit more and they just kind of real thing you know playing on every down on defense so. I think it was just a progression thing that you know. And again -- just really enjoyed you know playing your being here and carrying on the tradition of winning here and knowing I. Every year for four more years you know I wouldn't say it's happened a lot of the last couple weeks people talked about your defense winning games and his team like a lot of times rob it's been. -- the offense could score a lot of points and last couple -- specifically defensively. Is it what you did yesterday holding eighteen to three points in your building take pride in that now aboard a C three a single -- there on the scoreboard in the game. You know most definitely when you can you know keep -- dolphins out of the end zone and a whole three points on -- that's a great feeling so. I think that's we're still improve in -- improve throughout this year. Com let's say it all the time teams now are not going to be the same team later in the season you have to improve you have to constantly -- improving towards that towards the end of the year. You know you're you're firing on all cylinders I'm going in the playoffs so I think their right now. We're continuing to improve we have to you know there's always things you need to work on so. You know hold the team through points -- you know let's agree that's a great feeling. Yeah you know look people look at you know the first three NC this team that team rookie quarterbacks have Freeman. But in the past -- not because some teams -- offensively challenged and they still put up some points on you you did what you need to be made that team. All those teams and has a lot of weapons -- Tampa -- well. They've still got to feel pretty good about that move supported the party of big chalice next week. Most definitely I mean. Every team -- counted you know it's this is the league full of guys it for the best of the best of what they do so. Anytime you go up there to win and if so what degree feels so. -- -- that -- you know who we're playing it and you know whatever it is it. Once or three you know in no -- for -- prepare for the falcons is going to be good games down there which is going to be tough and -- that's true love so. You know we discovered keep going keep took along and keep winning games. Because finish in the top ten points last year defensively. Points allowed. Is this -- defense better than last year's. Yet I think we are you know I think this group of guys has been together. For awhile now -- communication is. You know at a great level right now we were on the same page no known each other's role in the morning that the guy next to me is doing his job so. If it's a confidence thing -- -- -- that's we're doing right now or just plain. You know. Really -- confident together group you know so I'm happy that you know we've been able -- been able to constantly you know you know improve. Top ten right now in terms of third down defense in the National Football League guys in the twenties. The last couple years but yesterday on top of the third down defense rob. They went four -- -- -- -- it was sad -- think going in the channel me data aggressor re surprised that they push the button so early on that fourth and five. Well you know I think that. It has been -- there was it was later in the game and you know if she doesn't get that conversion right there. Chances are going to be tough for me to come back with them not having success scorn. So on that they're trying to just get some points -- the drive there and hold on there that's big data twice early -- -- -- you -- I think -- -- -- -- I think that he was thinking like we need to keep this going keep this momentum going because they were. You know kind of dropped the ball a little bit that it would stop so. You know again that's our loss. -- post officer that's huge and -- an offer possible let them do things. Alone you know in the group. Or some of these younger guys defensively. And stepping up as opposed obviously last year. Some improvement some vendors you know I think the Rome. Would Chandler. You know his his thing now is just he's he's confident you know you came in as a rookie he played you know you had the experience his first year. And now he's just you know real confident out there just playing playing his game which is pharmacy. And -- problem you know. He's he's just a freak you know these things together it's 270 pounds and can run. You know again. Having that first year under his belt and being able coming here in the second year camera. You know realize that hey you know -- can do -- I'm going to make some plays. And those guys together two great players that we have on defense that in the second year I think they're just you know that was more comfortable out there on the field. You know since you've been here it's been almost like you know Tom Brady in this office just overwhelming teams that maybe the team's fight back late in games for us this opportunity to be made. Do you do you sense -- do you welcome it may be a shift in that as far as you know maybe it's not all the palm now it's up to us we wanna be that we wanna be the team. Well I mean defense. All three phases need to work together so what defensively our mentality is you know whatever the situation whatever -- Is given to us we have to go out there and do our jobs to get the ball back to the office has -- terms as we did Tom. An opportunity. You know to to score points and to -- offense on. You know in moving in the right direction you know that's a word that's what we're doing that's our job -- to. Keep you keep stuff and he's office -- -- on the -- keep stopping them give the ball back to Tom. And you know that I think that that's what we've been doing and in key times making big plays a big stops that you know keep teams out of that zone. Election defense team better this year you mentioned -- here one year to. Kind of impact is Tommy Kelly I mean it seems like put up next to Wilfork and you've just a real short currently and I'll go over and crafts there's huge. So you know Tommy's he's got the veteran experience in leadership and you know. You know it's for him it's it's it's well because he's winning games you know -- he's he's happy to be here because he's winning games and that goes back to. You know. If you're not winning you're not happy so I think that he's here he's. You know happy that he's winning games or three you know I don't think he's ever been three known his whole career so. You know it's it's it's Friday bird uniform and am happy that that he's here. We're gonna take a phone call from Jeff from the cape with Jerod but Jeff wasn't there he's there now let's talk about your defense -- look if we didn't call -- Stewart from Jeff on the -- let's go to Jeff. Apocalypse and the cape today hey Jeff Europe with Belmont -- -- and rob are you. Good you guys today good. For all I want to compliment your defense but a lot of people on the law. People honestly. If they -- -- week because on the line now I know that you mentioned that your take on and it's like top. That he. The quarterback. Played recently. -- really or lower and -- -- what you're looking at it you know up and hurt you know what -- whatever happened. I can -- get a little early -- you know. But wait and this is a direct view was correct more of an epic night. Police shot on the corner and -- -- -- The ability is secondary or you know -- -- I don't remember. Might might opt out that is. You know walk into. I agree you've been one of the number one -- differences as well and I'm not on the wall wire. When you hated community more -- quarterback Matt Ryan in the Drew Brees and a lot of look a lot of different you know if you're not in from the other -- And obviously they're differently -- about my processes. Let's look a little bit more and see what you know in this or not I mean I didn't know -- I'll be back this a lot of different tone at the idea rob was in here to tell you right now almost a request entered ignited -- -- -- I. Of course -- LA law. You are -- that -- -- dollars. And schedule. Mean you know obviously Ryan agrees look at it is different challenges yet. I mean throughout the season you're gonna have challenges and go against them. Manning's in the breezes but we. Don't know in the past and one games against very quarterbacks who are just another. Jealous force over do things do things that we always do and that's prepare. You know as far as we can for these these. Teams that -- have those great quarterbacks and you know game plan the best to the best of our abilities and go up there and you know do the best effort we can. He changes now because yeah. Exactly what happened it's congratulations the way congratulations a new deal for us next week are there wasn't you. By every effort is built on -- -- out there you go -- that a lot of that's tropic of that you brought to you by Samuel -- in the Boston Beer companies also brought to -- -- -- they connected the patriots at home. And on the go with files -- want -- Internet an NFL mobile from Verizon that's powerful. Rob joining us here at what club Steve the -- joining us here's what will stay here Steve for just the second. We talked about our biggest takeaways Steve from this game we sat down and talked about at 233 win a lot of things that maybe jump out to you when you watch that game yesterday was your biggest takeaways from a twenty -- victory here. Well good that you're making progress especially with the young wide receivers you you realized after the buffalo game that these guys were going to be. So what we thought they might be an increase resemble what would head to C was progress so progress against the jets. And you saw it more progress against him Betty this is going to be. You know for lack of better -- learning curve for these guys. Even though there were few drops opener in the -- or couple of a less than stellar routes being run the fact is they were better than they were the week before you can make improvements every week this -- always doing. A strong contender in November December if you can keep making those strides. In November and December -- going to playoffs will be a better team that's that's the biggest thing that to which mr. Yeah and I thought it's loose biggest take it was defensively. It just as Robin drought here I just I don't remember a time or felt this confident stevens' defense you know in terms of you know in a third down situations they were. Three years ago worst in the NFL third down percentage two years ago 28 -- your 22. Their top ten right now in terms of third down defense and they're getting off the field -- creating once they forced a bunch of fourth down turnovers yesterday. And the player to leave on the outside to sort of jumped off the page -- me that he just -- -- Vincent Jackson when Vince Jack was healthy. And for appeared at times knocked the ball away had a big interception. This defense has come a long way to a year plus a long way to -- Tuesday. -- indicate you know we get -- but Monday -- Robbins was pretty come in and what kind of went there and it. And I am not -- -- you gotta get this defense all the current world but the pump the brakes is that far off right in this -- forming opinions with distinct sort of play out. I love what I've seen so far because they did -- to gets bad office in the past and made them look a lot better than they are so great it made him look that way. He'll put a deportable full wind Vincent Jackson and -- injury -- early on they moved the football. And then they lost Williams for a lob and it lost Jackson for the entire games those sort of mix and match. I like what I saw because I think did defensively they've they've been buying time week in week out here for this office to get going but it obviously we all know it'll be -- Moving full well the biggest thing you're going to get out of these three games is not so -- the numbers but the confidence of those numbers might -- -- It doesn't matter if you're you're still playing an NFL team and granted. Beazer the lower Echelon of quarterbacks in the NFL. But that doesn't matter by the time you watch the film -- time we get to practice on Wednesday you gain some confidence from -- from that game Barroso will be we've played. And the more you play with call from some more -- communicate the more -- -- to feel good about the guy you're playing next to oil and the other ten guys to play around. That's gonna help you defense is this so what's to be said there is probably similar to when you get in the a nice groove swing in the swing the -- it's almost -- -- about the confidence that you feel you step up their. And you know that your during the game you know which you can do these things and you have the faith in everything go all around so. I was impressed with the numbers is an idea what the fact that they're going to gain confidence. -- with every step they've taken a -- defense that they have -- the last couple. Yeah I go back to what it's a number of harp on what -- been a guy like Mark Sanchez at two different -- the quarterback ratings and in place to best gains to the three best games of the year against patriot defense. A year ago I understand the competition is not what -- to be the next three week to face. -- Matt Ryan Drew Brees and any adult and I -- with some good piece of prominence in new and AG agreed to. Really good tight ends. You'll get challenged here but a good start it could've could've gone worse defensively and if they'd played. But it is time last year who knows what happens as a defense I think the word progress you guys hit the -- snipers. Obviously -- -- this thing you know we're talking about the defense right now we're happy with almost people out there that are slow down the politically. What would have made you happy after three weeks. What would have made those results right. Maybe so that they would at the pump three shot -- still or is ordering exactly with some two quarterbacks Josh Freeman to sort of latency for the defense I understand but don't. You know I don't I can't be impressed with what you've seen calm sort of -- poems like OK let's wait and see. But to come out in just firing easy relax that they label -- you want. To make you happy three shots. I don't get it they played probably as good as it possibly play that it may be good question you pose again that that. While it makes you happy that should make you happy right now. Should feel better about the Stevenson -- the beginning of the season. At the beginning of the season you had no idea. If there will be that team that was no good on third down of that team that was that couldn't stop drives or. You had absolutely nor do you thought they might be improved just because the some young guys were a year older in the -- war veteran presence on the team but. The idea that. You'll let him and tilting to reports mean. Seattle blew blow -- looks -- the best defense in the league pitcher and they would Jackson score a couple points so it's one of those scenarios where you'd take -- You take it for what is. Three games. Called the -- schedule earlier on yep I agree with you but so what you still do the job get to it showed signs of improvement. The whole this bill Bulger realizes that the sixteen games seventeen week season. Is progress towards getting better and especially now with these short mini camps in the shortened training camps. And the low blow less Tom you have to actually -- beds in practice than. You've got to make progress on the ways -- the -- playing great football in December and these first three games. You saw progress from Buffalo, New York -- -- to tip you saw progress -- you'll see more progress it -- is obvious. Against Atlanta because they have a much better -- -- much -- quarterback but you can still see some progress and maybe let up 18121 points. It's still feel good about though exact situation if you go on third down create some turnovers and I. The CI say JB schedule compared what you're faced absolutely -- exception of three we think playoff teams right all likelihood the falcons the saints in the dangles. The three teams he has played. I don't think it feels he's -- for playoff spot this year but that I don't want to got Don Rickles to play. Can't deny it don't you can't yeah -- look at the schedule and and denied that you you have a soft scheduled for the first three games. Okay recognize that would you still do the job that's what's more important. And the fact that these at least three teams are good. That you without decent job it would have to win this game and division yesterday and -- that. Let's do this we'll get a break Steve DeOssie -- -- the -- and club at Gillette Stadium your phone calls at 617. 7797937. The phone number 617779. 7937. You can text us on the eighteenth -- text -- -- 37937. Talking patriots -- -- you here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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