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Adam Schefter on his Von Miller story

Sep 23, 2013|

Adam Schefter joined the show for his weekly visit. He went into detail of his breaking story yesterday regarding his attempt to disguise his urine sample.

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Our number three and a patriot Monday Dennis and Callahan -- up the coffee with a couple of forms part outlet coffee with the -- and Snyder -- chapter. All that well with the amazing surprisingly delicious taste that's amazing price of just 99 cents and size only at Cumberland farms as always our friend Adam. Join -- on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. shepherd very nice job yesterday very impressive. We. With your breaking news story -- like -- -- with little Blackberry when you're on the stat as the visa does something there's a big story coming up here. I tell you made the actual -- -- -- that the SEC Chris Carter also includes an unknown. And hurts the -- like his. When the producing you know you work -- you more you work all weekend two days and about voting in all people and members despite. -- -- he redundancy. Adam were you surprised based on what you know and what you do and what Jim Harbaugh knows about all the Smith playing in yesterday's football game. Not the slightest knowledge clinic yeah and frankly. Although -- surprised a little surprised. That people reacting the way they are like he should have been taken out to -- right away. OK. -- lavishly to like and what they're thinking that all of this meant. Okay as an issue and it and and we know it's very -- treatment. And he's taking you believe that since starting today and go seek help. Don't concern that you take some young 23 year old kid who's got an issue. They need to look at -- on the football field this Sunday when he's just been -- -- -- That it would not be the best decision took him -- it would not be safe. Now. I don't know this thing you could agree or disagree Richard but that's still watch -- that okay what are these people. Demi looks around that he spend this time around. Are going to -- to play a game and we have a how much of -- organization put into these games. And you. Basically ostracized having -- -- them -- at a time when he -- that helped. That they would be doing but it sort of course. There was not the right thing to deal now again you could agree I would describe it but I'm telling you that was just -- that they felt it was better for him as a person. To be go to go to game and then basically. Had people walk across to go to treatment afterwards. That makes sense. Yeah but he could also make the point that they are ostracize him and sending him away today I understand your point he prepared all week with his teammates or that particular game. The preparation Toyota did this story. It's not bad at all really and they were concerned. That basically. After he's been through this incident it was a Friday morning where he gets arrested and and there is no limit it's awful it's horrible okay about that certainly didn't write in any way. That's terrible and it paid the consequences for that both legally and from the NFL and what we are net. -- as a person. They hope that he needed help. And they felt that -- at that time when he perhaps is that rock bottom I don't know him personally but maybe he's a rock bottom. And they say he you're not welcome here. That. We could be vulnerable now again -- -- the district aren't telling nudity I don't see where their public from and I don't. This great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right right OK and you don't understood that point Dorsey OK if it is if you wanna listen it was a help wrecked but it looks okay -- -- direction by abortion it. Let's get in the help Friday and he's got. I don't know that either. I mean by -- by I'm surprised -- -- and say he needs help let's switch to Thursday night it's only three more days and we get -- of the game out of them but I don't think I only Harbaugh is gonna come out of this looking too good but. And I let's I wanna get to your scoop about one Miller but I have to ask you this because it wasn't your scoop was NFL network it was Ian Rapoport. Who reported in its kind of felt like it should dementia after that who's that -- to scoop that the Tom Brady texted. Two former wideout Brandon Lloyd and Indian branch to ask the -- interest and to gauge their interest in coming back did you hear anything like that it is Brady -- -- shot that down after the game do you -- do you think there's any truth to. You know it's a real story I don't know about it. I. I really don't know about the stadium other then. You that the economic what you're telling yourself. Yes I'm a book about. Well we will but. I it to your scoop on Miller explained this to a speakers. I read like 34 different stories on this is still can't quite figure out exactly what the -- I -- the tester was starstruck who's a fan boy. -- but but and no money was exchanged but what was the deal supposed to be between Von Miller and the urine collector. There's one person who believes it is in the -- that nobody would exchange and I know for a fact that nobody was exchange. But I posted -- -- basically. I don't think this the first time that happened I think that that would usually part about it and speak to our people. This sort of behaviors happen before like there are. Collectors and testers. -- Are serious about their job would do it right away to a professional about it and hold the athletes detecting accountable. And then there are the testers. In surely -- and I think the players. Getting to know the players. Getting buddy buddy with the players. Getting the players cellphone and ourselves going out with them whatever made big. And the way that this particular collectively in order collecting was described in the US. He was star struck with Bob Miller and this in Miami. During the off season. And is a case where basically. He. Tried to -- the system by switching specimens and another court too caught them because. I don't really need yet because but I think one Von Miller. Supposedly. Paternity test in Miami he was actually in another city I presume to be Denver. So estimated to meet Bob knows best but I know -- that -- A long distance peel and that is right so it was some clean guys you current and we're gonna pass off as Von Miller's. Correct and and basically the second tester. Tournament. And the -- found out about it in the league -- Company. To New York to meet with league officials. And legal procedures that they would not have this again. That I finished it up this. How did you like Gordon had that fingerprint device for your partner for a market. They have protesting what fingerprinted so that. You literally have to. Such a blast is -- -- order wreckage and six -- to be out by now expecting a twenty will be involved that this type situation cannot be repeated. Degraded the guy shows up remaining at the commission's as -- -- Von Miller Jersey Jersey got a picture the you they shell us -- -- a season. Yeah I don't I you know. It is it's dark there right now and and and I think what happens -- you know and noted that dissimilar from New England -- your vote. When new attitude culture as extreme adorned with the Buccaneers have gone through going for me Umar integration on. Going from appreciate players' coach to a disciplinarian. Somebody who didn't have much structure some to somebody who does. It takes a while to instill that type of thing and right now it doesn't appear -- players are buying it I think that's. Pretty apparent to everybody. But it also is obvious that -- the first two weeks. Again not to be an apologist -- the book is but they were ten seconds of being too well and they didn't make a place they had to. But it shows you how fragile. The league -- And how close things are. From where one player can make a difference and change the tone of everything like the first week when -- -- these projects -- a rally. And the bookshelf -- balance he pushed out of bounds. They can create. That would when the game went without that penalty. And it wants looting you know specifically job we did rather than you know question it would have been ripped their lust and similar -- epidemic and Rebecca -- and and other -- they still -- doing one that was the most lackluster performance issues about far. I think some of the negativity you're talking about refer to it definitely spread over in the organization. And the players came out had a poor performance they get against it you know was ready and based. I didn't play road projects and and when I was -- commercial industrial. Of the three surprises that I'm going to list from yesterday out of which one raise your eyebrow the furthest the colts winning. Idea but colts win in San Francisco. The giants absolutely crushed. Like Carolina or the browns beating the -- three now vikings. -- surprising that the browns to me -- where the most surprising story day by far and I couldn't believe that Cleveland. Went to Minnesota for Minnesota's home opener. With a new quarterback we've been doing before. It liquidated troops advertising you'd think that maybe -- might be old and most players because the for -- doing what -- think is best for the team. And they -- and the -- can't really -- epic game it was really. That that that would -- and Serb broke the law was to survivable. That's said that can can week. Figure out that Minnesota might be the best 03 team that might have a chance of survival are much are tapping is Washington the giants -- dead in the water. Pittsburgh Jacksonville is Minnesota the best -- three. I don't I don't like any don't result I mean idea I think that EU. You know I think the Redskins actually would be -- -- I would mind instantly because it is different than sympathetic but. You know it would get better and better and -- -- division where. I don't know that we can -- running routed Dallas as a pretty good so far this season. But they're too -- And move that much that the cowboys being. Consistently. Throughout the course this season. So I think Washington -- the giants -- I mean I was that was stunning and it don't wait till like that that teams in North Carolina. The spot where it needs big game and play the way it did well. You reported a believers. That the Cleveland have to deal in their their best running back is I've taken bids on their wide receivers. Do you think that there will 101 or both of the available overseas will -- dealt. Soon and any word any any rumors about them coming here to New England who could. Where -- those exploits made that basically. They're open to doing that they have received one. Good also on Josh Gordon both -- more and Beckett play great -- -- -- take action by guarded thirty yards and two touchdowns off suspension looked. Tremendous. And they've gotten interesting Greg Little who are probably sick epic now. I think that if -- -- cover and don't actually do want to deal the question -- Josh -- -- supreme talent. But he's also strike away from New -- suspension. So any team that is doing it for a guy in the post program. Knows the risks it's taking which means it might have offered to Holland which means -- who might not do want to deal now. Christina when we're going to do very you don't. I don't I don't see it as signaling what does that torturing a budget which I think that -- don't like to have it takes more than like to get rid of it takes. And I my guess is no debt that normally would not go that direction but clearly there there are keen to have expressed interest I don't know protected -- -- is -- them. -- My guess is to be elsewhere but -- -- -- go to another Cleveland definitely opened. -- -- what receivers. On the heels Adam love the browns trading Trent Richardson the four story came out said maybe possibly the motivation would be saving money because hasn't -- in financial trouble but as far as I understand that they -- in the vast majority of of of what they owe him guaranteed like 28. And you'll all in six over the last over the final three years as money recently traded him or they just given up on weakness and -- played for 2014. I don't think money had anything do with yeah the biggest ever since thirteen point three million dollar signing bonus. Right after he was drafted so you'd sort of register over a year ago they had earned thirteen point three million dollars so is get roughly six million dollars left over the course of three years right that that they he yet would somebody that money so that that makes no sense to me at all. What makes sense is that we're dishing it out in Cleveland this summer -- and talk to them and and and preparations need to my attitude is pretty good -- pretty good. But that's you know the -- particular -- disorganization portraits and pretty good and I could tell right then I'm like this team just does not. Too enamored with this guy right now. And I think an advantage to running -- have been devalued with the were not running back taken the first round -- northern running backs of their Reggie Bush got premiere money. Where teams are going to more more to -- -- passing the amid all the arguments against running back and this. The browns managed to get that could push up -- were running back added to need surgery before he played his first episode bill. -- From that standpoint. He didn't think that they did really well to get back to Russia picks a running back. Include -- where we've got in the application now. A week has to attempt to pick in the 2012 draft that that's a pretty detail so. Your second time Cleveland I think basically. Basically disappointed fans didn't that they can hope for this guy and now they've got to go find another running back -- another quarterback in. Keep rebuilding related to browser and do it for seemingly forty years or fifty years -- -- north central championship. We're not close of the poignant where chained him consider benching RG three for cousins right. I don't think so I guess I think that you know if Mike would do that that's a suicide mission and that's city waited they love RG three way too much. I don't see it happening eat eat eat at a certain -- -- They're pushing RG three is not gonna. Changed affected defense it allowed more points are yours through the first three is -- -- had given us. It was the defense really looking anything else that they got that came into some problems. -- gotta we -- light note and I bought this yesterday they saw you on set fiddling with your phone. And we always play this game who who has the best name. In their cell phone and I was I was start that would Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm and an -- to trump somebody -- to Bobby your and is. The most famous name in your cellphone. NFL or not. What are I got delegates diminishing one but I think the one that. And I disagree what. Last week with two weeks ago I took my seventy. Cantor Fitzgerald and 9/11. Well -- I know that I -- of their decision he lost his fondness but -- eleven. And they were doing a charity deal where the trading. Apportion the -- free trade go to the victims. But not eleven. Established the first responders. The families who lost people that day and they burn a -- people don't do this national -- -- -- -- -- And engine budget is outstanding. Love him and so many different movie Asia and north change in and -- in -- Yea and he east peace he's off the charts in order over anxious myself and and he began peppering me with questions about the NFL the cowboys. And it was just usually awesome and so. He took my iPhone from me and parks and it's -- port number at this think called it is well -- -- -- -- I'm just it just trump to do you know yeah -- -- yes we needed tickets at the Oscars next you're just called Jamie -- set. Right. I. I heard about that you know but that you USC that's the first game I think out yet. It hit the -- out -- and actively involved -- an ongoing relationship which right now. It's Chris Paul the point guard for the clippers -- blanket fancy football any barometer steady -- the biggest team. And and do you know where we're strategizing as people all the time right now -- do -- it was to going to yesterday and I know that you have fifty going into the western game but he sort of -- the bears defense and at a guy's toes at eight -- and -- that in tonight's show. With a big shown by the bears defense that was not a good thing for at all. This team mr. Aren't had a good separation or talk to next week my friend Adam -- after our conversation with mr. shifter has been brought -- you by Cumberland farms. All the level delicious farmhouse wasn't coffee today. And DCU digital federal credit union -- in DC use a view and by Penske insurance and as always Adam joins us on the AT&T line. AT&T the nation's fastest and almost -- or GL TE network all eyes open to jump and Tom Brady 905.

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