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Patriots improve themselve to 3-0, look like an improved team. The Real Postgame Show

Sep 22, 2013|

Butch Stearns, Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie break down a Patriots 23-3 win over the Tampa Bay Bucanneers.

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It's -- The real post game show on the W media and Sports Radio network -- we'll post game show featuring bush Stearns. Shotgun formation much you're factual -- usually what we'll work. -- a little pissed off. Old drill -- -- -- friends lists and Super Bowl champion Steve DOC so powerful public fibers -- Brady -- big -- we'll -- -- -- very -- -- Terrible but it's. The real close teams you know there's brutal -- -- -- -- -- I'm very well. Well over one territorial -- over all of -- on the W media these boards real men were. Welcome back we're live from Toby Keith's I love this bar -- -- on the real post game show. -- -- -- -- -- FiOS you gonna go right to the -- the lines are lit up the good hear from you but. Guys what do you make of the story -- Rappaport weeded out earlier today. Almost as the game started that Tom Brady is made contact with two older guys. And trying to see their interest to come. Back to it. Well we more pixels is Floyd loose -- after a while ago. At least he's doing. Acting now we've got to figure fitness practice so that's old. -- -- -- He's out there if we put an elite team call up and asked if we come back to back a fifty concert balances out. Watch TV show and called -- open -- back. It would great if anything would you have Belichick sat down -- -- that the road -- So you're saying this review reports line. I think maybe get falsification I don't know if this it seems it's a matter. You guys maybe -- -- -- -- Tom Brady was asked after the -- about it at the south. So again you Rappaport at the NFL network. According to data rate reached out. Well Deion Branch and -- like earlier this week sometimes. It's the interest -- themselves and we know he was. About it after the game here's Tom Brady dressed in after the -- No I haven't approved why I love both of them. They're good friends and great teammates but I haven't talked -- you. Those lines. Did you notice his choice of words I'm content. He's expected defending us yeah exactly exactly easy to do it here did -- invariably there may have -- for Soviet. You'll overlook the audio thanks let me six yup sold out Freddy makes it a -- out audience -- -- -- -- -- To ask different questions will be. There are credible -- not credible reporters ready round there's three of RAZR line break and I say this for the question. Ian Rapoport is my opinion it's one of the credible guys out there. -- to let -- assure you for the sake of our discussion. Let's say that it's true let's say -- -- relative to what I regret because you don't want to deal with it after Thompson's not is seems silly to live. -- -- not as they are not true he said he has spoken to them. And a lot of good hope it was a wild if it's true that he texted them and found out UH didn't come back he said that group -- To the two of them but it's true what does that tell you full -- in the status quo if you like I would talk -- all right the red -- It was often happens when I gonna get it in Toronto for our daughter and I do not think what are you doing he's really good -- accident he's ever seen publicly who's ahead of the young guys you can I don't think it out like is lycra because I think my whole -- I think you know I think he's good but I don't think that happened. Pick audio -- Houston Friday. Of that little like there is an -- -- -- I don't think you know -- -- pick somebody wanted that information out there if the source cut it out and it didn't happen. So quick could be somebody you know planting it but in Rappaport covered the patriots I can believe he doubled down and grab. Drugs or -- in the -- or you've not known for going off right without understanding -- sources for all that student Belichick told an abusive. You talk about to be productive to have when they stumbled on whether you Rappaport ever -- -- -- if -- -- And I remember some guy hasn't done yes Ron Borges says that data. I'm I'm going to answer -- that's wanted to question. If funded and is all fell Phillip Sheppard telling what would the team and divisive at. The players found out about it perhaps the conversation the text conversation because -- united his conversation. Those text conversation that's what's called. I -- I made very good good I understood your road bouquet of text book told you don't have to deprive. Have to go do that but that's go to the district pistons. Do you think it would be upon called -- was get those guys -- those guys go back to Britain wouldn't be a little bit disruptive with you I don't think you can. There's without Hillary -- -- I think Brady is looking at the fact with Belichick that he would handle it may be out for a little while. So anybody with -- coming back I think that they need to reinforcements to like they always do they bring guys in all the time. I don't think it's far fetched to think that -- reached out to those guys you would do if you look at -- with -- -- -- beyond hope through Velika. But whatever I I think one of atop the sitting -- -- -- -- but it. It would let's go to the phone when I mean who would have been there -- patriots -- -- -- -- -- under the right to have solicited the threats of the operating our guys don't get it by defending or attacking anybody pretty -- and Bob brought good. Plausible to me. It's got to VoIP apps let's go to ASEAN and have not -- your other real posting that it was severely. -- -- -- Watergate you know it was like the quick -- -- differences is about really I should probably get the ball more. Because it that you had to do well and then on -- My observation that the game was that the this -- the base running actually getting to the line. Where -- optical and packet were coming out coming up but getting swallowed up by the coverage. And that they seem to -- in 340 yards additional. After that first hit what are your thoughts while. First off what what the numbers for Wrigley Ridley had eleven carries for 35 yard goal was longest carry was what. The original long that it went about getting nine yard run with that little spin move back to the point one quick point -- required of I'm not sure of that. That would justify your argument that he's carried the ball more especially when Bolten and what were carried the ball at a better clip. I think what they're both of reality is is. They're gonna use two or three guys and go situation they face and that's supposed Buford who run defense the -- they -- but. In this case revealed for the OK with 3.2 yards on eleven carries isn't that great it's not a great average so. Your point that we've recently got the ball more than once or Bolden. Doesn't really hold up as far as you have the part of this when would Doug Martin is a very. Good running back from that last year that -- use the smaller guy it's it's. When when you have a small guy the two are related to guys are very sabres were really right answer them Thomas were quick to. Your your amateur and while your defensive linemen and linebackers can be that guy. In the it in the trash in the wash and sometimes you're making a last second jump out of instead of knowing full well wars over Freddie and we are the legitimate traffic was. It would it would hurt we're getting there. What happens is you wouldn't have moved a temporary running back -- -- A guy that brought us from talking about a certain -- when oftentimes -- go small guy like that and you see him at the last second the bigger running backs you can you can see. Over the line of scrimmage conceived -- blessed with a little bit better than the small running backs sometimes you have but doctor. And it really did and part of it is the right there with over three times were -- written written some tackles. It that's you know -- guys get paid to. I think defense overall played very well if you think you're pretty good job of leading Russian in the NFL last year. If you watch mind. A lot of times is -- -- he made a dramatic come. When it can be explored to field any such low level we're trying to hit a young hit him in the shoulder -- so he's moving. We're glad we were picking exported through gaps that took me forever Thomas -- good. It's -- -- gravel you don't get a clean hit on a bigger back a bruising back that's like Jackson he's gonna hit their -- provide accurate. Not make those nifty -- -- That it could get a full shot that the minds of very -- -- when -- got -- correct that were a couple charged were you ransom for a few of the first tackle Drexel. Correct. But. You know those guys over there they get paid to well marked -- 0% to 16100 yards question -- whether it was -- second best running definitely for the PGA it's pretty good running back so. Overall -- old role. Run game -- fuel the Patriots defense. I couldn't agree -- you guys more I look at the numbers and it says that -- carried the ball twenty times for 88 yards set the longest running up with eleven. And then eleven yards and then -- look at the eye test. The -- test tells me he did break the couple tackles but his longest game was eleven yards right and they were offered to the red zone W expect that -- have a pulled in -- run. At least once during the game break it forty yards or break it from the thirty yard line in for a touchdown thought that was assembled fairly good who's good you know multiple its own. When he's not only a smaller guy he's very strong through -- strong. Could it be -- -- he's -- you're not -- direct hit -- if you get to one of these gonna break a lot of here's a guy who had overheard forty yards good things last roundup they go into the -- not a bad effort. I -- 6177797937. As the number. To join us here on the real post game show live with Toby Keith there's a body Jimmie and soccer site giving the. I have many. We did them thing if and if I -- 300 -- The community that for the game and today's game that -- -- -- -- looked like it would I'm not the underpinning like kindergarten and to -- like -- I don't know that I would go that -- -- remember I would say it won't navy. Those are pretty valuable Jimmy Jimmy let me guess. It's your dream always been to be a headline writer for the New York Post because yeah. Find an on the job I'm not a man robbed at a public active TV show called Cablevision. Well that's something. Thanks for the call we go from Jimmy it's August to a party Stephens Fall River I Steve. While eating barbecued the guiding. Think of any who. And we dollop of my number. And then and then that's like I'm ready to give up on the ballot check in -- society as we don't. What do go with the Tom tell you that we can't pardon me about how about that we have them go at him up so well it was signed by him. I'm I would say about that -- -- it -- when it's then there was that the. That's when they crack -- -- to retract it all the friends. Wouldn't really erupt immediately so which ones do you what's your point which 180. Doesn't. Really knows what's going on his. -- it's closing with a win with eight rebounds a weapon is not about you the way the media would make its way the media. Okay Steve let me ask this question. You believe that after the success that that Tom and Bill Belichick had together you think that three games is going to let make home. Basically jump ship -- that no longer. I'm standing with the -- and sound as if nothing else and don't like spread by itself but effective. There's not a chance in hell with Tom Brady. He's giving up on Bill Belichick. They both understand that they are amongst the best. At their positions in the history of the NFL there's not a chance in hell that Tom Brady the thought that you. Crossed his mind giving up form but nothing he said Tom Brady's acting on its own out there. He's running his own -- you have the latitude to do. A multiple about almost up to makes -- so -- -- -- talk radio to Tom Brady overrode some 5% off its borders the this -- Tom -- and Steve Moore and done more than that you Ali. Say this since you brought it up it was a lot of talk about this week after Brady's. Emotions being on you. For all of us in the -- game last week when he comes to how Tom Brady really feels. He has always kept that to himself. And I respect him for that because the office it would be Steve. That you two guys are the locker room Grady comes out and he speaks his mind and maybe gain something with his teammates by saying. That he's pissed that well was left to maybe gain -- than -- loses some of his teammates that he was the one that let it out sick guy talked to beyond. And I talked to avoid this week but that never happened to him. He's consistent about that and that's always been a part of this organization that stuff. Always gave -- You never faced. In the last six years of this passing offenses the most incredible passing offense that was seen here. Never been faced with this situation the closest thing we have is that 2006 season. They're called world where it didn't have a gap between weapons at all. So it is never just right it's not upside left to try to compare. His reaction for the last 23 weeks. Two. So what we offer it's been since 2007. About truth is that. The baseline from which to work and personal when you're young quarterback you haven't been through Yemen of all is good receivers of well -- Losses of them. Earlier on he had nobody knew that we will pick in Duncan it was reported that that doesn't work -- the working with the through holding 11. He's got to deal with what he had to fly had 28 220 -- that's how we complete 48. Thirty Elliott 26 point six completely that I go when he finds anything -- think you're not forcing you always get comfortable. With what he has an answer to that point to. We saw just in the game last week. The difference between Tom Brady in the first happened Tom Brady in the second half of the first step. He was every bit that tomorrow if the guy that was -- getting extremely pissed off. He had the realization that he can't do this with these guys and saw the second half last week he wasn't near. As adamant about his anger -- what well how much I went up there walk up the feel confident. Who adopted these arguments slapper by what he reciprocated excitable guy he still had. His -- numbered years and what he's accomplished still love to play football. So let's think about this. Think about that this first quarter was today after they attended the practice and they came out and you open. As a figure like all the soft it's gonna click on just -- it's gonna be -- and pumpkin that was going to be featured guy in my mind. From the way they started in looking at the numbers by the indicate they wanted -- to be the guy. He attacked targets more than anything else -- think about this spring that they wanted to go out they felt like he would it. It but they gave him the operating what do you with -- -- plant today -- we're included defense would be thought what do you look here's the thing big gold gold line of scrimmage things red right that they feel okay. And Tom -- put out there. That's okay he has it he has that -- That in this scenario maybe -- appeal to my point the numbers tell us this the end of the first quarter Brady was 47. The 35 yards they don't run twelfth place after the first quarter Brady went 212990. Yards two touchdowns -- -- But again your point from last week -- compared to this week. It's frustrating is this game started for him. He didn't let it get to be went back to being disabled Tom Brady completing 60% of his passes for produce rainfall over wouldn't you wolf what this -- what's good. He found the guy earlier I think I was over the content -- more Frist. Right it was a more of -- blow to the office we had seen that too. Eventually put it came and went -- I thought the rhythm was. You know was up and down for Brady today he held the ball a lot and I'm sure -- -- -- -- -- it was a little bit different but down -- has gotten fooled again trying to -- the fight when we come back -- -- your guys' opinion about Dobson. What we saw today because he saw some good things we also saw some dropped beneath you from Aaron Dobson. -- from the locker room we come back the real post game -- continue with your phone calls and more live from Toby -- I love this bar and -- Real post game show was presented here by completely insurance seem to five -- -- can you review -- complaint he dot com. Also presented to you by post route Tony put to the folks can't -- AT&T. The real post game show continues after this. But you know Stephen Garrett -- They'll have some good runs routes he runs -- You know it's tough defense on the ball against but we're it was a good chip away at least keep them honest since they don't allow long yardage situations and that. That helped us you know when he got a long yardage tunnels. You know those those -- the answer is what we're able to control the distance situations and running game certainly help is this policy course. The real post game show is back live on the air -- Toby -- I love this bar -- -- which turns. -- -- Steve -- alongside get a full -- covering everything for you down here. In Foxboro Patriots defense gives up no touchdowns today Patriots offense scores two touchdowns both. By rookie drafted right -- kept profound kids and they kicked three field will they win it 23 to three. A quick check of the late scores and by the way Christian market with a sports -- to keep you updated cookies scores change fast the NFL. Especially this year but Miami is trailing Atlanta thirteen to -- right now. Two touchdowns in that game one as the Miami Daniel Thomas run the others in Atlanta. Matt -- touchdown pass from Jason Snelling all field goals Miami's three you know. Huskies need to know trying to keep up with the patriots -- they were played next Monday night at New Orleans. For their next game buffalo trails the jets fourteen to six all field goals in the game for the bills. Gina Smith has thrown. 51 yard touchdown pass to Stephen -- run for an eight yard touchdown -- the jets and bills are both won and won the bills will host Baltimore next week. And the jets will play at Tennessee the other quick afternoon scores Indianapolis surprising leading. San Francisco ten to seven. And Seattle league's Jacksonville not surprisingly -- -- we learned predicts the looters who -- the one group wanted to play this Thursday night -- turn -- clippers ninety. So we look at the division we look at the bills and jets played each other -- and one. Look at the dolphins the patriots and dolphins playing each other a couple of weeks. And Miami next week will play. -- at war ones on Monday Night Football speaking to them against Julio right now on the -- with their feed them. We'll -- home we although that is that a team with the river so this -- before -- -- so that I think was probably don't expect of them. Richard Bruno. Get your -- right there was eight yesterday and I believe the saints won their. So. The patriots -- The -- games going on through. So there Seattle will be free -- eight teams that were undefeated -- Kansas City went to three you know. And I don't think any of those teams have lost today there we go. It's sort of -- So league standings here that teams that are undefeated as of right now Chicago to know Kendrick you're known the world into three you know now Miami to -- We look at three you know Seattle to know Kansas City three you know. And Pittsburgh plays is the root for Chicago for them the right. Expert in the Monday night at the -- making his pitch for Chicago and the Monday night game is Oakland Denver tomorrow that's that's three over Chicago's what's good. Cool people we did this doesn't need to -- -- -- we did this yesterday Freddie we -- winless teams. Winless teams are. Tampa Bay -- three Washington now only three Jacksonville only to this down seventeen enough -- Minnesota lost today in their own. We lost at home to Cleveland. Pittsburgh is always too so they don't win tonight hero and three of the giants. Plus 38 and up today's people who want your opinion on one. -- -- We go through it and it. Opponent with a -- or -- -- how are you know lesbian -- three though huh I really respect to what happens when you have no defense in care of the ball. Out of the running back that's who happen to you about that is that the stop playing good football right now it's. Provide -- longer they would -- seven -- up when we go to the curious -- has -- -- game but that there were number one of the league in points. So they're every -- we're. They're put points up pictures which is kept by that we -- bought you. You know that's why it's very tip difficult to keep achieving a high level -- -- and graphical. Right it's in the place you can you get older and -- it would be accomplished while. Players have to be paid more right if we're picking up -- look out towards him Johnson analysts say those things the -- before longtime giants are a long time. I think -- -- they still have received is -- Illinois you know running back with the giants have an awful right now they're division but I think the program. Who guide you through cleanly to right right told them we don't want to run as much universal what he does with the run -- -- -- the fans that make so much more effective portable. Well you mentioned their. Their division Steven you look at that division right now. Dallas won today to beat Saint Louis -- -- was one of Philadelphia's wanted to Washington's not only three and the giants right you can have the cowboys. Aren't that good either the giants ahead five turnovers. Which -- left they had just to win that game against the cowboys. And he let it was another stupid yourself fight back to Foxboro 6177797937. -- here. In traffic would love to hear from -- -- the real post game show we're live -- Toby Keith Ronald over. You're still around -- -- of Tom Brady after the game again we give our opinions about how this is still a work in progress. Give our opinions about how the ball spread out today stops and get most of the target -- fluid any Tom could be in the one get the two touchdowns. They only did scored two touchdowns. The news that Brady was. Reaching out this week to former guys Floyd and Deion Branch after the game here's Tom Brady talking about this win talk about the patriots beat three you know the -- Well hopefully. You know it stays that way the guys -- -- great job of trying to you really do we go practice and I think ultimately showed up and it was a good win. It was fun to be out there. On the CS you know play a little bit better. So thanks beat -- Well they've they've been playing good. Mean we I think we just got good production from tight ends up and ran that by. Nice that the burden does not the -- positions -- You got a great great job in the running game one against one of the best run defense is currently. So. You know 106 yards rushing against. The number one rated rush defense and we've last year for you press. They did a great job and you know you can't have got stuck here a few times. You know going in the fringe area going into the and and had to go forward as. It's too short department too long for a field goal and we've been caught in that situation few times so. Our defense a great job stopping me from you can limit teams to three points is incredible. So they've been playing great. -- offensively we've got to keep doing a better job. Well they're doing it -- and they're doing a great job there. -- they worked really hard. -- understand what we're trying to to do a weekly basis changed up a lot of our offense so it's not like we do the same thing week to week all the time it. -- we try to attack teams in different ways and you know today we definitely made some adjustments throughout the first or second quarter and we. Did a good job adjustment in and really trying to understand what. And we need to do. But drives together. Yeah. Yeah it's potentially could you go through this spring camps and you're the practices in their because there's not real competition there's a scoreboard. In some ways you get also this is a security you know things are going the right way and then you're pre season games and practices being drawn right away and other matters. You know because what matters is what you do differently this season so. -- you come of these games throughout the buffalo we -- hard fought game you know took a big -- must at the end and to win and then last week was you know it division opponent in their best. You know we really fought battleground. Today was. No better day all around so it's just every week is it's a weak -- -- you -- -- being -- every week and every week. Urgency more because they're less gains and or -- you can do about your season so. Just to get to three you know it's no longer wants. Seven years and I -- like that which is a pretty good staff. So let me get to form. Yeah -- -- we got off to a bit of a slow start we just didn't convert. Some some meaningful for -- you don't do it in -- the field in years. On the ball is a team that our defense their great job moving them to a few local and stopping them and really that was a big turn around where they stopped them on. In different we took the ball went down he'll keep you on the on the -- -- so that it WBX wing. You know with a big stop a good drive -- -- that position. We talked about it so it is. Mean I wish I could've been a little faster -- a little more. You know meet the great thing is Steve made it through or coach always talks about those. Really important situation football plays that actually mean you get a chance to finish the play we finish a player of the great. Field goal attempt kick. Blocking snapping and huge momentum play going in for the interception. Made two good positive plays and then. You know great kick -- going -- -- -- -- -- -- I haven't put those well I love both of them. They're good friends and great teammates that I've talked to you know. -- Yeah and -- you know fortunately. And all those guys that fell through the receivers have all been out there practice every day throughout the spring. In the summer in a jar some in the -- about -- a lot of balls those guys who spent a lot of time talking about. Office football and situational football and you know we got a pretty good job and situational football which is. Really helped us plays before the end of the half that drive at the end a buffalo game the third down. Play that we made at the end of last against the jets were doing culpable and about those are big plays the little things with their big thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I could play better -- -- Interception will alternate for the rest of the week. Your chance you got there again missed touchdown. With terrible so. I expect to make those place. Yeah we did a better job on the drive starts you know this team is. Done a great job last year through the pre season. -- teams in the third long they do great job their run defense the situation. Second intense second and ten plus. Which forces you in the third on its aggressive defense though. When you get these third and 11393. And you know they paid by third ten plus it had more third ten plus attempts and third less than ten which you know that -- -- -- about. You know their first and second on defense so we got into. A very good job of that early in the game but we convert better as the game went on it. We're gonna do better we. A little bit yeah I mean we've got we've made some adjustments of routes that we thought would be better against what they -- plan. You know and we had to make him play so that's one thing to make adjustments and -- isn't just a better chance. And ended up you know did end up doing a better job and you know guys -- a lot of really great catches up there could catch and run plays. Like the touchdown reported third -- with guys -- feel so important. That's Tom Brady after the game patriots win 23 to three we're alive and Toby Keith's. I love the sparks well Fred Steve here he's like to join us call at six point seven. 7797937. At 617779. 7937. Or just one over. Toby Keith what stood out to you guys. I would Brady talked about. Like one -- season was. We practiced a lot through a lot of what that passes together we did a lot of practice in pre season games with ten days. But live via. With full speed -- traded up wouldn't have to react to it it's totally different we've got to just threw out the first half but. You know it shows that it wouldn't commit to a season with guys with -- for the past -- the war. I'm alive circumstances that makes a huge difference is the quote the books. First touchdown pass was right. Talk to the right. Bob to the professional bouts -- last week if the jets. So you have -- go -- every single game so they're excited about we've outfitted herself you know that sometimes we'll look at -- -- around and around desperate. Did this slowdown that it shall we were gonna go. It's a truly get to watch film shoots video review when it's no pressure practice that was about the truth if you but I who battled thrilled to learn with Paulson. It's just also seems like -- Understands that. There's a learning curve here with the young receivers it's -- -- It's not like you've got one young receiver who's got a break into the program you've got. Three or four guys who helps us open to that and that married to would. -- stops and -- such. And you look other than that he got. You can put settlement and it. And an adult and a guy in the system -- of veterans who you know I've noticed it would take -- that he's been in the lifetime but and then one at that you have that celebrated being number one guy all the sudden. There's there's. And whoever's gonna replace what is good is good today we saw -- will be involved passing game quite a bit. And place for me only under he understands. That this is a work in progress. You also understand that. We'll work in progress still three you know that's that -- -- so when you look at the overall progress of I think. Would Tom Brady looks at this game who -- okay. This is what we. Want to in the long run but this is a big step forward if we did the last couple weeks this is. The fact that things weren't over that that big break that they have to prove that I game with the with the jets that's important to him because he knows. He has really had to have much learning curve it a long time right though or to deal with so -- want to. She had to adjust to a Justin too it gives did stop the -- we didn't do was great November December. Virginia that's a great point oh it's not about the young kids adjusted to it. Tom Brady did have to adjust to yet it would just last week -- so frustrated. We almost took himself out of the gate and was not the focus on what guys always do or they made these guys go make mistakes I gotta keep going to -- here. Freak freak out just have television photo one guy -- all the rookies have that would just to a he's good just to guys not do would confirm that belief because tonight used to it as it progressed. To the floor you mentioned before we're too. They were on the floor periodically during this what you found it has to watch it goes. We don't we used to seeing from the beginning we gave to the united diminished flow from out of the medal -- next week it's going to be. Jordan have -- it's been beautiful this week with the word out so at least you saw some rumors last week rookie thought none of the. Well to the point about three you know I thought it was revealing. But he said matter of factly and sort of off the cuff. Well what -- for the first time on the second time in the last seven is the fact that he knows those numbers. It affected their three you know what he's been frustrated and goes to -- -- the day there's still three you know. -- -- to take it to be extremely almost saying well look criticized if you want we know it's worth of profits from what you know flip the team three -- all right. Don't know -- alternative. How would you rate that how he's you know you've been to lose one of those first two games and when you look at the big picture. Tom Brady like -- both should understand that you have to be playing your best football towards the end of the season. You -- about you have to be over the last game. What you want to be playing much better -- by the floods hit exactly correct and that's what this team -- -- vote for so long. Incredible record through November December of this -- -- photography. You understand that -- is that the work a little bit differently not harder because he always works hard right he's going to have to work a little bit differently to get him in that position. We're November December run five more from Steve -- more from threats -- more of your phone calls and more of everything there on the real post game show it's presented you -- -- plant's future. See what a five star agency can do for you at a plants -- dot com. Also brought to you by post foods honey bunches of -- and by. AT&T we're back with more live from Toby -- I love this bar and grill it's the real post game show. -- -- -- -- implementing -- -- -- you know give back that would receive reduced nudges. That's not a good thing about way -- within about what oddly that we've -- -- come. And play better and it. It. That's Aaron Dobson after the game talking about. His game today. Dobson was targeted ten times. He had seven catches up those three completions. They were all balls that he had his hands on. I thought to them I called drops and a third one I call a rookie mistake in the third one that I called the rookie mistake. -- when he. They did on the fake it was in the red zone got open in the end zone but instead of standing alone make -- itself still. It was a bad pass by Brady sorry for you called more grateful that is. But -- into doing it right middle management -- -- -- a veteran receiver right think could have made an adjustment to get himself for the position -- that. They. They're right every talk. Looks at these guys now he's been I'd like to think politically in a little bit not make it you know we. We wait a little bit longer if it's a Florida -- we anticipate -- being at that drove me if I'd vote for it dissipated he will be provided for patrol was a great. Probably could have spotted. With the rookies like golf instead was -- the block things out to go back to play receiver not worry about what what else going on and that's the first step to get on the same page. Well first off he didn't block out that ignores the fact that you acknowledge that would mean to hurt it. What he'd do it was focused and I followed -- with that talk about not okay. Definitely you're talking about adults say that. And always. If you're if you're talking about you -- -- you know. What he -- it was. What we've worked a little bit better not harder so that the worker are. But working with smarter than ten days. You don't talk with Tom boom -- or talked with -- and more and was able to make some plays at what happens with the young player. In the league his. Once you make if you please all of -- that you start believing that you belong and all the sudden that natural instinct and atlases and you have complete -- a little bit more. -- effective. He means. A few games under his belt to understand that. They are long and mostly be got the best quarterback in the league. Won't be the balls -- that are -- were supposed to be I don't have to college you have to just your quarterback. 99 out of a hundred teams have to just receivers after just for the quarterback you don't have to adjust it's operating. Tom Brady will tell you where to go went to be there at where the -- and delivered just pictured to with. That's part of learning her he's got lured her to -- a word for. Today with a very good stuff. We've seen what he's tied the young guys yes they could throwing the ball. But I got -- point. When they're running down the field he says I'm going to -- ball right you can be sure. Don't look back -- slowdown that we for the ball keep running for the ball it's gonna drop for me -- -- looking backward don't slow down. It's in a couple of feathers slowdown although volatile throw you guys have watched a lot of film and your career when he ran him -- gets that film. Tomorrow he's not going to be happy if -- goodness stimulus we will have a block where Brady gets out of the three sacks and two plays later he stopped running. Podcast on the sidelines gradient in April left a few. It was a lot of you could only see that anybody that goes through the initial -- probably that's the mistake I think Kendall. Bob good debate last time returned in the flow stops and hit him in the shoulder because he was is both their primary guy has no primary guys. In the receiver -- that's a guy that's open -- problems. Add to that that's green that's the that's got a first down on us he had two guys in front of the Al ravens -- blocker had waited. Like a veteran -- and they -- -- rookie anymore obviously figure but. Had he waited for his blockers to -- work with a blockers he probably got by the fifty yards on the play. 61777979837. We're gonna be here till 730 taking your phone calls. On the real post -- show we're live at Toby Keith's I love the spark growth which current spreads rose. And Steve DeOssie so again we'll be here till 730 coming up after the 6 o'clock break. Christian -- during the break level I'll be updated scores we've by the way Atlanta has scored again. So they now lead of the dolphins kicked a field that they lead twenty to thirteen in that game in Miami all the other afternoon scores of the same as of right now think that the radiant young receivers. Rate double clutched hesitated there was a lot of that it earlier on deals like it was a consistent during the game. So I agree with your point for the most -- a pretty he had confidence in the young receivers. I also agree with your points walk off it's not going conference just doesn't even Europe once the video player develops confidence you start throwing the ball. But I think today when you start catching the ball sucked when you see results right okay. Today I think I think my conclusion would be. That the inconsistency of that with Brady watching from up above it seems simple things like. Dobson coming out of the break in Brady double clutch he would have never thought that would Welker. He wouldn't do -- settlement it's just wrapped together with each other when you -- I -- Grady Little wore when you add that all up to meet the one saying it says it all as this is clearly still work in progress. When it comes to reading these -- -- -- its receivers thick smoke coming out of college. Cincinnati Marshall. How accurate those quarterbacks -- produce programs about not so much so you're waiting for the ball of the likes he figured just to -- the ball loose. Farm method of -- the ball through its twelve could be. Most of the time. When one runs we're supposed to go one particular player of talking about it was in the first half. Dotson was lined up in the slot and they've been the quick slant to him. He broke and break it it yet rule because they had underneath of me. Deeper coverage of it was under the April. He's broke and -- still a double clutched the throat and I remember thinking of myself. That would never happen Welker. Or settlement because they've done so many times in practice for Brady -- have to wait for him. One of two things happen either Brady was expecting him to break a little bit earlier adopted people -- the same thing in the game -- he didn't practice but that's just felt a little subtle things that the. It's always -- all part of learning curve that they talked about. The support troops on both ends of the spectrum it's not just. Receiver -- too easy -- understand though that you don't have walker you don't have boy you have received two. Last year. It's going to beat your going. You're going to see this team -- room. The receivers -- particularly as it goes along. With a one reason that they -- live fire reps -- there's nothing like that I don't care what you -- practice there's nothing like the live fire erupted. Big supporters feel what's going on out go to. Great don't talk to their allude to that. Which was just. Bob Brady sees you holding the ball. More than it did but he's wait for the receiver to make you break he's not formal -- we. Anticipating him make the break because they work through the second half noble cop who. 6177797937. -- -- break. Christian Arkin got a flash with all your updated scores in your finals -- today some wild ones Cincinnati Green Bay was a wild one Cleveland Minnesota. Christian -- all that the Red Sox they want again today trying to get their best record. Ports all over we're back here after that more sound from the patriots locker room or -- phone calls it's all on the real post game show. Presented by complaints he insurance seem to -- -- he could do for you a cup plants keep dot com. Also by post foods honey bunches of votes and by AT&T more -- the real post game show after this. This is the real post game show on the W media and Sports Radio network. We'll post game show featuring bush Stearns. Shotgun formation much progress up through about what it's really what we'll work. Helps a little pissed off. Old drill knows it goes friends lists and Super Bowl champion Steve DOC so. Our goal of the fibers -- Brady while -- -- or -- braided -- fine. Careful about -- The real close teams you know there's freedom -- -- -- good. Well over one territorial -- over all of her. On the W media these boards real men -- Welcome back the so he. We're alive I love this bar and grill it's the real post game show after another patriots win point 33. Against. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sunday night your Sunday Night Football tonight is that Chicago Bears in the Pittsburgh Steelers will be taking you right up until pregame. For that game Westwood One radio who have some off all the scores for you today and then. It'll be the Steelers and the bears tonight Cabrera Westwood One. But to be not this moment let's talk about the Patriots defense the a lot of talk about the offense. The fact is they've won three games against inferior talent and -- familiar quarterbacks. Steve you started the show -- -- it. Thank you and if they'll sketch of it with all that said there's still three you know and you guys can respect that more than anybody else you like three NFL games and you preannounce so what you're it is what it is. To quote our friends. Bill Belichick and you play the schedule they've only scored five touchdowns spot. Let's look at it from the defense side of the ball -- only given up four touchdowns that's number one number two when I look at points against the NFL right now. Seattle Seahawks to give up only ten. You're leading 24 enough -- right now with their games don't progress against Jacksonville they'll probably end up the day three you know without without given up more than ten points. The next lowest scoring teams. Miami and not give enough points at thirty Oakland who hasn't played yet they've given up thirty in the jets and now given up more than thirty. New England has given up 34 points -- Kansas City giving up thirty points this defense is tied for second in the NFL. After three weeks and points allowed what's good about this defense and talk. What's good about it is that the only thing -- really take from that because trust me those guys are are absolutely cognizant of the fact that they played three pathetic golfer. What happens is you still gain some confidence from -- you still start feeling better about ourselves we still start realized that you played better together. Like Tom Brady said in his press conference. You know you you're still. Three you know what -- still -- growth of the fuel we live reports of any of the -- game that's a good thing NFL teams you know shut outs are very rare. It in the NFL so. What would you look at. The overall picture defensively. -- that I played great offensive but. You can take good things away from that you've had pretty good front seven play -- some decent of secondary play but the fact is the only thing. That these three -- due to the defense is. Fueled. Coffers towards what they please some real things you -- -- also I see a better password confronts them. Kelly is much better I think jones' improve. Lot of that if you -- to pick up we left off -- pressure quarterbacks. Which is four guys look at the line is going down posted online the question it's good to fix the ball. Good Catholic as a team. If they were in the that they're aggressive they have guys that could rotated them so I think the defense all of all of holding up the flood. Who would nonaligned very well pursuits good in the pass rush is better from the front four they're able to get more Russia cal has been a big difference -- the children brutalized. But do you agree. That these guys know that they haven't really -- everything absolute that goes -- what. What -- sort of playing poorly -- -- for office that they could go a mile below what it was just horrible effect. It is because the offense -- -- support our office patriots. The did the other offense is getting more hit -- that defense normally they're gonna take up 567 minutes of shots on the field has been a lot of free of all for the Patriots offense. Given the other opposing team's offense. More shots of the feel abnormally good defense -- effects are just about time that since. Jackson was Lester last three years ago dropped I looked it up with the securities and reliable way to live our lives -- compounded by live with your line between Vietnam that that Hertzberg who what and and Fred you're telling the truth is there's just a lot of -- Because it has been awhile so there's a lot of three and outs of war -- voters -- drive and more about the Soviets that specific group back to the pass -- front seven you talked about. They have made changes. Next week they're gonna face one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL competitive because they haven't had that Ryan -- -- -- disabled and decide. We'll be able to judge better next week. How much the pass rush isn't proof that the numbers tell us for. -- seven sacks three game if -- perceptions. Three games they have a bunch of tackles for losses but to be honest with the over the last three valuable thing but I don't see a ton of pressure on quarter one or more fingers. Is stops on fourth down like this like Paterno. Great but I don't see it but the numbers aside I don't see it on impressions last memory of the one of one of the big reasons is because the people. Because the schools to close of teams on -- is ready. Lot of players who play action passes 103 last week this this week was as close -- have a little more pressure and that could censored but the bills game was right -- why a more more often than not the last few years we've about what -- point they have the open so therefore it's more predictable in America. Well next week when Matt Bryant's in the back -- I have a feeling that we do the real post game show late next Sunday night. The pass rush will be a factor one way or another. It will be talking about after playing quarterback like that rhyme or what type of pressure they put on him. As if they allow him to stand back there on my mom I know it's a cliche but you gonna have a different patriots beat but that's it -- you. You would hope you would hope that they have that they tighten up the pass -- would hope that they. Have better play in the second -- you would hope that. All those things come together when you're facing quality quarterback. That's the big question we have now the question is. It's not -- defense play its and they played against the top flight quarterback we'll find out next week and one thing you'd be for the patriots coach refused offers to move the ball. -- the clock cut. You want to have to offer to blue -- schools with point and make this make. The Atlanta Falcons get out of the game -- you do recruit him and change the threat of war speed up Wofford because they're behind. Patriots haven't done that to a today but the game was relatively close until you know -- Iran. But -- -- need to -- to speed up the clock and keep it away from Matt Ryan some with what you want with pretty poor Richard's defense wins today they spearhead no touchdowns allowed. 23 to three that defense is only given up 34 points total. And the three games they played 21 of the bills tend to the jets and three today Vince Wilfork. Talking in the locker room after the game that big events after this point 323 win. Feel good and Bruno. Yeah. -- in -- saying you know that we play where you're fifteen. -- these things for -- to and so. We had a good week of work some children are. You know we always talk about the biggest day excesses in the points allow. And we'll put it past three weeks in defense of doing real good job. You know just over now owns -- home. Low scoring game so. Arms and that's something we reform and greater use of the year for us there can't be here for us. More than stepped up its. Wouldn't challenge. No more room in the wrong. Nothing you could. So we forced him some situation that we knew we could win. We're we're hormone. And Marcus if you could go out there. It's cute the way we have -- that they. Because we. Put a lot of work into one if Jesus was greater than did show. Third down when show so. And -- getting better each week in this this movie that's what. It always good to score points. So I mean we know what type of team we have we know -- things you know personally than they won't. Most thought we can so. We know we're about there are going to be users. Who -- opponents of this points than us and but three weeks in a row we've done so. It is good to me during the lot of football where are things wouldn't be as -- as we won't be as long as we -- to -- -- this -- I think that's the biggest thing for us right now hours. In his movie brings a level playing and you know just. Take every every bears come out and we attacked each week. Like there would be okay so. This -- you know be you know it sounds more than an hour or so. Every week is different what our goals one of these and that's that's Cubans were. I mean though is -- because. That's where is all about when you can't go everybody's kids and I want me. No I'm no partner so someone as those sort of two. We have guys alone -- it was that we won more battles and the three weeks we've seen that. He's just he's as good over what got us to understand we have 11000 must win. Know you were details all lovers spectacle of these guys. Is this is just. Good to have -- -- you know going tomorrow won't wanted to do and this morning no one of these. When these guys don't make a lot of plays we don't know who may be good you know there's going to be one element. When happy. Can take advantage of and we've been doing -- governor. Or tomorrow and come and watch them work out. It is a form. Move for -- this that you can't really. It's who was one win. -- -- So -- -- definitely remember where we need to be these powerful song plays. Smart is that we can clean up so. Our job is the clear tomorrow. And each week we have who we have attacked each week like this. So we wanna give so three weeks in a row we've. -- raise our level went. This once they've known this week's event another good week of practice and preparation. And hope the weakness funerals and. Vince Wilfork talking about a lot of things in there are talking about practice doctor about ready get ready for Atlanta and by the way the Miami Dolphins. An eighteen yard pass from. Brian Hart lines to grind -- line from Bryant can -- have now tied up. The Atlanta Falcons twenty to twenty completely. In the third quarter to -- security for that what stood out the pit -- the -- you've got you've got a couple that's played on that side of the ball. We're it will put -- he said stood up and -- talking. Though we could -- -- goodness we want every. If we execute in the draw and have the drive thoughtful I love being around a lot of players that -- all of this but know that not. Really should be right now and nobody billable work falafel coordination not happy with result. -- -- but he's happy to be -- off but not happen -- to -- this point children guys that. No way they you know realistically that's his father to do with this we have a long way to go to people who refuse to be that it did before five you know. Doesn't concern himself with good numbers we better talk about the numbers for a little bit. He's -- -- -- was three you know whose job. And because job is to. Hold opponents to less points in -- that the office of about it but it's 3.2 point reports whatever that that's exactly attitude you have to have. Because there's -- felt there were Carlson defense did you hear her scores well here's the point guys again we spent a lot of time. In three weeks talking about Tom Brady never received the -- -- let's stay on the defense and let's look at the next three games that his defense is gonna face. Next Sunday night -- -- -- Matt Ryan the falcons and Atlanta. The Sunday after that at 1 o'clock they go to Cincinnati. Based in -- adult and a very good very good offensive weapons all over the field. They then play Sunday at 425 years Foxboro against Drew Brees in the New Orleans Saints so. You wanna flip the switch from the three offices they just based falcons bagels and saints didn't get much harder to -- to this defense. When you look at that you you have to realize that. You're going to have to score some points you're going to have to use your doctor -- -- -- you -- as the defense I don't know I'm gonna -- beholden. You have to hold the war wounds or -- or Cincinnati. Ten points maybe dug in seventeen point so quick to -- earlier. The defense that gets some help but also to -- it's going to have to. Score some points maybe score quickly put some pressure on the other offensively the other officer one dimensional and that makes it -- -- it better so when you. We look what it's talking about. They fully understand -- around here for long enough he understands that their defense played. Well enough to beat the team the repeat but felt well enough to compete and chip chip level that he knows that and everybody knows. If you look at the keys to play it safe got a great defense tonight there were people that say for held up eighteen points those Tampa Bay Q correct you know falcons. They're not a great defense. There could offers -- look too good off fifteen with with not great defense so. We receive not only -- test you keep the ball up at every pulled the ball at the clock up. They got to capitalize a point -- can't drive -- one -- -- -- particularly offend outlined sort of defensive. You're gonna have to get the point you can. Because the other team's going to be able to score gets going the patriots did not did not like the -- -- -- filled with jets. But Tampa Bay is not about they're gonna put points on the board -- -- -- their increasingly get -- the patent they'd bet they need to take the next week. In order keep up with the big ball received the going to be playing -- the next couple weeks. -- quick break welcome back to talk more football -- Toby -- it is the real post game show. Live from Toby Keith I love that bar -- -- Real posted show presented to you -- complaints he insurance -- -- five started he could do for you. At the plants -- dot com. Also brought to you by post foods honey bunches of votes and by. AT&T it's the real post -- show.

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