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Jackie Bradley Jr. with Joe & Dave after the 95th win by the Sox

Sep 22, 2013|

Jackie Bradley Jr. talked to Joe & Dave after he hit a three-run homer on the day Carl Yastrzemski's statue was unveiled.

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I thank Jack Jackie found that you had to knuckleball squarely those little ho hum way yeah that was a bomb. Yeah that win helped out a lot and I appreciate that. -- -- -- there was nice symmetry today in the Carl Yastrzemski was a rather noted lefty hitter here himself. And a home run hitter he did that a lot in and you knocked a three run homers well today but. -- playing the last game at Fenway Park of the regular season anyway was that extra special to win. Yeah this year I'm I'm so glad to be it would you know be a part of you know such a great -- and what this team's name it views it's amazing and I'm glad to be here. The coverage your first year written they start opening yeah it made several trips back before what do you take out of this season. I -- keep working hard. You know is just the beginning. You know you're gonna have growing pains and yeah I keep you know working through it and trying to get better to do what I -- do -- team -- in the midst of my point is true. It's just the beginning for you and you started your career -- do a lot of people think it's going to be a terrific career here for the Red Sox but. What do you think you learn the most he had put your finger on it from the 2013 season. Our -- Just just learning I guess had to you know become for the professional. You know hang around. -- -- -- If you know how to you know going in day in and day out and how to prepare. For a game I felt like that was something that I learned. I'm when I first got here it's just you know the things that they do to prepare for game. And you come here they win like this. It's a nice way to work learn how to go about winning to be his system guys don't get the opportunity to do that through no fault of their own. Jagr each half I love winning so I'm I'm I'm my guess then I'm glad to be a part of it. Is your favorite memory of the season Jackie going to be being in the lineup opening day helping the Red Sox get off on the right -- To this magical season would have beat today's home run or something we didn't see. I'm I think just saw I think -- Dunn Clinton AL east in just a playoff firm I think that was pretty special of the and it you know celebrating. Com with the guy's name is it is lot of fun and and I'm really enjoying myself. I jacket shape here for a lot of long time so we'll talk many types again sounds good I mean based Yankee. Thank you. Jackie Bradley junior with a chip -- three run homer the difference in the game as the Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays in the home finale at Fenway they wind up 53 and 28 at Fenway Park John.

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