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Patriots beat the Bucs in Week 3 at Gillette Stadium

Sep 22, 2013|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price recap the Patriots win over the Bucs in Week 3. Tom Brady finally was on the same page as his rookie wide receivers and the defense dominated Tampa Bay.

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Welcome to Gillette Stadium after the patriots take care of business 23 to three. Over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday afternoon I'm Mike Vitale joined as always by patriots expert columnist Christopher price of WEEI dot com. Chris again it seems like this is a broken record. Not pretty especially in the first quarter when the patriots were trailing three nothing the offense and Tom Brady couldn't get out of its own way. Then they turned on the switch and everything got better -- For the first quarter on both sides of the ball I think they got a really good offensive performance through the second and third quarters there Brady was able to find general Compton for her touchdowns. They -- -- to a really good job also down the stretch -- up some clock I thought that was a huge thing in there in the fourth quarter of leader blunt. They also got a good defense -- we saw pic by to leave they were advocate good consistent work on third down the Republican off the field on third down fourth out. But all adept at some pretty good complementary football in another win for knowing. Why do you think Tom Brady struggled in the first quarter so badly I think it's just you know that's a great question I don't know I think some of it is just -- -- getting into a rhythm of the game I think some of it has to do with. All these new receivers all these new elements to kind of finding a rhythm with each other -- -- that we have to do that though the -- pick it up in the second quarter of picking up in the third. In a replica poignant. -- Tompkins with two touchdowns and that's seventeen point. Second quarter two touchdown catches from Tom Brady. After the game he was as you would expect very humble as a rookie and that is the patriot way after all but. After the game he was talking about the system -- that we re able to find gaps over the zone we knew coming in. Again a sign of the patriots great preparation that the Buccaneers would probably drop two safeties deep there would be gaps to be taken -- and a job it over the middle. You mention it to a couple of times during the game on Twitter you're you're very pointed about the fact that there are some areas there that they can work with -- some open areas of realistic as good as that Tampa Bay secondary is. Being -- some holes in that area in the -- triple find some of those holes letting me be going back to the question before. Maybe that's one of things they were able to do the -- to diagnose some of the problems terrible spot some of those deficiencies in -- Tampa Bay defense and he took advantage. Brandon Bolden also spoke after the game I thought he had one of the more unsung performances of this game converted a couple of third down. Opportunities with running and caught a couple of passes from Tom Brady he did however admit. To stopping that right down the sideline here on -- a deep route -- the Tom Brady throw him there was a penalty on the play he stopped running which is obviously big don't know. But overall. Brandon Bolden said it was great to get back into the contact. A running. Getting hit in delivering it. It was really interesting because first of all on that play right over there he said he was a bit hard and indeed if you keep good you don't have to be vigilant I was the one at fault of anyone else. I was the one bit to do it should be blamed for the -- that's -- thought that was interest to. Two I think it was. Really interesting to see about your specialty that -- bring something to the special teams unit that we -- I haven't seen before. No Matthew Slater out -- today that he stepped in it did some of the same things that Slater did you did you work on it got to roll. But he did some of the same things that Slater was able bring regularly he did some of those as well. I also think frankly. Dirk getting a guy who had more than a hundred yards from scrimmage when you -- -- mobile running the ball in catching the ball. You don't have a real multi dimensional threat other bin -- -- when -- -- -- -- the fact that we could do something like that would be surprised to see his role may be expanded go forward. Obviously a lot of people are gonna look at the patriots three NL record -- three you know for the first time since the undefeated regular season 2007. And they're gonna say well you. Beat EJ Manuel the bills on the road to -- geno Smith and you beat Josh Freeman. Not exactly three world beaters this -- let's face facts yet and Josh Freeman showed us why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having arable. Offensive problems with a terrible decision and Aqib Talib was there at the end of the first half. Picked it off near midfield patriots got koehlke converts the 53 yard field goal right before halftime but. Really what it comes down to with the Patriots defense is forcing may be sub par quarterbacks to play it like sub -- quarterback. You have to take it all with a grain of salt in it we can we keep pounding it's over and over don't look like 270 communal geno Smith and Josh Freeman -- do not exactly Super Bowl level quarterbacks. But at the same time. The schedule with the schedule and they're playing well and they're averaging he had been there at their allowing an average of eleven points a game. Now if the can if conversely was true that they be giving up big chunks of yardage in big points we don't be killer report so I think we have to understand that look. They're doing okay under the circumstance I think really -- and I do you wanna talk about this -- and important members. The season for them I think really a lot of we start this coming -- three -- always great. Three other undefeated in division the one of the only three teams in the league but they have a stretch now against Atlanta Cincinnati. And New Orleans. All of these really elite team the new laws that's -- much but it really good offensive team today I think we're gonna see. The patriots what that with this with this team is made of gold four point. Obviously. I think with the defense that starts with the defense of in the trenches with the defense supply. I think the defense -- line has done a tremendous job both against the pass and run over the first three weeks what it's stuck out to you about. The play of guys like you Rob Ninkovich along the defense of and he gets a three year extension. Worth fifteen million dollars that that story broke before the game. Vince looked a little bit better and Chandler Jones again stunning a little bit on the inside with Michael Buchanan. I'd love -- I really do I love the idea of moving Jones in there for -- -- depth ten to fifteen snaps a game. You candidate gets a good gets over a guy who you can work in that defensive end spot in his place. I just have depleted secondary over the first three games has really been impressive to always talk about team defense. And what they're doing you know and on up in all phases of the -- run defense pass defense but I really think the -- guys like to leave. Standards slip a little bit today at but he had a good start airing and had a good game I thought it was really interesting we saw a couple of times today. The single high safety. Wind whipped up an accordion I thought that was a little bit of it that defense of wrinkle that we may see going forward to got to get an extra cornerback out in the field to be and get an -- -- -- there. Well obviously part of that is you're facing Josh Freeman and you had Vincent Jackson injured in this game. Midway through with rib injury and they found a way to shut down Michael Williams who looked like he was on his way to about a fifteen -- 150 yard game. In the first quarter. The most important thing -- all the patriots made the adjustments and they wind up the winners 233. Here it's a -- stadium for Crist reprise some -- petroleum WEEI. Dot com.

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