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NFL Sunday: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Sep 22, 2013|

The boys give their final thoughts and predict a winner for today's Pats game.

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-- Toby -- I love this barring relic patriot place right next to Gillette Stadium 1 o'clock kick off today patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this is that. Point of the proceedings where mechanical around the table -- party -- Tom current say he thinks the patriots win a tight when he said 1716. Somewhere -- that -- -- -- -- I think the patriots win this thing adding it's going to be -- Barack -- quite frankly I think we're gonna look at a a 21 to thirteen patriots win anything they're gonna. They're going to be able to call for even once or twice maybe get area of a defense of scored I think. We're gonna see another very good performance of the ruling the defense I think the patriots. First and foremost they're going to be following up. The key really to them as the new bottling up Doug -- and giving builds off about it think they're -- you know -- the -- going to be able to. Get Agassi forty plus yards or so political Malia. America would have -- other side of the political for the -- to begin to -- -- was -- -- thirteen. I'm -- I'm in the same vein I think I'm looking that. Ugly again but good -- you know I. I'm trying to do gamble against myself I can sit somewhere in the range of an earlier shall speak to 4717. Point 317 somewhere in the range. So I think it's going to be within 11 -- score game of maybe ten points. Not explosive offense putting and I agree I think everything in your own excuse me game plan which re actually just be controlled our Border -- Vincent Jackson. And then you know to the order to pick which talked about it the two -- ball opportunities Freeman. Take advantage of those cover those two things and protect the ball yourself for the office -- the ball it's it's a victory. All of last year 35 points was the magic number for me that we we just rolled with the president and it was a because that's what they were basically doing a little with the I'm nowhere in here -- again this week as I just don't think it's offense. Is that the point where 35 points as a realistic possibility go back to your point. This -- the third game -- over the patriots are playing pretty good defense it's a different defense than what they -- -- days go against the jets but still pretty good defensive team. So I've got the patriots at like 21. This week you know that's to touch down below I realize their norm. Also like this Tampa Bay offense that -- -- -- a point you made earlier on this is you stop two guys you've stopped this offense and Josh Freeman is -- one. You stop and -- you stop Vincent Jackson. You stop I'll be very carries to the Aqib Talib. The site I agree with you Chris I ID his job as Vincent Jackson and you -- take him in and do what you can do with him and he knows. But he fight against that practice a lot notes and probably knows as much seen as any receiver in Italy. -- think Belichick's defense generally speaking takes the run game away on pretty consistent basis. That the fact that the three were sort of went that route having all of that -- said. Or any of us can be surprised if we come back and it's like 45 that morning like. I I well I well Jack I well I won't -- because I think not yet I don't edition of sudden build additional bowl and actually ten days of practice because I think is what fed that the performance as part of that. I won't be shocked at all if I'm off by like three touchdowns because of the things we've always learned that we shall learn that should be written on the back of our hands for all these feature years. Is how different they are game planning week to week out differently. We -- never feels like three which -- -- -- fortune of public funds can be good can be worse. When I just won't be surprised if I'm way off in this one. They can go any number weighs in I think it all hinges around -- -- themselves the establishing the run if they establish the run game. Or endorsed a couple. 21 tennis when I'm on with which is a fairly easy win but you know not a blow out kind of -- I will say this. I think you're gonna see a break -- performance from one at least one of the two young wide receivers today for the -- neither Dotson or pumpkins I think you're gonna see a breakout performance. Remember now when they last played ten days ago they didn't practice the entire week there they walked through her like that that what they want but. I think all -- looking for is the same level of improvement you got from Tompkins from week what do we do if he can build on that in adopting -- -- that -- kind of -- I think the -- Well aware unanimous we think they go to three you know and then we'll get a chance to see them against a very often that's assembly -- ridiculous and it's not a guitar because after all he has. -- life in the fast lane. We got to get out here and our thanks to map local backed the station. And Zack lane to produce down here we got to get out of here will be back next week. Real post game show here after Red Sox baseball Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill on Sports Radio WEEI.

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