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Celebrating in style: The Red Sox clinch the AL East

Sep 23, 2013|

Mut and Lou examine the Red Sox climb from worst to first by looking back at the postgame reaction from the players, coaches and front office after clinching the east.

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Here at the -- club Gillette Stadium Butler not 837 WEEI starting patriots. And there will be arrested over the bucks gets into three NL first time since 2007. And talk of the Red Sox your division champs in the AL lease with the number one seed. In the American League still up for grabs 6177797937. To -- Texas right now -- TT -- line. It's 379837. Romney which can join us here very very shortly terms of the post game. And it's a celebration there on Friday there was a theme -- start to develop -- right when. The questions and I give our producer -- our bombs go through some of the reaction. He picked this not a very good point and -- player for some medicine start -- the year a theme that comes through -- global low. Bench coach here this Red Sox team talking about. Guys they brought into the Red Sox in 2013. I think the key guys they've brought in like Jonny Gomes and Mike Napoli they high character guys Shane Victorino. They noted took the way they've they've been so it took to win and they did it every day had -- god make a sacrifice to one another they knew it should be good teammate. The combination now for the guys that were here from hold over here. They knew would attempt to be a winner not to. It's all about. Jonny Gomes one of the guys toward -- blow talking about this clubhouse this year. There's a couple of guys you know -- -- us our here last year you know so. I guess. Fortunately that -- get to experience that -- that -- -- guys -- where. -- mean chip they had on their shoulders spring training was. Some I haven't seen you know to this level of guys accomplish Baghdad. I mean. Think today's spring training you know I mean truly obviously took mark my bad guys and you know just 2.5 based on junkies you know just you know just playing bowler anyway. Parts of sort of sensed something -- almost one of the guys have once thought well we're looking at where the -- making himself available. To talk to media after the game his thoughts on this team. Every one of them is made very meaningful contributions they've been there in the performance on the field the issue of -- in the clubhouse they're. And that is their -- if they lose. I don't get me fired up and focus on Napoli. -- that they -- that you could think they've decided that the end. So I think it goes through the entire lineup it is there more professional shortstop. Then and even through I don't think those -- game and and and and really did a little they were supposed to do and I think that is. Ben Carrington and baseball operations staff and our scouting system for for -- Bottom line. Quick get all -- the others but I guess especially spot on. -- and that's exactly part of it we have discussion today about the whole new guys all got really good -- -- guys I don't and in old guys old guys the core. If the Jonny Gomes is talk about that chip on the shoulder mean it wasn't just. A losing season it was. You know. The careers -- performances are being questioned you know like the pitchers on the staff here do they still haven't they done position players. Are they leaders are they focused and more concerned with their own individual stats so that was -- for many reasons there's tips of the good everywhere Childress but. When you look at this team. He can't really single anybody in -- that it really contribute I mean it was just everybody up and down. It was a team effort John Henry talked about that John Henry join us in studio right came and sat down we talk a lot of baseball when he brought up old James and ripped a sleeper brought a Bill James he talked about the newcomers as well. Well the difference in the world again first is its -- -- there is certain camaraderie is always an intense camaraderie. That was occurring here. It was it was a good feeling. The first thing. It over and over again you had whether it's Henry Lucchino. -- or local it was about these new guys and -- and we sat here and you and I guess disagreed to an extent right we thought these old guys coming back in the ability to. You'll find that pitching form patty topped four -- the ability David Ortiz that is crazy bounce back year Pedroia. You know breaking his hand essentially the first day is this season playing through it. Yelled we have follow up these old guys managers in the here. Everyone associated with the team as part of that post game bringing up the new guys and looking back on it now how much they impact just from -- It's our personalities it was for. Chemistry. Is something that the DNC -- talked about quite a bit just personality and loving baseball what added it did it give. The decay of the old guys you know that -- give them sort of a boost to have this new group of passionate baseball players around them that that would be interesting to talk yet after the season about -- you know this the thing. It's not over yet pejorative are actually they've clinched the division. But may be just as employers clinch division you gotta get that number one seed McKee we talked about last week how important that is. You wanna play the wild card if you want Oakland Detroit to play one another that you very good teams and as you stand right now you have a one half game lead over Oakland won in the loss column. Everyone's wondering what happens if they tied they tied the Red Sox lose. That simple vehicle to lose if they are -- the Oakley days. It's head to head is the first one they went 33 against one this year the higher winning number two is the higher winning percentage. In intra division games with the year old division Red Sox currently. A forty green 31 the American League east. With three eagle gets Baltimore the eighties of 41 and 29. -- six games to go between with the angels and Seattle the of 29 losses Thursday division opponents with a Red Sox have thirty. So in order for the the east to -- eighteen. You know you're not go to the Los callable add up even if by chance it would add up because of the two. Division games of this Colorado outside at the vision. Eight there is a chance that can actually tie OK everything the third tiebreaker. Is winning percentage the last half of the season against American League teams only last 81 games. -- what looks that schedule in the winning percentage Oakland has that one because the Red Sox bailout interleague games they have they have that one. All you need to know is if the Red Sox and the a's are tied. The aids will have the number one seed that cannot happen you don't want that to happen -- we're to talk a lot about the state because it's a huge huge thing for the Boston Red Sox let's get a break welcome back Jerod Mayo is gonna join us here where the -- club at Gillette Stadium coming up -- patriots when we talk to Jerod -- -- next.

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