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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #3

Sep 22, 2013|

Dale, Chatham and Price look at all the games set to kick off today for week 3 in the NFL.

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Third and final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI we're broadcasting live from Toby -- I love this barring -- Right here at patriot place right next to Gillette Stadium paths and the box at 1 o'clock today. -- with a -- go to three you know on the young season Tampa bay of course with the loss faults -- three. On the young season seems to be a whole lot of one and one football teams after two weeks in the National Football League let's take you around the National Football League right now for weeks -- Sports at all started Thursday night Lincoln Financial Field. Andy Reid had -- feel pretty good about life it's Kansas City went into Philadelphia. Won 26 to sixteen Kansas City three and hole on the season. Change -- head coach obviously change at quarterback with Alex Smith it's funny the the Chip Kelly is revolutionizing. Offensive football as we know it lasted for about a half it -- -- welcome Vienna. The first half of the first game was how long last -- kind of petered out after that others have we talked about this before I think they're. The real revolution is gonna lie somewhere the -- you can take some yelled at the read option. You still have to bury some of that -- -- more of a traditional approach yup that's -- cancel your space granola orders and I don't know or that the fifteen hours sleep a night Segovia a player. It's yeah again they'll go over actually have felt that ever happens. Let's go to the 1 o'clock games today starting with the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati the one and one Bengals. Play host to the one and one Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy says his defense. Gonna keep an eye out for the talented AJ green. -- -- -- -- -- -- Definitely -- that that. What did that it. Doing useful things. Ultimately -- There weren't very good football player and that's horrible. You're -- best league right now coming off of 400 yard performance for touchdowns last week he really let up in the second half the -- like creating a lot of five in the Dominican. I -- just sort of fell down in the second half of that game AT&T stadium in Dallas the one on one Dallas Cowboys play host -- the one on one. St. Louis Rams James Laurinaitis says they need to start fast or not for himself and hole early on. Pick up there though because what we've shown we can't turn it on the second half games that pretty good but that inconsistency if we don't fix that consistency. At the end the years and I went record that's fine for. Word out of Dallas is that the cowboys some cowboys players. Were reportedly upset that Tony Rome hall with Tony Romo audible -- out of running plays and in the passing plays. But doing it a lot more often than they were comfortable with the court -- you -- Don't know I don't know all you know. I I'm guessing you're not gonna hear of any concerns here in New England if this quarterback. Audible out of the running I don't know as long resume have a players only meeting bill Bianca. LP field. In non cash available one and one Tennessee Titans play host -- the one that won San Diego Chargers you sense the friend here gunship that Philip Rivers says the chargers are looking to get back to the level. They were once at a few years ago. We have three years like we had and we remember this to -- a 500 team. You see you lose all of their respect as far as around rolling in and and so when you. -- knows all about the Eagles all week it's all about he's always. This I think you've got to got to string some games together before you. You yards. Respect back. -- we violated together Philip Rivers. For a backup media generally guys gave their if Philly and you know after it was reckless all those years in San Diego still buzzing about North Carolina is -- -- I -- against such a great stretch -- from the answer I -- I'm not good enough let me make it simple no -- not -- I don't think he's at the back into the first -- front into the second -- yeah our -- -- I think that the fair assessment. All of America field in Minneapolis the only -- Minnesota Vikings in the owing to Cleveland Browns something's gotta give. -- Norv Turner browns' offensive coordinator says. Newly acquired running back Willis McGahee is a great addition -- Willis McGahee. Some both McGahee trigger and acquired its threat Richard I don't know filter Richardson went to the call that's right I all right okay yeah. They sign yet to replace Richardson great addition to their offense the musical iron into their scheme. Well as a veteran player you know he knows how to prepare how to go play he's been a very. Inside runner. You know he's he's I would think. Based on his return to understand the pass protection things and and -- You know contribute manner. The start of the bright horror. I felt so if you're north clearer Bryant or what you're trying to do -- you trying to tell browns fans. That makes three free agent is as good as that guy you've drafted third overall a year ago and I. But you're elevated to -- trivia question inside the game was played running -- as anyone that had been over the other -- -- -- how much did you -- which he'd be he'd be expected to contributed his first we get a you can after rip off the playbook a little bit and up to the public dumping snow but. You get it died three weeks in the skill position guy who which predicted for running back is what position were walking into the -- -- run through you can be productive. Relatively -- relatively speaking behind that offensive line maybe not so much run there -- In New Orleans Mercedes-Benz superdome the -- went -- Orleans saints team do you think that vote matters in the NFL. Host the one on one Arizona Cardinals Bruce aaron's -- head coach says they're starting play with confidence that we in New Orleans would only help build on that. I think there's a little more swagger and a lot and like to see it grow. This is an unbelievable challenge to go into the dome. Because it is a unique stadium. The energy level in that stadium was different and yeah. So it is under great challenge. We were talking earlier before -- went on the air. How bad we feel for Larry FitzGerald. We're. You have a thing of interest to -- watch now as the saints as explosive as the offense has this post to a bad. The two explosive last week although we know we're trying to figure out that was just how good Tampa wasn't about what Arizona's forty. Quietly cobble together a strong -- others will be and it's -- -- you. FedEx Field in our nation's capital -- -- to Washington Redskins host the one on one Detroit Lions Robert Griffin the third says SA quarterback. His job -- can get his teammates fired up. That's a that's what you gotta do -- quarterback you gotta motivate guys you got this far in the locally great. And if you feel like that he doesn't have enough and yet -- you -- that's definitely get back. The ball now and who's gonna get us right back. Should you play the first two weeks he didn't look like -- rated -- you know -- -- -- -- when he would -- you would've been better off start the season with a couple of orbit to that occurred cuts that the was circuitry. Well it's also interest in -- -- 31 dolphin and -- -- to horse how difficult that is to great the quarterback when they you know they they give them up on every single possession right out of the box in the North Korea bears. -- in the sort of scrambled my situation and it's none of the things that we thought made RT -- so good so we'll. They need to get a lot of things answer beyond just the quarterback position at Bank of America Stadium the only two Carolina Panthers host the -- to New York football giants. Eli Manning says they're very confident their passing attack but they could use a little more balance barrel. The plaza is a good job of protection there's guys in -- I think that's. It's positive if that's so that you know we may need to go till we got throw it which we feel very very good about it I think we can get -- Mexico and help. So you might be well it's more balance of the people throw more as celebrity thing -- let's stick to start the year right -- So that's sofa though yeah into game you cannot overcome that we could talk about how that the giants were one of those those two teams that give the Super Bowl but it that your. Yeah I had throats but experts who gave gonna have to -- that. M&T bank stadium in Baltimore these one on one Baltimore Ravens play host to the to know. Houston Texans and how about this Ed Reed they say it's going to start a lot of not that ravens' defensive tackle says it's gonna feel strange to have to play against Ed Reed after being his teammate for so long. You know my complaint and it's can be we're gonna be -- here with the importance to us a long time it's. It's going to be -- in a different uniform book to Mary's. We've gone and we've we've moved on and hopefully can. Now place let's -- this. And that sorry -- he's playing -- both compelling gave for the week ending February do you look at these two teams you look at. The brief history they've had -- each other if you look at Baltimore. With what's happened over the last I just missed the very -- to view -- I I just always like those games where you had a -- you're used to see you guys are way you know Montana has achieved. Rice as a bronco. You know it just it -- your eyes -- it takes you know it takes several games the author of morality of uniform room. Still makes sense. Final 1 o'clock game at right here at stadium to an open patriots played host to the went to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Built ballot check. Stating the obvious as this team needs to -- improved in the red zone on both sides of the ball especially against the bucks. Yes no question this central for -- -- -- they do great job down there and we've got to do better on both sides of all the greater samples. Do we get opportunities down there the -- on we gotta get on the end zone we got a hold of some field goal opportunities so. Are our red area offense and defense has certainly. Needs work to do better. They started slow the -- mustard -- for what it's worth it I know that Lester they had. Far different personnel but I think -- it's worth mentioning that they were able to get it a bit of -- group and that those numbers at least offensively are going to prove what propelled you back. For a five game today Sun Life Stadium in Miami -- -- and all dolphins went really like so far by the way. -- the one and one Atlanta Falcons next week's opponent for the patriots. Miami quarterback Brian Tenet health says he's enjoying himself this season because he's playing with so many different skill players this. Lot of fun great guys around me. Their meticulous. Oh what went on every facet of the offense. Right about this ball well. Receivers all of individual things that -- this table and get off to like it is time. It's a lot of fun. But we've -- that this was the only team at least to be -- if we provide some sort of challenge for the patriots that they receive over the first couple of days. They look pretty they do they do both sides of why I was really impressed. I mean it is that to sit and watch them though full deep last week you figure out what's -- what they look really durable sensible. -- -- -- -- MetLife stadium 445 game today MetLife stadium and -- a New Jersey. The one and one jets host the one and bought one Buffalo Bills for back to that trend again and Rex Ryan says he's aware that the jets can't always have a game plan consisting of front perks. You don't do I expect us to run more than pass no -- Say that's that's not you know I'd like to be close to balance I think that's we've been. You know the first couple games so I think that's you know but that's pretty good. I like you -- -- I really do a viable and addictive -- I think that I didn't like it did last week at the GO yeah my pick is as offensive rookie year through the first to keep the -- we see why do I think. They got it right get that I think if your Rex Ryan I think you embrace -- I think you say hey you know what. This guy can be -- pocket guy this year -- we'll start platelet Booth looks to -- lets you play action. Let's let him do the design and run the absolute best thing goes one step back by the sport runnerup to little field. You might get hurt -- it's all the where we're gonna move that ball with the skill position as a real world and besides -- sensibly find traffic. Think they'll be -- if they do that Candlestick Park in San Francisco one on one 49ers host the one on one Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Luck reflects on his time playing for Jim Harbaugh at Stanford. He was great north -- quarterback but. Which is growing up you -- you're a college kid. The army field stuff the office field stuff that that's what it comes with the position. I feel very fortunate to -- -- impersonal for three years and have been learned and learned a lot. Watching the colts last week that I sort of felt in their loss to the dolphins like Cinderella slipped the slipper. Last week that you didn't look quite the same as what people were saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now -- some pops right -- that might be sort of a -- they need. I just at that team to be. Is a pride community took wrestle with that what they did last year you know you beat your vote intuitive you know for -- got a situation but there -- able to do. But just it's an awful tough. It's an awful tough road where it's it's it's worth mentioned Reggie Wayne just keeps getting older fewer homes actually banged up this week so you may not even. Place but that'll be effective if your point about running back being able to jump right in and and be effective immediately but expect Richardson will help that offense pretty quickly I think where the -- century link field in Seattle the 210 Seattle Seahawks. With a San Francisco last week. Post the onto Jacksonville Jaguars and -- break my embargo for the we have only because I like to hear Richard Sherman says the Seahawks keep the same level of preparation each week. And it will not overlook the jaguars. We approach one -- Tom gets on and we give our opponents. Every bit of respect and you can't you know we. Last week San Francisco out of school teacher and we for the Carolina for attention this week Jacksonville -- powerful -- We don't look past anybody go looking -- -- anything because taking one game at a time when clips on. -- -- Accuse him of lying about the respect he's all of the job I'm I'm respect Tom Brady all have my ups though it doesn't I'm still not all live on Russell Wilson -- -- that -- -- -- reportedly dumped the -- in the -- -- -- -- have -- pretty -- -- -- and it looked pretty explosive last week so. I still think he's or -- in the year two -- -- they get on a roll with that building -- to apologize that's that don't always -- -- it's just it's such a snowball effect if they can hold appeal to the postseason. That is going to be tough -- the stuff and oh by the way. -- -- sex and yet there's that there's that -- -- Sunday Night Football tonight football like America Heinz Field in Pittsburgh the all into Pittsburgh Steelers host the two and a Chicago Bears Ryan Clark says things have changed in Pittsburgh so they need to find out what their strengths are. If present different problems. Which you have to find new solutions for so for us. It's about finding a way that the people assembled in this locker room can be good enough to win game. Jay Cutler so much better than I give him credit for yeah. Well the offensive line is the -- marvelously and or five years to I think that we've we've moved on from Chip Kelly he's no longer genius now trust that the new genius who never met and we're gonna bounce back and forth from missile you'll. And finally Monday Night Football sports authority field at mile high the two and -- Denver Broncos play host to the one on one Oakland Raiders. Wes Welker. By the way it was made it happens -- interest because of injury out there says they made adjustments in the second half of the game last week and we'll look to build off of that victory. It's everybody. Come together in and play in the way we need to play in the second half and you know we -- got to do a better job in the first half and and some of those things -- You know does it feel to come away with wins like that man live on the second half is is big and hopefully you on the. And as I said it was named captain this week -- that that that respect with nothing going away. Well -- fun to watch because you -- -- he's gonna do but I had to -- that we we got to hear much Rico on the station earlier this week kind of talking about. He's way down on on Oakland a's still facilitated because it's going to be a big game but the just seems like -- question -- consistently with those guys. With only one oil off it's like Denver might make for pretty ugly and other national broadcast it was kind of that's about -- -- here early so hopefully it's it's at least an entertaining game but. Not sure. We'll take a break when we come back on the other side Tom. CSN and we're broadcasting live from Toby Keith's I love this far and relic Gillette in the sky is lightning by the moment. Not only is it going to be dry without rain here this afternoon I think it's going to be sunny by the time you get to kick -- for pretty close to it. WEP guys NFL Sunday is presented by -- -- -- insurance. He would -- five star agency can do for you at the plants -- dot com.

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