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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Minihane's Emmy breakdown

Sep 23, 2013|

Minihane gives you everything you need to know from last nights Emmy Awards.

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So I -- you guys told me to do I watch CME's soup to nuts. The entire program really sure you bet it did every second -- personal hour and a half -- it right through the end of well John. Let's penalized applaud you know what the -- flawed I saw some of the mine my girl cleared game one for you want to happy about that'll put Damione Lewis didn't win. He should want to which Jeff Daniels did you as the angels great show -- the great show well written well acted and I don't watch Aaron Sorkin shows him. Anyway it's -- How could anyone watch every show how could anyone know every show. You have to be a total how many shows did you and our people say never heard that never watched it how could you you have to watching shows every night of the week coming shows in the average person's rotation. Just a person who works every day. 445. And most right back yet again six feet. Now not -- put out the second -- the -- and I would like to watch some some also some shows nurse Jackie. -- slipped by them and I've never seen it. And beginners to pass up that attribute. We'll get there are significant FEMA and we'll get there will play that. -- nurse Jackie merit Weaver won best supporting actress in the drop them to deliver a speech tonight I guess maybe the best speech ever heard no question Curtis. -- this -- with the -- excellence and think so and it's. And them. I gotta go flying. How do you think she is having a bladder problem -- -- -- play. Maybe she's -- these people -- places overly cute. All the time charity event lined up she's gonna do that a bunch of pre rehearsed. Speeches yes except this thing right yes in the beginning of the show. A Saudi opening montage -- tight right now off I don't plays a guy dates chicks on the show yeah but I knew Patrick Harris is Gary. You think I do you know what I heard I really don't think I really think you might -- day it was towards DC. It dragged out Conan O'Brien brought him out of walls via Jimmy fell all the previous hosts a previous Jimmy Rollins my forgiving Jane Lynch Jane Lynch came out one of the person. Moment is most. They were they would -- -- -- a week before. When Justin Timberlake -- for the fifth time. And they said the five. -- in this case and -- and all Simon which is like the eight time SNL has done ahead in the richest. Well it was a repeat there was no but they don't they got him in separately with the club -- that'll do. Well now I'm equaled. It cool yeah he's. An expert. But yet does actually off about Patrick don't. -- to -- -- they re just ignored Jacqueline club needed. For the drug the drug kill themselves rightly your energy which is true what your favorite actors Corey -- -- Perhaps a little curious how quickly television shows become like families. This summer on our show -- he suffered a painful death in our family. Scoring Monty please -- Hudson. A star quarterback turned wide -- heartfelt policing here. And from the first time you saw Corey he had a star quality and genuine sweetness that made it impossible not to fall in love with him. And millions did phone moment Corey. And I'm here to say. That all that warmth in the charms that open hearted quality that we London Maureen was no -- Court it was a beautiful soul. He was not perfect which many of us here tonight can relate to. His death is tragic reminder of their patients senseless destruction to. And send them off of -- so she doubles on like that and they don't have time to pay tribute to Jack Klugman in jail which is critical not critical but she said she understood the day before they -- -- -- which again I don't -- to put -- second attack. TV -- incumbent bigger than Jack Klugman the with a huge movie star for like. Thirty years. While longer yeah yeah 40s50s. And a -- who young enough. Corey skews even though it often sell the US about -- -- Feeney an. You all knew James Gandolfini the actor. I was lucky enough to know -- the man. For ten years as his close colleague. And -- -- -- life partner. And for many more years as his friend. And it's Jim the man. The very dear man that I will miss most of ball. These tributes in my estimation were the most flawed aspect of the program why. All they did was held. -- head which is named Rob -- stand in front of 88 and he picture a picture (%expletive) all they had was the -- -- -- in the picture and talk. They had Robin Williams stand in front of which are also winners and -- Clips. Here is that what they do at the Oscars yes. -- exactly you don't even the Oscar wants them to the play music in thirty seconds of a judicial -- Jonathan writes her 32 giving all of you see two or three -- scenes and it was just bought the post there. -- behind. Is it that's flawed I agree are flawed. I like the way they do the nominees real quick yeah like real real quick look through it is an odd. One the best show. Break in bad bad of course unabashedly modern Rotterdam labor company won best comedy best actor in a miniseries or movie Michael Douglas the performances like -- Mean it would Matt Damon the study no I don't think those two were acting I looked fundamentally they're -- Douglas was given that the importance listen to a speech anyone listening. Thank you my academy fellow members thank you so much into. They're great performances by all the other nominees but. Obviously this one nominee in particular. That I have to the dance thanks. This is a two hander. And -- who you're only as good. -- Only as good as your other hand. So. I can't say you're a magnificent. And the only reason I'm standing here. Is because abuse so you really deserve half of this so. You look the bottom with a top. And that's -- -- On object club of that. -- -- -- Larry had another one shy I try to pick one -- that Larry Hagman over Jack what I might. I hate to -- Ample public -- Monty who listen in the east to talk about it wanna give each other and 40% of did you look hotel Vancouver shoot heroin and drink well well we know cancer -- cancer traders -- off pretty much because since that's our. -- -- Or Gary David Goldberg who -- in -- -- shot at a specific other -- is funny but -- the ones who was funny was he waves where it was probably -- or rent a free ticket Jack Klugman and -- the all time -- Jack Klugman. Larry and anti war or Jonathan Winters. Two guys I would say that it would just TV. Tonight -- appearances well no laughing and -- didn't mean he is the ports gators on this important because the Muppets show on the all while ago. You know if you're an actor like sector and you want to win an -- Gay guy. And like slam dunk ninety different -- they hate me and hand you Patrick Harris is -- belts. Personal I don't know be scared of slander. That -- -- -- perpetuating this on getting your start. Guess. He would Washington and Jim Parsons won he's gay in real life by the way outstanding lead actor from the legs there you Dreyfus. Julie Dreyfus network news. -- Sign -- ago. It's dirty Ortiz -- 52 million Atkinson fifty million miles. Grads speak 373. Billion. That's she's the eldest daughter of billionaire Gerard Louie -- chairman of Louis-Dreyfus energy services. She's worth three billion dollars added though that the last. She didn't need the money just to -- and she happens at making people laugh is on way to make a living. Which he set which she is the question. So water -- was breaking bad wins behind the candelabra wins outs and miniseries called Paul bear report. Hosting bright futures first time in ten years Jon Stewart and win in the voice one outstanding reality which is the other big one points. Little old thing to report. Could jump -- do you have any other stories you mentioned the terrorist attack in Kenya because I have a question for sure. If they said okay everybody who's. Muzzled and he'll leave now what would you do. That's that's an ally but our -- David my Muslim does I got I'm I'm out of my prayers to do what I initially heard that said you could probably line cinema Muslim but they. Quizzed them. They quizzed them and they shot you if you failed the quiz like Monty Python yeah that's -- pressure. When their cool over the bridge the wings and an African smaller. Asked one guy Iowa what was Mohammed's mother. And this moment that Sally isn't -- And they asked others to saying certain Muslim prayer and the -- they shot and shot a five year old kid in the toy store. There's still right. Yes I don't know -- -- are planning to take over food court could last awhile I true yeah week. Hardware store you're not stick it there for a large Julius so after Wachovia. Pretzel or pretzels Wetzel and -- Roberts called. Most of those good -- call those album -- so now. The death full 68. Or so. And elect a 175 wounded. I think that's the injured list that full seventy -- -- at sixty age. They line him up and asked my question was one of the questions was the name of Mohammed's mother mean I would -- would neither but it is. You think -- -- proud -- positive trends. Whatever else just -- this. This this terrorism thing is kinda catches on around the world is -- -- -- -- -- it's scary you know they got. -- John Walker -- he does look like -- -- is apparently pulled it off I mean that's -- would have stepped up. And knew the answers that could let me go buy new -- apart my -- my mother and I knew the rare. And obviously the five year old kid chances he had he could have been. Muslim he couldn't on the answers they wouldn't know but the world these expatriate Americans and foreigners in there who kind of looked. Didn't look part apart yet to ship out of Russia to begin. Are 6177797937. -- like AT&T text like 37937. As a patriot Monday Adam -- Dirk. From ESPN joins us at 805. I guess is that. Harbaugh at San Francisco. -- the -- Smith story before. Adam -- true right -- guess can't say looking for more information. You know all the infamy he says it's a really big game and we need them but and he probably wants and like you with three more days Thursday night -- -- He's signal strength and he's going to be in rehab he's helped out there were three and oh yeah it's Eric -- take Thursday off a couple of weeks yes. But no escape Celek is more than a couple weeks let's -- went away like ninety days at this is NFL -- yeah all agree that drive thru re dad drive -- talk pretty joins us at 905.

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