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Jerod Mayo previews the Atlanta match-up with Mut and Merloni

Sep 23, 2013|

Jerod joins Mut and Lou on Patriots Monday to recap the defensive performance against the Buccaneers and look ahead to the high-flying Atlanta offense. Jerod also analyzes Mut’s athletic ability.

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Butler got a 37 WEEI here at the club. At Gillette Stadium. Talk to Jerod Mayo he's brought to you by heiress restoration specialists and by Toshiba business solutions part of the bad enough. All 27 points I'm not count the other seven or 27 points total year round male. Johnny's comment oh yeah always good beer afterward you hold -- beta three points how. We'll get back on it now discouraged them it through three times you play over the pre season. How helpful was that in the preparation for what he saw. On the field offense we have. It was a little bit helpful you know not too much as far as knowing your personnel -- your plan against. It was helpful that way but as far as schemes concerned it was a little bit different. Yeah I keep said after the game you had to pick before halftime and he said it's something we saw from them. Scrimmage is something we saw early in that led him to jump that route make the picks I wonder if there were a bunch of plays you guys saw that you've already seen up close and person in the pre. Obviously they have their go to play Tuesday you know when it's crunch time and run those plays and that was one of those players keep -- -- where -- You know we always talk what defense in getting off the field in yesterday's five for fourteen on third down. But all four on fourth and that's five for eighteen basically right you get off the field in those first two huge. Still the emphasis still probable important thing that and again and yes couple points but not the field definitely anytime we get the ball back into office and -- going to be huge you know because few possessions. And like you said those fourth down conversions were huge for us and they turned. They turn in the points or are we surprised that they kind of came out -- so respondents thought I was you know about you know after the field goal kicker missed their first few of those -- -- you know -- -- 143 or some like that but before that fire -- surprised. Kickers worst attack at our stated that it -- Early in that game your offense if it was a slow start off that's deliberate well placed an effort quarter. You guys to be kept your team in the game defensively it's been a -- now for a couple weeks -- guys that picked up. The offense that feel like that is the fact is that in a goal for you guys got to help the softens -- big east -- waters. I'm going to be honest with you know coach always tells us as a defense our job is to keep people out of their hands on no matter what our office is doing. And they feel the same way office just like they -- -- gore has scored touchdowns in a matter of where a blown team out or. You know the score is close so we are we never really think about that we always just think about stealing possessions to get the ball back to those cuts. It through most -- runners I think in the league last year were CJ Spiller Doug Martin. Tail mark my guess it was wrong but for the most part you know you guys that are pretty nice job with them what makes him so difficult. I -- he's a short guy you know he's also very explosive but anytime you have guys. Was it was -- it if I had to take the time you get a guy like they're running behind 66. If it's very difficult to find him and the very explosive runner -- And the guys that are goods you know get -- got the football programs out of Britain's spikes always finals does is he -- This and run stuff they must be in the dark by the but are above ground though it is but -- a great -- it was a situation where you're you're you're getting blocked and you're trying to avoid a block -- -- find Doug Martin -- -- its offensive line. Yeah exactly you know sometimes he'll stay back there -- he can't you know by the time he pops nicely aren't on the field. He's smaller but. He's not a Darren Sproles -- couple weeks he's a smaller guy any what did you play with was smaller guy. He sees strong but he seems like he's one of the the bigger smaller guys how to how does that impact -- running. It is you know he's a strong guy very explosive. In any time you can't really arm tackle you know -- on the arm -- you gotta put shoulder on a guy like that mark yet -- disorder aren't. You know the stronger running -- slowed down so. He's a very difficult towards. You know yes. Next week I mean obviously look at the first three games here. Next we -- -- -- -- team that lost difficulty in this week but there's a ton of weapons and is down their -- a row of seats usually few guys that challenge and we to prepare for that. Did -- time you know another game where it's gonna take everyone you know to focus and a 100% didn't get to scout report down a team we have played a long time. A lot of weapons on the outs out of you're running back so take a group effort. The Mexicans is the first team DC Tampa but yet practiced against you know the -- you know buffalo now is Atlanta. It's once every few years exactly. You know a lot of films. Coaches and served with them on the -- -- We watched -- -- watched Atlanta and Miami after guys plea yesterday saying okay and -- scout out. What the view that the different if you're scared and -- -- -- It must admit that here Jackson up there -- it jock was -- still pretty good running back companies so they lose their top running back. But it's got a couple guys. But I expect the TVs like will we see on TV it's fans watch the reds on home where vs you've got -- you get out of the game yesterday it's like watch this or. Is the film we watch the -- when he Q so what's different so what better. That whenever you see on TV -- -- You know we don't want that he got what. What game on TV right now. I'm Catholic -- ways what Iowa. I like that aren't. People to see but yeah at the wrong. My wife. Went to the fans now suspect or. Something. It. You know what it's not down their -- around to watch. The different views different angles and I'm -- but I think there would. But he wanted to watch what's that formations. Please come -- of them blocking schemes those sort of things -- loss on the watch the players. Watched film. -- him. You know I watched the players on the street -- -- what the formation now. From the -- Network. But the results. As Belichick yellow -- I don't write write your -- that affect their -- artwork. That was that's my running back scatter report on on take that all the way dissipated she's got a report. But it might well known companies and -- -- he was a player like Stephen Jackson eagle can give you drop off with Jason Snelling. -- Rogers that's a pretty good running back. Steven Jackson. It. Up from about -- if I don't know Leo Maia Leo thank you like. Like I mean I don't know not a patriots -- the -- watched on TV yesterday like -- watch in this scheme like I -- -- -- or. 2283. Years ago after game plan tag I'm. It. -- -- at age ten on turn the page is right it is what it is a good value real apparent that we don't -- -- players and the film and correct the mistakes walked. And then two -- and then you know all the weapons that they. Great. Receivers. And quarterback. But I to manage this all out and started -- -- an act like you've yet -- a lot of -- back. -- -- -- -- and hired through obstacles. Which is Tony Gonzales he's like a hundred years. You wanna play when it -- get that out. And agree. About. The epitome you know among these. I'll play out here with what was juniors. Forties right now -- yeah like forty. You if they let me not a bad guy. I. Does this way I have it appears that there. There's anywhere that you couldn't find implement it'll lead over my ten yesterday. And it -- it -- he's not tall you'd. He ought to call -- with that we did it would have sat here with us last year -- -- -- bigger he's -- He should be -- of us here. -- -- right out at radio. Radio I think all the people here now. And later. -- -- -- every bracket your racket ball every team needs a good well it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the dumbest thing I think it's just. Talk about the arresting officer regular. Your racquet Butler. It's their fancy racket ball -- yeah yeah yeah. Atlanta this week -- -- -- -- it's not that you're the 1 o'clock -- like the prime time game Sunday night the only name on watch. It's bad for. -- games on mute. My game can go out there excited you know you know anytime on the game to. Get job in this report that -- when he teammate Rob Ninkovich is signed a new deal to be with that report for three years three -- rob. Is politically went deeply linebackers defensive now what does he need -- -- on that very versatile players Smart player he listens. It showed -- -- -- and -- it and make them pay for the spread it to exactly she's he's but they -- around for everybody here so -- -- and so I'm -- and you -- my falcons got it round tomatoes are you won't hurt -- -- and the -- and -- it. For the pilot got -- the title that's -- -- and it that he's gonna kill he's I. I call here wants talk about your defense to talk caller real quick without. That -- -- The front. It where it's it's it's -- for an issue because it Jeff from the -- -- from the -- from a wanted to talk about what climate I started the show today talking about the Pennsylvania. Jeff from the -- pump the joins us on the page -- -- -- Jerod -- W. Jeff draft aren't just don't -- -- yeah Jeff. They'll run and I love my got the trophy that's on them and you guys. That's. Hospice and ask you say to pump the brakes on the patriots -- exile that's my you know we can't we can. Can we go to art as a -- where dozens -- -- there played you know before. Are capable. Haven't argued just government -- -- what did you -- lost respect for you from the waited a half hour where's Jeff. Book says he's there I must be him -- serving your average. -- little over an interview leverage indicate he was there and -- hey man hey man at the any drop throughout affected a lot of properties and you'll appreciate it. -- drop -- joining us here on time. And it was a big win yesterday after the breaks the law -- team. 33%. 36% on third at least four times. On fourth down force in the sport that it's the most today and it. Revver. I think you appreciate Mike's got -- did sarcastic post literally you'd go go. The names. Of running a policy objects like mr. LaMont now he's gone. It he waits idol from the beginning of the show to talk about the patriots -- males there and gets one. The -- which as -- while steep the Osce. 261777979378. TT tech is 379 -- -- rob it won't talk about the report. This new three year deal I here at the club Gillette Stadium Sports Radio that.

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