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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday to Give us the Latest on the Pats Heading into Week 3

Sep 22, 2013|

Tom calls the boys to discuss the latest on the Pats inactives and his prediction for today. He also gets into if the Pats are looking to add any familiar faces, the injury to Amendola and why he practiced this week and more.

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Back here on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI let -- -- a couple news items then we'll bring Tom Curran and and let him kind of react off of these things. First of all the Rob Ninkovich contract extension three year deal with the patriots. Eight point five million guaranteed total value over fifteen million the reason I know this is that his agent tweet about the numbers. And if so I would say it's probably fairly accurate when when we know the numbers so I'm -- which contract extension. Three year deal a half million guaranteed fifteen million total value of the contract patriots inactives for today -- out Chris will Svitek detected. Keep it. Leon Washington Rob Gronkowski Matthew Slater Danny Amendola steeple partisan Chris Jones no real surprise I think the one name at that jumps out to leaders -- Washington and we've been dealing with a thigh injury. Son Brandon Bolden in Baltic is act epic that is that is big we do about -- we can do about it though the -- -- But. Did that the one that jumps out of Washington principled ago cubism Chris Jones Chris Jones -- -- our Chris Jones yes Chris Jones the new defense of that country Christians and if that's axle so it's going to be an awful lot of them. The first weeks. Awful lot of jubilant. As as to what it's just a three man rotation -- -- tackle which rules of the game goes there could be an issue. And the real enemy is a big thing had not old and an up and now bring you open up the one thing he did a little bit of the pre season we've seen him is he's good in the spring game so. I think you've got to -- the backs. Ridley we haven't seen use those are way blog to select a spring game guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our let's bring in Tom. CS and Andy dot com. Tom all of the things that we just talked about in India the news items of the day so far we can add one other. Ian Rapoport of the NFL network has reported that Tom Brady reportedly called Deion Branch. I guess to see if he's serious about staying retired so far is that basically what the gist of it is time. Or. Yeah. Well he is he has tweeted out that that Brady reportedly contacted branch. And presumably about the possibility of coming back here and given via the paper thin depth at the wide receiver spot I guess we shouldn't be shocked defeated that right. Well you're PR call afterwards and be -- that -- hammered out. And a little bit better. Here's the interesting thing we're asking people -- in the last week or so. -- for the patriots to make remote. It's interesting. And we. Look at the bigger picture now people say while the patriots he'll Larry FitzGerald every other. The other 31. Including you know -- the patriots they're all trying to have a good season so. They -- what they have constituted it's pretty good game except for the Cleveland Browns were at auction mode or at least the running back position. They wanna see what. What's -- -- and thirty force apps from Aaron Dotson in the second game of the season you know we know preparation the masters ably pointed out. It's not an optical want to say -- but real got back in your bridge. Makes some -- Some of the security return to make it beat three I don't see it but it does not suddenly you're -- -- to hear that. You know you ought to be interest team Tommy if they had. Not I was always against and still am about bringing in the veteran wide receiver the book come in and take snaps from these guys. But if you could bring in a guy that was part of the 53 but that stayed out of the 46 the health. Translate in practice may be a guy like Dion would be important as he's out there. Can review filled with them can show while the -- needs to be Ron can sort of be a translator between Tom maybe that federal presence is helpful I think it just becomes a problem wonders what he's taken reps away from the guys as they continue to grow. It might be interest to see if they fall into that role here to help -- not taking reps away. And that's an interesting proposition and it's not unprecedented because it back out and when you failed reached in the it was basically figured all right -- rests on the global 46 on Sunday not getting in the game there are others. I don't know moral compass. Carpet at the question I have no idea what the purpose -- sir what you -- and contributing member of the eight cents. In a concrete way I think one. Dynamic involved not so there you go out Rocco you're -- probably will end this week. -- being a non factor and it already using a lot of if you -- more and Al way. So maybe that that would be with all of it but I think they're all of this. It's been pretty which were certainly it's looked disastrous on the outside the receivers. But the drops of thought -- Suffered from last week were more about. That the that -- Egypt which for -- Tom why did we see Amendola the practice field this week moving -- as slowly as he was. As we went along. It was important to note how quickly grew. Up Thursday night using video. -- -- and it looked like grandmother on the Arctic. And today we all feel that it definitely put it we hide it better than those protests. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's all about and you know. He was accelerating. A week ago where. We -- too much but I think he's their that he could be out there practicing. Or its proper global. And that level who's running laterally. -- accelerated. To a reap what you well. In depth. That makes parts which were a bit appeal that I buy it it -- dispute but. I think they'll there's not a and the message of the Kurds. She can handle the Iraq. By the report this morning from Albert career that of irresponsible. And I for so many reports on what churning toward adopters. I've been told to strain. That it's not that mobilized. To stop. It kind of approaches which would just be possible -- that the owners. -- cal patients were -- by a doctor people. Both say that B. Say that the air off the bone any -- that that immediate -- the worse well. It would also much we've followed it if you keep doing being -- it be better but my intention is that. One -- -- on my you know it straight. -- prevented it right through them. We heard word earlier today the Rob Ninkovich has signed a three year contract extension his agent tweeted out. The details three years fifteen million dollars more importantly eight and a half million guaranteed. For the contrary -- out there -- continue to harp on the fact that. Our Bob Kraft has gee he's not spending cap he's put money in his pocket as the -- -- is somehow hurting financially. This is an indication the first indication and I don't think it's going to be the last of what they plan to do with that cap from the they have right now. Now and will never be. I think we can all agree that the patriots. Here's with a way to expand them. You know perfect though Alpert and were not an ankle on I'll be better that was Margaret secret to take it back. -- -- But I think -- you talk about the baker beach boo in the recounts the they haven't been spending -- -- -- -- Most underrated player. Perhaps the I don't know enough about all thirty. Bureau under. -- back in 2000. Who made the most. Late in games were -- on recovery. Interceptions. Burton -- showed -- -- -- we. -- on mark you know there's ample. It's a real Smart football player. And up 20. Announced it seems like the personal doesn't want to -- get the deals which is kind of what you preach to have happen which makes you wonder if -- -- he might be the next. Next want to fall. That's the report and I've got -- choreographer Chris mentioned like I think he won't be waiting for awhile. But saying that nothing will happen but he may wait for awhile with a bit of to a long term type thing Chris you're a much are you disagree that. No I don't say anything spikes don't we talked about this in the past -- is -- a terrific question mark with this team going forward because I think that as -- 200 no he's he's one of the best run stoppers in the league but he's still -- you don't guy and I think that their teams out there will overpay for him as a result you know what were your pictures in to watch atomic. I'd be curious if if as these weeks change because like you know they're gonna play teams -- on the ball up this week so maybe watches. Roy is total spike -- -- wrong word but B because he's going to be out there more to just happen to be held a schedule -- that would be great time to do we deal with -- after week to win the first two weeks were nothing but -- -- you're right and I would have. -- surprise I actually am surprised -- -- -- Fletcher out there in the urgency that I but those are going to be real might -- he. But the other. -- Alex's. Personality. And or -- different and is so it's the -- -- everything out of the equation is quirky guy. Like your own. That a rule -- here and guarantee money. Or getting more committed player. Mr. not early you get more committed -- after it than previous. I like it one bit of information from the field. On. General manager. Previous game. Why. Would you. Experts. Eight -- Article today because they aren't -- at all. They don't -- So I'm that it. Follows well if you stop running. It every. Second and third. But not as manageable and it makes a difference but it's been here owe him -- They are now that the -- And votes mentioning that the patriots running its biggest concern. Tommy talk about Fletcher and it's it's worth noting that the Fletcher has not taken any single snap this you're on defense he doubles he worked in specialties but not take a single -- of the defensive side of the ball. He was so good last year before he ACL but that was going to be a guy who they really used that on. In post up he says the nickel defense but I think they've gone to peace for the fact that both linebacker backed. Well between dark art power and -- barrel on. It that. I think if you look at it it -- -- they want out who they want in conflict or stop the run if you group. That he might look at him and say well let somebody who would rather have -- here -- fare -- out but. I think it's still hedging your bets being able to stop the run if indeed you're not runs situation will. Imitators are too because you go through Jamie council -- the mix in the second round pick real highs second. And he's not involved much either so. It's it's a pretty loaded group which isn't a bad thing in the event of injuries but the they certainly are Aladdin hightower. Play a pretty high snap counts so you know Pulitzer from the -- we keep in mind maybe being worked there that would. Put too much into a two week sample but it inserts the Kerry are 46 weeks ago might be an issue. Why one of the keys today. Direct back to you that's so gay he would probably -- But mark has not been featured very much feel you know that the answer. Without who once fought dispute that but it's probable the first few games. That he could really in the upper orbit by them you'd be the -- -- about feel particularly. Eager or more significantly. -- gap but for. The Arctic. I think mister -- point Tom is that I think if I were to be critical of the two defense events that rob -- does much better job -- it but. When you have Michael Buchanan as -- overhang guy -- you can really take advantage of young people by by screening them using their aggressiveness as they get a field. You -- have to learn on and see just -- agree example I like that you use that because these guys are much the same I think that action a little better. And if I'm if you can lower instant it's probably the one -- trailer Joshi. It's upfield oftentimes in oftentimes misses the back in the spring games so if they can plot sort of play that chess game with either Buchanan or Chandler. That there's probably something there if they can get them if you know through the coaching of the week to get them to sit down the guys that than it really going to be a problem that's that's pretty good matchup to watch. Yeah. In your opinion Tom to the patriots go to three and out today. Yes they'll narrowly narrowly. That it -- sixteen inch while but I think the whole team has been a situation where -- Wait what -- what they're capable of it hurt -- achieve what together. Something that we haven't seen from them and -- At much closer to a 100%. Similar picture on the first two weeks would not surprise me also. Based upon what we've seen so far I'd say most scoring like game. But based upon fact that they you have. I -- a quarterback on one side of great receiver running back on the other you know they could. This could be an authority and we wouldn't you know of them would've expected. Tom appreciate it we'll talk to you next week in Atlanta. And about eight currency SN and are there are times when the real world conflicts with the sports world and it has happened this weekend. The Arizona Cardinals play in New Orleans against the saints. Cardinals nose tackle Dan Williams father was driving to New Orleans to see his son play today. And was killed in an automobile accident on his way to play. Well I mean as I said sometimes real world. Intrudes on on you know our sports world and this is one of those cases. Care whether Dan Williams plays in that regard he's got bigger things to worry about his life. I don't impact and even envision a scenario where you could. How do you -- laden and do your job today. Under those circumstances heartbreaking. -- what was the receiver for the ravens Smith last stories of their for the candidates -- -- the loss of the brother -- while I'm gonna executive met and I did this with. In a playoff game. Hear what was -- outside who came back in my. Bio father in law had been hit by -- train. On Tuesday and girls are -- Wednesday and I have to play the game on Sunday that was. Program but I never went back and watch the film of impeachment from a GAAP it was a game would -- -- you just beat the jets and I never watched my performance I can't remember really any of the plays specifically. A kind of didn't care programs Shubert Theater in the war here that I mean I've played my heart out did everything it could but I wasn't such a far in such -- but we replace the it's Sox aren't you you you go out and do and I think guys appreciate your altered given -- shot but. I'd do it wasn't one of my better games and I really don't know what the point didn't care much who just wanted to be some -- We'll take a break welcome back and give our thoughts on what's gonna happen here this afternoon between the patriots and the Buccaneers and broadcasting live from Toby -- I love this -- -- the real post game shall be here after the game as well. -- Stearns and -- moralists and Steve DeOssie will all be here after the game taking your phone calls and breaking down everything that happens this afternoon. This is WEP guys NFL Sunday presented by compliant -- insurance he would five star agency can do for you with the plants -- dot com.

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